Crime Notes: Wally The Beer Man’s Trial

By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

The jury selection process has begun in the trial of Wally “The Beer Man” McNeil and his co-defendant Ed Stepnick. The vendors are charged with selling beer to a teenage police decoy during a sting at Target Field on Sept. 30.

Their attorneys are arguing they were entrapped by police and plan to bring out the fact the police supervisor for the sting has been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department for allegedly lying in an unrelated case.

McNeil and Stepnick rejected a last-minute offer for a plea deal from the prosecution, just before the trial got underway. Six jurors will need to be chosen before the trial begins.

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill expects the case to be wrapped up by Friday or possibly Monday.

  • Alex V

    This is ridiculous! The police clearly have too much time and money on their hands. We need to ban underage alcohol stings like Wisconsin has. We also need to stop police from breaking up parties in areas like the U of M because they think someone underage might be drinking there. They should be required to have a warrant to go into someone’s house, just as with any other crime. Better yet, just lower the drinking age to 18. We need to remove the thrill factor associated with alcohol.

    • Beer Me

      Alex, if you are beating your wife or kids, and a neighbor sees and calls the cops, they don’t need a warrant to come to your house to check it out. Same thing with underage drinking. I agree that the drinking age should be 18, but saying that the cops shouldn’t enforce the law that is in place just sounds dumb.

  • Rich

    Here’s an idea, Have Wally the Beer Man do a Public Service Announcement about underage drinking that’s sponsored by the Twins or one of the beer companies and then drop the charges. Imagine Wally saying something like this on camera, “I can’t wait to see you back at the ballpark again real soon and even serve ya a beer, but only if your 21 or older. No ID for me, no beer for you!”

    • For Walley

      Perfect!!! Give Wally his job back, the twins games are not the same without him there!


    I like Rich’s Idea.

  • Ralph says dumb Wally, dumb


    Wally need sto say I got busted, here’s the fine and act like the man he claims to be.

    We sit and critique everyone for not taking responsibilty in their actions and here we are buying into the Wally World of Victimization.
    Wally – I used to love you. Now you remind me of Lindsey Lohan …. a victim my rear. Man up and let’s move on eh

  • Tea loves BEER


    • Beer Me

      I love him too, but he broke the law. Pay the fine

      • PO PO is POO POO

        Aint like he was selling it in a dark alley. PO PO needs other things to worry about in this damn state besides busting an old man selling beer! F Da PO PO

  • the crux of the biscuit

    Personaly I think if you are old enough to go kill for your government, you are old enough to have a beer at a ball game.

    • M


  • Beer Me

    How was he “entrapped”? Someone underage bought a beer, Wally didn’t check ID, it’s as simple as that. Pay your fine and move on.

  • Beer Me

    Sounds to me like Alex is an underage college student who is upset that he got busted for drinking.
    For the record, I agree that the drinking age should be 18. If you can die for the country, you should be able to drink.

    • Alex V

      For the record, I’m 26. I did attend the U, and I don’t like the idea of cops being able to knock on your door if it isn’t noisy and no one is drinking outside. If we did away with the so called “Party Patrol”, we probably wouldn’t need the U of M police dept at all.

      • Beer Me

        We don’t need U of M police at all? Come on….There is ZERO crime on campus? (aside from drinking)

      • Alex V

        If it weren’t for petty alcohol related crimes, the Minneapolis police could probably handle the load.

    • PO PO is POO POO

      Hey Beer me, go back to drinking your apple martini at the rainbow bar. Fruitcake.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Singling out 18-21 year olds is Unconstitutional.

    14th amendment says laws must apply to everyone equally, or they are void.

    • Beer Me

      what do you mean by singling out 18-21 year olds?

      • Victim Du Jour

        We have laws that deny 18-21 year olds the right to use alcohol.

        14th amendment says citizens are adult when we turn 18.

    • Fred

      Keep up being stupid.

      • PO PO is POO POO

        Nest your going to tell me that not being able to bang your boyfriend in a public bathroom is unconstitutional. Shut your pieholes

  • TwinsFan

    I can see why Wally is going to trial. The plea deal they offered was a one year suspension of his beer license, or in effect, a year with no income. Too high a punishment considering people with DUI’s get fined a far lower amount.

    • Victim Du Juror

      and judge

      And a bar or liquer store suffers the same consequences.
      I like Wally – Wally got busted. If he’d have dealt with it last year, even a 1 year would be well over half over.

      Come on everyone – he blew thru a law. He knew the law. They don’t count anymore?
      Like the other guy who got busted said – they been involved in stings before and were lucky and never got busted. They did this time. Game over

      • Alex V

        He got busted selling on the concourse before the game. There was a large group of people standing around him at the time. It’s unclear if he even handed the underage person a beer, or handed it to a legal person with then gave it to the underage person. They didn’t get in on video. How can they prove what he did? I really hope he gets acquitted.

