Minn. Woman Accused Of Killing Cat With Hammer

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

CANBY, Minn. (WCCO) — Police in Canby, Minn. are investigating after a woman allegedly used a hammer to kill her cat. She admitted she killed her cat but denies using a hammer to do it.

Amanda Kelley didn’t have any problems talking about why she killed her cat.

“He had rabies. I had no choice,” Kelley said.

Ray Whitaker lives next to Kelley and found her cat in the trash this week and called Canby Police.

“She shouldn’t be allowed to have animals she can’t take care of them,” Whitaker said.

It isn’t the first time Kelley has been in trouble over her pets. She’s been cited for not licensing them, not having a kennel license, and domestic assault after throwing a lamp at her boyfriend after he begged her to get rid of a litter of kittens.

A woman told WCCO that for weeks she’s been investigating where Kelley has been getting animals. She says it’s from free ads in local newspapers. She doesn’t want anyone else to give her animals.

Another woman who works at a local vet clinic told us Kelley has brought in dogs with broken bones several times before.

“I have learned my lesson. I won’t do it again,” Kelley said.

Police are still investigating and say they are waiting on more information before deciding what to do next. The city attorney said it’s too early to say if charges will be filed.

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  • blonde

    She is the sick one…she MUST be charged..if she did it once she will do it again..that cat suffered..no doubt.

    • St. Leo Kid

      that cat still has 8 lives left…

    • Callie from Canby

      Really? Sounds like you have had experience with this. If you shoot a person in the head and you know it’s going to cause instant death, is it ok to do then? No, it’s not. If you are not sensitive towards animals, fine, but quit being an idiot, and some how, in a ignorant way making Amanda Kelley’s actions sound ok to do. Some of you people are not getting the point. If this lady is doing this to animals habitually, she obviously has something wrong with her, it is just not ok.

  • JamieinMN

    Oh DON’T even start…..

  • t

    Tell me if any animal had rabies WHY would you want it living with humans. Is she all there? I don’t think so. Sure I agree she shouldn’t be allowed anymore animals but no one can control that. she will get more. She needs to be charged.

  • JamieinMN

    Sad how you have no compassion for anyone or ANYTHING but yourself.

    • Joker of Spades

      Mike wasn’t being selfish, he was being right.

    • JamieinMN

      @Joker, it’s not a matter of right and wrong. He makes no sense at all.

    • Jim Jones

      Worrrrrrrrd Homie.

  • Stace

    And if she abuses animals, it is likely she will move on to people too. Hopefully she doesn’t have any children. I can only imagine what would happen to them.

    • JamieinMN

      She did already. She threw a lamp at her boyfriend. The cycle has already begun.

      • TWG

        the report doesn’t even touch on what this woman has done. She has a long history…. she grew up inthe area.

  • t

    iI do agree with you on the concept that ANYONE and EVERYONE that abuses kids should be charged and number 1. There is soooo much that goes on unnoticed and just (looked the other way). I am a animal lover, also, So I see your point.

  • KD

    How does this story rate to be on the start of a news program last night? With everything going on in the world why did they think this was more important? Unbelievable.

    • Jeanna

      Are you seriously that ignorant?

    • JamieinMN

      Waaaah. It’s LOCAL, hence LOCAL NEWS.

  • DJG

    She said she had no choice the cat had rabies.That’s why you get them rabie shots what a flippin Idiot she better be charged and I hope she never owns another animal as she Is obviously a moron.

  • DJG

    I’ve always said It If you are capable of harming defensless animals you are capable of harming defensless babies.

    • JamieinMN

      That is one of the FIRST signs of a potential serial killer.

      • JamieinMN

        Neither of us know if she is abusing these free animals she is getting. HOWEVER, this woman is playing Veterinarian with DOMESTICATED animals. And yea, she deserves a good whack….She how it feels. You can join her.

      • JamieTracker

        People from Vadnias Heights sound violent. Chill Jamie. Worrrrd. Homie.

      • JamieinMN

        I’m not FROM Vadnais Heights….stalker.

      • Frank Furter

        So you just admit to the violent part huh? Relax Jamie.

      • JamieinMN

        I am very relaxed. I just don’t understand how ANYONE can view what she did as “humane.” It was a domesticated animal.

      • Joker of Spades

        Jamie, how do you know I’m wrong? We read the same article. Watche the same video. Oh, you can speculate and decide to kill this lady with a hammer, but I can’t speculate that you might be taking it a little far. Now I get it. What happened to “eye for eye”?

      • Joker of Spades

        Little stretch, don’t ya think? Killing a diseased cat does not quite make her a serial killer…..

      • Chris

        Give us a break already!

      • JamieinMN

        No it’s NOT a stretch. She is ABUSIVE, to even human beings.

      • patsy6

        It is not a stretch. There is a proven and studied link. Many serial killers started by abusing animals.

