By Liz Collin

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

CANBY, Minn. (WCCO) — Police in Canby, Minn. are investigating after a woman allegedly used a hammer to kill her cat. She admitted she killed her cat but denies using a hammer to do it.

Amanda Kelley didn’t have any problems talking about why she killed her cat.

“He had rabies. I had no choice,” Kelley said.

Ray Whitaker lives next to Kelley and found her cat in the trash this week and called Canby Police.

“She shouldn’t be allowed to have animals she can’t take care of them,” Whitaker said.

It isn’t the first time Kelley has been in trouble over her pets. She’s been cited for not licensing them, not having a kennel license, and domestic assault after throwing a lamp at her boyfriend after he begged her to get rid of a litter of kittens.

A woman told WCCO that for weeks she’s been investigating where Kelley has been getting animals. She says it’s from free ads in local newspapers. She doesn’t want anyone else to give her animals.

Another woman who works at a local vet clinic told us Kelley has brought in dogs with broken bones several times before.

“I have learned my lesson. I won’t do it again,” Kelley said.

Police are still investigating and say they are waiting on more information before deciding what to do next. The city attorney said it’s too early to say if charges will be filed.

Comments (166)
  1. blonde says:

    She is the sick one…she MUST be charged..if she did it once she will do it again..that cat doubt.

    1. St. Leo Kid says:

      that cat still has 8 lives left…

    2. Callie from Canby says:

      Really? Sounds like you have had experience with this. If you shoot a person in the head and you know it’s going to cause instant death, is it ok to do then? No, it’s not. If you are not sensitive towards animals, fine, but quit being an idiot, and some how, in a ignorant way making Amanda Kelley’s actions sound ok to do. Some of you people are not getting the point. If this lady is doing this to animals habitually, she obviously has something wrong with her, it is just not ok.

  2. JamieinMN says:

    Oh DON’T even start…..

  3. t says:

    Tell me if any animal had rabies WHY would you want it living with humans. Is she all there? I don’t think so. Sure I agree she shouldn’t be allowed anymore animals but no one can control that. she will get more. She needs to be charged.

  4. JamieinMN says:

    Sad how you have no compassion for anyone or ANYTHING but yourself.

    1. Joker of Spades says:

      Mike wasn’t being selfish, he was being right.

    2. JamieinMN says:

      @Joker, it’s not a matter of right and wrong. He makes no sense at all.

    3. Jim Jones says:

      Worrrrrrrrd Homie.

  5. Stace says:

    And if she abuses animals, it is likely she will move on to people too. Hopefully she doesn’t have any children. I can only imagine what would happen to them.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      She did already. She threw a lamp at her boyfriend. The cycle has already begun.

      1. TWG says:

        the report doesn’t even touch on what this woman has done. She has a long history…. she grew up inthe area.

  6. t says:

    iI do agree with you on the concept that ANYONE and EVERYONE that abuses kids should be charged and number 1. There is soooo much that goes on unnoticed and just (looked the other way). I am a animal lover, also, So I see your point.

  7. KD says:

    How does this story rate to be on the start of a news program last night? With everything going on in the world why did they think this was more important? Unbelievable.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Waaaah. It’s LOCAL, hence LOCAL NEWS.

    2. Jeanna says:

      Are you seriously that ignorant?

  8. DJG says:

    She said she had no choice the cat had rabies.That’s why you get them rabie shots what a flippin Idiot she better be charged and I hope she never owns another animal as she Is obviously a moron.

  9. DJG says:

    I’ve always said It If you are capable of harming defensless animals you are capable of harming defensless babies.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      That is one of the FIRST signs of a potential serial killer.

      1. Joker of Spades says:

        Little stretch, don’t ya think? Killing a diseased cat does not quite make her a serial killer…..

      2. Chris says:

        Give us a break already!

      3. JamieinMN says:

        No it’s NOT a stretch. She is ABUSIVE, to even human beings.

      4. patsy6 says:

        It is not a stretch. There is a proven and studied link. Many serial killers started by abusing animals.

      5. Joker of Spades says:

        Patsy, proven and studied also is mose serial killers are white males too. And, at least in her mind, she wasn’t abusing it. She put it out of it’s misery before it became a harm to others.

      6. JamieinMN says:

        @Joker, how do you know exactly, if she has or has not been abusing these free animals???

        You DON’T! Ok, we get your point, you could knock an animal in the head with a hammer. WE GET IT!

      7. Joker of Spades says:

        Jamie, how do you know I’m wrong? We read the same article. Watche the same video. Oh, you can speculate and decide to kill this lady with a hammer, but I can’t speculate that you might be taking it a little far. Now I get it. What happened to “eye for eye”?

      8. JamieinMN says:

        Neither of us know if she is abusing these free animals she is getting. HOWEVER, this woman is playing Veterinarian with DOMESTICATED animals. And yea, she deserves a good whack….She how it feels. You can join her.

