MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Public employee unions have accused state officials of restricting access to the Wisconsin Capitol building despite a court order opening it to the public.

Three unions filed a motion in Dane County Circuit Court on Thursday accusing the state Department of Administration of defying Judge John Albert’s order last week. The order came after DOA officials imposed tight access restrictions at the Capitol in hopes of defusing massive demonstrations that clogged the building for days.

Albert ordered DOA to restore public access to the levels before the protests began. The unions say on March 9 only one entrance was open even though the state Senate was in session.

A spokesman for the state Department of Justice, which is representing DOA, declined comment.

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Comments (29)
  1. MNTP says:

    Socialist unions pervert the rule of law again, all for their own, selfish agenda!!! It is time to call in the National Guard and arrest ALL of them.

    1. anon says:

      Your pay and benefits will go down along with the unions. Hope you realize that.

      1. MNTP says:

        No, anon, they won’t. That is because I am what is known as an “entrepeneur”. That’s right- I’m the one cutting the paychecks. I’m the one who should be thanked for CREATING jobs. Instead, selfish socialists want to destroy.

      2. Duh says:


        You are an idiot. I hope your realize that.

        89% of American workers are non-union. Union pay does not have that much of an affect on the rest of us. Others in my field that are union are actually paid far less.

    2. Annoyed says:

      And what exactly will they be arrested for? This is the dumbest statement yet! Closed minds should have closed mouths!

      1. MNTP says:

        They are guilty of threatening officers of the State of Wisconsin, unlawful assembly and treason. I bet if we looked into it we’d find that most of them provide aid and comfort to foreign enemies, as well. Atheist liberals are like that.

      2. Wesly says:

        MNTP. Since you called liberals atheist, what religion are you? When Jesus was not preaching, curing the ill, or feeding the hungry, he was off performing some other miracles, . He owned no home, had no wealth. From your statements you would not be very Christ like.

      3. FREE RIDE says:

        Death threats and vandalism for starters? And horrible BO I would imagine.

  2. TG says:

    MNTP How many jobs have you Created with the tax breaks you have recieved over the past couple years?? Or have you just built yourself a bigger house on the lake somewhere while claiming to CREATE jobs.

    1. MNTP says:

      TG, this is a FREE country, and I can do what I want with my profits. I don’t need a socialist nanny state telling me how to spend money that I EARNED.

      1. TG says:

        Your the One who made the comments on CREATING jobs because you are an “entrepeneur”… I realize its free. I’m not condeming you for spending the money you earn how ever you please. Just don’t claim to do one thing with it and then do another.. Hypocracy at its finest!!!

      2. Wesly says:

        It is a free country. You can lie on message boards. You can be hateful towards others. You can make wild accusations. It doesn’t make it right

  3. Carl Peterbody says:

    Believe in yourselves. Everyone, we can get along.

    I choose to refrain as I try to understand the anger. We can all get along.

  4. TG says:

    MNTP Typical Conservative comments, Blanket statements and condeming anyone who disagrees with them

    1. MNTP says:

      Well, TG, I happen to have that luxury, as I am correct in my beliefs. Of course, there is no law that says you HAVE to believe in Freedom and Liberty. That’s your business, I guess. In this great land of ours, you DO have the right to be wrong. The fact that you’ve chosen to dishonor those brave men who died to preserve your Freedom is highly discouraging, though.

      1. TG says:

        I didn’t realize that in order to honor those who have fallen to preserve my Freedom that I was required to think like you… Silly me…. And your right you do have teh luxury of thinking you are correct as do I. Just because you belive in something does not make it correct. By your very statement it is your belief. not Fact… And i’m not even sure what the heck you are talking about by claiming that I am dishonoring service men?? I was in the millitary. I served in the US Navy on the USS Alwin. I have earnd my own right to think the way I do

    2. hogwash says:


      Typical liberal hogwash. You assume that because he is an employer that he is greedy. You also assume that he is receiving some sort of tax break.

      I am what our great governer considers the “top 10%” and I can assure you I’ve received no such breaks. 35% -40% of my income still goes to taxes. Or am I supposed to “pay my fair share” because I am a top earner?

