MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Close to 50 people could be losing their jobs in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District.

The district’s proposed budget calls for 47 jobs to be cut, including 27 teachers and 20 administrative and support staff.

To deal with the cuts, schools will switch to a six-period day instead of an eight-period day next fall.

The board’s plan includes the elimination of high school figure skating and a $10 increase in sports and activities fees.

The district is also planning on reducing bus service. Elementary school students who live a mile or closer to school will have to walk or get a ride to and from school.

The school board will vote on the budget plan at the end of the month.

Comments (14)
  1. Craig Nordvall says:

    At what AGE are the schools going to cut a ride a to school?

  2. Benny Likes This says:

    when one can walk
    no legs and in a chair they will cover that. Legs – walking is good way to trim the fat. 😉

  3. chad says:

    one mile is not an age, it’s a distance. Let them walk, it will do them good. Kids are a bunch of wussies no days!

    1. safety says:

      It’s not that kids are a bunch of wussies – it’s the safety aspect of these young kids walking. Society has changed since the 70’s!

  4. Mark says:

    There may not actually be cuts, since the District offered retirement incentives of $15000, as descirbed in the city/regional newspaper of last week!

    1. Anita Powell says:

      appears you don’t understand the rationale here Mark?
      Like I received last year from my company – an early out bonus. Then they can either hire or retain “cheaper” employees. Makes sense. I took it and ran myself. Thanks Ameriprise !!!!!! 🙂

  5. Nolan says:

    Oh I see – I finally see how making budget cuts helps the economy. By putting 50 more people out of work.

  6. ConfusedbyGovt says:

    So we have districts needing to make significant personnel cuts, but our state government is spending time and energy AND taxpayers dollars to come up with alternative teacher licensing legislation to allow more paths for people to become teachers. Why can’t we use the funding for this new program to help put our current teachers into those areas that are in need of more teachers (i.e. science, physics, keyboarding?, physical education, special education, etc.)? They have the classroom experience, just need the additional training in those areas. I know, I know, too logical of a solution….

  7. Clints unhappy now says:

    I used to walk 15 blocks in the 70’s. I never thought twice about it. I also was 50# lighter then. ;-(
    I suspect actually having to do some walking everyday helped keep it down.
    Transportation costs are way to much in all districts. This makes a lot of sense. Because of that I bet some parents will go bonkers and this part will go away in the land of PC.
    They are about to turn education on its ear. And that I mean in a bad way. Cutting like this will be the start of the end. They just don’t have the vision to see that far.

  8. ohoh says:

    Had a friend who is teaching in Northern MN, 2nd grade teacher with a Masters. Wanted to move down to the cities, but couldn’t get a job here. Why? because of her Masters she was entitled to higher pay than a newbie just out of college, even though she would have settled for less pay the unions wouldn’t allow it. She can only receive the higher pay.

    1. Mariam Mpls says:

      some personal thoughts – first she was already union so she must have known the facts before hand, no?
      I can guarantee you she can find a lower paying job in the private school system if she really looks.
      Or within the inner city – my niece with a Masters was hired for this current school year in Minneapolis.
      Unions I have heard do have some quirks but it is usually the very rare duck that wants less $$ and guess it’s for the betterment of the whole vs single situation per se.
      Wish her luck

    2. Ben says:

      She must’ve not gotten hired for some other reason. The idea that having a master’s degree is somehow making it hard for teachers to find a job doesn’t hold water. I got a teaching job right out of grad school (granted, I’ve been laid off every year) and have been able to find a job in a competetive district every year since. Districts look on it as a benefit to have M.Ed.s on staff, and the top teacher prep schools won’t allow you to get a license unless you’re on a Master’s track. I’ve had many colleagues on hiring comittees, and they typically talk about having a Master’s as a bonus
      As far as the union is concerned, you sign up with the union AFTER you’re hired. The union has never entered the picture for me as a new-hire.

  9. Shannon, Eagan says:

    I am a parent in this district and these cuts might not sound big to others, but we took very big hits this year. The government has withheld our state funding for the second year in a row now all because our district passed a levy that allowed our budget to work for 10 years. We had what they assumed was a surplus and therefore claimed we didn’t need the money owed. It makes me sad to think that because our district is fiscally responsible, we have been pentalized with deeper and deeper cuts. This will only get worse if the state doesn’t start reinstating the fundings that are owed to the districts.

    1. Grizzly Pop says:

      same around Chaska, er Eastern Carver now. Big hurts coming. We have a hard time cutting on transportation due to long distances and rural sections so it will be teachers and staff.
      Go Minnesota huh

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