      9. JamieTracker says:

        People from Vadnias Heights sound violent. Chill Jamie. Worrrrd. Homie.

      10. JamieinMN says:

        I’m not FROM Vadnais Heights….stalker.

      11. Frank Furter says:

        So you just admit to the violent part huh? Relax Jamie.

      12. JamieinMN says:

        I am very relaxed. I just don’t understand how ANYONE can view what she did as “humane.” It was a domesticated animal.

  10. TROLLFEEDER says:

    sounds like she’s abusing everything and everyone. I don’t know what a ridicules waste of resources is but I don’t want her living in my hometown. I have no problem w/ how resources were used. In a town w/ a Population of 1100, and 4 cops, this is their job. Nothing happens in Canby. I know. I lived there for 30 years. When the police are notified that there is an abuse case they have to take action. As far as animals having more ‘rights’ than children. You are way off base there Mike. Ask any teacher who is trying to teach a class of kids how many rights they have. Get off your high horse richy….

  11. Ballsy Malone says:

    ONLY in Canby MN……….

    Local bank gets robbed……nobody ever caught

    35 yrs veteran bus driver gets ARRESTED,HANDCUFFED,removed from his bus in front of all the children….A plus police work

    Local known crazy lady with a history of abusing animals……admitts guilt on WCCO and the city attorney still doesnt know if charges will be filed…unreal

    1. JMinCanby says:

      These incidents do not represent the community as a whole and the people that live there.

      1. nativecanbyan says:

        but you are the ones NOT doing a thing about it!! wake up c-town!

    2. Heather VanMeveren- Holder says:

      ballsy malone….have the city attorney look up “romeo’s law”

  12. JMinCanby says:

    Shame on this woman… sad!!!!. This is definitely someone that needs help beyond killing animals!

  13. Nate says:

    I’m almost laughing as I read the comments. Seriously? Have any of you ever lived in rural America? Killing unwanted animals with a hard blow to the head is not only quick and humane, but also convenient. Last I checked, my neighbors didn’t turn out to be child abusers and murderers. It’s an animal (and a sick one at that). Get over it!

    1. stillfeedingthetrolls.... says:

      i grew up in canby and up until now i’ve never whacked any animal in the head w/ a hammer to end it’s suffering. i grew on a farm and we had livestock. never was this practice employed. beyond that, rabies has pretty much been wiped out like polio. So….. you sir are a troll.

    2. Lady says:

      @ Nate – Humans are animals, too, and I hope your doctor keeps your blaise suggestions in mind the next time you’re sick.

  14. Joker of Spades says:

    @Jamie. Seriously? You have been talking about killing this lady with a hammer. YOU sound more like a serial killer than this lady. Yes, she looks and sounds like she might need some help. But seriously, it is a cat. A pet. It is NOT a child or another human being. PETA may hate me saying this, but an animal life is NOT the same as a human one. You, if you ask me, not only sound ignorant, you sound homicidal and abusive yourself…

    1. JamieinMN says:

      We obviously have different opinions about what animals mean to us. my cats are my pets, they are family and I would do anything or them. You most certainly don’t feel the same way. I just simply believe in “Eye for an Eye”.

      1. Joker of Spades says:

        I have a dog, I have two children. I have a wife. If I had to choose to lose one, it would be the dog. I love my dog. It is family for me too. But, it is a pet. It is not a human. There is a difference. I go back to what Mike said. It is sad that concequences for harming animals are more severe then concequences for harming a fellow human. I think we will have to just agree to disagree on this one though.

      2. JamieinMN says:

        That is HARDLY the issue here….

  15. JMinCanby says:

    What does that have to do with this article. That is a stupid comment.

  16. DJG says:

    @Joker you know there are ways to put animals down without them suffering and killing them with a hammer Is not one of them.

    1. Joker of Spades says:

      Number one, she said she didn’t use a hammer. Number two, one hard tap to the head could be just as fast, painless and effective as the other methods that the vet would charge you thousands of dollars for. If done right, it could be alot more humane than how they produced your pork chop you’ll have for dinner.

      1. Moe says:

        Joker, don’t be ridiculous. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to put a cat down. Smarten up. Pork has nothing to do with this. Geez…

      2. DJG says:

        Well whatever she did was not humane and also It’s a little over a hundred to have a vet put down an animal but It shoulda never came to that If she woulda paid 30 bucks for rabie shots and I do love my porkchops but animals brought up for food are different then animals brought up for pets.

        Something I can’t get outta my head, google “I shouldn’t be alive man eats dog”Watched last night was very disturbed .This guy get’s lost In the amazon conoe tips over loses everything Including dog after fourty miles of wandering In the amazon near death has malaria he’s goin crazy his dog unbelievably finds him so after a while of condition worsening he eats his best friend the dog and It turns out he’s so sick he can’t keep anything down anyway so killed em for no reason guy survived but very sad.