      1. TG says:

        I never once said that he was greedy. As a matter of fact I said that it is his choice to use the money he makes for what ever he chooses!! I’m simply pointing out that he is making pretty hypocritical statments saying that he is Creating Jobs, then replying that he can do what he wants with his money. Again, I still agree.. .It is his choise as he worded it because it is a free country.

  5. Ron says:

    Why is it that liberals have no problem pulling out the Constitution when things like this happen yet they do everything they can to change it through their own sick and perverted intellects any other time?

    1. TG says:

      Right Like the Tea Party folk and the Republicans who “read the constitution” early on in the Majority only to then make comments about removing the sections they don’t agree with

      1. derp says:

        You mean like when liberals want to create more federal laws to prohibit firearms ownership and believe the 2nd ammendment is a “collective” right rather than an individual? Even when it is very clear that the Bill or Rights are INDIVIDUAL and the Supreme Court has enforced that fact?

      2. TG says:

        @ derp, That too is hypocritical. I agree fully with second amentment rights. I’m saying if you stand by something that is fine. But then don’t backtrack and say different things because it is convenient. Being hypocritical is being hypcritical. Republican or Democrat. I can and do disagree with Liberal principles too. It is called being educated (or at least semi educated) and open minded. Unfortunatly in todays ideological world few people are willing to think outside the box and consider where the other side is coming from.

    2. Fred says:

      Why is it that conservatives and liberals have no problem pulling out the Constitution when things they don’t likes happen yet they do everything they can to change it through their own sick and perverted intellects any other time?

  6. JMan says:

    MNTP, how is it unlawful assembly if a judge ordered it open. I doubt you could define treason without looking it up first. And I really doubt you own a business as uneducated as you come off. What business do you own? I didn’t think so

  7. Intellectual debate says:

    It is great to finally see both sides of the “aisle” coming together and having honest civil debates. Harboring their own opinions, but more than willing to listen, actually listen, to the opinions of others. It gives me hope that democracy has a chance.

  8. Lucifer says:

    The capital building is the house of the people and should be open to the public at all times. HOWEVER…. I don’t think this applies to any one large group of people that wish to completely take over the capital building for the purpose of protesting.

    How selfish of these union thugs to think they can take over the people’s house wile leaving behind an expensive mess (I heard $370,000. was the cleanup mess from a week ago).

    Believe it or not, the capital building is used for other functions and for doing the business of the state. The presence of these protesters en mass inside of the buildings disrupts all other functions and business of the state and should not be tolerated.

    Nobody stands with unions anymore except for their members that thing they are entitled to a big paycheck and benefits for doing very little work. The elitist position of union government is coming to an end. Your pay and pensions will be ratcheded back to more appropriate levels or be converted to defined contribution plans like the rest of us have. You were foolish to believe that taxpayers would provide you with an elite and lucrative retirement.

    1. pss says:

      there you go again NOT ALL UNION WORKERS ARE THUGS AND DO VERY LITTLE WORK . I have put into my pension since the day I was hired by the state of Minnesota I pay a portion of my insurance , I pay state,federal,and ss taxes I work for what I get . you all had the same opurtunity to get public jobs so quit whinning that we don’t pay anything your wrong.

      1. Lucifer says:

        I would not, and could not work for the government as a union worker. I worked a union job for twelve years before I had enough of the laziness and whining of my union coworkers. I can only imagine how much worse it is in a “government” union environment. BTW… Last year my teamster pension fund informed me that they are insolvent and I will be lucky to get half of the pension I was promised. Your pension fund is nearing insolvency too so prepare yourself for much less than you so foolishly believed you are entitled to. Perhaps you will get back what you have paid in to the fund.

        You should be ashamed of the many benefits you and your unions have snuck into your employment contracts over past years. You should be ashamed of the many “pension enhancement” practices that you employ to increase your pension payments. You should be ashamed of the very high level of government workers that file disability claims just before retirement time. You should be ashamed for expecting me to pay for you to retire in luxury for 25-35 years AND pay for your future medical needs.

        Believe it or not PSS, we don’t all inspire to be a government worker. I would not want your life. Most government workers I know are not happy people even with all of the coddling and special privlages they get.

  9. KB1 says:

    Well the gov.of Wisconsin will have his way.Now Wisconsin will be known as the the new state of Wisconsin WAL-MART of America!!!

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