Pawlenty Minn. Archives Range From Dry To Personal

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s personal side peeks out of the archives from his eight years as governor, such as handwritten notes thanking Republican lawmakers for sticking with him during a tough legislative session two years ago.

The Minnesota Historical Society released the archives to the public Tuesday in about 50 boxes stored in St. Paul.

The likely Republican presidential candidate left the governor’s office in January after two terms.

The collection has everything from Pawlenty’s daily schedules and recordings of his radio show to thick legal files on a partial government shutdown, a disputed cigarette surcharge and his provocative use of executive power.

Some of the legal files don’t show much of the behind-the-scenes strategy during Pawlenty’s administration, but instead contain reams of court documents and letters between lawyers.

  • The Greatest Generation, Ashamed of the Current One

    What a self serving egotistical pandering putz. This guy isn’t qualified to be a dog catcher.

    • Bob

      Let me guess, you voted for governor goofy ???

  • Sven

    Doesn’t show much of the behind the scenes strategy?…..that’s because he had no strategy.

  • Ignorance must be bliss

    PLEASE WCCO, STOP DOING STORIES ON THIS STUPID POS!!!!!! Maybe if we ignore him he will go away.

  • Crystal Ball

    One more piece of information he will be able to add to his big archive box is the newspaper headlines that read “Pawlenty – 2012 Presidential Election Loser”.

  • thug1

    Pawlenty is a white racist that did nothing for minorities. no one cares to hear about him except his klan

    • Troy

      Are you saying he didn’t win the thug vote?

  • LoveItOrLeaveIt

    He and his staff were too politically clever to actually leave evidence of their strategy (if they had one) by putting it in emails, letters or meeting minutes, or anything else that could possibly be proof of their slippery side. Transparent is one of the LAST words one could use to describe his time in office. Cunning and clever are two words at the top of the list to describe him well.

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