Minnesota Teachers To Join Rally In Madison

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Dozens of Minnesota teachers are bound for Madison, Wis., for a rally to support unionized workers in Wisconsin.

The state teachers union, Education Minnesota, is sending three buses that hold about 50 people each to the rally.

Union spokesman Lonnie Hartley says the union wants to show support for teachers in Wisconsin and other unionized employees.

Education Minnesota announced the move Thursday, shortly after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker promised to sign a bill stripping nearly all collective bargaining rights from public employees. He did so Friday morning.

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  • Jobu

    They should transport them over in a WAAHHHHMBULANCE!!

    • kyle


      • Bryson Powers


      • We The People

        Based on the public opinion polls, this fight is not between Democrats and Republicans, it’s pitting individuals against corporations. When the Supreme Court allowed corporations and unions to contribute to political campaigns, it opened the flood gates to corporate influence. The attack on unions is the result of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts being a judicial activist, and overturning precedents.

        The Republican party is not about small government, it’s about free enterprise for corporations. They ran up the national debt under the last administration and provided tax breaks for the Wall Street. The Democrats continued raising the national debt and provided tax breaks for corporations like General Motors and Chrysler. This is the result of these bailouts and tax incentives…

        1) General Motors and Chrysler took the bailout money and invested in jobs, not in the US, but in other countries. It did not help
        2) Banks took the bailout money and paid out huge bonuses to their management.

        The vast majority of Americans want good jobs, safe products, health care, responsible government, clean air and water, Regulations that govern energy and banking sector were written by corporations, corporate lobbying is the biggest influence on legislative votes, PAC and campaign finance by corporations are huge compared to individual donations, individual rights in our court system are limited and protect the corporation, and the Supreme Courts made corporate Free Speech rights equivalent to individual rights.

        Let’s focus on “We the People” and protect individual rights, not corporate rights.

        1) Eliminate the tax credits given to all individuals, unions and corporations for political campaigns.
        2) Eliminate tax credits given to all individuals, unions and corporations for political advertisements.
        3) Eliminate all Bush tax credits given to all individuals, unions and corporations.
        4) Eliminate all health insurance and pensions and establish term limits for all elected officials.
        5) Eliminate the current tax system of tax credits and loop holes with a simple fair tax system.

    • Kristin


  • Ferris Buhler

    What happened to the Teachers that were in teaching because they liked Kids? not just for the money. Now the ones that like kids like them for the wrong reasons.

    • max

      Nobody’s in it for the money.

    • Kyle

      What happend to Football, Baseball, Hockey and all other pro sports playing for love of the game???????????????????

      Get real!

    • mrjohn

      If you were paid like a teenager on minimum wage. then go ahead.

    • Patriot

      Fire them ALL, even the ones who aren’t protesting. No teacher should make more than $30K per year, and it should be waged based, not salaried. Until now, these secular humanists have filled our children’s ears with atheist lies about the “Big Bang” and “Evolution”. This is a chance to rid ourselves of a real danger to our society. They call themselves “educators” but, at best, they are glorified babysitters.

      • sd

        $30,000?? too much..how about $14,000. Just barely the poverty line, that is where those buggers belong..

      • Patriot

        No, sd, we should not punish them. As a Christian, I do not want to see them treated unfairly. Those who sign loyalty oaths and prove that they are Real Americans would be worth $30K per year.

      • Annoyed

        Wow! Do you even know what you are talking about? You were obviously taught by someone making about $5/year. Is this the example you are setting to children?

      • pss

        So patriot what do you do for a living ?

      • pss

        patridoit tell me how many babiesitter have 30 to 40 children they are babysitting if a babysitter is payed by the child then at 3 dollars an hour per kid then i would say ALL TEACHERS are DRASTICLY UNDER PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Saywhat?

        Psss, who pays a babysitter per child? I have four children and pay by the hour.
        A teacher should be paid by the hour not per child because they don’t teach per child. And what about all the other district employees this impacts or don’t they matter?

    • Kristin

      They would like to have a roof over their heads, they would like to eat, they need to pay their bills and get a car and pay for gas so they can go to work. How about you?

