WINONA, Minn. (AP) — Police say the two Winona State University basketball players who were suspended indefinitely two days before the conference playoffs were intoxicated during an incident that happened at a campus dorm earlier this week.

Winona Deputy Police Chief Tom Williams says James Anthony Tucker was handcuffed and cited for disorderly conduct after he and Joel Armstrong became unruly and refused to leave the dorm Monday about 1:30 a.m. Williams says Tucker was taken to a detox unit in Rochester. He says Tucker’s preliminary breath test was nearly three times the legal limit. Armstrong wasn’t cited because he cooperated with officers.

Both players were suspended indefinitely by head coach Mike Leaf. KAGE radio says Tucker was a starter on the WSU team. Armstrong was a reserve.

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Comments (12)
  1. Seen it first hand says:

    Winona State had drunken athletes getting in trouble 20 years ago. Some things never change. Kids still do dumb things when they think they are priviledged athletes.

    1. SLL says:

      They do stupid things regardless of whether they are privileged athletes or not. It’s not the problematic factor – athletes are just in the spotlight. Doubt athletes are the only kids on campus getting disorderly conduct charges.

      1. jc's been there says:

        Well said SLL – to many kids/young adults do dumb things and rarely do they get news coverage unless they are an athlete. Kinda weird – we want to “downplay” using athletes as role models – as indeed we should – but then use the knock ’em down approach when they do something stupid.
        I know what I was like – non-athlete but a true idiot at times. My 3 kids followed form to one degree or another at Madison – U of M – Arizona St
        There are no boundaries to the where and whos it seems.

    2. steve says:

      The reason athletes are in the spotlight is that they are there performing for a public team. They certainly don’t shy away from the spotlight when they are on a winning team. You have to take the good with the bad, and if you’re representing an institution by bring a member of a team, you should have to adhere to higher standards.

      1. Tim PC says:

        Yep – and the whole student body …on campus and off … are there and in the spotlight as students of an institute of Higher Education. Many in finance and education and medical and engineering programs that are highly visible, receive enormous amounts of taxpayer financial support, many on scholorships, it goes on and on.
        That said – they totally float under the radar doing the same thing.
        So the athletes get the spotlight while generating dollars for the schools – sheesh, almost sounds like an endorsement for that idea of paying college athletes.
        I hope they mostly stay above the stuff the regular student body does and gets away with incognito. And heaven forbid if they don’t and get caught – I would hope people realize they are doing the same young and dumb things so many do. This does not make it right – just that they are also normal. Despite the “athlete” tag and scrutiny we seem to bring on them and their programs. Lecture and sermon all done lol

  2. Michele says:

    As a graduate of Winona State University, my thoughts are I wish we could make the news for something other than drinking.

    1. Winona is a party school! says:

      It has great programs, a nice campus, and by the way, the parties are awesome.

      1. SCSU is better says:

        winona state parties are weak compared to st cloud

    2. Rich ET says:

      Feel proud -at least you have not made the Campus PD show yet. Many are way ahead of you in the ratings I sense. 😉

  3. red says:

    that is pretty said and not something to be proud of

    1. Winona siscoombah says:

      I can tell by your grammer that you also graduated from Winona State.

      1. Clint Make My Day says:

        ditto siscoombah head

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