Mother-Daughter Duo Accused Of Shoplifting In Elk River

By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

ELK RIVER (WCCO) — A mother and her 15-year-old daughter have been charged with shoplifting together at an Elk River Cub grocery store.

Security cameras focused on Shelli Wood and her daughter almost from the minute they walked into the store on Jan. 30, wearing sunglasses. They are seen going up and down the aisles, putting groceries in a cart, much like other shoppers.

Outside the store, a security employee is seen in a surveillance video hiding behind a pillar, apparently waiting for the mom and daughter to come out.

With their cart full, they are also seen walking right past the checkout lanes and then out the door. Moments later, security staff tries to apprehend Wood and her daughter. They get into a scuffle. Police arrive on the scene and cite Wood and her daughter for shoplifting, disorderly conduct and assault.

Wood told police she would never steal with her children and insists she was going out to her car to get her purse to pay for the groceries. She is accusing the cub security staff of using too much force in dealing with her and her daughter and is considering legal action.

She told one officer a security employee “attacked” her and they “literally jumped on them and threw them to the ground.” She also claimed one of the security employees grabbed her daughter’s hair.

The Elk River Police Chief, Brad Rolfe, reviewed the police reports.

“I am not seeing anything that indicates there was an assault on the suspects by the store staff,” he said. “A physical assault occurred, but it looks like the staff was trying to restrain the suspects and defend themselves.”

Police also issue a trespassing citation to Wood’s sister, Brittaney Wood, who was in a car in the parking lot. She had been banned from the premises days earlier after being accused of shoplifting.

A spokeswoman for Cubs declined to comment on the incident.


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