By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

ELK RIVER (WCCO) — A mother and her 15-year-old daughter have been charged with shoplifting together at an Elk River Cub grocery store.

Security cameras focused on Shelli Wood and her daughter almost from the minute they walked into the store on Jan. 30, wearing sunglasses. They are seen going up and down the aisles, putting groceries in a cart, much like other shoppers.

Outside the store, a security employee is seen in a surveillance video hiding behind a pillar, apparently waiting for the mom and daughter to come out.

With their cart full, they are also seen walking right past the checkout lanes and then out the door. Moments later, security staff tries to apprehend Wood and her daughter. They get into a scuffle. Police arrive on the scene and cite Wood and her daughter for shoplifting, disorderly conduct and assault.

Wood told police she would never steal with her children and insists she was going out to her car to get her purse to pay for the groceries. She is accusing the cub security staff of using too much force in dealing with her and her daughter and is considering legal action.

She told one officer a security employee “attacked” her and they “literally jumped on them and threw them to the ground.” She also claimed one of the security employees grabbed her daughter’s hair.

The Elk River Police Chief, Brad Rolfe, reviewed the police reports.

“I am not seeing anything that indicates there was an assault on the suspects by the store staff,” he said. “A physical assault occurred, but it looks like the staff was trying to restrain the suspects and defend themselves.”

Police also issue a trespassing citation to Wood’s sister, Brittaney Wood, who was in a car in the parking lot. She had been banned from the premises days earlier after being accused of shoplifting.

A spokeswoman for Cubs declined to comment on the incident.

Comments (95)
  1. Whahaha says:

    Sad family….
    Lame attempt to explain why she had to go to her car with the stolen goodies.
    If you are desperate for food then seek out help. There are programs out there to help. PLEASE UTILIZE THEM.

  2. Brian says:

    Wow how funny is this the daughter is 5’2 and 100 ponds she had a chipped tooth , sprained jaw , bruises on her face and other other injuries. obviously you need better security. you are nuts! how funny is this and the daughter walked out of the store the mother was in the 2 doors waiting . get the rest of the video . ok bye
    it takes all you guys to beat up a little girl and her mother this video is just ridiculous.

    1. hopsdog says:

      The girl is not “little” and at age 15 know the difference between right and wrong. Shame on both of them. Mother of the year award!

  3. mike says:

    if i was shopping and security needed help i would have helped and broke both their jaws to just get the punishment started. dirtbags need some jail and a good whooping.

  4. D. Hinrichs says:

    Yes Brian, lets show the rest of the video.
    Lets show the part where Ms. Woods takes numerous at swings both my officer and Cub Employees, lets show this “5’2 100lb girl” assault my officer (who is also female) from behind. It can be seen in court when both Ms Wood and her daughter are on trial for theft and assault.

  5. WHERE? says:

    WHERES THE CART? all i see is her in the store getting tackled til she got out and there is a atm machine there by the door she could of had her daughter go get the purse?

  6. paab says:

    You do not leave a store with a shopping cart of product. Why not send the daughter out to the car to get the purse. Everyone knows that you aren’t supposed to even go into the restroom with unpaid merchandice. The truth is these people were trying to rob the cub store, hence the disquise and the sister waiting in the get away car. I hope i am on the jury.

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      paab, I’m with you on this one. It shouldn’t take a jury long to convict them because it’s all caught on the video. Why don’t people who are obviously guilty just plead guilty and save the taxpayers some money? Oh, then they wouldn’t get their 15 minutes of some kinda fame!

      1. Yikes - bandito's 4 sure says:

        there a daddy in this picture? I mean the big one – like in the family?

        1. she's a lousy parent says:

          don’t think it was an artifical insemination lol
          If there is I hope he has a wood shed out back

  7. witness for the victims says:

    I witnessed this incident and am disgusted at how all of it went down. The victims (mother and daughter) never left the store and were assaulted by employees.

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      WHERE?, it’s VERY clear on the video that she left the store with the cart.

      witness for the victims, if you did, in fact, witness this incident, you’d better make sure your “eye witness account” matches the video. Lying under oath is perjury, you know. The video is clear that she left the store with cart of groceries.

      There’s help out there for people who actually need food. It sounds, though, like these people will likely have their food prepared for them — in jail! LOL

    2. Hopsdog says:

      You must be a relative if you are a witness. The video doesn’t lie.

    3. Richard isn't buying it says:

      you so full of the bull’s waste you almost generate a laugh…..not
      you the one driving the car?

