Minn. Man Trapped Under Garage Door Dies

BARNESVILLE, Minn. (AP) — The part-owner of a western Minnesota bus company has died after getting trapped under a garage door at his business.

Fifty-one-year-old Stephen Peterson of Barnesville was found Monday by his brother, who had gone looking for him.

Barnesville Police Chief Dean Ernst says Peterson apparently got caught under the large garage door as it was closing.

The door apparently did not malfunction. Police are treating the death as an accident.

The Forum newspaper reports Peterson was part-owner of Barnesville Bus Co., which contracts with the school district for transportation services.

His body was sent to the Ramsey County medical examiner for an autopsy.

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  • Clarence

    How the hell does THAT happen??

  • Shane G

    My guess is that it was closing and he forgot to shut off the lights or something and he scurried back in and when he was coming back out there was only like 3 feet of an opening and he tried to slide under on his back or something and it caught him on his chest and the force of the compression/pressure on his chest made him stop breathing. Just my own theory.

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  • jeff

    Clarence- I think you need to show some respect to the family, they are reading these things and the last thing they need to see if a stupid comment like that. That’s why they call things like that an accident.

  • N.G.

    Thank You Jeff!!! I am family and reading this.

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