      3. Ryker says baloney says:

        In Hopkins we have had 3 incidents I know of where guns have been found in lockers or cars at school. The consequences? A few days off on suspension.
        Here – likely an error by his kid and it cost him dearly. Hunting season – young son – bed of truck open. Yep, happens all the time. I guess the lesson is to do a thorough search of your cars/trucks/clothes (might have a baby pocketknife to clip a nail) and then get someone to sign off that all is good.
        Shame this had to go down like it did.

      4. Lady says:

        @ Joker — Thousands of dollars? What vet are you going to?

  17. dave says:

    She should of shot it and burried it.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Or gotten it the proper medical care! As an animal owner, you take CARE of your pets, not carelessly end their life because you are too lazy, cheap, etc. to get them medical attention.

      1. marlon says:

        There’s no cure for rabies. But she she should have called animal control to come remove the cat and end its life in a humane manner.

      2. JamieinMN says:

        Did I mention CURE??!?!?! NO, TREATMENT.

      3. marlon says:

        Well, you didn’t mention treatment, either. Anyway, the only treatment is euthanasia.

      4. stillfeedingthetrolls.... says:

        rabies has been wiped out like polio. when a case of rabies is reported nowadays it’s a nationwide story and is handled in a big way. the feline was more than likely in good health.

  18. Jeff Matheson says:

    Who wouldn’t put down an animal that is in pain? If you don’t own a gun, a hammer to the head is the next best humane thing to use. It’s not cruel, it’s compassion.

    1. Moe says:

      Ever heard of taking the animal to the vet Jeff? You can’t do it yourself… and do it right and humanely. This is a stupid argument.

    2. Joker of Spades says:

      Thank you Jeff! I am glad someone actually hears me. I may be exaggerating a bit to make a point, but come on people!

    3. Penelope says:

      I really hope you don’t own an animal or have kids…I see your compassion.

    4. Callie from Canby says:

      Ok, did you read the rest of this ladies history? She is killing animals because she wants too, not because she needs too. I think most of us who are commenting on here, that are not defending this idiot- are trying to make a point that this lady should not own anymore animals and should have some type of punishment. I’m sure if she would call the cops and have her take her pets because she feels they need to be killed, there would be no question.

  19. Moe says:

    She’s not a vet, so no way would she know if the cat had rabies or not. Even if it did, you take them into the vet to be humanely euthanized. What is this woman doing with all the free animals she’s getting?

    1. jb says:


  20. Jeff says:

    I agree with canby! I couldn’t help but notice no one commented on her being white…bc when when the black lady tried to mail the puppy that seemed to be a huge deal that she was black lol why are we being so one sided with our racism??

    1. Moe says:

      I followed the story on the puppy being mailed and never once heard her race mentioned. I wouldn’t have known she was black if I hadn’t seen the video of her in court. You’re fabricating things now.

      1. Jeff says:

        @moe….are you serious lol….go look up the archives…it was pretty hateful stuff…not suprising never the least…I could careless about either of these situations…but I read a lot about her being black and her being on welfare and whole bunch of other garbage! It is what it is…I was just pointing out the difference! Very saddening white ppl haha

    2. marlon says:

      You’re completely right on the point about her race.

  21. she's fruiity tooty says:

    She sick — charge her and lock her up. For the animals, boyfriend, local folks benefit. Or send me down with a hammer so I can knock lodly on her door. lol

  22. Brad says:

    It would have been nice to know, if the person who phoned wcco,took the same amount of time contacting Southwestern Mental Health….it is more than apparent that this lady needs help….The cat is dead….put it behind us….and lets just see if the human being gets the help she needs…..

    1. feeling mighty sick about this Brad says:

      Got news for ya Brad … put to a vote I bet more people would rather not see their tax dollar spent of this bitch. Period.
      I hate cats but give me a cat or a snake or any animal over this witch. Or do us a favor and put her down. Money better spent elsewhere. Sorry if this rattles your senses but that was an innocent animal and you support a sadistic killer. God help you

  23. skittleville says:

    My class of seniors is very disturbed by this dialogue. Who are you people? And why was that man digging in the garbage?

    1. Mr. Kitty says:

      What kind of teacher are you letting your students read the dialogue hmmmmm ??? and last I checked garbage diving is legal and is a fun activity in small rural towns. So how bout you apologize to your class for being so irresponsible and ignorant. If I were from Canby in the trailer park region Id learn you a lesson with a hammer haha jk but seriously.

      1. STUDENT says:

        The class the teacher let read the comments is a class of SENIORS! I would think that the teacher would have every right to disguss news in a class of 17 and 18 year old students. There should be no reason that the teacher should apologize for discussing the NEWS!

