Wis. Lawmakers Take Up Bill To Cripple Unions

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — With their Senate colleagues still in hiding, Democrats in the Wisconsin Assembly began introducing a barrage of 100 amendments Tuesday to try to stymie the Republican governor’s plan to strip unionized public employees of most of their bargaining rights.

Both houses of the GOP-controlled Legislature convened shortly before noon amid noisy protests outside the state Capitol that began more than a week ago in an epic showdown that is being watched nervously by organized labor across the country.

The Senate was unable to take up the union measure because its 14 Democrats skipped town last week, denying the chamber a quorum. But Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald pledged that his chamber would approve the bill this week, despite the blizzard of Democratic amendments.

Turning up the pressure on the Democrats, Gov. Scott Walker warned that state employees could start receiving layoff notices as early as next week if the bill isn’t passed soon. The layoffs couldn’t take effect immediately — existing union contracts could forestall them for weeks or months — and Walker wouldn’t say which jobs he would go after first.

“Hopefully we don’t get to that point,” the governor said in a statement.

Borrowing the strategy pioneered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Walker planned to take his case straight to the voters Tuesday evening with a fireside chat. In excerpts released in advance by Walker’s office, the governor said his bill is about balancing the budget now and into the future and nothing else. He commended Wisconsin for “showing the rest of the country how to have a passionate yet civil debate about our finances.”

Walker also praised public employees — thousands of whom have been calling for his resignation for more than a week — saying he has a “great respect for those who have chosen a career in government.”

While Wisconsin remained the main front in the national debate over union rights, similar battles were taking shape in other states. In Indiana, House Democrats walked out of the Statehouse on Tuesday, blocking a GOP-backed bill against mandatory union dues. Only three of the 40 Democratic members of the chamber were present, depriving it of a quorum.

A similar debate in Ohio drew thousands of union protesters Tuesday, prompting officials there to lock the doors to the Statehouse.

In Wisconsin, if lawmakers take no action on the union bill by the end of the week, the state will not be able to refinance debt that Walker had counted on for $165 million worth of savings under the legislation. The governor warned that not doing that would force even deeper cuts and possibly lead to 1,500 layoffs by July.

Republican leaders in both the Senate and Assembly said they have the votes to pass the bill.

Fitzgerald said the bill was a key part of the Republican agenda to cut government spending that won the GOP majorities in the Legislature in November.

“When you talk about a compromise, no. We’re going to make a reform,” the Assembly speaker said.

Debate began in the Assembly with the Democrats introducing amendments that would do such things as restore public employees’ right to strike and submit the bill to a referendum before it could take effect. Given the number of amendments Democrats were proposing, an actual vote on the measure may not happen until Wednesday or later.

“It’s going to be a long day,” Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca said at the start of debate. “Tempers are going to flare.”

He was right. Two Democrats lashed out at Republican lawmakers and aides for laughing at them during the debate.

“This is not a game! We’re dealing with people’s lives! This isn’t funny!” Rep. Andy Jorgensen shouted in the chamber, his face red. “I haven’t laughed in a long time, especially not on a day like this!”

Rep. Cory Mason, a former organizer for the American Federation of Teachers, said Wisconsin has enjoyed more than 50 years of labor peace between state and local public employees and their bosses after passing collective bargaining rights in 1959.

“What the governor is proposing and what the majority is proposing today is to break that labor peace,” he said.

The roar of protesters in the Capitol rotunda, many of whom were banging on drums and chanting through megaphones, could be heard while both the Senate and Assembly met.

The Wisconsin bill would force state and local public workers to contribute more toward their pensions and health care and would strip them of the right to negotiate benefits and working conditions. They would largely be limited to negotiating pay raises no greater than the inflation rate.

The proposal, designed to help Wisconsin plug a projected $3.6 billion hole in the budget, has led to eight straight days of monumental protests that grew as large as 68,000 people on Saturday.

Democrats railed against the bill during early debate of amendments that proposed doing everything from restoring public workers’ right to strike and requiring approval in a public referendum before the law could take effect.

The Senate was stymied for a second time in its attempts to take up the bill after none of the 14 Democrats who skipped town on Thursday showed up. Under Senate rules, 20 lawmakers must be present to take up a budget bill. There are only 19 Republicans.

Unable to act on Walker’s proposal, the remaining Republicans instead took up some non-controversial measures, voting to extend tax breaks to dairy farmers and unanimously commending the Green Bay Packers on winning the Super Bowl. The Senate does not need a quorum to deal with non-budget matters.

