ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — CHS Inc. said Wednesday it will invest $26 million to expand and improve its refineries and other fuel supply infrastructure.

The company plans to launch nearly a dozen projects over the next three years to expand storage capacity at its terminals and truck loading facilities, and boost ethanol blending and other loading systems.

“These investments support our long-term commitment as a reliable supplier of quality fuel products to our customers and will enhance the overall efficiency of our distribution system,” said Jay Debertin, CHS’ chief operating officer, energy and foods.

CHS shares added 7 cents to $29.70 in afternoon trading.

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  1. scott says:

    And this is part of the real story why the gas prices are on the rise! Companies spending more money to turn bigger profits on the hands of everyday americans. Stick that piddly 26 million in a grant for public use around the state of minnesota. Not like we didn’t give them that much last year. That is the least they could do. Do anyone else get christmas card from them this year saying “thanks a million”??? I sure the hell didn’t!

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