      • Patriot

        They would like? Frankly, I don’t care what they would like. I’d like 1000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway. Maybe I should occupy the Statehouse until I get it?
        There is a new sherrif in town and give-away time is over. Get used to it. And a lot less, come 2012.

  • School Board Member

    Video Tape them and then Fire Their Sorry A$$e$ for Calling in Sick on Monday Morning.

    • Heididog

      School Board Member, I don’t think you can fire them for protesting if they do it on their own time! If they take Monday off and call in sick because of their protesting, then I would call them on it and dismiss them! It’s not fair to the parents and the students that they call in sick when they are not sick and if they do, then they are a bunch of “liars” and should be dismissed from their teaching postition, though the union will probably protect them!

      • kyle

        Pi** Off! Idiot

      • Kristin

        Yeah, and I’m sure you’ve never called in sick for ANYTHING other than being sick.

    • MNTP

      School Board Member, you bear some responsibility for this.You and your fellow board members HIRED these traitors. Why were there no background checks? Why were there no loyalty oaths? IF you hire foxes to guard the henhouse, you can’t be surprised when the chickens are killed!

      • Kristin

        Traitors? What on earth are you talking about? Please explain.

      • MNTP

        Teachers unions are organized by socialists who promote “One World Government” and other atheist agenda. They are the sworn enemies of our God, and want nothing more than to destroy our Liberty.

      • pss

        mntp your unbeleivable teachers arn’t traitors,socialist or athiest, the school boards set up and says what is to be taught in the coricculum . to lump everyone into a huge group is pure moronic until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes DON’T claim you know them or what they think and feel !!

  • Taxpayer

    I notice that most blogs by teachers are during School Hours.

    • n. Baum

      Interesting! Who is looking into that?

    • Heididog

      Taxpayer, teachers do get breaks…a coffee break and a lunch break and probably have a computer in the teachers lounge! Or they may bring their laptop from home!

    • Kristin

      Teachers are salaried so they might take a break during the day if they know they will be at a mandatory meeting after school and grading papers all night.

  • paul

    Ferris: Why are you capitalizing the words “teachers” and “kids” in your post? Apparently, your teachers didn’t like you enough to help you with your propensity for improper capitalization. You also have an incomplete sentence in there.

    • Average Joe

      And just how is your comment related to the article above?

      • kyle

        Well said Paul.

  • Average Joe

    I am thankful I have a job. So I guess I don’t understand the ‘union entitlement’ attitude, You know, the attitude that says ‘I belong to a union, therefore I am entitled to more pay and better benefits than anyone else and if anyone tries to take any of that away I am going to have a temper- tantrum and there is nothing you can do about it.’

    Some people just need to wake up and realize that they are not above making sacrifices that the rest of us Average Americans are making.

    • Bryson Powers

      They WERE making sacrifices. Don’t you hear or read. They were! It was the stripping away of the power to bargain collectively that has inflamed these good honest people. I don’t say not to listen to Fox News but get other viewpoints as well.

    • JohnM

      Hey Joe. Get a clue! Doesn’t it bother you that it’s the richest of the rich that are the one’s telling the working class to bear the brunt of the defect and make sacrifices, not just at the local level. but the national level as well? Wisconsin state employees are fighting for the rights of all workers. Do you not get that?

    • Kristin

      If you don’t like your current job then I suggest you fight for yourself too. Get a job with a union, pay the dues, yes, union members pay for their right to fight, and you too can stand side by side with other union members who value themselves enough to fight for their rights of decent benefits and wages. Why should you be “thankful” you have a job? What does that even mean? So do you feel as though your health and vacation benefits are pretty good? Do you feel that your wages are competitive enough for you to pay your bills, fix things if they break, take a vacation once in awhile and save for your future? If not, you really need to value yourself to fight for something better.

    • pss

      so if you were told that we are going to take many of your rights away, and that we are going to increase what you are going to make you pay amounting to 8-10% of you wages and your going to say absolutly nothing ……………….SURE YOUR !!!