  24. Melissa says:

    there is absolutely no way that she could have known the cat had rabies…..there is only one test to confirm rabies & the animal must be euthanized in order to perform it…..also if the cat had any disease….rabies or otherwise….it would be against the law in most places to knowingly dispose of a diseased animal carcass in the trash due to the possibility of other animals eating the remains & contracting the disease….she sounds like a cruel heartless person who doesnt care about the health or safety for her pets or the people in her community…..she should be thrown in jail & she shoulld never be allowed to have pets of any kind for the rest of her life…..

  25. AJ says:

    She clearly has a developemental disibilty untreated. Probably had a tough child hood. Looks unable to even take care of herself. Clearly cannot take care of animals. Her verbal skills,social skills,etc. are remarkably challenged. She needs to live in a group home with others who are like her so that she is supervised. This story upsets me not just because of the terrible abuse of the animals but also the lack of help this person needs because she lacks skills to do so herself.

  26. Easy on the animals now says:

    Put the witch down for good. Sledgehammer.
    Seems to be the acceptable thing here for some …. or wait a sec. You mean it’s okay to do to only 4 legged animals guys? Okay …. have her get down on her hands and knees. Sick eh
    Not any different than what you feel about “it’s only an animal” . Sorry
    She’s mentally ill – maybe rabies. Not confirmed but …. rabies. Okay to us ethe sledge

  27. Loves Kids AND Animals says:

    You know, people can have compassion for animals AND children. It’s not an either/or situation. Just because someone cares that an animal was abused or mistreated doesn’t mean that they DON’T or CAN’T care if there are kids in the world who are suffering the same fate. That’s like saying a parent can’t love a son if they already have a daughter. Parents have enough love to embrace ALL their children – and the ability to tend to their individual needs. You would never hear someone state that a parent clearly doesn’t love their daughter if you see them focusing on their son, ie attending an after-school activity. That’s insane. The same goes for the “kids vs animals” argument. Humans have the ability to have empathy and compassion for animals and care what happens to them, AND ALSO care about children. They aren’t choosing one over the other simply because they made a comment on a news story.

  28. stewart nickaboine says:

    good enough

  29. Melissa says:

    There is another point to consider here too….a local vet stated that this woman has brought in dogs with broken bones….how many pet owners on here have had to bring an animal in for a broken bone? It normally doesnt happen very often & yes accidents can happen but if these had been children family services would have been involved a long time ago @ the very first sign of anything suspicious….and yes a child is more important than a pet & they shouldnt be compared but keep in mind that pets cannot tell you what happened….they rely on us for survival & they do have the ability to love us …we need to protect them when we can & be responsible enough to do what it takes to make sure they are healthy & happy.

    1. JW says:

      They had a precious puppy about two years ago that was brought into the clinic I worked at. It had 2 broken front legs. Long story short, puppy had surgery to repair, sent it home , only to have it come back a week later with more injuries. A second puppy was also in a similar situation. The Humane Society stepped in and made her surrender the puppy, and I watched her get enraged and violent.
      A “friend” of hers called and told us they saw her throw the puppy against the wall in a fit of anger, and that is how it’s legs were broken.
      She has had HUNDREDS of animals die in her care!

      1. Rhonda L Schrader says:

        This is all true!

  30. Jb says:

    This woman is getting animals from free ads and killing and torturing animals. There is more evidence such as a puppy cut up into pieces in a toilet. There is much more that the public doesn’t know. City Attorney Gerald Boulton and local police refuse to take action. It’s against the law.

  31. Jen W says:

    So, reading all the comments above, I am disturbed as to the ignorance of some people. This gal lives in our local next door community, she has moved from city to city the past few years, leaving a trail of abuse and destruction behind her. This woman is dangerous and has a criminal record of domestic assault. I personally know her long history, and this is not just a small town local “filler” news story. We have documented over 30 animals in the last few weeks that she has taken from free ads. We have witnesses that have seen her beat a dog to death, and another that witnessed her pick two of her dogs up by the throat and throw them into her trailer. Another states that she recently killed and cut up a Chihuahua and flushed it down her toilet. She has intense anger issues and has no inhibitions of taking her anger out on those that are in her path- human or animal. To those who think this is a “non story” , you may feel different if she was living next to you. She is a sociopath, who I fear is not going to stop at animals.
    For those of you who sit and watch the news, pass judgement about how worthy it is or not, always have some ignorant 2 cents to add, but never actually get off your a$$ to make a difference…. keep doing what you’re doing. Those of us out there on the front lines of animal advocacy will keep picking up your slack of “it’s not my problem”.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I had NO IDEA about her past. That is just so sickening 😦

    2. jb says:

      I contacted the city attorney of Canby and he completely lied to me regarding the situation. I am simply looking out for the welfare of the animals she harming as well as the members of the community. How can Gerald Boulton and police possibly be handling a case like this so lightly? There is clear evidence and Minnesota has state laws against animal cruelty. People are ignorant. You may say, “oh, it’s just a cat”…well, if she has the mindset to injure and torture animals, and assault another person, what will she do to your child? Think about it….and educate yourself.

