Comedian Gallagher Recovering From Heart Attack

ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — Gallagher’s manager says the comedian is recovering from a minor heart attack after collapsing during a performance in Minnesota.

Craig Marquado said Friday that Gallagher will remain hospitalized at least one more night. He says Gallagher’s two performances scheduled for Friday night in Illinois have been postponed.

Todd Powers, owner of Whiskey Bone’s Roadhouse in Rochester, said the 64-year-old collapsed in the middle of a show there Thursday night.

A witness, Chris Blade, told the Rochester Post-Bulletin that Gallagher had complained of pain in his left arm and shortness of breath earlier in the evening. Blade said Gallagher was responsive when emergency crews were taking him out of the club.

Gallagher, whose real name is Leo Anthony Gallagher, is best known for smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer.

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  • Kwai Chang Caine

    Your one of the VERY few comedians that actually made me laugh!, Hang in there guy!

    • Kwai Chang Caine

      So your a comedian also?

  • Todd Gustafson McDaniel

    Praying for a fast and complete recovery! Gallagher you made me laugh in college way back in the early 80s. Thank you for your many years of dedication in making us laugh…even if we had to wear trash bags to your shows!! :)


    Good luck to ya Gallagher, your one of the true funny guys left…..ya gotta be tough to get old.

  • AndyCigars

    Gallagher is one of the greats. The undisputed King of the Prop Comedians…hope he’s ok. Sledge-o-Matic forever.

  • Reality Sandwich

    Gallagher, you’re the greatest. Hang in there and get well soon.

  • WTEffyall

    Well if you have a medical crisis, there is no better place to be than Rochester, MN, in terms of medical expertise. Get well soon!

  • Jalan

    Wow…tough Crowd!

  • Randy

    We saw him last year, and he’s scheduled to come back at the end of August. He went for three hours and was very funny. Hope this isn’t serious.

  • Bogie

    Just love Gallagher…has given me many a laugh over the years, he’s a make sense kind of guy, just brilliant….GET WELL

  • frodo po

    the BEST of his kind

  • Larry Cooper

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as when Gallagher would pull out his Sledge-O-Matic and start pounding groceries on stage. Absolutely hilarious. And I still use his “Cowboy-Lady At A Party” joke that I saw (and stole) over 25 years ago.

    Get well soon, my friend. The world needs you back!!!

    • Phil Pearce

      So what was the joke?

  • Boddler

    RIP, Gallagher

    • Pen Salesman

      And for that, we are all mourning.

    • Cowboy

      Only the sick are mourning

    • abortedcatfetus

      Hey, who are you callin sick?

    • DeeInHouston

      He’s not dead, jerk.

  • Mom

    Wipe the “tea” from your mug, you look at stupid as you sound……..

  • Jarhead6981

    And your claim to fame is?…..dind’t think so. Loser.

    • Fruitguy

      Perhaps David lacks the intellect needed to fully appreciate fruitsmashing in all its hilarity. It really is highbrow stuff you know.

    • Jarhead6981

      It takes intellect to allow a smile to come to your face? You can use all the sarcasm you want fruity, but in a simple world, a smile or a laugh has been shown to pick up spirits and spreads the smile like a infection. Intellect is subjective. What comedy do YOU believe is intellectual? I just like to be entertained when a comedian is on stage. If I want intellectual stimulation, I read posts from people like you. So, how’s that for sarcasm?

    • Phil McCrackin

      Jarhead sniffs his hand at the urinal.

    • Phil

      I dont know, I didnt time it. I do know, however, that it took you 45 minutes to come up with a reply of your own- and you still haven’t figured out I’m the same person picking at you over and over.

      u still mad?

  • meathead

    u mad?

  • Dr Pete

    What do you mean.

  • Stacia

    I loved him when he came to town years ago and did the HBO specials, but this past fall he did a show for a big Boy Scout event and I was very disappointed. There are quite a few families there and that includes women. I kept my mouth shut during the show, but the teen-age girls sitting around me (and guys) were offended by his very obvious “anti-women” (their words, not mine) “jokes”. No one seemed to be laughing at him and were glad when he finished. Gallagher seemed tired during the show and only going through the moves.

    • Tough GUY Ty

      I HATE when whiny crybabies get offended by comedians! What do you expect? He’s a comedian, he rips on people and things, get a sense of humor!

    • Phil Chroniger

      The problem is, teenage kids have been indoctrinated to believe that if a white male isn’t making fun of white males only, it’s somehow offensive. If we can’t see the humorous ridiculousness of all people and have a laugh at it, what do we laugh at?

      Plus, the guys were only offended so the girls would still hook up with them later on…you should know that! ;)

    • bubba136

      Were happy for you crybaby !!! Get a life

  • Rebecca

    Love and prayers to you, Gallagher. Hope to laugh again with you very soon!

  • chimp

    hbo specials, to a bar in rochester, do any of these fools know how to invest in retirement30 years of making money and broke what a stump.

    • DeeInHouston

      Maybe he actually loves what he does. Quite bitter, aren’t you??

  • dontuseme

    Gallagher who? Or, is his first name, “Comedian”? Never heard of him.

  • Stoshio

    I agree with David. He is a hack. Riding one mediocre gimmick for so many years. I guess that’s indicative of his audience’s sophistication. I do wish him well, though.

    • David

      As long as he doesn’t clone some kind of offspring with Carrot Top, I think civilization will survive another day.

    • TJH

      What’s most embarrassing is seeing all of those losers in the audience wearing trash bags and actually paying to do that. Don’t get me wrong- I wish no ill will on Gallagher. I simply find his brand of humor non-existant. If I want to view a burned-out hippie smash fruit- well, I really never want to watch that. Watching paint peel is preferable to that.

      • Brewster

        What do you mean by “brand of comedy”, moron – that he works clean? Unlike most “comedians” around these days who can’t utter 4 words without 3 of they being expletives? All you morons show me is your level of breeding is far below apes.

      • Dennis

        Why do you have to label people as losers just because they like a different sort of entertainment than you? Whatever happened to people just being able to have different tastes without judging people because theirs differs from yours? We are all losers when people get so harsh and critical of simple differences in taste.

    • Bill Murray

      If you morons from Minnesota who sent Al Franken to the Senate don’t have anything nice to say about a man who collapsed on stage from a probalble heart attack, please remain silent. You’re probably reincarnated from those who partiyed at the guillotine by putting paper hats on the heads.
      Try to devolp some decency.
      Biil M.

      • stiv

        Now here’s a real comedian: Mr. Bill Murray!

      • Geneyus Best

        Bill Murray created all comedy in 6 days & on the 7th day he rested..
        And that’s a fact jack!!!

      • tiredandretired

        I agree, except for your assumption that they all voted for Al Franken.

  • Get Well Card!

    It all had to catch up, one day.
    He was moving too fast…

    I hope he’s OK, but always
    have ‘Plan B’ ready, just in case.

    (Plan B) Epitaph for Gallagher:
    “I laughed so hard I fell down!”

  • Charlie Sheen's Nipple

    Gotta protect the fruit

  • tim

    Gallagher last wishes were that he will not be cremated nor burried. He will be smashed into small bits by a giant mallet. Onto the bereaved.

  • Philip T

    wonder what he did for an encore………

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