ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says he wants to meet with the chief executive of the Hutchinson company that’s cutting hundreds of jobs in the coming months.

Hutchinson Technology Inc., which makes disk drive components, announced plans this week to consolidate some of its manufacturing operations at a new plant in Eau Claire, Wis. The company says about 600 of its 1,125 Hutchinson employees will be affected though it will keep its corporate headquarters and some operations in the central Minnesota town of about 12,000 people.

Dayton says Wednesday he knows few details about the decision but wants to meet with the company’s CEO as soon as possible to discuss the move. He says he wants to find out if the state can do anything to address the company’s problems or concerns.

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Comments (18)
  1. Slave says:

    The state of Minnesota could do something to prevent the layoffs. Simply allow sweatshop style unsafe workplace environments, pay employees next to nothing, and treat them like slaves. Just like they do in the third-world factories that we farm our manufaturing out to.

    1. Scott says:

      Fuunt how you put it when Hutchenson is a good paying company. Facts are you have that entitlement feeling that is ruining everything in this state.

    2. Ed says:

      You can blame the state of minnesota with its high corporate taxe rate. Minnesota destroyed South St. Paul by taxing Armours and Swifts out of the state.

    3. Ed says:

      Slave = liberal dumocrate

  2. Scott says:

    Many more companies will be leaving. Why do you ask? The rent is too damn High, is why.. Dayton is another big spending Dem. and many companies can not afford to do business in hostile liberal states where taxes are already too damn high…….

    1. truth hurts says:

      It’s more than taxes there are too many Mexicans in Hutchinson while Eau Claire has an university with a better educationed workforce less Mexicans. Young college kids will work for very little for their first job. Simply put, HTI doesn’t want to hire Mexicans.

    2. yessssirrrrreeeee --- read says:

      LMFAO – Scott, did ya just crawl out a dark hole? Rents are down by 30-50% of commercial rates, friggen great time to be a tenant. We just added 47,000SF to our plant and warehouse.
      Instead of blaming a political party or taxes or education or whatever else that your lil’ mind chooses to blame for the worldly woes try to get some education yourself and let it go.
      HTI has been on the decline for so long it was a given. It is sad but a business cycle that is done.
      So Scott – back at you. 😉

  3. Peachy says:

    Why not look for something positive instead of always something negative. Maybe something can be done so they won’t move the jobs out of MN and maybe not. But at least they are giving it a try. So please stop being so negative and start by changing your attitudes!!!!!!

    1. fitswell says:

      ya right and why don’t you live in the real world.

  4. Tom says:

    like what’s that dummy going to do ????

  5. Nickoli says:

    @ Scott, WI property tax’s are much higher than in MN.

  6. soon unemployed says:

    The state is not at fault here. It is largely in part due to poor management & greed. Good luk Dayton on getting Fortun to meet with you, he couldn’t even be at the meetings letting the employees know the future plans!

  7. paab says:

    Well Governor Dayton wants to tax the rich, I am sure the CEO of this company doesn’t need to pay more taxes. It is always so amusing to see a liberal at work, they think their idiotic policies have no effect on real people and real companies. Why would they want to stay and be taxed even more, when they can go to WI for less?

    1. Clint Make My Day does not like this says:

      You just a moron or stupid too paab?

  8. sad says:

    Isn’t it shocking!!!! Imagine the audacity of this company daring to leave this wonderful right to work state.

  9. cindy says:

    very few jobs and there work will go to WI most will go to Thailand and it won’t be long before they are alll in Thailand!

    1. Come on, seriously? says:

      I don’t understand why people don’t understand this, Cindy. The media is only putting out the part Americans can bicker about. If everyone really knew the truth, that the jobs aren’t going to WI., they are going to Thailand the everyone would be on the same page. I don’t care if you are Rep. or Dem. we all want jobs to stay in America! I emailed the Governor yesterday after seeing all of the comments slamming him. The part that all of you fail to realize is that these layoffs are not because of the state tax rate it’s because the company will earn more by ignoring human rights!

  10. Anna says:


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