    3. zzz says:

      Thank you Jen for everything you do…

    4. Callie from Canby says:

      Jen W- I had no idea about how SICKENING this ladies history is, and some people on here are trying to defend this psychotic woman. I am not a doctor, but I believe anyone could distiguish her as a PSYCHO. Why aren’t cops doing anything? This makes me so pissed off to read her history as you have written. I have three dogs of my own, I could never imagine doing anything like this or even close to this. If they were sick and only a VET can diagnose if an animal has rabies. Just by listening to this girl on here, she sounds like she does have a mental illness ( I don’t mean this in a mean way) and I dont know what everyone else thinks but her photo looks like she is on meth. I would really like to do something more about this, but I don’t know what I can do. Do you have any suggestions because I would like to do something more. And for you ignorant people saying “its ok because it was instant death” did you read her history, if you are defending this NUT JOB then you are also a NUT.

  32. Grizzly stuff says:

    That’s what I hearing and reading also Jb and that means she is one super sick monster.
    Guess what I wonder is why they didn’t act earlier on things? Or maybe they did and hands were tied. Good they have now but how many animals has she already killed? I’m not joking in this question – any younger missing kids she may have had access to?
    Most sadistic killers started with animals. Anyone who reads knows that. So …. with her history it might be worth taking a peek into her past. A stretch? – sure. Possible? – also a sure

    1. Rhonda L Schrader says:

      I heard she had a baby a few years ago that was taken away from her. I heard she was recently trying to get pregnant again. She had been taking care of her wheelchair bound husband till he died bout a year ago in Slayton.

      1. jen says:

        she probably killed him too!

  33. TC-Lancer says:

    To me this story is horible, this is a horrible representation of our town and our community. I cant believe someone could do something like that to an animal. Wow.

  34. St. Leo Kid says:

    Yea in St. Leo this would never happen.. we dont have none dumpsters to put dead cats or animals for that matter. Canby is way to big of town.. i would never live there.

    1. Sara says:

      LOL St. Leo kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. we love kitty says:

      ya.. you guys just have crazy’s walking around trying to commit suicide

    3. trollfoodisyummy says:

      obvious troll is obvious. go back to playing nintendo young one.

  35. Jdavis says:

    this is news why???:

    1. jb says:

      BECAUSE IT MATTERS. DON’T read it then.

  36. Jeanette Tatler says:

    y is it ???????????????…. so your saying this is right then.. how about she hits you over the head with a hammer and leave you to suffer.. ???????? is that right is it ??? they can’t speak out .. so why not help them the animals were here first on the planet…

  37. Greg Laden says:

    “I usually don’t do that..”

    Indeed. OMG.

  38. zzz says:

    just so everyone knows her cat was not sick with rabies it was checked out by a vet who said there was no signs of rabies, She has done this over and has been reported. Please do not give pets away for free they may end up in her hands. She won’t stop I have worked with her kind before.

    1. rolly says:

      Well at least she didn’t eat it!

  39. red says:

    If she claims she had to do something cause it had rabies the humane thing was to bring it to the vet and put it down for god sake not beat it to death. Someone beat her over the head. I have had po’d mom hit me over the head with a chair when I was 10 and I thought that hurt. I cannot imagine I frickin hammer to the head.

  40. red says:

    Lookin back at past comments in regards to her past she needs to be charged and banned from owning animals cause she abuses them and she needs some frickin treatment herself SHE IS PSYCHO

  41. Purrrrrrrrrr says:

    I dig this chick….she speaks like an MIT graduate…..I just want to smack that a ss.

  42. jb says:


  43. mn shutterbug says:

    She looks vaguely familiar. I think this gal used to live in Marshall. If she is the one I’m thinking about, I heard she smacked her now deceased boyfriend over the head with a frying pan, which brought the police to her door. She used to come to church dressed in black leather from her cap to her boots, including jacket, pants and gloves. It was quite the sight. She is definitely not playing with a full deck.

  44. mom says:

    Yes, she previously lived in Marshall so that is why she looks familiar to you. And…. she has hit people over the head with things here also and has been taken to jail. I don’t care about what she did to the cat; it’s no different than taking a dog out behind the barn and shooting it. No one reports that to the police, but when some weirdo neighbor digs in the dumpster and finds a cat, it’s BIG news! This woman needs the attention, not the cat! Is Family Services involved with what needs to be done with this woman and where she should be committed? I doubt it!! Rather than calling the police or the city attorney, people should be calling Yellow Medicine County Family Services!

  45. Clint Make My Day wants to settle it says:

    12ga automatic slugs 20 feet cats will again be safe
    over and out

  46. Ralphy says:

    sometimes when the coppers cannot do the job they are supposed to do because of the funked out system we have …….. go ahead Clint.
    Thought you used a .44 ? lol

  47. mkw says:

    This isnt the first time.. when she lived in slayton she killed her dog and put it in the dumpster. her apt was FULL of animals.. hampsters turtles, cats, dogs…. from what i remember the cops did make her get rid of everything, but wasnt long after, she filled her little apt back up…

  48. TWG says:

    Actually, its been well shown that animals abuse and violence towards animals leads to abuse (and killing) of people – it’s a logical step in predation. Why not stop it before it escalates and a humane life is destroyed. Also, this woman has had 2 children. Fortunately, they were taken away.

