Protesters Flood Wis. Capitol Over Anti-Union Vote

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Thousands of protesters pushed past security, climbed through windows and flooded the Wisconsin Capitol on Wednesday night after Senate Republicans pushed through a plan to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

Within an hour and a half of the vote, the protesters had seized the building’s lower floors, creating an ear-splitting free-for-all of pounding drums, screaming chants, horns and whistles. Police gave up guarding the building entrances and retreated to the third floor.

The state Department of Administration, which operates the building, estimated the crowd at about 7,000 people. There were no reports of violence as of late Wednesday evening. DOA spokesman Tim Donovan said no one had been arrested as of late Wednesday evening. By midnight dozens of protesters had bedded down in the building’s corridors and alcoves. Some slept in front of the office of Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, R-Horicon.

Donovan said officials decided not to try to clear the building because they want to avoid confrontation.

“The more talking we can do, the less this devolves into something unpleasant,” he said.

The bill would require public sector workers to contribute more to their pensions and health care, in what would amount to an 8 percent pay cut for the workers, on average. It also would prohibit most of them from collectively bargaining for their working conditions.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the plan’s chief author, says the bill will help fill the state’s current $137 million shortfall and a $3.6 billion hole in the state’s upcoming two-year budget. He said limiting collective bargaining rights for public workers will give local governments more flexibility to handle deep cuts in state aid.

Democrats and unions say the attack on collective bargaining is purely political, and that Republicans are simply trying to financially cripple the labor movement, a pillar of Democratic Party strength.

The Capitol has been a flashpoint for demonstrations since the bill was introduced about three weeks ago. Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the plan’s chief author, has said the bill is needed to help fill the state’s $137 million Senate Democrats were so outraged at the proposal they fled the state to block a vote in that chamber. They haven’t been seen in Madison for weeks.

Tens of thousands of people spent days jamming the area around the building, setting up a makeshift village inside complete with a day care center and signs plastered on the walls. Hundreds slept overnight on the floor for about two weeks.

Police imposed tighter access restrictions last week, closing down entrances. They persuaded the last overnighters to leave on the evening of March 3. The protests had been confined to the ground floor and the lawns until Wednesday evening, when frustrated Senate Republicans used a procedural maneuver to pass the bill without the minority Democrats.

As word spread that the vote was coming, hundreds of protesters moved into the building before its official 6 p.m. closing time and jammed the corridors in front of the Senate chamber, chanting “shame.”

Protester Damon Terrell, 19, called Senate vote a “despicable travesty.”

“They know what they’re doing is wrong,” he said. “Which child hides what they were doing: the one doing their homework or the one that was messing around?”

Police held their positions at the Capitol for a time after the vote, but more and more protesters found a way in. Police believe some climbed through windows, Donovan said. He initially said protesters broke windows and door handles, but later backed off that statement, saying he wasn’t sure that was true.

Finally police commanders decided to pull officers off guard duty at all the ground floor entrances, he said.

“The efforts to secure them weren’t working,” Donovan said. “It would be safer for everybody (if officers withdrew).”

Police addressed protesters repeatedly over the building’s public address system, warning them the building had been closed for hours and they had no right to remain inside. No one could hear the warnings over the din as protesters banged buckets, blew whistles and shouted “This is what democracy looks like!” and “Who’s house? Our house!”

The state Assembly was scheduled to vote on the bill Thursday morning, the last step before it would go to Walker for his signature.

A group of about 150 protesters jammed the Assembly foyer on Wednesday evening, debating whether they should occupy the space indefinitely. They had written the phone number for the American Civil Liberties Union’s local chapter on their arms, ensuring they could call a lawyer if they were arrested.

Later in the evening police again came over the building’s loudspeakers, this time warning people to get off the second-floor skywalks that link the building’s wings because they could collapse. No one listened.

Donovan said police had about an hour’s notice that the Senate was preparing to vote. Commanders tried to put together a reaction plan, but “it turned out to be not enough,” Donovan said.

Asked about the police’s plan, Donovan said officers just hoped to make sure no one got hurt. He didn’t know how many police were still on the scene late Wednesday but said more were on their way.

“The priority is to keep everybody safe,” Donovan said. “We’ll figure out what went wrong another day.”

  • jonolan

    Situations like this are one of the reasons each Governor has a National Guard force. If the rebels won’t leave peaceful, send in the Guard and remove the rebels by force – in body bags if necessary or convenient.