      • Kristin

        pss, I don’t understand the context of your post. Are you asking me or someone else this question? IF you are asking me whether or not I would take more money over my rights, then you are not making sense. Making more money is one of my rights, just as it is with anyone else in this country. Also, benefits = money, they are one and the same but you can’t pay your mortgage with your health insurance or PTO so you get paid in cash for part of your compensation. I had a private sector job where the company couldn’t follow the basic rules laid out by the government and abused it’s employees incessantly. There was a revolving door of employees going in an out and there was only 55 employees in that company at any given time. Many employees went through a lot, some even filing lawsuits. The place was a disgrace and would’ve folded had another company not bought them out. THIS was a place that desperately could have used a telecommunications union. So, no, the pay, which was pretty good, was not worth having my rights in the private sector workplace being disregarded.

  • Lorenz

    The pro-union vote fights for economic expectations that no longer exists in the private sector, and expects the taxpayer to support that way of life. We’re fed up, and the petty sniping at us for our beliefs will only reinforce them. (Paul’s tirade against capitalization, for example; my experience is that many teachers display the worst grammar of anyone at their education level, especially considering they’re supposed to be teaching, not simply communicating). Once their unrealistic pensions and benefits have broken our backs we will not have the time for this debate; reality will require that which most of our political leaders, at least here in MN, lack the guts to accomplish. And if you want to quit teaching in protest, you are free to do it.

    • Heididog

      I agree! Teachers that want to spend their time protesting instead of teaching, go for it! The kids don’t need that kind of behavior from their teachers!!! Teachers are being hired to TEACH and NOT TO PROTEST!!! If the teachers are doing their protesting when they should be in the classroom TEACHING, then fire them!!

      • Nica

        You do realize they are protesting on a Saturday, right? You do know what day of the week it is, right?

      • pss

        stupid it’ saturday most if not all school are closed for the weekend maybe you should buy a calander and maybe a watch

    • Kristin

      You sound so weak, just giving up on yourself and your future just like that. How sad.

      • Heididog

        Nica! Teachers went during the weekdays too! I don’t really care what they do on Saturday or Sunday but they better hit the classroom on Monday morning!

      • Kristin

        Heididog, first of all how do you know that? Second of all, teachers can call in sick and do whatever they want just like anyone else in this country. Get real.

  • Bryson Powers

    Both my parents were teachers. My sister and a number of cousins are also teachers. I do not know one of them to be anything close to being rich or well off. I helped my teacher mother with a condo down payment after she retired. The people who are slamming teacher’s pay and benefits are the most ignorant people in the developed world. Also, the teachers were giving concessions in Wisconsin but that wasn’t enough for the extremist Governor. He wanted to striip them of bargaining rights. We are blaming the wrong people for the economic and budget problems.

    • Tony

      Bargaining rights is a misnomer. We have no right to bargain. To help, misnomer is a big word…look it up. Second, nothing in the constitution and/or bill of rights talks about the right to bargain. The constitution is that thing our country was founded on…look that up too…it will be a good read for you.

      • Kristin

        Tony, you should reread your history: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is one of the most famous phrases in the United States Declaration of Independence and considered by some as part of one of the most well crafted, influential sentences in the history of the English language. These three aspects are listed among the “unalienable rights” or sovereign rights of man.

  • keith

    Its funny how money can buy stupidity.
    The idiots that watch Fox Noise are so brainwashed they would sell their mothers to the devil.
    The Koch Bros. have spent the money well,

    • Tony

      Its funny how money can buy stupidity.
      The idiots that watch MSNBC are so brainwashed they would sell their mothers to the devil.
      The union bosses have spent the money well.

      • pss

        tony you just proved our point you can’t even think for yourself ! very very original you MORON

  • Sketchr

    We can no longer afford entitlements. We’re bankrupt.

  • Bryson Powers

    Wisconsin has become the personal property of the Koch Bros.

    • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae


      I think it’s really priceless how union-supporters have nothing but “KOCH!” for their argument. This is so pathetic. Come on. You really have nothing with which to back up your argument, huh?

  • Lee

    How can these public union workers not understand the selfishness of not having to pay into their own tax payer funded pensions? I have to pay my own money into a 401K retirement plan. They are against any union reforms to balance the budget and would rather raise taxes and take some of MY retirement money to fund THEIR pensions. Absurd.