      • Joker of Spades

        Patsy, proven and studied also is mose serial killers are white males too. And, at least in her mind, she wasn’t abusing it. She put it out of it’s misery before it became a harm to others.

      • JamieinMN

        @Joker, how do you know exactly, if she has or has not been abusing these free animals???

        You DON’T! Ok, we get your point, you could knock an animal in the head with a hammer. WE GET IT!


    sounds like she’s abusing everything and everyone. I don’t know what a ridicules waste of resources is but I don’t want her living in my hometown. I have no problem w/ how resources were used. In a town w/ a Population of 1100, and 4 cops, this is their job. Nothing happens in Canby. I know. I lived there for 30 years. When the police are notified that there is an abuse case they have to take action. As far as animals having more ‘rights’ than children. You are way off base there Mike. Ask any teacher who is trying to teach a class of kids how many rights they have. Get off your high horse richy….

  • Ballsy Malone

    ONLY in Canby MN……….

    Local bank gets robbed……nobody ever caught

    35 yrs veteran bus driver gets ARRESTED,HANDCUFFED,removed from his bus in front of all the children….A plus police work

    Local known crazy lady with a history of abusing animals……admitts guilt on WCCO and the city attorney still doesnt know if charges will be filed…unreal

    • Heather VanMeveren- Holder

      ballsy malone….have the city attorney look up “romeo’s law”

    • JMinCanby

      These incidents do not represent the community as a whole and the people that live there.

      • nativecanbyan

        but you are the ones NOT doing a thing about it!! wake up c-town!

  • JMinCanby

    Shame on this woman… sad!!!!. This is definitely someone that needs help beyond killing animals!

  • Nate

    I’m almost laughing as I read the comments. Seriously? Have any of you ever lived in rural America? Killing unwanted animals with a hard blow to the head is not only quick and humane, but also convenient. Last I checked, my neighbors didn’t turn out to be child abusers and murderers. It’s an animal (and a sick one at that). Get over it!

    • stillfeedingthetrolls....

      i grew up in canby and up until now i’ve never whacked any animal in the head w/ a hammer to end it’s suffering. i grew on a farm and we had livestock. never was this practice employed. beyond that, rabies has pretty much been wiped out like polio. So….. you sir are a troll.

    • Lady

      @ Nate – Humans are animals, too, and I hope your doctor keeps your blaise suggestions in mind the next time you’re sick.

  • Joker of Spades

    @Jamie. Seriously? You have been talking about killing this lady with a hammer. YOU sound more like a serial killer than this lady. Yes, she looks and sounds like she might need some help. But seriously, it is a cat. A pet. It is NOT a child or another human being. PETA may hate me saying this, but an animal life is NOT the same as a human one. You, if you ask me, not only sound ignorant, you sound homicidal and abusive yourself…

    • JamieinMN

      We obviously have different opinions about what animals mean to us. my cats are my pets, they are family and I would do anything or them. You most certainly don’t feel the same way. I just simply believe in “Eye for an Eye”.

      • Joker of Spades

        I have a dog, I have two children. I have a wife. If I had to choose to lose one, it would be the dog. I love my dog. It is family for me too. But, it is a pet. It is not a human. There is a difference. I go back to what Mike said. It is sad that concequences for harming animals are more severe then concequences for harming a fellow human. I think we will have to just agree to disagree on this one though.

      • JamieinMN

        That is HARDLY the issue here….

  • JMinCanby

    What does that have to do with this article. That is a stupid comment.

  • DJG

    @Joker you know there are ways to put animals down without them suffering and killing them with a hammer Is not one of them.

    • Joker of Spades

      Number one, she said she didn’t use a hammer. Number two, one hard tap to the head could be just as fast, painless and effective as the other methods that the vet would charge you thousands of dollars for. If done right, it could be alot more humane than how they produced your pork chop you’ll have for dinner.

      • Ryker says baloney

        In Hopkins we have had 3 incidents I know of where guns have been found in lockers or cars at school. The consequences? A few days off on suspension.
        Here – likely an error by his kid and it cost him dearly. Hunting season – young son – bed of truck open. Yep, happens all the time. I guess the lesson is to do a thorough search of your cars/trucks/clothes (might have a baby pocketknife to clip a nail) and then get someone to sign off that all is good.
        Shame this had to go down like it did.

      • Moe

        Joker, don’t be ridiculous. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to put a cat down. Smarten up. Pork has nothing to do with this. Geez…

      • DJG

        Well whatever she did was not humane and also It’s a little over a hundred to have a vet put down an animal but It shoulda never came to that If she woulda paid 30 bucks for rabie shots and I do love my porkchops but animals brought up for food are different then animals brought up for pets.