Unlike last Thursday, when the Senate galleries were filled with protesters who disrupted action by shouting, only about a dozen people showed up under heavier security to watch the action on Tuesday.

In the Assembly, the gallery was packed with hundreds of spectators who watched the debate without causing any disruption. Democrats wore orange shirts to show solidarity with protesters that read, “Fighting for working families.” Thousands more people watched the debate on TV monitors inside the rotunda.

Walker and Republican leaders have repeatedly called on the Senate Democrats, who fled to Illinois, to return and get back to work. Democrats have said they won’t come back until Walker is willing to negotiate.

“We’d love to come back today,” said Sen. Jon Erpenbach. “We could be up there this afternoon and pass this if he would agree to removing the language that has absolutely nothing to do with balancing the budget.”

Packers star Charles Woodson and two other players, along with five former team members, have come out against the bill.

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  • JB

    Why do we care what’s going on in Wisconsin? I sure don’t.

    • Kris F.

      If Gov. Walker gets his way, what is going on in WI will most definantly go on here and in EVERY state in the union! Tho unions have weakened over the years, but they still do a lot of good and we as a society need them to keep big business in check. Without them Big Business will have the right to fire you because you have worked for them for too long and make too much money!

      • dge

        Big business will take as much from you as they can. If they know you can’t from a union they will work you weekends, forced over time and cut your pay. if you don’t like it you will get the pink slip. good luck Wisconsin

      • andy bell

        they can already do that here. wisconsin’s unions have more power than most other states.

      • Come on

        What good do unions do in the present age? I understand their place in the past, but what do they do today?

        Also, it is illegal to fire someone because of their age, it’s called age discrimination so that’s not a justified reason. As far as because they make to much? If they make more than they are worth then their should either have their wages reduced or be fired. Why do they deserve to make more than they are worth?

      • Big John

        Kris F.
        The unions serve absolutely no valuable purpose in today’s society. They protect the lazy, and extort unreasonable wages and benefits out of companies. The usefulness of the union has long passed, and it is time they go.

      • Kris K

        Big John.

        You clearly don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Before you start posting ignorant comments maybe do some research. Did you know there is more to CBA’s than just money?

      • Ed Miller

        Unresonable union demands have been one of the reasons jobs have been exported overseas. If they were viable union participation would be growing!

        Even Obama has questioned teachers unions. He believes they stand in the way of education. Once you get tenured as a teacher it’s almost impossible to get fired.

      • Tom

        Big John

        Only a conservative would say that. I take it everytime you are asked too bend over to protect the company you do so willing?

      • Chris

        Kris F, I believe that you are exaggerating and over-simplifying it at the same time… It is just not like that and we are not in the 1800’s anymore. Stop fanning the flames and get real already…

      • John S.

        The issue is related to public unions, not private. Big business has nothing to do with this. Many would agree that public unions have an unfair advantage because the people controlling the purse strings are politicians, most of whom would love the number of votes they would get if they had union backing. Is there any other such blatant conflict of interest on the planet?

      • pat

        How about all the big business they drove out of state or to right to work states. Unions are their own worst enemies.

      • Nathan C

        Over 80% of the workforce private and public are not unionized and the have been no mass demonstration against big businesses. If unions keep big business in check they are only keeping ~8% of them in check, which most of those companies airlines and auto mfg. filed for bankruptcy recently. So I am not sure where unions are adding value in todays economy except by taking tax payer dollars when the taxpayers can afford it the least. Are unions keeping taxpayers in check or making taxpayers situations worse?

      • DANO

        Incredible, the lack of knowledge, and history that you group of real Numb Nuts exhibit.
        Lets see. First Jobs over seas. The Unions did not cause this problem. Corporate Profits did. Ya That union guy making 20 an hour got replaced by someone in India or the Phillipines making 150 dollars a month. Did your favorite corporation Give you a discount on that car made in Mexico? No they did not. But you still gladly bought the car.
        As to someones worth. Who the hell are you to determine that? What are you worth? Not much.
        Amazing to read you people who are mostly middle to lower tier income earners, who are protecting the companies and the greedy. Do you really in your heard believe a ceo should make 3-5=10 million dollars a year? How does that benifit you? Do you really believe that your job is guaranteed, that your cost are fixed, That what ever client, corporate or private , will not attack your wage base? How about all those immigrants in this country who are will to re-roof your house with no benifite packages. Can you compete.? What do you think matt. Your special? You have no competition?
        And to the rest of you clowns.
        You sure want the riight to donate to your party of choice, buy would gladly prevent someone else from doing it, if you can put them out of work. Germany started out this way in in the 1930’s.
        What goes around comes around.
        And Walker save you money? Read the News. He just cost the state 500 Large. And he put a Guy with a prison record in charge of guarding state buildings. Where is that department of homeland security?

