Cat Adopted By University Community Dies Of Cancer

NORTHFIELD, Minn. (AP) — A small, private college in the Minnesota river town of Northfield has lost a beloved celebrity pet.

The Carleton College community had adopted Toff the cat, who was elected to the student Senate, featured in an alumni magazine and on the college’s Web site.

Rules about animals in buildings on campus didn’t apply to Toff, who would sneak into the dorms for a nap, prowl the library or show up for a random class. His birthday on April 1 was always celebrated with cake around campus. Toff even had a recommended reading list at the campus bookstore.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press says news of Toff’s death Sunday due to cancer brought a flood of alumni condolences to the cat’s Facebook page.

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  • Nicole

    That is really cool that they had a campus cat. Why couldn’t my college have one. :) I don’t know if another cat could fill Toff’s shoes….sounds like it was one of a kind cat.

  • petlover

    This is news? Ridiculous.

  • Emu lover

    I think they should get a campus Emu.

    • Ssssssssssssssss

      How about a BIG campus Rattle Snake?

  • Meow

    Why did they use a picture of my ex-wife?

  • NeatoBajeado

    Pets are an important part of the American culture. College can be a difficult time for students, especially being away from their support system. Animals help lift the spirit, so I can see why this school loved their unofficial mascot. This is really a neat story. the passing of Toff obviously affected a number of people…that makes it news.

  • looking for real news

    I can’t believe this made the news. Good lord…
    People are allergic to cats. Was the cat clean?

  • Kelly

    I wondered about the litter box or boxes? Did they just place those stragetically around campus?

  • Catalyst

    Some of these comments are just mean and stupid. You want news? Make some.

    Bless the cat that graced the campus and all human beings on it.

  • Z. M.. Erickson

    That campus and its people will miss that precious cat. People who have never loved an animal are missing a lot in their lives. Pets are loving and comforting and much better companions than some people. Wake up, you animal haters.

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