    • Joe Hill

      Thank you for the advice, Mr. Gaddafi.

      • Steve

        Should he just sit idly by while the lazy gov’t workers in Wisconsin attempt to overthrow their government? This is why we have elections. Funny how these bums just ignore the rule of law now that they’re not getting their way.

      • UAW Millwrightfor31years

        My Local president tried to make the same analogy- WI and Libya- and you are just either as dishonest or as stupid as he is. That comparison is only slightly more insane than a comparison of any private union employee to a public union employee- because they/we are completely opposite. I was actually asked to support, even join this stupid “protest” in WI. No f-ing way.
        While my union “bargains” for a sharing of profits with the company we work for, the public union at issue in WI inversely wants to “bargain” for MY WAGES. My wages pay the taxes that pay their salaries. Those aren’t profits derived form consumer choice, they are forcibly taken under the threat of incarceration.
        Why the hell would I support someone at the other side of that table, trying to squeeze me me for every dollar they can take out of my family’s coffers? Arrest everyone still in the building. They aren’t even Democrats- lest they would actually respect the process and results of a majority vote.

      • Mitch

        You are an immature moron.

    • Jeff V

      Amen to that. The Public leeches, I mean union employees, don’t understand that the private sector pays their salaries, benefits, pension, etc. And, we are fed up with providing Cadillac benefits when we have to settle with much less.Wake up Dems, you are in the minority, that is why these changes are being made. If you don’t want to take part in a Democracy, go back to the Soviet Union where you came from.

      • N. Baum

        I agree completely. The unions are trying to overtake our country like Greece, Italy, etc. have shown. Of course we have our president helping them Wake up America and try reading Fox news.

      • alio

        Thank you for hitting the nail on the head. Their actions for the last 3 weeks show what kind of people they really-really are. They want us to pay all the goodies, while we pay our own. To hell that they pay state taxes, we also pay state and federal taxes, If they’d only listen to their arguments, they see how belittling and unfair their actions are. They are just the greedy among us.

      • Nick099

        I agree Jeff. I was a member of a public union for 17 years in Connecticut. Our dues were deducted out of our pay every week and that money went to the AFSME national, which supported the most left-wing policies that myself and many of my co-workers were against, yet there was nothing we could do about it. In our local, when the City was hurting for cash, our union gave up raises and benefits to close the gap. But corruption leaks in whenever politicians and Unions get too cozy. The City offered special “retirement buyouts” negotiated with the Union claiming it would save money for the Taxpayer. It didn’t. It gave bosses at the top and their lacky’s retirement at age 45 and $90k a year pension with medical… for life. Meanwhile those at the bottom got the usual deals and all of the Public rage. Now the pension fund, which was fully funded, is in the red. So folks, the bottom line: COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AMONG PUBLIC UNIONS HAS TO BE CURTAILED! GOV. WALKER IS RIGHT IN WHAT HE IS DOING. Thank GOD someone has the courage to stand up for what is right.

    • Noah Vaile

      You are correct. This kind of despicable behavior needs to be nipped in the bud (which it has not been) or it will continue to escalate.
      The unions and progressives/liberals in general have no respect for the law, or the laws they disagree with. Here is just another example of what everyone is faced with.

    • DigitalBob

      Democrats are the party of thuggary and mob rule.

    • TJRedneck

      I hate to say it but it may actually come down to that, and these union thugs are asking for it! It’s these people that are the ones threatening democracy. They were the ones that lost, yet they are the ones making the death threats, trashing the capitol, screaming, acting like the pinko commies that they are.

  • Philip

    Ever heard of Kent State?

    I’m guessing… no.

    • Red Ruffansore

      Yes and if you are told to disperse at the point of an M-16 and are too stupid to do so, they should remove you by whatever means is available. It’s time the low rent knuckle dragging union thugs lived in the real world. A public union is a monopoly and even your dear sainted Franklin Delano Roosevelt said there should be no such thing as a public union.

      Try to remember, we won, you lost. Get to the back of the bus. God but it’s fun to quote Obama. Hope-n-Change, is this what you thought it would be?

      • MF

        Red, You are right on with your comment.

    • b

      yes i have i often wonder why more ammo wasnt issued.