    • Kristin

      These public workers don’t get SSI like you do when they reitre. They do pay into their own retirement. What’s so selfish about that?

    • pss

      LEE you have NO clue we have been paying into those pension for years they were well funded until the collapes of the financial world. I would look at what the happened to the U.S. during the Bush years thats what is and has caused the problems we are in NOW!!

  • tom e

    Bryson – the teachers did not give any concessions that was only a false promise a gambit to try to stop the bill and pretend they were comprimising. Look for yourself at all the union contracts signed after their promise and you will see they don’ include the concessions promised

  • Lucifer

    I’ve never met a teacher that I like or respect

    • Paul

      Jesus was a teacher. But of course, you are “Lucifer.”

      • dave

        He gave his life for us and didn’t take a dime. No wages. No retirement. No health insurance. No pension.

    • Kristin

      How do you know Dave? His reward was heaven, the best benefit of all. He fought for his beliefs and his father and his benefit was to go to heaven.

    • pss


      • Lucifer

        A word of advise PSS. Get some help for your inner turmoil and anger issues. And then maybe you can goo find a job that better suits your needs and personality. Teaching is not for you and you are not doing “the kids” any favors by being in the classroom.

        People like yourself didn’t become a teacher to help the kids or because you love kids so much. You are the liberal progressive offspring of the hippy generation baby boomers that never stopped partying and protesting about every insignificant thought that comes to your drug induced mind. You became a teacher to be a part of the liberal progressive movement to control every aspect of your neighbor’s life and brainwash our children to your drug induced radical beliefs.

        It must be painful to be you and have to live with all of that hate and inner anguish. Prepare yourself PSS… Your life is about to abruptly change. You are not special and you are not entitled to the benefits and retirement that you so foolishly thought you would get. There is a movement going on in this country that is so much larger than your pathetic union movement. Your numbers are pale by comparison to those of the conservative Tea Party movement. Your elitist days are over as the pendulum of natures balance swings in the other direction.

    • pss

      lucyfir you were the one student that probably didn’t care if he learned anything because you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO smart and unteachable …………………………………….maybe just maybe you should have showed up and listened to your teachers

  • Gary

    Teachers in Minnesota are certainly well paid for their part time jobs. 182 days of work out of 365 is not a full time job. It would appear that Wisconsin is again leading the way and perhaps Minnesota will follow at some distance. The Minnesota teachers union certainly does not have a history of support for education.

    • abcs

      Really? So the hours used outside of class (your normal work day), as well as in the summer for planning and gaining further knowledge does not count? If it did , I would surmise teachers work more (hour for hour) then a 8 hour salary worker in the private sector.

      Get a clue. Until you have been in both sectors, you are sorely misinformed.

      • Heididog

        abcs…a lot of teachers invest money in their lake cabins so they can go to them in the summer time when they don’t teach! Plus most of the teachers have a spouse for income too. I am not saying this is wrong but I wish these teachers that have a spouse’s income to live off of too,, would stop complaining!

      • pss

        Heididog if you have a problem with people saving money to buy recreational property maybe you should invest better insted of crying about it, teachers that have cabins have made good investment so they could afford some nice things!!

    • Kristin

      They are not “complaining” Heididog. Really, what do you mean by that? That they want to be able to have a say in their work life? What is wrong with that? Do you not value yourself enough to fight for what you are worth?

      • Heididog

        Oh really, Kristin????? What do you call it then??

    • Kristin

      What do I call what Heididog? Why did you attempt to answer my question with a question? Don’t have any real answers yourself? How do you know what MOST teachers do? Are you a secret agent spy hired by Governor Walker to stalk all teachers?

  • Matt

    Methinks teachers doth protest too much… and should reconsider being assocociated with with the liberal extremists and union thugs making the most noise. Go home and be thankful you have a job with benefits, and recognize your paycheck and benefits come from regular hardworking taxpayers, who probably outnumber you 10 or 100 to 1… If you’re so concerned about money and benefits, you should consider a more lucrative profession.

    • Kristin

      A more lucrative profession Matt? Really? Like what, running for the governor of WI?

