By Eric Nelson

By Eric Nelson, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — From afar mat-mania is controlled chaos — hundreds of kids trying to succeed in the wrestling world. Up close, however, one thing is clear: the Apple Valley Eagles are the best in Minnesota high school wrestling.

Thursday the Eagles won their sixth straight Class 3A title and 19th overall.

To learn more about why the Eagles succeed, watch the video above.

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  1. Wrestling Mom says:

    I wish that someone would do a story about how the majority of the AV wrestlers are from different states. They even have a boy who wrestled for Missouri last year and is repeating 7th or 8th grade wrestling for them. There are also several others who have wrestled in other states before coming to Apple Valley, This is highschool wrestling and it should not be treated more important than their educations!

  2. Brett says:

    You have to be kidding. I live in Bloomington and respect the apple valley program for it’s success. It’s my understanding that 10 of the 13 wrestlers that made the state tournament attended elementary school in apple valley. I grew up with Roger Kingsley. The father of the 2 Kingsley state campions. The boys were born at fairveiw ridges in Burnsville and moved to apple when the older son was 5. After his win in the finals a group of kids next to me in the stand was yelling ” go back to Ohio ” at him as he walked out of the stadium. This is a travesty. The young man has giving everything he has to give to Minnesota wrestling and get this in return. Most of the apple valley wrestler do not con side the U or M as an option because the fan in Minnesota have been so rude to then. Not the kingsley’s Jordan has already signed with the U of M. I would love to have you do a poll on the average length of time wrestlers have been with their teams. I believe 3 of the other state qualifiers would fair worse than apple valley. Also remember if a good wrestler would like to train with a national power house and decides to move to apple valley the team can not keep then for doing so. The booing and rude comments towards high school athletes was on display this past weekend at the tournament. Grow up

    1. Mark says:

      That is just the kind of ‘Minnesota Nice’ I have experienced since I moved up here 7 years ago. Just a shame that when someone tries to better themselves, whether an adult or a kid, the ney sayers appear to be the loudest in the crowd.

  3. Frank says:

    I heard all the kid’s from valley are from a secret govenment project. I hear that they are all spawn of Dan Gable. The government project I think is called Project Alpha. I blame the Dem’s!!! LOL

  4. Wrestling fan says:

    Say what you may, but they do have a 7th grader that was held back twice wrestling for them this year. He was from out of state and his parents relocated him to AV. It also has been rumored that he maybe withheld again this year to repeat 7th grade for the 3rd time. Perhaps, it would be in the parents better interest to concentrate more on his education rather than his high school wrestling career. It’s a little obvious that state jumping for wrestling isn’t the best education choice for a child that is having obvious difficulties with learning. It’s borderline child abuse. Also, how is he wrestling if his grades aren’t up to par? I watched the high school state tournament this year, and personally I feel that I paid good money to watch a FIXED tournament. Don’t you think it’s a little ironic that the majority of the AV matches are officiated by AV refs? And, of those matches AV wins?? Coincidence or not?? I think the officials need to be boo’d and a proper investigation should be done on fthe unfair officialting practices. Brad and Mark shame on you for being so oblivious to this. It was a little apparent if you watched the state tournament. If you have followed the sport for a while you would realize that it always lands in favor of AV. Also, Brad please don’t think you are some kind of authority because your “friends” with the Kingsleys. That is one example and I’m sure there are others that are from AV originally. However, don’t be so close minded to believe that kids just convinced their parents to move to Apple Valley for the wrestling program. Teenagers can be pretty convincing, but come on. As I said earlier, my honest opinion is that the officials should be boo’d and investigated for unfair practices. Wrestling is a great sport and the integrity of the sport is being compromised by unfair officiating practices. BOO to you MSHSL and GCWOA for allowing this to continue!!

  5. wrestling enthusiast says:

    Really do you care about this 7th grader who is being held back? Do you know him and his family? Why he is being held back? I think you may be quick to judge and need to refocus your energy. I believe that education is very important in a child’s life, but I also believe that a child’s activities help mold them into who they become. Sports, theater, dance, band, whatever it may be teaches invaluable lessons that can’t be taught in a textbook.
    Now for the “Wrestling Fan.” Apple Valley has an AMAZING wrestling program, something anyone would be jealous of! It also has amazing parents, coaches, students and a booster club to top all! Now lets stop and think about our children… don’t we want the best for them? We try and live in a district that has the best schools, open enroll them or even go as far as sending them to private schools. Outside of school we find the best dance school, soccer club or karate program, whatever it maybe. We don’t choose based on what is closest to the house. If someone relocates to give their child something better, than good for them. There are many great coaches out there and programs, it is just exceptional at Apple Valley. I think it is sad that you have to put down something that is well earned and not handed to them on a silver platter. These kids work HARD and the practices are intense! The kids do not need to read your comments on how they didn’t deserve to win after how hard they have trained. You need to focus on the good at the school you send your child to and find the positives they offer. Cheer your child on and if you still believe in your heart that Apple Valley has FIXED all of Minnesota wrestling, you can then teach your child something more valuable…Welcome to the world! The world will never be fair and it is all in how you perceive it. Apple Valley is not out to ruin anyone, any school or hurt your feelings! It is there to give every opportunity for it’s students and just has built an amazing program. If my children wrestled I would too consider transferring to give them such an opportunity. Congratulations Apple Valley! You deserve it!

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