      • Kally

        These unions are government worker unions and have nothing to do with big business. They keep nothing in check they just make government cost more to tax payers. Where were all the protesters and union people when IBM got rid of all their pensions? These government union people are only out for them selves and do not and will never care about anyone but themselves. Please do not insult us with they help all workers BS.

      • jimmy

        Kally “Where were all the protesters and union people when IBM got rid of all their pensions?” Why did you not organize and fight for your benefits? Or is whining for the rest of your life more your style.

      • Brian A.

        There is a BIG difference here between Unions in “Big Business” and public employees Unions!!! Unions were NEVER designed for public employees. It is US, the taxpayer who pay the employee and Union head salaries, NOT the “big bad government” as some would lead you to believe! It’s about time public employees share in the hard economic times that almost everyone else has had to endure!

    • chuck

      name calling – nice touch JC – forgot to read your post beyond that point

      • JC

        Dearest Chuck-If you cannot debate, you quit! Perhaps you were sleeoing in class class like Lin was.

        • Chris

          JC, What was your point again? You keep losing me… zzzzzzzzzzzz……….

    • David J. Conklin

      >Why do they deserve to make more than they are worth?
      Ask that about your boss. American CEO’s take home way more than their overseas counterparts.

      • John



        $40K a yr……who pays for your health and retirement? The STATE. Try making $40K a yr and pay $5-$6K a yr for health insurance and still put awary for your retirement. You argument does not Fly.

      • PAUL


      • ohoh

        what does someone elses salary have to do with you? I think you suffer from class envy. These unions suck money from the tax dollars of others and do nothing to earn it. They can’t/won’t put in a full days work, but gosh they can show upa and bellow for more in the streets of Wisconsin.

      • Brenda B.

        I have to stick up for Paul, NO the state does not pay for my health ins, they pay part of it. $648 a month I pay. That equals more than your 5-6k and again your wrong the state does NOT pay fully for my retirement I pay 5k a year toward it straight out of my check. So get your facts straight John.

    • pretzeldude

      This situation is one of the reasons unions came about.

      • Brenda B.

        I have to stick up for Paul, NO the state does not pay for my health ins, they pay part of it. $648 a month I pay. That equals more than your 5-6k and again your wrong the state does NOT pay fully for my retirement I pay 5k a year toward it straight out of my check. So get your facts straight John.

    • Chuck

      JB, Who cares what you care about or don’t?! Spare us…

    • Tom,

      If the unions can’t accept the fact that the State is broke, let the Governor do what he has to do… People in the private secotor aren’t getting the benefits we need to survive, yet we DO!

      • Nica Johson

        The unions accept the fact that the state is broke. They have agreed to the salary and benefit cuts Walker has proposed. They are demonstrating against having their bargaining rights taken away from them.

  • BI

    this is not really for you…. its for the wisconsin residents who only hear about MN bs on the news because its the only channels we pick up.. and it would be beneficial for you since MN will be going through the same damn thing….

    • Chuck

      Mike, What is this crap about a race to the bottom? With only 10% of workers in unions, it is not a show-stopper and has lost clout already… You must be very insecure as you really are buying into the union smoke and mirrors… The unions cannot stop them from paying what they want now and for moving jobs elsewhere… There is no magic that the unions bring to the table other than unreasonable demands. I am sick of being held hostage!

  • DG

    …because if this goes through and works, then other states may follow suit. This could include your state…

    • Dan

      We can only hope…

    • Matt

      We can only hope

      • Mike

        Hope to what, a race to the bottom? After they take away the standard for wages and benefits that unions provide and replace it with third world salarys, how long do you think it will take before YOUR affected? Use your head for something other then a butt part…………

      • Matt

        I’m NOT worried about it, because I know the value I bring and will ask that rate. If I don’t get it I will bring my services elsewhere or start my own business. I don’t need a union defending me.

    • paab

      hope so

    • Jason

      We can only hope.