  • iva opinion

    a challenge to anyone to go into any classroom and teach for even one day…remember a teacher educated you…what kind of student were you…obviously not one who cared…no one would be anywhere without a caring teacher..know any doctors, lawyers, professors etc., etc.? Is there any concern for the future? any of you belong to a union, public servant?

    • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

      Yes – I have a great concern for the future. That’s why I oppose public unions – they stop education reform. They stop merit pay, and they protect bad teachers. Our kids deserve good teachers, and good teachers deserve good pay. Bad teachers deserve the door.

      Too bad the UNIONS fight these sensible measures.

      • Kristin

        Really Drae? That’s all they do? It sounds like in your small world you have a chip on your shoulder. There are some outstanding teachers out there who deserve protection from frivolous claims by administrators, parents and students. Other than public service employees and other types of union members, who else has to deal with potentially life-threatening behavior and working conditions? Think police, firefighters, correctional officers, road construction workers and all the other jobs that the majority of people simply don’t want to do.

      • pss

        drae part of the problem of merit pay is some children don’t want to learn and could care less and your now saying that it is the teachers fault ! try it is the student and their parents fault !


    Pay us like a BABYSITTER…$5.00 an hour per kid.. $40 per kid per day times 30 kids…you do the math!

  • dave

    Great idea Iva, go get a babysitter job.

  • Stan

    Teacher Power, Interesting incident in Rochester Century High school last school year, I have family attending there. 2009-2010 school year she had a class in the school with twenty three other students, the teacher had a different approach for teaching and NONE of the class could understand nor pass the class tests ect. Students went to the teacher during his prep time and still had trouble understanding the class contents, parents started to get involved because they didn’t get the contents. The parents went to the teacher/administration for possible assistance for the students and nothing could be done. By the end of the semester all students failed the class and they were depressed for a failing grade and their pride was damaged, the whole class, please. Parents went to the Shool Board and Administration demanded answers, parents were told the whole class would be sent to Summer School to repeat the class. School provided free busing and free school lunch and the teacher was a different teacher and all students passed Summer School. The teacher who could teach the class is still teaching at Century and nothing has changed with his teaching style, he is tenured and very much protected, teacher power. Sad story because there are good teachers, this guy needs to find a new career.

    • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

      I had an American history teacher who had clearly lost his passion for teaching. He had the monotone voice and total lack of energy every day. 8 years later, I find the man was still teaching. I learned more about American history out of school than I ever learned from this man, but the unions think he should stay.

      If you think these stories are bad though, look up what the unions did in Seattle with a pedophile teacher!

  • Zoe

    I applaud MN teachers joining the fight. This fight is not about money, it’s about retaining bargaining rights that have been in place for decades. People who think it’s just about money are misinformed, and probably get all their “news” from Fox Network. That is not real news, it’s a spin on what the conservatives want to believe.

    I am praying for all union members who are having to defend their right to be heard once again, and for the recall of Gov. Walker and Repub state senate members who went along with his scam. He just pulled the Republican favorite, bait and switch, practiced so well by Bush in starting the Iraq war, when he knew very well there were no WMDs and that Hussein did not play a role in the attacks. Gov. Walker and other Repubs ran on the promise of creating more jobs, the first thing they do is attack unions and strip workers of rights. Now that they are uncovered for what they truly are, we cannot get rid of them fast enough! I pray the unions do not give up this very important fight until it is reversed. The whole world is with you!!

    • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

      No, Zoe. The whole world is not with them. Teachers unions stop education reform. Teachers unions protect bad teachers. Teachers unions even exploit their own members.

      If you want to maintain the educational status quo, with the US near the bottom for industrialized countries, well, Honey. You stick with the unions then!

      • Richard in Minneapolis

        That’s rather a bizarre comment when you consider the other industrialized countries are much more unionized. Perhaps having a little job security allows them to focus on the job at hand, namely preparing the next generation.

    • Jim


      You need to grow up and also to remember recent history. You mention the bait and switch tactics of the Republicans, what about the lock out practices of the Republicans by the Democrats when Obamacare was taking form? What about the most stupid statement ever made in the halls of our Congress, “You will have to pass the bill to find out what is in it”. Does it really get any more stupid than that? Of course with Democrats I have to constantly remind myself that YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID!