  49. Jen W. says:

    Yes, this is the same woman. She has lived in Marshall, Slayton, and now Canby.

  50. JW says:

    Ignorance is bliss for some of you folks, isn’t it?
    This woman has a known 10 year history with killing and torturing animals, AND domestic abuse. This story goes way beyond killing one cat. She has likely taken in and killed hundreds of animals. She is completely mentally unstable and dangerous to people as well.
    I am a Humane Investigator . Maybe you should read up on the laws regarding animals. We have laws for a reason, and officials are supposed to uphold these laws !
    Here is the MN statue regarding animal cruelty:
    343.21, 2010 Minnesota Statutes
    No person shall overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat, neglect, or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, or kill any animal, or cruelly work any animal when it is unfit for labor, whether it belongs to that person or to another person.

  51. bigashfarms says:

    This is the biggest waste of time, and news. Who cares if she killed a cat? She could kill all the cats in Canby for all I care. But she sounds like she has some issues, so maybe people should try to help her instead of all the stupid animals.

    1. bigashfarms supporter says:


      1. JamieinMN says:

        LMAO, we know it’s YOU that agreed with your own post. Loser.

  52. U have NO idea!! says:

    This broad is LOONEY and needs Psychiatric help bad! Not just because of the cat or animal abuse either.. I know who she is and have dealt with her various times. She is getting mental help but obviously needs more!! She is nothing but trailer park trash that sits around with no job living on the system and drinking beer and playing with her animals. This lady has many animals like MWK stated!! She has turtles (not just 2 or 3.. more like 30) living in her home along with snakes, dogs, cats, etc!! She is a very sick lady (it hurts just to say she is a lady because she is a disgrace to the female sex) ! She is lazy and lives off the system and is simply a waste of good oxygen!! Get this dead beat off her ass and make her scrub toilets for $ or something cause I am sick of working a full time job to support people like that!!! If she sit around and drink beer and wear depends she should be able to flip a burger… Just saying

    1. Heather in MN says:

      U have NO idea!!! I know who you are lol and diaper lady does need some MAJOR help

      1. Jen says:

        maybe with the point of calling her a lady hurts cuz she’s a disgrace to the female sex we should of called her diaper it or somethin to that extent or just have kept it at food rat lol

  53. zeezee says:

    All who have actually dealt with this woman need to come forward with what they know. From comments here, she seems to have at least had a VERY suspicious number of animals. Hundreds has been a term used. I assume she does not have that many today. What happened to all those give-aways and others she took to her home? Does she have money to feed/care for what she’s got? Why does she not have custody of her children? This info given CAN”T ALL be speculation, can it? There HAS to be a way to make something stick and to make this stop. Hopefully that kitten and all the other animals did not die in vain. Children and animals need others to be their voice. Please don’t drop the ball on this case!!!!!

    1. Heather VanMeveren- Holder says:

      zee zee:alot of her animals in the past have been rescued by the Tracy,Balaton animal rescue crew I had to talk amanda into signing the animals over as she was not willing at one time they came with 3 suv’s to get all the animals which filled those 3 large suvs if i knew who to contact to put my word in I would…any numbers or something ill make the call along with about 12 other wittnesses to her past abuse on animals and her now deceased ex husband whom she also abused regularly but the murray county police department did nothing no matter how many times he called the cops on her and them knowing how many animals were in her care for years

      1. Jen says:

        heather ill be one of ur twelve witnesses if you havent included me in that already lol

    2. b says:

      this all is true i used to be her neighbor in slayton mn and i do believe it will come down to her hurting a person before anything is done.. in the past when she killed the dog or horded all the animals nothing was done it was pushed under the rug and i think the same thing will happen again like i said until she hurts or kills a person…..

  54. Rhonda L Schrader says:

    I’ve met this lady and was just thinking of trying to track her down. I only knew that she had gone to Sioux Falls after she got kicked out of Slayton for killing animals there. She hit her pet dog in the head with a hammer, thought it was dead and put it in a bag in the dumpster. The dog suffocated. I am sad that the authorities continue to let these people to walk the streets. These animals have no voices!!!!!!!!!!!! We must have tougher laws for these sadists!

    1. Heather VanMeveren- Holder says:

      exactaly!!! its called “romeo’s law” think the prosecuters need to look it up!!

  55. cat hammer says:

    Maybe the next time WCCO decides to grace us with their presence in Canby MN they perhaps could have the story revolve around someone that doesnt dwell in a dumpster.

  56. I Know In My Heart That I am Funny says:

    Was it a claw hammer?