  8. Crash says:

    Really? how the hell is it shoplifting? I dont see the cart come out of the building, ..And Really, what kind of adult uses that kind of force on a 15 yr old girl? you have got to be kidding me..

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Crash, you need a vision check if you can’t see the cart coming out of the store. It’s clearly shown on the video.

      Just because a girl is 15 doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to fight and can’t inflict injuries. This 15 year old obviously knows how to do both as seen on the video.

      Maybe the whole idea of this lame brained idea of leaving a store with a grocery cart of groceries was to get caught and cry “excessive force”. There are many who try to get something for nothing. The shoplifting didn’t work out so they are probably going for their Plan B: Sue for “excessive force”. What a bunch of lazy turnips these 3 women are. Why not get a job and earn the grocery money? –or go to the food shelf for help?

      1. ohoh says:

        we all pay for what these women and others steal. It really isnt small time, it is multi millions of dollars lost to this kind of crime. They had a contingency plan to cry foul if they were caught. If I had forgotten my money in my vehicle i would Never leave the store with a cart full to “get my purse”, also these women were obviously in disquise.

    2. fred says:

      denial…..not just a river in Africa

      1. SB says:

        Hope that’s not what you’re teaching your kids. The Nile is in Africa.

  9. Joe says:

    She should lose custody of her daughter. I don’t really care what security did to them. She obviously is not fit to be a mother. Its not like they were stealing food because they were hungry, they were stealing makeup and dvds.

  10. Briguy says:

    hey the lady that walked out of the store when the guy was down isnt even the mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Singer says:

    They should make an example out of these people. Make them do lots of volunteering and give back to the community!

  12. Victim Du Jour says:

    They must be getting Food Stamps, what are they using their food Stamps for?

    And yes, the security cams showed them leave without paying. Now they are getting a lawyer?

    Beware of the Welfare Mother Industrial Complex.

    1. The Trend says:

      So true- a woman gets caught dead to rights and immediately turns herself into the victim- and then express outrage that they aren’t believed.

    2. pahleasse!! says:

      How do u kow they are getting foodstamps???…if they were, and werent stealing u would still have something to say negative about “welfare moms” right?…get over it! its a clear case of shoplifting no matter what the merchandise welfare has nothing to do with it..they got the beat down that was coming to them and please believe the county will not go light on them…have no fear

  13. havefunincustody says:

    They should have just stuffed the food in their pants like Stefanie Mooreland who stole the fur coat by stufffing it in her special / cut out underwear (even had it there while in jail). Crazy people’ steal groceries and drive a fancy car.

  14. Yax says:

    Obviously the stealing was wrong, but at the same time, it doesn’t excuse the brutal assault that took place. Just sayin.

    1. KYnative says:

      Brutal force??? What do you suggest they do?? Talk???? Obviously you’ve never been around polished criminals. That other lady was waiting for them. If he had not taken them down she’d of come by and picked them up and off they’d go to another store. Your comment is ridiculous. This is why police can’t do their jobs. People like you call doing their job ‘excessive’. This is America, not LaLa land.

  15. Troy says:

    The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree

  16. It is what it is says:

    I have been in Corrections for over 20 years and anyone can inflict bodily harm on another. Thin, small, large, male or female, all can cause harm. Security that attempts to keep others safe are always on the line.and the first to be scrutinized by those who have no idea what we do every day to keep all of you safe from people like these three.II have been attacked by men and women on the job and there us bi difference, an attack is an attack.My guess is this woman will get off with a slap on the hand.

  17. Dredd says:

    make an example out of them to discourage such behaviour from middle class Americans. slap on the wrist….more like a slap to the face to those of us who try to teach our kids that crime does not pay. Id bet this is not the first time they have pulled a stunt like this. to be so bold takes practice.

  18. Mr Honesty says:

    I took a 60 inch flat screen tv out to my car to get my check book once. Then I remembered I left my check book at home. Maybe I should go back and pay for it? Oh well whats the hurry it’s only been two years.

  19. Dave Seavy says:

    I’ll bet any amount of money that before it’s all over, they’ll claim a security guard molested either the mother, the daughter, or both. When all else fails, make a sexual assault claim – works every time! Obviously this pair has a reputation for shoplifting at the store, since the cameras were watching them from the moment they walked in. I’m in the security business – people try to claim the cameras were wrong. Its laughable.