    • sevanclaig

      “Ever heard of Kent state”?
      You guess wrong. Further, I actually understand what happened as well(versus I will guess is your theory, obviously learned from a public school socialist indoctrination). The Kent State “protest”got out of hand specifically- and exclusively- because of the SDS and the other guerrila-leftist groups that instigated the whole thing from the start.

    • Chris


      In summary – yes, a lot of people have heard of Kent State. Just more proof that you’re not as special as you think you are.

    • jonolan

      I sure have, Philip. What’s your point if any?

  • MARK from

    Mace them all

    • fitswell

      someone should mace you dumbo

      • sevanclaig

        “… to avoid an unpleasant confrontation”?
        They should’ve been maced, clubbed, thumped and arrested.
        Citizens have a right to PEACEFUL PROTEST in this country- even to be ignorant, disingenuous idiots- but NOT to promote or commit anarchy.

      • Steve

        OMG I DIDN’T GET MY WAY SO I’M GOING TO THROW A HISSY FIT UNTIL I GET MY WAY. Grow up, union workers. You’re a disgrace to this nation.

      • Walker is Right!!!

        Its ok fisting, go get a hug from another crying DemoRAT

    • Sara

      Mark, you are a comment section troll. Go do something productive. Or at least have something new to say or an intelligent argument of some kind. Since when is having a “good” job a crime in this country? Isn’t that the American dream? How miserable we must be, to all of sudden make “monsters” out of firefighters, pipefitters, and teachers. These are normal jobs that are part of our normal society. Not everyone has to work at Walmart or the local gas station. This is about choices, we all have the ability to make them. So own your choices rather than hating others for making better ones than yourselves. This “win” in Wisconsin is going to negatively effect everyone on this comment section. If you think any company is going to offer benefits when they don’t have any standards to live by then your crazy. This is not about balancing a budget, if it was then 160,000,000 dollars would not be given in tax breaks in the next session to companies who will screw their workers. This is a great time for big business in the United States, no one else will benefit from this. I do not understand for the life of me how all of us normal everyday people cannot see that!! It’s embarrassing that we are cheering for something that is against our own special interest. What the hell people, I guarantee that we are all average joe’s here. The actions of these senator’s is not going unnoticed, career’s are going to be ended including Walker’s. They are forgetting that not only union members see what is going, but everyone else that has half an intelligence. The sad thing is that they had a really great opportunity to get into office and prove that the Republican party is not all paid corporate puppets. Well here is our proof, what more do we need.

    • Nick099

      You have a point. Police have available portable pepper spray cans that can disperse crowds of three hundred at a time. It is a one pound bottle. A few of those should be all it takes. The problem is that makes good headlines for the Lefty Marxists. Right now,a bunch of rude hairballs running around with Maoist-like posters screaming and yelling like the imbeciles they are helps Scott Walker and all conservatives in general. The gilding is off the lilly so to speak and there they are in all their unvarnished moronic glory. It is the best demonstration to America of how far these whackos are out of the mainstream.

  • justice fleeting

    Legislative creative in action. Love it! Go home now public union members and be happy you have a job, and a damn good one at that.

    • Steve

      See how these loser union folks act? This is why they try to take your 2nd amendment rights away (you know the right we ACTUALLY have, not some fictitious “right” their union boss made up). They want you to be helpless and defenseless so that they can do to you what they want. Sorry, pal. These folks need to disperse, go home (get ready for the next election), or get ready for the consequences.

  • heather

    Some people don’t know how good they have it! These protesters need to be happy they have jobs! So get back to work!

    • alio

      You got it Heather, Steve & justice fleeting. They just don’t know how good they have it, even with collective bargaining removed. Maybe start firing the really bad union workers for all their ineptness and replace them with someone happy to be working for a living. These people are a disgrace to America and would probably not have a legitimate job if it weren’t for the union backing the likes of them. The bad teachers are ruining our kid’s chance to learn properly so they can pass tests.
      Our wonderful Nation is behind in child learning compared to many other nations.

  • Should be.....

    I wonder how many college age kids are protesting who should be in class and union workers that should be working (including teachers)!!

    • Chris

      Yes, we wonder how many are actually part of this as union members, etc…
      I bet a lot are college kids looking for something “fun” to participate in!

      • jt

        Yup. And I feel sorry for every person they talk to who has to hear “I was there, man!…I started the protesting, man” over and over again.