        Something I can’t get outta my head, google “I shouldn’t be alive man eats dog”Watched last night was very disturbed .This guy get’s lost In the amazon conoe tips over loses everything Including dog after fourty miles of wandering In the amazon near death has malaria he’s goin crazy his dog unbelievably finds him so after a while of condition worsening he eats his best friend the dog and It turns out he’s so sick he can’t keep anything down anyway so killed em for no reason guy survived but very sad.

      • Lady

        @ Joker — Thousands of dollars? What vet are you going to?

  • dave

    She should of shot it and burried it.

    • JamieinMN

      Or gotten it the proper medical care! As an animal owner, you take CARE of your pets, not carelessly end their life because you are too lazy, cheap, etc. to get them medical attention.

      • marlon

        Well, you didn’t mention treatment, either. Anyway, the only treatment is euthanasia.

      • stillfeedingthetrolls....

        rabies has been wiped out like polio. when a case of rabies is reported nowadays it’s a nationwide story and is handled in a big way. the feline was more than likely in good health.

      • marlon

        There’s no cure for rabies. But she she should have called animal control to come remove the cat and end its life in a humane manner.

      • JamieinMN

        Did I mention CURE??!?!?! NO, TREATMENT.

  • Jeff Matheson

    Who wouldn’t put down an animal that is in pain? If you don’t own a gun, a hammer to the head is the next best humane thing to use. It’s not cruel, it’s compassion.

    • Penelope

      I really hope you don’t own an animal or have kids…I see your compassion.

    • Moe

      Ever heard of taking the animal to the vet Jeff? You can’t do it yourself… and do it right and humanely. This is a stupid argument.

    • Joker of Spades

      Thank you Jeff! I am glad someone actually hears me. I may be exaggerating a bit to make a point, but come on people!

    • Callie from Canby

      Ok, did you read the rest of this ladies history? She is killing animals because she wants too, not because she needs too. I think most of us who are commenting on here, that are not defending this idiot- are trying to make a point that this lady should not own anymore animals and should have some type of punishment. I’m sure if she would call the cops and have her take her pets because she feels they need to be killed, there would be no question.

  • Moe

    She’s not a vet, so no way would she know if the cat had rabies or not. Even if it did, you take them into the vet to be humanely euthanized. What is this woman doing with all the free animals she’s getting?

    • jb


  • Jeff

    I agree with canby! I couldn’t help but notice no one commented on her being white…bc when when the black lady tried to mail the puppy that seemed to be a huge deal that she was black lol why are we being so one sided with our racism??

    • Moe

      I followed the story on the puppy being mailed and never once heard her race mentioned. I wouldn’t have known she was black if I hadn’t seen the video of her in court. You’re fabricating things now.

      • Jeff

        @moe….are you serious lol….go look up the archives…it was pretty hateful stuff…not suprising never the least…I could careless about either of these situations…but I read a lot about her being black and her being on welfare and whole bunch of other garbage! It is what it is…I was just pointing out the difference! Very saddening white ppl haha

    • marlon

      You’re completely right on the point about her race.

  • she's fruiity tooty

    She sick — charge her and lock her up. For the animals, boyfriend, local folks benefit. Or send me down with a hammer so I can knock lodly on her door. lol

  • Brad

    It would have been nice to know, if the person who phoned wcco,took the same amount of time contacting Southwestern Mental Health….it is more than apparent that this lady needs help….The cat is dead….put it behind us….and lets just see if the human being gets the help she needs…..

    • feeling mighty sick about this Brad

      Got news for ya Brad … put to a vote I bet more people would rather not see their tax dollar spent of this bitch. Period.
      I hate cats but give me a cat or a snake or any animal over this witch. Or do us a favor and put her down. Money better spent elsewhere. Sorry if this rattles your senses but that was an innocent animal and you support a sadistic killer. God help you

  • skittleville

    My class of seniors is very disturbed by this dialogue. Who are you people? And why was that man digging in the garbage?

    • JamieinMN

      Oh darn :-/

    • Mr. Kitty

      What kind of teacher are you letting your students read the dialogue hmmmmm ??? and last I checked garbage diving is legal and is a fun activity in small rural towns. So how bout you apologize to your class for being so irresponsible and ignorant. If I were from Canby in the trailer park region Id learn you a lesson with a hammer haha jk but seriously.

      • STUDENT

        The class the teacher let read the comments is a class of SENIORS! I would think that the teacher would have every right to disguss news in a class of 17 and 18 year old students. There should be no reason that the teacher should apologize for discussing the NEWS!

  • Melissa

    there is absolutely no way that she could have known the cat had rabies…..there is only one test to confirm rabies & the animal must be euthanized in order to perform it…..also if the cat had any disease….rabies or otherwise….it would be against the law in most places to knowingly dispose of a diseased animal carcass in the trash due to the possibility of other animals eating the remains & contracting the disease….she sounds like a cruel heartless person who doesnt care about the health or safety for her pets or the people in her community…..she should be thrown in jail & she shoulld never be allowed to have pets of any kind for the rest of her life…..

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