  20. Tom Willard says:

    It still amazes me that no matter how flagrant or obvious the crime, and no matter how stupid the criminals, there are still people that will defend them and their idiotic actions.

    Living in denial. It must be a weird way to go through life.

  21. momoffour says:

    i work at a grocery store and this family is on our trespass list as well with many other stores in my area. what they do is they start with one town and once they are busted they move to another area. why do they keep letting them go. i think all the police departments need to gettogether and read the police records of these people.

    1. KYnative says:

      They need to be put in jail and do some time so they don’t do it again!

  22. Ralph bets against the fibs says:

    Funny as he!! – if these gals were of a different skin color I wonder if even one person would sit here and defend them? Don’t think so for a minute as there is nothing to defend.
    I’d love to be someone who actually knows them and hear the bs spin firsthand. I’d be laughing so hard I’d fear I’d wet me pants. Any chance they part of ol’ Charlie Sheen’s MN nest….just wondering as the attitude and denial seems the same. lol
    Not a bad ride they had awaiting them after they finished their “job” – maybe need to look into how that was acquired too. Only kidding …. maybe

  23. What are you Thinking? says:

    The plan was to shoplift the whole time! The were both wearing sunglasses while in the store shopping and her sister was banned from the store from shoplifting and waiting in the car. People need to pull there head out and quit making excuses for these people.

  24. sueable says:

    Let them get away with this??? ONly if you want to pay more for your food. I sure cannot do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, they did walk out of the store. Send the dear child for the purse, unless you do not trust her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Linda Lutz says:

    I love the fact that they want to sue the store. They are not victims they are criminals. They should hang their heads in shame. Thank God for video camera’s. Trash Trash.

  26. Obvious says:

    It is pretty obvous that you are up to something shady if you both walk into a store and leave you sunglasses and hats on! What an awful example this mother is setting! Don’t waste your time with a lawsuit, you will never win!

  27. KYnative says:

    The security guard was outside. The woman and the cart came outside. He stopped them outside! He had every right to get them to the ground to stop them. You people who call this excessive force are probably the same people who think you’re entitled to everything! Entitlement seems to be pervasive in every aspect of life now. If you do the crime you get the consequences and if that means getting laid out flat on the concrete and your tooth gets chipped, so be it! They don’t have to be nice to anyone who is stealing. Too bad we can’t let police be the old fashioned ones where they could actually get their job done with out being worried about being sued!

    1. .... says:

      reality check . never went outside

    2. Cher says:

      I am with you KYnative. They had every intention of leaving with out paying. Seriously, the get away car was outside waiting.

      People who are defending these thieves, you are rediculous!

  28. law is the law. says:

    A lot is cut out of this video its obvious and its not against the law to walk out the first set of doors and it is against the law for them to even touch them even if they were shoplifting. i think they should defiantly sue them i mean its a 15 year old girl. and the video does not show the mother leaving the store just the first set of doors you have to walk out the second doors to actually be shoplifting. and cub foods is known for deleting evidence so hopefully the whole video will show the truth.

    1. WhateverD-bag says:

      Yeah ok buddy!!! I hope you come up on the short end of the legal stick at some point in your life…when that day comes….just remeber, “the law is the law”

      And since you brought it up…the law is the law. These people left the store with products they DID not pay for. That is stealing. Period. And smart guy…show me the law where it is illegal to ‘touch’ someone caught shoplifting. You cannot MAKE UP laws that dont exsist to prove your idiotic point.

      1. just saying says:

        Do some research you have no idea what you’re talking about, they didnt leave the store the first set of doors is not the store. Try to look up minnesota shoplifting laws and why employees / security cant touch them they are suppose to let them go call the police and tell them where they went and what they looked like. Do your research before you run your mouth. thats just the law

      2. WhateverD-Bag says:

        @ just sayin

        LOL…really buddy?? So if they never left the store (as you say) why do i see them on the video tape laying on the sidewalk? Let me guess…security dragged them out? Yep, and the police planted the bloddy glove in the OJ case too.

        Second….i said SHOW me the law where it says you cannot ‘touch’ someone caught shoplifting? If you can actually do that, then i will apologize, but i dont think you can, because i dont think it exsists!!! You CANNOT MAKE UP LAWS!!!

      3. lol says:

        lol you see them getting dragged out ! watch the video again!

    2. doglover says:

      Not true. You dont have to be totally out the door. My son was still in the store when he got caught .

