ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Radio host Garrison Keillor will be turning off the microphone and retiring in 2013.

Keillor, the host of A Prairie Home Companion, told AARP Bulletin that he plans to retire in spring 2013 but first, he says, he needs to find a replacement.

“I am planning to retire in the spring of 2013, but first I have to find my replacement. I’m pushing forward and also I’m in denial. It’s an interesting time of life,” Keillor told AARP Bulletin.

A Prairie Home Companion first aired July 6, 1974, at the Janet Wallace Auditorium at Macalester College in St. Paul.

Now the show can be heard by more than 4 million listeners each week on 590 public radio stations.

Click here to read the article from AARP Bulletin.

Comments (14)
  1. Fire Walker says:

    yay, now we have to find someone else to perpetuate the “we’re all dumb Norge farmers” around the country.

    Bummer for your MPR. You didn’t need that money anyways right. 😉

    1. Sandy says:

      And you have a good day yourself Fire Walker, Some of us really enjoy Garrison Keiller. He does not portray us like you say but portrays a simplier time in life that some of us like to remember. It will be sad to see him go. Thank you Garrison for all the memories.

      1. Fire Walker says:

        If you’d ever lived somewhere else and read his weekly column you’d have a clue. Hope you won’t miss the Writer’s Almanac. It’ll be sad to see it go.

        BTW, people on the coasts think MN is big joke. Ever heard of Fargo? It’s a movie.

      2. Sandy says:

        I have lived in California but I have also lived in small town MN and the storys that Garrison tell are more fact than fiction, that is why they are so much fun to listen to,. Lighten up a little, a smile or two is nice once in a while. I have lived the life with the church suppers and the hotdish’s and everyone sitting around talking at the cafe in town and I tell you I rather miss those days and wish I could go back to them.

  2. tiredandretired says:

    I love how all of the haters will jump on here to malign Garrison Keillor. You know, all of those highly-successful folks whom have accomplished so much more than he has…..

  3. John O says:

    It’s about time. I can’t believe how much he gets paid to tell ficticous stories to aging adults. One of the biggest scams of all times. Bye Bye!

  4. John O says:

    Maybe now he have time to get a haircut and trim those eyebrows. Good Lord!!

  5. RightUnite says:

    Good Riddance.

  6. Tea says..... says:

    I like Garrison… a point! I grew up listening to the PHC…..and it still gives me warm fuzzies to do so….
    BUT…he has made it public he’s a left wing nut….
    The TRUE test….Will he stay in MN when he’s done? I bet NOT! (too many taxes..)
    AND….do you think this has anything to do with the fact public radio MAY lose fed funding?
    I BET NOT!!!

    1. pat says:

      I agree Tea, I used to enjoy his radio program occasionally, until I heard him rant and rave like a mad man about President Bush, he sounded unhinged. No more for me.

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    Saturday night live took a crack at Garrison on the News skit a few weeks ago.

  8. cactusflower says:

    Garrison may find a replacement, but he himself cannot be replaced. The Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keillor are synonymous; he is unique, his genius is unique; so is his voice, whether spoken or singing. His personality is one-or-a-kind, his mind is unfathomable, and his humor is fresh and funny. He is truly a product of the times in which he grew up, and a younger host could not possibly understand or view the world through this vast repertoire of experience. No one can reach the depths of human emotion through the medium of storytelling like Garrison. I have listened to the program throughout the years and its various incarnations, and there is always one constant about the show, and that is Garrison Keillor. The Prairie Home Companion will not be the same without its creator. Please reconsider, Mr. Keillor.

  9. LA says:

    why wait until 2013, we dont need that much notice. retire

  10. Hugh Jass says:

    Can’t be soon enough. This guy is a goofball. Do you think he will promise to move away and never bother us again ???

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