Minn. Bill Puts State Agencies On Chopping Block

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota legislator who is pushing a bill to slim the state work force has another proposal to get rid of many cabinet-level departments all together.

Republican Rep. Keith Downey’s plan to abolish several departments was set for its first hearing on Thursday in the House Government Operations and Elections Committee.

His plan would eliminate departments of Corrections, Health, Human Rights, Transportation, Revenue and a host of others. The duties of those agencies would be rolled into other departments, likely turning some into mega-agencies.

The bill aims to start consolidating executive branch departments quickly. The first progress reports would be due to the Legislature by January.

Downey has another plan to reduce the number of state workers by 15 percent over the next four years.

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  • Dave

    I don’t see the number of politicians being reduced in the state capital. If we are trimming the government workforce, then shouldn’t we be trimming the politicians too? Or they should be taking the same percentage pay cut of the amount of money this is supposed to be saving the state. Just my two cents.

  • kim

    Imagine how backed up and long you would have to wait for anything to get done in a mega-agency? It is bad enough the way it is when you need anything from the DMV or other state departments.

  • Bruce Vruwink

    We as a taxpayer do not get a dollars worth of work for a dollars wage from a large segment of public employees. Unions are entirely too strong and protective allowing protection for unproductive workers. System is way too top heavy. If this was corrected and an aggressive work ethic implemented there would be no back up in services.

    • PAUL

      and how many times have you gone into a store and couldn’t find someone to help you ? Also we state employees take MORE CRAP than we deserve alot of the time We don’t deserve the snid remarks and shouldn’t be told and i get this every day ” I PAY YOUR WAGES GIVE ME WHAT I WANT NOW” As taxpayers we also pay part of are wages also we also pay property taxes, income taxes, and taxes for good and services, so please don’t lump all state employees in as lazy and unproductive some of us our worth our weight in GOLD

  • Victim Du Jour

    Seems like they can combine several agencies into one.

    The department of Human Resources, the Department of Labor Standards and the Department of Human Rights can get Microsoft office 98.

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