      1. .... says:

        im guessing he was just shoving stuff in his pockets its different and plus its not even they same person coming out side with the cart as seen inside.

  29. Cher says:

    Like mother, like daughter. Wow. Video tells all.

    I hope that the judge gives more than a slap on the wrist.

    There are programs out there if you can not buy food.

    Sad day. I hope the employees are okay and healing.

  30. Booger says:

    Women ALWAYS play the victim. That is just how it is. Too bad the cop car did not run them over.

    1. snot says:

      It is not ALWAYS women. I have seen grown men with stolen property in their HANDS still insist that it wasn’t them, it was a set up!

      A criminal is a criminal, man or woman.

      1. The Trend says:

        Your right it’s not ALWAYS women who play victim when they are caught red handed- just 99.9%

  31. Word says:

    The public with any sense whatsoever can support can obviously see these two were stealing. Nobody, leaves a store WITH the product, to go get a wallet or purse from the car. Even you’re average dumb juror can see that.

    The ‘assults’ were unclear from the video…who did or did not hit whom is not entirely visable through this footage. Althought this should be a non-issue. No one was seriously injured, and it never would have happend if this piece of human trash never tried stealing with her daughter. And really…nice conspicuous disguise by these clowns….those sunglasses really worked well for you too!

  32. right on! says:

    I commend your employee. Job well done.

    I hope your employee recovers and heals quicly.

  33. red says:

    Law is the law I don’t know what you are seeing but these 2 losers are clearly guilty . They were on their way out, no intention to pay, big Sis waiting to take them how and deserve to be punished. Big Sis too.

  34. JD says:

    Really, guilty until proven innocent?
    The women coming out of the building is not the same woment that is being charged!!! Watch it again.

  35. NotSmart says:

    Here’s some legal advise for you. If you are the supervisor…keep your mouth shut until this is resolved in a court of law. What do you gain from spouting your opinions on here to the general public? Nothing…you only invite controversy and bad publicity for your company. These wcco viewers do not have the power to vindicate your employees…thats what the legal system is for. So do your organization a favor and keep your dumb mouth shut, and consult your PR department before your spout off. FYI, your right in your statements, but this isnt the forum for a professional to air their grievances.

    1. aniimal lover says:

      I think you must be someone who gets in trouble. Big deal he told the truth. You can tell by the tape. Public humilations is what all criminals need.

  36. Wesley says:

    You don’t need to publish this to the newspaper or web. You don’t want to ruin their lives just because they shoplifted. You can let all the stores know but you don’t need to tell the world about it. Poor girls. The media is a bunch of butt holes

  37. merks says:

    I didn’t realize it was take your daughter to work day already!

  38. LP for 15 Years says:

    Let me clear up a couple things for the “armchair lawyers”

    1. You can be arrested for shoplifting once you pass “point of sale” once you pass the registers and exit the first set of doors, you can be stopped and it is considered theft. These women had a getaway car waiting. If you believe their story, you’re either delusional, or a thief yourself.

    2. It is not “illegal” for security to touch you. It all depends on the store and their policy. Some stores are “hands on” and some are “hands off” You can be physiclly detained and if you assault the security they can use force to protect themselves. If you ever get stopped for shoplifting, the best thing to do is cooperate and take the ticket.

    1. they trying to get smarter says:


  39. deepthroat sarah says:

    Elk River = Low IQ residents

    1. throatedbysarah says:

      Not always so hon

      1. deepthroat Sarah says:

        Always so in Elk River. Toothless Meth freaks in loud 4x4s shoppin at WalMart wearing Polaris Jackets with purple Vikings sweats with Mullet hairstyles. THAT’S ELK RIVER!

      2. gorden says:

        well FYI Deep throat Sarah ok first that names sounds like your a real winner !!
        Beside that they live in zimmerman ok smart mouth what you got to say now!

  40. Kim elmer says:

    Throw them in jail

  41. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Please be careful. When I was in retail grocery my supervisor jumped in his jeep to follow shoplifters and the result was he got the roof of his jeep blown off by a shotgun blast.

  42. ceobob says:

    its not like they made themselves obvious with the sunglasses or anything like that. I mean they were hungry so they only took bread and peanut butter, right?

    EH wrong. They took some expensive stuff. DVDs, face creams, some food etc… LP of 15 years has is right. Once you leave that first set of doors, you are a shoplifter. It is obvious a few people haven’t watched the video because they would have seen everything happen.