  • Jake

    I had no idea the sense of entitlement had grown this horribly out of control. Is this the new standard? Anytime any group is dissatisfied with a vote by the majority of elected officials it must be illegal and the group has the right to foment anarchy?

    For the vast majority of people who simply go about their lives, this is a pretty shocking example of what the vested partisans have been doing and expecting from government for what is now decades. Certain people who have relied on government control to provide ever expanding resources to themselves and their allies are willing to destroy the process the rest of us believe in the very minute that control has been given to someone who does not support their views.

    If anything, this shows how the changes made by the Governor and Legislature is likely justified and probably long overdue.

    • Slappy

      Jake, you are brilliant. Well written and logical.

      We need to keep the argument on this level. Once the leftists twist it to look like we are anti-teacher, or anti-firefighter, we lose.

      It’s about principle and level-headed logic, not feelings.

  • kjc

    Doesn’t anyone have to work like the rest of us NON-UNION, tax-paying people that never get a dang thing for free?!?! MOST of us work our butts off trying to make a better life….they can join the rest of us!!! Getting REALLY sick of these WHINEY BABIES!

  • dennis

    you people are idiots, let the law makers take cuts and pay more for their benifits they make way to much now, and to everyone that is against people standing up for their rights i hope that this happens to you and your families

    • kjc

      Health Insurance and Pensions ARE NOT RIGHTS….and anyone thinking they are is an idiot…..But I do agree that Law Makers can cut themselves as well.

      • Joshua Frederick

        Yeah right. I would love to even see that idea even proposed. lifetime pensions for one term in congress. im not sure what the pay is for state legislatures but the country’s legislatures pay and benefits are outrageous. it should be viewed as a privilege and an honor to serve your country and any pay or benefits should be to perhaps cover the costs of service and maybe a little extra but what they have now is crazy. Cuts to congress and term limits! whoever runs on that has my vote! i wouldn’t be mad if they were cutting their own pay as well as a show of good faith but they are in it for their own gain as per usual. fat cat lawmakers thinking they are better than the rest of us working folks.

      • Lower Middle Class man


        You forget Union Workers believe ANYTHING they Want is a RIGHT!!!!

    • native

      if you really see this as a terrible injustice why would you wish it on other families?

      how petty and mean-spirited. tsk tsk.

  • jay

    From the article:
    “They know what they’re doing is wrong,” he said. “Which child hides what they were doing: the one doing their homework or the one that was messing around?”

    Hiding. Funny choice of words. Time will tell if this whole thing is a good decision, but for now I think the Democrats hiding is the most shameful thing.

  • no union

    Alot of these protesters are not union just dum college kids that have been brainwashed!

    • Lori

      Dum? Who taught you to spell?
      College Kids are not Dumb. They are the ones that will be left to clean up this horrible mess in Wisc. Like Wisc falls, so will the rest of the Nation.
      How Wickedly Horrible people have become.
      Repulicans want to divide and make the rich richer.

      • Bob


        It is fools like you who demonstrate complete lack of understanding and knowledge as to what is happening and why it is required. Since when do public servants who can not be fired, get to stay on paid leave when they should be fired and get a retirement package most folks who are paying their salary will never see.

      • Happy

        The nation will be better off! So stop crying. The Dems had a chance and blew it!

      • Steve

        WRONG! I see a bunch of dumb college kids everywhere. Just because you have a degree doesn’t make you smart. Just look at teachers. They have degrees and they’re idiots. Typical liberal elitist mentality. The only thing teachers today are capable of teaching children is how to stick out their hand so that the government will provide their every need. Sad.

      • 60's gen

        Time to break out the fire hoses. Also, while they’re in use, they can be used to clean up the mess the liberal vermin did to the building.
        Looks like a bunch of spoiled brats who used to her good ‘ol mom and dad recount their younger days in the 60’s protesting what they didn’t understand, but were there ‘just because that’s what good anarchists do’. Now their rotten offspring will try to recapture those moments for themselves in recent days.

      • patty

        Lori what world do you live in? Most people who are rich have earned it by working, smart investing, starting businesses (that try to survive in this tax burdened country) and saving. Why don’t you and these union thugs try doing the same. Get off my back and out of my wallet. I notice none of these “brave” protesters had the courage to sign the death threats they made to the Republican lawmakers. I also noticed the people they have joined themselves with to protest: the socialist and communist parties.