      Did the Republicans take their ball and go home after being locked out of the Obamacare process like the Democrats in Wisconsin did? No, the Republicans stayed and voted “NO”. Did it do the Democrats in Wisconsin any good to take their ball and run off to Illiinois, NOPE.

      At one time in this country unions served a useful purpose, but that time has long faded into the distance. Collective bargaining was a right given to some unions that should not have been given to them.

      Things change and taking away collective bargaining rights is one of them.

      Get over it, or get used to it, because there is more coming!

      • pss

        do you guys realize that everything in the obamacare bill was introduced peviously be George Bush for united health care ! now when the democrates brought it us it isn’t any good HYPOCRITES !!

  • Tj

    what a bunch of selfish losers…..they are not here to educate anymore….they just want the benefits…this is shameful!!

  • Mark

    The state of Minnesota and the Teachers Union will soon be pitted against their neighbors and family when their “entitlement” ends.

    Union spokesman Lonnie Hartley says the union wants to show support for teachers in Wisconsin and other unionized employees.

    Epic failure to think this non sense of holding our teachers up as some sort of superstars. Just go visit a classroom or parent teacher conference. They are truly clueless, but their Education Minnesota and mouth piece has for years attempted to convince us how bad they have it. I’m not buying it. Take your liberal mentality and go find a job that you have to perform at.

    • Joel


      You obviously haven’t spent time in a classroom! I am amazed at the job my son’s kindergarten teacher has done. I volunteer on a weekly basis and have a completely different experience than what you have written here.

      On the other hand you are able to read this and wrote proper sentences so I would have to assume that you learned some of this from a “teacher”!

      If your child’s school is so terrible; you always have the option to home school your children and take this responsibility upon yourself to make sure that your child gets a top notch education! You also could send your child to a for “profit” school at the cost of several thousands a year if public education isn’t doing it for your child!

      That is the great thing about all of this is we have choices! Most people making ignorant comments here couldn’t last one month doing the job of a teacher. My significant other has a masters degree and takes care of ten special needs children as a special education teacher. Do you want to do her job?

      • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

        Joel – I DO send my kids to a private school, and they spend less per pupil than the public schools. Yet – my kids out test their public school peers, even with less money.

        Gee – you would think if the answer to our education problems was more money, we’d be seeing results by now. Guess what – the problem isn’t the money the schools get, The problem is the UNIONS fight every meaningful reform that PARENTS want.

        At what point are parents supposed to stand up to being bullied by the unions? WE WANT REFORMS! Why are the UNIONS fighting them?

      • Joel


        I am not for the union at all!

        I just know what my significant other has to to deal with as a special education teacher and the education and dedication that it takes to do that job! I feel she earns every penny doing what she does! She teaches children that your private school wouldn’t even take as a student because they don’t have the resources to deal with.

        I am not for the union at all but if you don’t pay professional teachers a professional wage they will eventually leave for something outside of teaching! Not everyone can afford private school. Losing good teachers to private for profit schools and to the private sector is not what is best for our children. Again this is my opinion! My child goes to public school and I am extremely pleased with the job done at Mounds View public school!

        It’s great that you can afford to send your child to a private school! Your comments about going to a classroom or parent teacher conference was interesting! How would you know what goes on in a “public” classroom when you children attend private school! I guess the sense of entitlement is starting early in your family! And here you are commenting on how entitled teachers think they are! Kind of the kettle calling the pot black isn’t it?

      • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

        Joel – that’s an excellent district. My kids will be in public schools for HS and in that district too. I agree with you it’s a problem when good teachers feel the need to go to private schools – which are not always “for profit” btw, such as the Catholic schools.

        No – I don’t want your SO’s job, and I don’t trash teachers – just their union, which you likewise don’t like. I have not personally said one thing about paying teachers less. I’m just for the unions getting kicked to the curb, and merit pay. Special Ed teachers should get paid very well since they have more of a challenge.

