Shoreview Man Convicted Of Criminal Sexual Conduct

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Ramsey County jury has convicted a 36-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting drunk women he met at Minneapolis bars for criminal sexual conduct.

Maksud Mahbub, of Shoreview, will be sentenced April 20 on one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

“It seems like he was very much preying on women that were intoxicated,” said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi.

Mahbub claimed any sexual contact was consensual.

“These cases are tough to prove,” Choi said.

Mahbub was charged with sexually assaulting five women, after meeting them at bars in the Minneapolis Warehouse District, offering to give them a ride and then taking them back to his home. The incidents occurred in 2008 and 2009.

Prosecutors say the credibility of the victims was key in the case.

“There were some common threads amongst the victims’ testimony,” Choi said.

Choi also issued the following statement after the jury’s decision:

“It is not easy for victims of sexual assaults to come forward and report them under any circumstances. Our office feels an obligation to prosecute these cases and allow these victims to bring their stories before a jury for just consideration when we believe there is sufficient evidence to do so.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

  • shamoo

    cut off his nad’s and turn he over to the public.

  • rks

    Squeel like a pig!

  • Lower Middle Class man

    No Slurpy Clerk

    That must be just you!!!!

  • Kalameli

    He lives in America, so he has to follow the rules here regarless of his culture.

  • Kalameli

    The women were stupid to even get inside of his car!

    • Common Cents

      I agree, what do you expect to happen if a woman gets hammered at the bar and goes home with a stranger…. Take some responsibilities for your actions.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending him as he is a prowler and shoud be deported, but geez, a little common sense would go along way.

      • Easy on the animals now

        easy now pardner….she was easy ……

      • Jo

        Really? You are just as warped as the man who did this. Would it be okay for someone to sexually assault you when you are intoxicated? Someone stronger, sober, and determined to get their rocks off? Good grief you are a piece of work.

      • shamoo

        lets not be throwing rocks off here

  • Newsies

    Is this also the man that pretended to be a taxi driver? I can’t keep all the slime separated….if he is then the women shouldn’t be blamed if they were mislead.

  • emjay

    the women were probably all drunk cuz dude bought them a buncha drinks!

  • emjay

    gross sick pig!!! he even looks creepy!!!

  • James Shoreview

    You never hear about this kind of stuff in Shoreview. Hang his booty

    • c

      There’s no place to go in Shoreview besides Caribou and Red Robin.
      Suburbs…. Nothing but dead ends, pickup trucks and satellite dishes. Whoopie!

    • Dave Seavy

      You’ve heard about it now

  • Dave Seavy

    No doubt this animal should be locked up, but there’s a larger question here. When are girls and women going to start using their heads and stop putting themselves in these situations? Accepting a ride from a perfect stranger? Going to athlete’s parties? Meeting up with someone you’ve been chatting with online? No, I’m not blaming the victim here, I’m speaking reality. I would think there have been enough news stories about girls and women being victimized in these situations that it would plant a seed of concern in their heads. There are enough random acts out there – you don’t need to be putting yourselves into a setup situation

    • NRA Member

      it is called common sense and well, uh, ummmmm,let’s see …… say what again? ;-)

    • max

      No, you ARE blaming the victim. Why not focus on why some men think it’s ok to get a woman liquored up and then take advantage of her? Everyone has to take reasonable steps to protect their safety, but any time a violent crime is committed, the perpetrator is solely responsible.

  • Syto

    They should have placed a trap for him. Get a undercover female cop to see if he’s really a predator.

  • Victim Du Jour

    This is how people with drug and alcohol problems are ripping off public schools from getting funding.

    Some poor kid won’t get a school lunch so drunks can play stupid.

  • Kevin

    More diversity please….

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