  • RTC

    If you don’t think this is “coming to your state”, wake up as it mayl be at your door soon if it succeeds in WI. My fear is that, this is only the beginning.

  • aaron

    Go Walker go!! Nail those crooked unions!!

  • http://hub.tld30.com/pubsub/wis-gov-warns-of-layoffs-if-bill-doesn%e2%80%99t-pass/ Wis. Gov. Warns Of Layoffs If Bill Doesn’t Pass | TLD30.com PubSub Hub

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  • Irv

    Those of you who are so opposed to any union activity, have you ever worked in one? I have worked in industry with and without. I have worked construction with and without. Have you? If you never have then you truly don’t know what your talking about. it would be better that you collect your benefits and overtime pay and workers rights and thank the union for getting those for you as standard industry practice. Thats what the union does. You don’t think that industry will take advantage of you when the unions die? take a look at WalMart. They sure are doing a lot for their employees, who average poverty income and free and reduced lunch for their chilldren. Thats what we will all have if the unions go under. Get educated and look at all the data before you judge.

    • Matt


      First off this is a public sector union which is completely different. In the private sector if a union prices itself out of the market the company goes out of business. (Unless you are GM and Obama breaks our piggy banks to save the union.)

      In the public sector there is a serious conflict of interests. The unions charges dues which are used to get a politician elected, then the union sits down with the person they just got elected to negotiate wages and benefits. What do you think that the politician is likely do to?

      Even the uber-liberal FDR that brought us Social Security, The New Deal and many others was opposed to public sector unions.

      FDR – “… Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the government. All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations … The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for … officials … to bind the employer … The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives …”

      This is why Scott Walker should be applauded for what he is doing, as he is standing up to a corrupt system to add equity and fairness for ALL citizens public sector employees or not.

      Second, as for WalMart, I have a very easy answer. Don’t work there, if no one will work there their wages and benefits will go up. it’s called the free market, be thankful that we have it.

      • Irv

        Again get your facts. Public workers work as long and hard as you do and get paid less than average in the provate sector. These unions are willing to pay their share of benefits, which many in the private sector don’t, but want their right to negotiate their work environment. As stated before, after you work in a union you can criticize. Until then you have second hand info. Last thing, is Walker going to pay for his health and take the same pay cut. he’s a public employee. No he is not. Just like he doesn’t expect the state patrol or fire fighters to as they backed him in his run for office. He says its good for all public employee, but he never mentions himself. Wonder why?

      • Matt

        Irv, if you would make more in the private sector why not go work there? That’s a pretty short sided stance.

        As for your other arguments, I agree the cuts should be felt across the board and that is a mistake that gov Walker made.

    • ck

      agree – i’ve not worked union, but my dad has. And he has worked outside a union. He can point to the advantages of each, but he cannot say they helped him with employment. The company that had the union shop went out of business… but he says the union workers were the best trained, hardest working, and the first in demand. They all found new jobs at the top of their skills. He cannot say the same about ALL unions… he laughs at the concept of office-oriented unions as they never train anyone to work better, only to take (he calls it greed).

      • Matt

        ck – that’s a good point I didn’t make about the private sector. Wages are higher in union shops, but ideally labor is better so it offsets the costs. If it’s not, it goes belly up.

        Either way, the public sector is a direct conflict of interest and anyone who disagrees isn’t looking at the facts.

    • ohoh

      Yea buddy and people can afford to shop there too. they share the savings to the consumer. funny how you don’t bash Macy’s or any other retail store who pay their help the same but have astronomical prices on their goods, all made in some poor country like China

    • Rachel

      Irv if you think Walmart is so evil then why are people working there? The jobs being done at Walmart are jobs not careers. They can be done by any high schooler and they get paid for the level of skill the job requires. If you want to get paid more become more skilled and seek a career. They are paid what they are worth. If they were paid less then they are worth they would find somewhere else to work that pays more. But there are those of us that enjoy our jobs at Walmart, those of us that don’t think we are being ripped off, those of us that enjoy the flexibility in scheduling that Walmart has allowed us so we can be with our kids when they are home. And that is why we work there. Not for a career but for a job to have to help support our families a little better.