        It’s interesting to me to see the number of people who are worked up about this debate, but still don’t like the unions. There are likely many people, Joel, like me and you, who don’t like the unions, but they come across as anti-teacher. Please don’t take them personally, because I think it’s more sloppiness on their part. Really – who hates teachers? (Except teenagers? heehee) No – I think it’s safe to say everyone wants good pay for GOOD teachers.

  • Todd Jesewitz

    If this is not about money, then what is it about?

    • Zoe

      It’s about the right to have a say in working conditions, hours worked, etc. They agreed to all of Gov. Walker’s concessions about money, so that wasn’t why he pushed to take away all of the rights. It is a well known Repub plan to do away with the unions, then privatize medicare and soc. security, do away with healthcare for the poor, etc. It amazes me people don’t know this.

      • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

        Yeah – the problem is that OSHA hasn’t been outlawed.

        And I’m amazed people like you don’t understand the federal budget. Over 40% goes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This comes from the Washington Post and the Office of Management and Budget.

        I’m amazed people like you seem to think the American people have $14 trillion lying around in the couch cushions or something. Honey – we’re broke. Wake up.

      • Zoe

        We are only broke as you say because Repubs have been giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy and to corporations for years. Raising taxes on those would more than close the gap, and take the burden off of the middle class. Don’t buy into their bull that there is nothing that can be done to fix the deficit other than taking more from working people, schools and healthcare, etc. They know if they raise taxes on the wealthy they lose their biggest campaign contributors. That is what got us where we are, HONEY.

      • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

        LOL @ Zoe. No honey. We are broke because of decades upon decades of spending. You can try to blame the republicans all you want, but the truth is BOTH parties are responsible.

        I hope you don’t get a headache trying to figure out how a “wingnut” like me can place blame on both parties. It’s because it’s the truth. Your hyper-partisanship won’t balance the budget, so really. Your benefits are getting cut along with everyone else. And your taxes are going up. Not what I’d like, but that’s how bad it is, Toots.

      • tom e

        That is a false statement, The unions did not agree to the concessions, only some talking heads for the unions made that statemenet for the gulible people in the state, these talking heads have no power to enforce any such provision.

    • Kristin

      It’s about the right to have a say in adverse and sometimes very dangerous working conditions, to protect yourself and to have fair pay for taking jobs that most people don’t want. It’s a big difference to work 60+ hours on any given week and not receive overtime for it for instance. I mean really, open up your thinking or better yet, shadow a teacher or two and make sure it is in the junior high/middle schools so you can get a real taste of stress.

  • Teachers Deserve More

    After spending time in my son’s kindergarten class room and in my significant others special education classroom I have come to the conclusion that “teachers” earn every penny that they make! I would support an increase in teachers salaries and investment in our children’s education.

    I volunteer in my son’s kindergarten room and I am sad to say not many parents make an effort to do that. Start spending time in the classroom of our schools and maybe you will become educated yourself as to what it takes to educate children these days.

    As for the money most people with masters and doctorate degrees wouldn’t take a job paying what teachers get paid. If we can pay someone millions to catch a football or build a sports stadium we should pay our teachers more.

    • MNTP

      Just a union ringer.

      • Teachers Deserve More

        I am not a “union ringer” and have never belonged to a union! As a matter of fact I don’t like unions and the entitlement part of them! I do support professional teachers being paid a professional salary though!

    • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

      TDM – you should look into how the unions exploit teachers, and how they protect bad and even criminal teachers. Maybe then you wouldn’t think so highly of their union. We would have more money to pay teachers without their unions taking a cut.

      • Teachers Deserve More

        FOR THE RECORD I DON”T LIKE UNIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Do away with the Union for all I care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Teachers deserve what they are paid! Professional teachers should be paid a “professional” Salary!!!!!!

        End of subject!!!

      • http://ofbuckleyandbeatles.wordpress.com/ Drae

        Wow, Man. Settle down a little. I don’t think anyone seriously wants to underpay good teachers. People are frustrated that we’re paying for bad teachers – which is understandable. But I don’t think anyone would say a good teacher shouldn’t be paid well.

        And, uh, it’s up to your local school board to make sure your local teachers are getting paid well.

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