  57. gwnlyn says:

    I am sad that the comments made from canby and st. leo locals are very off base and seems to have no grasp on this subject. FOr some of you, you really show the tunnel vision that is a very wide spread disease in this area. Funny, how you have NO HUMANITY in your being. I bet some of you go to church every sunday and really don’t get the message. This woman and her accomplishes are a danger to your area, to both humans and animals alike. You are not safe. You are not being an good example to the youth of the area in your very narrow comments. These animals did not choose to be in that situation. If you want to be counted, grow up, stand up and be a human, human being.

    1. gwnlyn is a poopy butt says:

      what do you know of our area having a wide spread disease maybe if you really felt so strongly about your holiness you would be someone to us other than ( gwnlyn)

  58. Go Ahead, Judge All of Us says:

    Good point Gwnlyn, what was it again?

  59. lets move to burr says:

    we have a run down trailer park with 2 occupied trailers… and somehow the inhabitants of both made the twin cities news. what a disgrace

    1. WAKEUPC-TOWN says:

      How about you rally the citizens of Canby to have that god awful trailer park condemned, and turn it into a new development? It’s a better location than behind Deitz & Crow…

  60. Kris says:

    Well out here on dah farm we use to kill dem cats width hammers wen thed a get to over populaten. When pa would get a big litter of pups he sometime had to put em in dis big ole gunny sack and toss em in the river. This was before we knew all about these here fancy rights and stuff like we got us now. The worst was when grand daddy Jones would put all his barn cats in a gunny sack and start a shooten. Now that Ide say was real unethical.

  61. Stacey B says:

    This woman lused to be my neighbor in Slayton at Maple Tree Estates. She did this before, she stabbed her dog repeatedly in her apartment with a butcchers knife, put it in a garbage bag, while it was still alive, put it in the dumpster, which all tenets use, and let it. She also killed a turtle, in front of two young girls, outside of the apartment. The police here did nothing about the situation here, I hope something gets done this time. As far as she learning her lesson about this a bunch of BS. Lock her up, thats the best place of her!

  62. KracktKrok says:

    hammer the witch for sure
    then take the hammer of Thor and smash the heartless s 0 b’s who find it ok to defend this witch.
    sure as you remain breathing now the day shall come you won’t and then God shall be your judge and jury. The doors will be shut you freaks … enjoy the ride down. 😉

  63. K J says:

    I am constantly amazed how upset people get over animal abuse, yet every day unborn babies are torn apart and separated from the only means of survival for them. And this is done because of the most selfish reasons humans can come up with; a lack of personal responsibility for their own behavior. What a corrupt, ugly world this has become.

  64. Lisa G says:

    I lived in the same apartment building with this lady. She really needs to be charged for this. I can not believe that she did it again. When she lived in Slayton she killed her dog. Hopefully thins time something is finally done. She really needs to be put in a home someplace because she is not right. She said that she learned her lesson yeah right thats what she said last time. When she lived in Slayton she used to threaten people with hammers and knives as well. If she does this to animals all the time who knows what else or who else she will do it o next. The women needs to be put away.

  65. Lisa G says:

    Yeah well wait until the summer time when she walks around or rides her bike and is in a bikini. She used to do that all the time in Slayton. What a sight.

  66. rich says:

    Send her to Lybia on a one flight

  67. Allison Cullen says:

    first, why was her neighbor digging around in her trash??. and second that’s absolutley disgusting. She sould get in trouble and not be allowed to have any pets, even gold fish.

  68. anoymous says:

    I heard she had a little puppy and chopped it up and put it in the toliet according to some people from canby when police arrived the toliet was missing. this is sick as hell nobody in their right mind would do this she should be sitting in jail and then from here sent to the nut hunt and never get out. that is just wrong and nothing is getting done she shouldnt be out free right now like nothing happened

  69. anoyumus says:

    For all you people out there i had made the mistake of giving her my chocolate lab and when i heard this story my heart just sank for my dog cause i thought she was dead luckily though i had called the yellow medicine vets office and left my number and told them that if they ever siezed her animals that the chocolate lab was mine and to give me a call and i would come get her and sure enough three days later i get a call from them saying she got off her leash and got hit by a car and they said i could come get her cause they had legal custody of her and alls that i know is this experience has opened my eyes never again will i give a dog away i was lucky enough to get her back in time before anything happened to her. This lady needs to be SHOT for the things she has done or either that she needs to be thrown in jail and forgotten about like she does with her animals although her death would be slow and agonizing

  70. seen it before says:

    she has killed before….murray county, mn……a puppy she put it in a plastic bag and threw it away…..animals are helpless…..she on the other hand just plan NEEDS help….she used to beat her husband too who was in a wheel chair he has since passed away…..this woman needs to be FORBIDDEN from having animals for life…..