  • JS

    I believe this will pass, and very long overdue. This is not about busting all unions. What this is about, is the government employees demanding that they do not pay more for their health benefits, and their bloated obscene pensions that are strapped to the backs of the Wisconsin taxpayer. They obviously feel that is owed to them, and the Governor and the Republicans know this cannot go on any longer. The state is in a terrrible financial situation. The public employees feel they should not give up a thing. so, he is going at it in a firm way. All of us in the private sector pull in our belts, and pay more every year for our healthcare costs, and we provide for ourselves with our 401-K. What a unique idea……taking care of yourself, instead of letting others pay for your benefits! If they demand a raise, they threaten strike, and put the fear of everything falling apart because they will strike. The state gives in to their demands, and we go deeper in debt. I guess that is what they call “collective bargaining”. All in the private business world know that some years see challenge due to the bad business climate. We understand that some years there is no pay raises, and yet our health costs go up. It is a simple economic reality, that in today’s world, things have to change, and yes Virginia, the sun will come up tomorrow!

    • RayJay

      And the Governor isn’t using striking techniques? More Bullying. Come on!

  • Fin Planner

    This is only conjecture at this point, but I believe Walker wants the Dems blamed for the coming layoffs ( Dems out of town). This will happen regardless. Walker intends to make significant cuts in education and aid to other organizations in the state which will also result in layoffs. Walker, at least be real about the intent and outcome. Good thing he is doing it early in his term so all the fellow cheeseheads will forget about it when it comes time for re-election.

  • Chris

    These unions members jobs are important for all people living in the U.S. If this continues around the nation… and it will if Walker gets his way it will lead to a reduction in wages of all jobs union and non union alike. This will decrease all of our standards of living and only increase these states budget deficits because less wages means less in taxes coming in.

    • Chuck

      Chris, Calm down already because they are not helping in that cause at all anyway… Get a reality check and see that companies will do what they want anyway, so get with the program… You will be just fine without the overhead (dues, distractions, politics, curruption, etc)… Let’s clean this show up in Wisc and get it done in MN as soon as possible too!

  • ham

    this isnt about balancing the budget is about busting up one of the strongest union strong holds. if the can bust this union then they can bust em all. the unions are the biggest contributors to the democratic party. if the dems lose there contributors they wont be getting elected. then we ill be down to a one party system. the repubs and there corporate masters and the middle class will be slaves to them all.

    • Matt

      Unions don’t vote citizens do, if the will of the people is to vote in a Dem, than that is what would happen.

      Also, I agree this is about busting the public union, a union that should be busted. Public unions provide a direct conflict of interests to the American public and Gov Walker should be commended for being brave enough to face them.

      • PAUL

        MATT as a us citizen and a union member I VOTE MY VOTE COUNTS SO YES UNIONS VOTE Union help protect ALL workers NOT only Union workers Unions help get BETTER working conditions, safer work places when and were you can work higher wages for everyone who do you think got the FAIR LABOR ACT envoked NOT the big corporations THE UNIONS , SO TO BUST THE UNIONS WOULD ONLY BRING US BACK TO THE WAY THINGS WERE IN THE TWENTIES OR IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. If that is what you want OK ! PERSONALLY i LIKE THE WAY WE ARE NOW.

      • Matt

        Paul, I think you mixed my words. I was saying that unions and business don’t vote, citizens like you and me do.

        if citizens like you and my want unions then the individuals that represent those views will allow and encourage unions. It’s called a representative democracy.

        Obviously in WI people were sick of their representatives and went another way. If it’s not what you want, then I suggest voting against it and hope that is how the masses feel.

      • Chris

        Matt, You are right and keep up the drum beat! Thanks.

      • lib

        I am just curious, what is going to happen when the states are broke? do you expect them to put higher and ever higher taxes on non union workers so that you never have to pay a nickle toward your own health care?

      • Rachel

        Unions do not provide Paul with the ability to write sentences correctly! They may want to work on educating their members so that they can write an argument on Yahoo and not look like an idiot. Just a thought.

  • steve

    back to slayery ya that will help

  • America the Critical

    I do not understand the hateful people on this board. Why you want to punish people who have worked hard for the pay and benefits they have are beyond me. Perhaps you are selfish little ones who dropped their lollipop in the sand so you want to slap the lollipop out of public employees’ hands?

    You all should have good wages, health insurance, pensions and job security. But your anger belies your character as you wish other ill, not the character of those you criticize.

    • Chuck

      America the Critical, Then stop with the awfulizing yourself as the US will be just fine without the union garbage… er bagage… You seem to think that they are responsible for all that is good and that couldn’t be futher from the truth… And let’s remind people of good business philosophies and reimforce the fact that it is what creates jobs and success!