    I do think the TCL supervisor should keep his yapper shut though. It isnt helping and people will form their own opinions regardless. The charges are public record I believe and if people wanted to know they would look. No reason to bring them up. Heck, the media didnt even bring it up and they make the most out of everything. I know the Supervisior means well but If your best employee can only pick out the obvious one thats a problem. Cub employees had that person pegged when they walked in the door. TCL did its job apparently but whats its success rate when it isnt so obvious?

    No one needs to see the other tapes. Not sure how the media got a copy of it but it tells a good story to every one. Don’t steal and grocery prices wont go up for that reason.

  43. Happy I am not but need to know says:

    is momma a hottie?

  44. KracktKrockerOffRocker says:

    I’m hungry …. were these people live? I needs a free meal I does.
    That they got. Free meals

  45. Yikes - bad says:

    They also cited “Wood’s sister” the article states at the end.
    Is that the sister of the young daughter or is it the elder Crook Wood’s sister?
    Man – if it is the sister of the Momma Crook this thing really spans out to another level . That would take multi-level marketing to a new level. 😦

  46. NRA Guy says:

    3 gals – 3 sets of shades – 3 crooks – lets pray 3 convictions.
    How’d they manage a Caddy? Did it fit in the cart the previous day. 😉 😉

  47. whatajoke says:

    its clear this video is edited what a joke im disgusted with this display its clear it aint the woman in the long black coat exiting the store

  48. Pennie says:

    If you are hungry and need groceries, go to a food shelf. These two bozo’s where at the Cub store to shoplift, pure and simple. They should both be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The mothers actions are inexcusable, a very poor example of a parent.

  49. GomersPile in ElkTown says:

    Mother Daughter Sister. Sister of whom?

    1. Kelly says:

      Thanks alot angie I am getting blamed !!!

    2. shelli wood says:

      who the hell are you get a clue

      1. skip says:

        you get a clue. thief

        1. CHERI says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    Well, Id like to start off with this…
    1. I was friends with the 15-year-old girl last year, that was a big mistake. she got me and others into deep trouble. she took me to a store and we got caught shoplifting even though she was the one that did it. i didn’t do anything, or take anything. I also was at her house and there was so much trouble going on there (not giving anything) that i had to get driven home from the cops.
    2. I know for a fact that if you checked her record there would be a long list of things. (not naming any of them.)
    3. I know who she is and how she lives so i know that this video, and that all of this going on is 100% true and they should get something, time, anything other than being innocent.

  51. Unfortunate says:

    You should mention that this was NOT a corporate Cub. Corporate has different security agents. I back you on this officers doing what they needed to, to control the situation. It is unfortunate that most people do not understand that this situation happens on a daily basis…not just at Cub. It is even more unfortunate that familes do this together and that this isn’t the only family that does this! Is this really news worthy?

  52. bill says:

    we are friom zimmerman, mn and know all about this girl and her family. drinking to drugs and juvie detention. i know they did this and im sure its not the first time. that may be why they were waiting, they knew it was going to happen.

  53. skip says:

    they did it, the whole family is trouble. the girl and her brother have been in trouble since we moved to zimmerman and she was in juvenile detention for a while. one time the police busted her for drinking in the park.

  54. mike says:

    im curious why the security was outside before they left and was waiting. is this past history or something. it says the sister was waiting outside and she got busted days earlier for the same thing. doesnt sound like a coinsidence

  55. CHERI says:

    I helped her out once with letting her shower and wash her clothes at my house.I was thanked by her stealing my teeth whitener!!She is nothing but a common thief!!!

  56. nikki says:

    ok i think what this mother did with her daughter wrong in all aspects.if u need help with food go to the food shelf ive gone there.teach ur daughter if u need help its ok dont teach go steal.and about the comment about elk river having no teeth meth addicts u know what meth addicts are all over and ive lived in elk river for 3 years and i have my teeth and am not a meth addict so before u judge everyone who lives here get ur stuff straight buddy.there are people like that but those type of people are all over.

  57. nikki says:

    if i were u shelli i wouldnt comment look what ur geaching ur daughter.jut curious why u didnt go to the food shelf for help.and if u whent to ur car for ur money leave the cart with an employee and say ill be back.why leave with the food guilty.hope ur daughter changes and dosent follow ur foot steps.

  58. Bahgdad Bob says:

    I’m more surprised she didn’t steal a tank of Gasoline.
    Its a plot by the Congressional-Military Complex to force prices up and make us more dependant on Saudi Oil.

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