  71. kitteninamitten says:

    Perfect example of why you should NEVER advertise pets for free! Please join and share this Cause on facebook to get justice for the innocent animals and put this monsterous woman behind bars where she belongs:

  72. Grizz says:

    this witch still walking around or did she get her eyes scratched out?

  73. nmh says:

    we definitl yhave a pattern here..AND FROM BACK A LONG WAY..
    if her victums were humans, we;d say htis is a serial killer, and lock her up at least..
    she even tried to get rid of evidence by chopping up a chuhauhua to FLUSH
    down a toilet..too bad for her, the universal laws of physics are NOT so lienient as the ‘long arm’ of canby law! something is VERY seriously wrong with her: even claiming a pet had rabies, admitting she welched on responsibilities for them.. to say the least..


  74. Simone says:

    If she can do that to a cat, what could she do to a baby or vulnerable adult? Anyone that thinks she didnt do anything wrong, need to go take a long look at your lives, because I wouldnt have any of you in my childrens company.

    1. Callie from Canby says:

      I totally agree with that comment. She is evil in my eyes. Like you said if she does this to an innocent she will do it to others like humanes.

  75. Callie from Canby says:

    THis lady has obviously lost her marbles. If the cat did need to be put down because of an illness then do it in a more humane way. I don’t like the comment “If I had to get rid of one of my family members, it would be my pet” Well DUH, but would you kill it with a hammer or in a brutal way? THat is the point here. There has been too much animal neglect and abuse in Canby that has been know to authorities and nothing is ever done. If one thing comes out of this, Amanda Kelley has brought on a bad name for herself. If she has any other pets she better take them to an animal shelter before she flips out again.

  76. Sasha says:

    I got a call from the human society telling me all about this women because I have puppies listed forsale. They gave me this site and told me to watch this video. I reccognized this women right away she used to live in slayton, MN and did the same thing there except she knocked a puppy out with a hammer, put it in a garbage bag, and threw it in the dumpster to die!! This women is disgusting..She needs to be put in jail for this. Animal abuse is no differant than abusing a person, EXCEPT…THEY CANT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. This women is heartless. Regardless of this cat being sick she shouldn’t get to use that as an excuse to get away with this. Anyone who says that because she hit it hard enough in the head to kill the cat instantly, you are just as sick and twisted as this women. If someone shot you in the head and killed you instantly would that make it ok??? NO they would be put in prison for life, It should be no differant with animals. She made the choise to kill the cat and she should be punished for it. ITS SICK AND DISGUSTING to think that people can look a poor innocent animal in the face and smack it with a hammer. THEY HAVE TO BE DIMENTED TO DO THAT!!!

    1. Callie from Canby says:

      I dont Know if you were replying to my post, but that is not what I meant. Cuz I did make a comparison of shooting someone instantly, but I also made a comment after the comment Saying NO-its not right. I was making a comparison between animals and people. Because the morone b4 was saying it was ok because this woman had killed the cat instantly. I was saying “if you shot a person in the head and killed the person instantly, would it be ok, NO IT’S NOT. I was trying to make a comparison that ANIMALS MEAN JUST AS MUCH HUMANS. THAt is excactly what I had written. I dont know if you read my other posts, but I’m obviously against this women and I cant even stand to read this woman’s history. SHe should be hitten over the head with a hammer and put in jail with counseling. I heard she moved to Marshall, MN living in a motel. How long are they going to let her be on the run???

  77. Callie from Canby says:

    I do think that the Canby police department have done a good job on this case. We all kind of expect that the cops should be the ones making this all better, but that is not really in their authority, they can’t really be the ones to prosecute her. They did respond to this matter and it seems to be for the first time it has been made public. Canby police didnt ignore this matter, they reacted to it and I believe they did evertyhing in their power.

  78. Jeannie Green says:

    I’m glad I was warned today to be aware that this person might try and contact me for my free kittens! I had no idea…

  79. Beatrice says:

    This story does not leave my mind. It stays with me wherever I go. This cannot continue to be allowed. She must be stopped. These animals have gone into the hands of walking evil. They do not deserve this. She deserves to be held accountable for every animal she has hurt and killed.

  80. Me in MN says:

    She would have no idea if the cat had rabies or not. You need to send in brain tissue to the diagnostic lab at the U of M to know if an animal has rabies. It might have been sick with something else, but from reading all the comments this lady has mental issues.

    From my experience working with two emotionally disturbed women there is little to nothing family members or friends can do to make an adult with mental problems to get treatment or to even accept the fact that they may be mentally ill. Only if they come in contact with the legal system (usually through criminal acts) or if they make overt suicidal threats can they be forced into treatment-and then it just might be a short 30 day stay-hardly long enough to treat many mental illnesses.

    Perhaps if she gets charged for animal cruelty she will be getting on the road to the treatment she needs.

    BTW the first case of child abuse to be prosecuted in the USA was through the ASPCA-there were laws to prevent cruelty to cart horses that were applied to a child abuse case.

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