    • Jason

      What punish?? , unoins have no problem taking food off my table to enrich themselves. And one more thing, where im from you get paid what your worth, not how much you find acceptable, after all we pay your wage.

  • steve

    back to slavery ya that will help

  • Ralph

    How many Reps and others they have in that Capital? I can see where things can get cut and not impact a thing. ;-)
    That holds for every state and the Feds too – if waste is to be addressed it starts at the TOP.
    Imagine if we actually had leadership (lol) that attempted to work to resolve. Can ya imagine that!? I’m 68 and yet to see it happen. I’ll likely be dead first too

  • Who made these deals anyway?

    I guess Gov Walker dosn’t trust the people who negoatiate contracts to do what is best for the state, school, or whatever. He thinks that he is the only one that can hold the line. If the public employees have contracts that are not in the interest to the state, why not blame the people that negotaited them? any employee, union or not, always trys to get the best deal they can when they take a job, IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT!!!! They are really going to be just the losers!!!

    • Chris

      Remember, If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…
      The honeymoon is over and needs to be addressed ASAP…
      And it will hit them to be sure and it may not seam fair at all…
      No different than a couple companies that I worked for that had to restructure, close, etc… the unions just cannot help you on that front!

    • pat

      the state is broke because the people of Wisconsin trusted unions to negotiate fairly, now you can see the results. And the Dems run away? That is typical response from Democrates, can you imagine the media response if Republicans ran away from a tough decision?

      • Troy

        Please, where are you getting the idea that the unions are the reason WI is broke, rather than a crappy economy and tax cuts passed by a new GOP governor and legislature (they contribute to the 3.6 bil shortfall coming, not the current 137 million, but still)? Who said that, other than Walker and the GOP? Can anyone provide evidence?

  • AN

    Anyone else seeing Scott Walker’s sociopathic characteristiscs? Check the criteria-it fits!

  • Goob

    A right to work state….right to work for less for the big buisness gotta make a million, jerks..bosses used to make 20 times what his workers made…now it’s 300-450 times….jerks!!!

    • C.

      GOOB, What are you talking about – Big Business???
      It is public work that we are discussing here, so stay on task…
      quit exaggerating this stuff when you cannot keep a clear thought on this… much less understand it thoroughly, like the expert you must be!

  • PAUL

    IMPEACH WALKER NOW !!!!!!!!!! for a person who dropped out of school he is a ral SMART ASS

  • Concern citizen

    Why don’t the Republicans go after the rich. Republicans have money but they don’t want it taken from them. They always go after the people who don’t make as much money. I think they better try going in a different direction.

    • paab

      Hey if you are so full of class envy why don’t you demand Mark Dayton give up all his money and give it to you? He didn’t work for it either.

      • C.

        Mark Dayton… Do we know of a bigger hypocrite?
        Millionaire or Billionaire, it is all relative and so much BS…

  • Matt

    I hate to be that guy, but I would love someone who is ripping on gov Walker to give me a reason why I am wrong. Unless of course you can’t.


    In the public sector there is a serious conflict of interests. The unions charges dues which are used to get a politician elected, then the union sits down with the person they just got elected to negotiate wages and benefits. What do you think that the politician is likely do to?

    Even the uber-liberal FDR that brought us Social Security, The New Deal and many others was opposed to public sector unions.

    FDR – “… Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the government. All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations … The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for … officials … to bind the employer … The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives …”

    This is why Scott Walker should be applauded for what he is doing, as he is standing up to a corrupt system to add equity and fairness for ALL citizens public sector employees or not.

    • lib

      Thank you!!!!

    • Matt

      Hmm, so it looks like the best way to shut up a Den is through logic and common sense, who would have guessed?

      I’m a little disappointed I expected a lot more name calling, world is ending speech, but I guess I will just go on with my day in hopes that I opened a couple peoples eyes.

      Thank you for that.

    • PAUL

      STUPID we have to nagotiate with whoever is in charge NOT only the people that we VOTE for the KEY is NAGOTIATE WALKER WILL NOT NAGOTIATE WITH US HE IS DICTATING TO US NOT FAIR Now the contract that we Nagotiated was a fair contract. now all pensions are taken and put in TRUST FUNDS by the States and based on how the funds go is how the people are paid THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE BUDGET LIKE ALL REBUBLICANS ARE SAYING IT IS A PLOY BY THE REBUBLICANS TO MAKE THE MIDDLE CLASS FIGHT BETWEEN OURSELVES !!!!!! IF you would read the budgets there is NO mention of pensions !!!