      • PO PO is POO POO

        Go Back to your rainbow bar and count your money fruitcake, sounds like you blew things too much, like your boyfriend.

  • Terri

    I like the public service announcement idea best!!

  • meh

    as a former gas station worker, alcohol stings are almost always done with young good looking women that are so obvious that they are under age its almost stupid that they waste their time

    • Wallys sipping a java


  • Alex V

    I have a relative who works at a certain upscale restaurant. She said that that they get underage police stings with people coming in with a parent and ordering wine. Ridiculous. In a lot of states, it is legal to drink if you are underage with parental supervision. Not Minnesota. I go out to eat with my family, everyone orders wine, and I get carded. It’s embarrassing and insulting.

    • Beer Me

      First of all, Alex. How is being carded embarrassing and insulting? The poor waiter/waitress is just doing their job. If you don’t like the laws, you have 2 choices, you can talk with your elected representatives and try to get them changed, or, you can move to a state that has more liberal drinking laws.

      • Alex V

        I don’t blame the servers. I blame the police for being nazis about enforcement. If they weren’t wasting their time stinging restaurants, the restaurants could use some judgement about carding, rather than carding everyone as a blanket rule.

      • PatPaulsonsmellsrats

        Yes – the Police are there to enforce the law Alex.
        Your point is ??? lmao

      • Alex X

        You probably also complain that most police are lazy and good for nothing, when that suits your argument. Police enforce laws. If you don’t like the law, don’t blame the police, blame the legislature and work to get the law changed.
        People need to look up the definition of the word entrapment. I like Wally and like the advert idea, but why should he get a break when the other beer vendors that got fired that day don’t?

    • Clint Make My Day does not like brats

      poooooor lil’ Alex V
      imagine feeling left out because you are under age. gosh – it never ever happened to the rest of us. lol

      you need a pacifier kid. put some sugar on it

    • Ralph

      Enjoy looking young while it lasts. All too soon hair goes gray or falls out, lines appear.

  • to all

    Okay – I tossed this up on Tuesday too.
    When I was in my pimpley teens I never had a problem getting a beer served to me by Wally. Did I look of age – hardly. Was it maybe deemed more ok to do so then? I think maybe so. It was that wink-wink thing that was so often done by all.
    Does he deserve to get a years loss of income? I am unsure – that’s a lot of money. Still – until one gets caught doing something it seems to be okay to do.
    I’d like 3 months, a minor fine and that PA announcement.

  • Beer Me

    Alex- you need to understand that it is a LAW…end of story. The policemens job is to enforce that law. It doesn’t matter if you, me or the police themselves agree with the law, they have to enforce it.

  • zee the reporter

    I totally agree the police need to get a real job! zee reporting!

  • Castro

    Don’t be made at Wally, he just wants to keep his job. Be mad at the Police Supervisor caught lying in an unrelated case, he works for you. His actions are a green light to overturn every conviction he was involved in.

  • keith

    This is a perfect example of how the police are wasting our tax dollars. Wally is not a criminal, he is a hard working american. The police are hired to “PROTECT AND SERVE” i don’t know how we can have such a high meth lab concentration in our state, and have our cops setting up a hard working guy like Wally. WHY DON’T OUR COPS DO REAL POLICE WORK AND CLEAN THE METH PROBLEM UP, instead they just look for inocent people making little mistakes and fine and punish them???? backward system. I would never trust a cop, they are all crooked in some way!

    • Been arrested a few too many times?

      Did you know it’s part of the underage drinking laws that police are supposed to do compiance checks at establishments that serve alcohol?? It’s not the police depts fault. They are obeying the law. If they weren’t doing it, you’d be whining about that too. Don’t like it, work to change the law. The cops would probably thank you! Where are your statistics on the meth lab concentraion here? After they moved sudafed behind the counters at stores, the meth lab count plummeted here.

    • Keith's a loser

      IF the police are hired to “PROTECT AND SERVE”, does that mean they can serve the beer now that Wally can’t? DOES WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS MAKE IT BETTER OR MORE TRUE?

  • Richard O

    FREE WALLY !!!!!

  • Kevin

    Who the hell is paying for this?????

  • PO PO is POO POO

    PO PO Needs better things to do besides pick on Wally! F Da Police!

    • ??

      You’re an idiot. F dat commentor!

  • Hey_Beerman

    The undercover agent came up to me at the Twins game before he came up to Wally. I carded him and refused to sell to him. There is no entrapment. They were going randomly. I was in section 103, Ed was in section 105, Wally was in section 107.

  • Gog

    Win or lose, Wally will not get his job back at the stadium. He and others caught in the alcohol compliance checks are a corporate liability.

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