      • UAW Millwrightfor31years

        I’m not even going to point out the redundancy of your argument while submitting your own misspellings. Instead, I will ask if you could explain specifically how restricting entitlements to a public union teacher makes the “rich richer”, but not the collective taxpaying public? When you are done, see if you can explain “divide” and how that relates to Republicans and not Democrats who specifically and consistently divide people by race, beliefs, and economics- if fact, explain how that is not the Democrat’s entire shell game. Please do be genuine in your argument, if it is in you.

      • Loriswrong

        Lori, You are an idiot. Ever ownder why when the Republicans oppose (which by the way is the whole point of the two ideologies) something the Dems want it’s “division” and “obstgrcution” but when the Dems do the exact same thing it’s not? You are brainwashed – you can’t even look at the playing field objectively. Unitl you can process things rationally you shoudl hold off being a critic of someone elses intelligence. For every Rich Republican there is at least one Rich Democrat – for every Republican being backed by big oil, big pharma whatever there is a Democrfat gettign the same thing – but see you are blindly partisan and can’t see the actual behavior that you profess offense for on both sides – only where you want to. It’s sad and disgusting.

      • david

        the difference as i see it as WI has risen and hopefuly the rest of the nation rise with them…. and yes college kids are dumb.. and you are the example. If you would read history or do a little research not just listen to what your teachers say because quite a few of them are wrong … and after you get a job have a family maybe then you can get some credability to have a opinion that matters
        there was a reason that the voting age was changed in the 70’s and the drinking age has been raised its because college kids are well dumb. they tend to make decisions based on if it makes them feel good not if it will do good.By the way I learned to spell in public school who taught you to think? Your still young there is hope I notice that you have said that people will solve this problem not Gov.

    • Brain washed

      High school kids too!!! Brain washed high school and college kids!! It’s too bad!

  • Kathi Malone

    The American way is compromise not dictatorship.

    • Bill

      Is running from the state you represent compromise? That is the worst example of how to fight for what you want. They had compromise, and the dems agreed to it once, and the others told them no, it was all opr nothing, that is why this happened. The Wisconsin congress could have done this from day one, and had many calling for it, but Walker waited three weeks before he used it after talks broke down. What would have happened if the Govenor would have given in? Every time the dems seen something they didn’t like they would just leave the stste until they got what they wanted. Now you Dems know how we feel about Obamacare being shoved down our throats when over 60% of Americans were against it!

    • KathisCrying

      is compromise defined by running away to try and force the other side’s hand? By threats of violence if you don’t do what you want? Just wondering…

  • Al

    Kathi – you absolutely right!!! You people who are for this bill, go down to Indiana, specificaly Richmond. Look what happened to Indiana when theirGov passed a bill like this in 03 or 05. A survey was done in Richmond which showed the average wage there was about 11.00. Now lets look at the houses there that are in shambles because the people who own them can’t afford the upkeep on them because they’re only making 10.00 or 11.00 per hour. The Wal-Mart store on the main strip is one of the highest paying jobs in that town. Your union workers are one of the most highly trained and skilled workers out there and unless you do their job, and see what’s all envolved, how can you say weather or not they earn their pay??? Most of you don’t even know everything they do….

    • paul

      well more workers competing for jobs makes for lower salaries. As ex union laborer during college, can’t understand why my brothers embrace illegal aliens coming over our borders just to be exploited. Unions have been bought by the DNC and that is the problem As the DNC goes, so do the unions.

      This is the payback by the taxpayer for Obamacare (nice union sweethart deal there huh) and for the nonsense of golden pensions and skyrocketing salaries at a time when the private sector taxpayer is cutting everything and getting laid off…hey unions, we know the DNC needs more cash from the union big wigs which is why unions are demanding more money and benefits…but hey, this is america under obama

    • Lisa

      I agree.
      If this Gov. is going after the ones who are taking “the goverment hand-outs” then I can’t wait until he goes after the Farmers, who get the biggest pay-off of any group. That would put some money in the Dairy State coffers. If he really wants to go after the “little people” then do it fairly.

      So Come On Walker, put a bill up against the Farmers. Go for the Gusto!!

      • Stan

        @Lisa, The Farmer might be the only job that is left when the dust settles around the world. My point is the State is broke and something has to be done and there will be sacrifices, were all affected. I married into a family of Teachers, good people but for years they told me to get a REAL job that payed big money and Summers off and their proud of tenure. They have had it good for a long time and now they too can be a part of cut backs and give a little too. I monitor the education situation in Wisconsin and the “Giving Party” needs to look at why only 79% of our Seniors graduate, if wages and perks are about the students, maybe we need to focus on quality staff for the money spent.