      • Matt

        Thank you Paul, that’s what I was looking for. A rambling rant that is inaccurate and off topic.

        Just one little issue, who puts the money into those trust funds? Does that add to the budget?

        Anyone else?

      • PAUL

        What is in acurate ? LOOK IT UP ALL PENSIONS ARE IN TRUST FUND ! You people that trust the rebublican HAVE NO CLUE PERIOD!!!!

      • Come on

        Yes, pensions are in a trust fund, but where does the money that funds the trust fund come from? TAX MONEY

        In addition the trust fund is based on an assumed market return which is not being hit which creates unfunded liabilities. Guess how those unfunded liabilities are addressed? TAX MONEY

        Please feel free to address where I am incorrect.

  • Ben

    Can you imagine these self-serving spoon-fed infantile whiners trying to survive in the real world? Say PRIVATE SECTOR. The walk out dems and pathetic protesters should get back to work. As a business owner I would take this opportunity to replace you with people who are committed to the principles they swore to uphold. The public sector in general has completely lost its understanding of its purpose and who pays their above average salaries and benefits packages. In case you’re wondering, it’s all of the rest of us in the private sector. It is a difficult job that the governor has, but he is exemplifying what must be done nationwide to save our country from bankruptcy. It’s called leadership. I, along with countless others through the years have been laid off from jobs when companies need to cut expenses to survive. I didn’t like it, but I landed on my feet and found something better because I didn’t waste my time being a crybaby. Grow up people. Do something positive for your state. Go back to work and be grateful you have a job at all.

    • PAUL

      So Ben are you ONE of the CORPORATIONS THAT GOT PART OF THE 142MILLION FROM IDIOT WALKER ? as for who pays our as you think above average wages ……NOT YOU !!! as a citizen of the state of Minnesota I pay the max in taxes do I complanine NO As for you being able to do my job I DON’T THINK SO !!!! why do I work for the state because I want to, I don’t have to I could be in the private sector using my college degree BUT I ENJOY MY JOB!!!

      • Chris

        Paul, Who are you talking about when you say “Corporations”?
        Do you understand that many thousand “little guys” are investors in these?
        That is how they are owned and operated… You may even be an owner as part of your 401(k) or Union investments = Now that is ironic and you should stop criticizing yourself… as you are probably as guilty and responsible for some pretty harsh management decisions that may have even been detrimental to the union bunch… So my point is “stop generalizing and awfullizing”, because you are only embarrassing yourself!

    • Jason

      Very well said. Excellant!

  • Teacher

    I hope we can hear MODEST used another 100 times by Gov. Walker. That must be his word for the month.

    70,000 people will be effected my the Medicare changes.

    Only 5 states have no collective bargaining and have deemed it illegal. Those states and their ranking on ACT/SAT scores are as follows:

    South Carolina(50)
    North Carolina (49)
    Virginia (44)

    • Teacher

      Wisconsin is ranked 2nd as of today..

    • Chris

      What is your point?

      My teachers must have been out protesting the day we were to cover this stuff in class!!!

      Get back in the classrooms because this is a legistlative event and not an official union event … Let your leaders lead as you have elected them to do.

  • Murph

    I hope all you brainwashed GOP lovers who work for a living get a clue sometime pronto! When they are done with the teachers,who do they fleece next? Millionaires?,billionaires? not a chance.But you’ll look snappy in the animal skins you will be wearing and sleeping under won’t you! Welcome to the race for ice age existance! You’re winning that one at least! Wild game has less fat,so at least you won’t get fat and cheese burgers will be a real treat if you trip over a gold nugget in the woods.Hope the snow melts quickly in Wisconsin so you at least have a chance to do that! Good luck!

    • C.

      Murph, Settle down as I think your medication is wearing off…
      The unions do not create jobs, even if Obama believes it…
      There is hardly any union shadow left and hopefully the rest dries up soon too…
      Good luck at finding employment where you can be King for a day!

  • JC

    Dear Chuck-Read JB’s while you think—-There are far too many who don’t care or understand what is going on, perhaps yourself included. Not caring or being ignorant is no longer acceptable. We are in the early stages of a revolution that is going to change our country and government.

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