By John Lauritsen

By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

— Tubby Smith, the Gophers men’s basketball head coach, thinks some of the chants coming out of the student section lately have been less than tasteful.

To make his point, Smith sent out an e-mail to students, who sit in the section known as the Barnyard, and asked them to refrain from using certain vulgarities.

“We are incredibly appreciative of your support, but I must express my disappointment of the language directed at the Ohio State team,” Smith wrote.

Smith said chants, such as “F-blank-blank-blank Ohio State” and singling out players, don’t belong in the college game.

“When he speaks up, people have a tendency to listen,” Matt Thomas, a University of Minnesota student, said.

Respect for Smith might be enough to stop the chants — for now.

“If he wants to send me an e-mail and tell me to tone it down a little bit, I will listen,” a men’s Gopher basketball fan said.

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  1. to whatever they say says:

    Tubby — the way the lads are playing, and being coached for that matter, you may want to encourage them to distract the opponents in any way possible. 😉
    Only funnin’ – no need to sound like a bunch of trashy jerks folks. You sound stupid and it does no good either. Take a look at the teams record……’nuff said

  2. Yikers says:

    pretty bush league MN fans have become.
    Soon they’ll rival the east coast trashmouths.

  3. Eric says:

    I guess Tubby never heard of the Duke cheerleader controversy, they would send the Duke cheerleaders to whatever basket the away team was going to, and then made sure their skirts were high enough and well… can figure out the rest.

  4. PL says:

    Tubby should just worry about his team scoring points. They seem to have a hard time doing that lately.
    If you do not like it Tubby……Leave Please!

    1. Joe says:

      Sorry PL but a lot of us don’t like the chants. We should be able to sit there and not have to endure the vulgarities. If they can’t find another way to cheer then maybe they should leave.

  5. Scott says:

    People People…Stop blameing Tubby he has done very good to this program over the years for what has happen and handle it very well…There is reason for the fans to Trash like that..this is not the PRO this collega…I dont care what the east coast does we dont play there this is the BIG TEN baskeball…easy for you people to give a hard time when where not playing good..but this team also has beat some very good teams…I for one want Tubby to be around for a very long time…And with injuries and transfers…It has not made it easy…And if we can get Nolen back in time for the big ten touranment we could go a long way…His program brings lots of money in..So cut him some slack…Are fans should look up to him…we dont need fans like that..I know I for one would tell my kids the same thing if I heard them using words like that…Thank you Tubby Smith for getting our basketball progam back on track..I can only imangine how good we will be next year…and I still think this team can make a run in the NCAA also…

  6. Cheer for the Team says:

    I agree, what happened to watching for the entertainment of watching competition. Cheer for team you want to, boo for any bad calls, but I should be able to take my child to a college sports game without hearing vulgar chants from the crowd.

  7. richard says:

    Tubby is RIGHT! He is a man with standards and lives by them. To those using profanity…would you do it if your Mom was present? If your kids were present? If not, then don’t do it when other mothers and kids are present. It only proves you are crude and immature, and makes the school and state look bad.

  8. Alex V says:

    I think Tubby will get what he wants pretty soon. The vulgarities won’t be directed at the opposing team! 😀

  9. Dustin Lane says:

    Get a recruit in that can dribble the ball and then worry about your fans. Keep it up and there wont be any fans to worry about!

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