        I Like “PREP TIME” too

    • Steve

      Funny how the democrats wanted to dictate to me that I needed health insurance.

    • Charlie

      Al, In case you did not notice, there have been a lot of changes since 2003-2005…
      There are a ton of folks including us that are making much less than 5 years ago… it is called a recession!
      This is a bad expample and shows how the economics of this do not click for many folks that just oversimplify it…

    • AlisWrong

      AL – GFY
      Stop tryign to represent things like no one else is capable of being skilled or working hard. The majority of folks that keep this country running are non union – don;t ride their coattails, Don’t try to equate public service unions with private unions. I have been in a public service union briefly and it disgusted me, but even that aside – peacable public assembly is a Right – collective extortion is not – whihc is why they call it a right so people get all impassioned like their “rights” are being taken away – they aren’t. Unions are simply a way of a small group of people getign somethign for nothing by “representing” a larger group of people they toss crumbs to and get all stirred up. If you are union – you are being played for an idiot but you’ll nod your bobble head for platitudes. This is not an “assault on the Middle Class” nor is it a return to “slavery” – that’s irresponsible irrational hyperbole.

  • paul

    Kinda of one sided reporting. The democrat cowards ran for election, didn’t like a bill, ran to another state. They should be recalled. TOUGH to quote obama—YOU LOST, to quote Harry Reid–DEAL WITH IT.

  • Carl

    2 1/2 Million federal workers do NOT have collective bargining rights !
    We must impeach Obama !

  • Chad

    Wisconsin Democratic staffers let the mob in and the police stood aside

  • J.D.

    Simply despicable, behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats who didn’t get their way. Of course they’re simply acting in the same vein as the Democrats who fled the state, but I digress…

    If you don’t agree with the actions of your legislator, express yourself at the ballot box and vote them out. But for now, they are the rightfully elected representative and deserve to be treated with more civility than has occurred thus far.

    • Allen

      Civility, J.D., these people, whomever they are, have no clue as to what civiility means. Only that they MUST get their way. It appears to be a temper tantrum to me, which has also been allowed by the government in the last 40 years. If teachers care so much about the children, they should be lobbying for corporal punishment to once again make its way back to the classrooms. If not, they should shut up and go to work.

  • Ellen

    In this economy, anyone who has a job is lucky. What I can’t fathom is the fact that the protesters are ALLOWED to camp out there! Camping is illegal at rest stops and many city and county parks. And yet the police allow these people to set up cots and stay 24/7 at the capitol? Many restaurants and night clubs have limits set for the # of people allowed at one time for safety reasons. Such as fire, etc. Why not a limit set for the # of people in a public building at one time? Good grief…I couldn’t believe the crowds of people shown in the news coverage! It should have been nipped in the bud as a hazard to everyone. And those cowardly democrats running away to avoid a vote…they should be removed from office!

    • Jeff

      The police belong to a “Union”

  • Thug4Life

    Now don’t freak out, all of you union supporters still have every right to be a collective embarassment…. Can’t wait for the encore show!! Good times.

  • Dienekes

    Obviously the saying, “One riot, one Ranger”, did not originate in…Wisconsin.

    The palace guard of Grand Fenwick would be a hell of a lot more effective than the police ‘securing’ the capitol in Madison. What an embarassment to law enforcement.

  • Jenny Bea

    Gee- and these are the same people who referred to the tea partiers as the angry mob, out of control, etc.

  • Julie

    Are you really surprised that the unionized police force withdrew and let the union thugs take over the lower floors of the capital building? They’ll put up a show as if they were doing their jobs, which I thought was to enforce the law and provide security for those who work in the capital building. But when it comes down to it, in a situation like this, no union members can be trusted to do their jobs if it means going against their union brothers.

  • Rapaline

    “They know what they’re doing is wrong,” he said. “Which child hides what they were doing: the one doing their homework or the one that was messing around?”

    Let's turn that around. Which child is more mature, the one who tries to discuss the situation or the one who takes their toys and goes home?

  • cebva

    Bolsheviks all of them.

  • Dan

    The protestors are NOT engaged in democracy; but rather ANARCHY designed to disrupt the democratic/representative political process.

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