MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The commission that owns the aging Metrodome in Minneapolis was awarded a contract to the only firm that bid on replacing the roof that collapsed under heavy snow in mid-December.

The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission on Friday awarded Birdair Inc. a contract to remove the existing roof and install a new one, hopefully in time for the Minnesota Vikings preseason games. Birdair is the New York company that designed and installed the Metrodome roof 30 years ago.

The Star Tribune reports the replacement project has a price tag of up to $25 million.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports the commission hopes the cost will be paid by its insurer, FM Global. Meanwhile, business groups east of the Mississippi River are lining up in support of building a new stadium in Arden Hills.

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Comments (13)
  1. Roger Wilson says:

    The commission HOPES?? the insurer will pay the bill??

    Why doesn’t the commission have a guarentee that the insurer will pay the bill before awarding the contract?

    1. Rep Michele Bachmann says:

      That would make WAY to much sense. Better to blow money you don’t have and worry about paying later.

  2. Short Stop says:

    Insurance will have to pay for the roof, that’s what insurance is for. If they push this on the taxpayer, I’m going to flip out

  3. Bobby Hidalgo says:


    1. taxpayer anon says:

      I understand the desire to replace the Dome with a new stadium but given the current economy and projected budget short falls I seriously can’t see any justification for a new stadium.
      Particularly not one funded by the state or tax payers in any way.

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    The nightly news said ther was only one company bidding on the job. That sounds weird???

    1. John Gettler says:

      The best they can do is put it out for bids and only companies interested in replacing a taflon roof will reply. There are not a whole slew of company that make “dome roofs.” Perhaps only one company. Birdair is the company that put the Metrodome roof on decades ago as well. Let’s just be glad they didn’t go out of business already.

  5. Not so Funny says:

    Looks like the people in Minnesota miss out on jobs! Wow all that cheap talk about providing people in Minnesota with jobs 😦 What a joke! The commission gave the work to Birdair a New York company! Sad that the commission did not announce/advertise to let the work sector in Minnesota have the jobs. I wonder how Minnesota people feel about this? Surprised you did not import immigrants from other countries to do the job? We will have to wait and see I guess?

    1. Jon Lindquist says:

      it doesn’t say anywhere that they won’t use local workers. that is included in the bidding process as a consideration. the NY company doesn’t have to do the actual installation part, only the design work. sub-contractors do the grunt work.

  6. John Anderson says:

    Why not tell the insurance company, “give us just 23 million cash and we will use it to tear down the building and build a new stadium on the site.”

  7. tom says:

    Bobby H. hits the nail on the head! This is all subtile posturing to get games played at tcf and in the end, retractible will be built DOWNTOWN Mpls!

  8. tom says:

    A year or two of $5.00 and up of pump prices could be the dreaded sobering common denominator to the whole stadium issue(as well as many others) Let us all be prepaired.

  9. Don says:

    I’m gald our dome was deflated last year after the Olympic Games. Go on line at bcplace.com and take alook at what the Metrodome could be. It only takes a year but you’ll have a new stadium. Good luck and go Vikibgd go!

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