Couple Charged In Cromwell Double Homicide

CARLTON, Minn. (AP) — Charges allege robbery was the motive for the shooting deaths of a northeastern Minnesota couple in January.

Twenty-eight-year-old David Annette of Cloquet and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Rachel Defoe, were each charged Thursday with two counts of second-degree intentional murder.

Annette and Defoe told investigators they visited victims Thomas Holm and his girlfriend, Kim Schmitz, at their rural Cromwell home on Jan. 8, then returned to rob Holm.

Annette allegedly shot and killed Holm, then stole guns, fishing gear and a chain saw. Defoe left while Annette stayed and allegedly killed Schmitz when she returned home.

The complaints say Annette stole Holm’s pickup and drove it into a ditch near Saginaw, where he set the truck on fire.

Both suspects remain jailed in Carlton County, with bail of $1 million each.

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  • Jeff

    Have a nice life in prison!

  • Billy

    I used to b gang affiliated and those stars on hr neck represent a person she has killed for each star.

    • Jack Bauer

      I’m not scared of her!

    • Candy

      Are you serious?

    • Ikwenindayaa

      Those stars are not “killing marks”. Believe me I know, she is my cousin and she didn’t get them for killing people. You can’t always assume things about people you never met.

  • You can't trust anyone anymore.

    These two are cold blooded evil. They need to be locked up for life to protect the public from them.

  • scac

    Why waste tax payer money in prison. We need to resort to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The same end of their life should be the same as Kim and John. Praise Jesus for pharmacists and doctors.

  • Carla Turner

    These murderer,s need to be hung in the streets.My friend was good lifetime friends with Tom. Innocent people are being slaughtered at their own homes. That is totally wrong.

    • blinks

      Innocent???? If you knew the suspects like i do, then you would understand when i say… Any involvment with the suspects means you aint living no innocent life!!!

  • Candy

    She looks like a cold hearted B – – – – and he looks ruthless

    • Ikwenindayaa

      You are right about her! She’s my cousin but she is ruthless and nothing but a druggie! Josh was pretty mello, but that’s what drugs do to a person I guess! They get what they deserve!!!

  • Richard Martineau

    i love you josh you’ll be alright. things happen and thats why god forgives you. i know in your heart you didnt mean to do that. but cousin drugs i’ll take your life anyway they can. and i dont like people talking about my brother like that.

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