MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police are investigating after a stray bullet hit an adult man in the buttocks Saturday night in a Minneapolis park near the Augsburg College campus.

Police said the bullet was fired from several blocks away by an unknown shooter. No arrests have been made, but police said they don’t think the shooter was affiliated with Augsburg College.

The shooting ended an Augsburg Indigenous Student Association and American Indian Powwow event that was taking place at the Si Medley Gymnasium on 23rd Avenue South in Minneapolis. Police said the victim was in attendance at the powwow.

The victim was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police will continue to investigate the shooting.

Comments (35)
  1. Skeezer says:

    Takin’ it up the butt at Augsburg… Lovely.

  2. Sarah Stiger says:

    Pain int he arse… literally!

  3. Wilson McTicklewillow says:

    Sadly, it’s another event shot in the a$$ due to needless violence in Minneapolis.

  4. fred says:

    Minneapolis…..getting a little more like Detroit everyday.

  5. whosdat says:

    What do you expect, they need more cops on the street in Minneapolis. Their call load is horrible and the moral is down. The need to build up the force like never before and combat these thugs!

  6. cynthia briscoe says:

    Minneapolis is nothing like Detroit. Detroit is a poor city with a lot hell. No Jobs, No health care for seniors. All they do in that city is rob and sell drugs. That why so many of them folks leave. Some with still bull…. in mind!

    1. playgirlz1 says:

      and what the hell news do you watch its the same thing here robbing and selling drugs plus let kill and you say its not like Detroit but they call it here moneyapolis wake up and rose the bs you just drop or was it you face that droped on this one

      1. johnnycmoun says:

        Go back to school

      2. Ignorant says:

        I agree, http://www.fafsa.com, you will need money.

      3. Skeezer says:

        Ignorant. Lovely sentence construction as well. You got yer edumacashon girl !!!

  7. Jackel says:

    We need a dunno… GUN CONTROL???

    Why do republicans insist on giving illegals and criminals guns?

    1. johnnycmoun says:

      Hey Jackel its our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. People like you who don’t know …. about our constitution and legal rights to be an American are pathetic. Why don’t you move out of this country and see how fair your treated here. Why not put people with illegal arms in prison for 50 years or more, The target audience you should be blaming is pretty obvious w/o pointing fingers at cultures.

      1. Ron says:

        Criiminals and illegals by law are prohibited from owning firearms. Let me search the law books…… Shooting someone in the a** is illegal tooalso just plain rude…. As well as discharging a firearm within city limits.. @ Jackel… DEWD!!!!! take a reality pillll

        The bad guys will do whatever irregardless of some piece of paper…

    2. Minh says:

      The real question is…

      Why do democrats insist on giving illegals and criminals our hard earned money?

  8. SheSaid says:

    Huh?? Quit drinking the kool-aid, Jackel… “illegals” and criminals as you call it, will find a way to get weapons whether there is a ban/law in place or not. The whole point of having the Right to Bear Arms is to allow the law abiding citizens the opportunity to protect themselves. We are not as civilized a country as some people like to think. And last I knew — the Rebublicans weren’t “giving” anyone guns.

  9. Jackel says:

    Republicans are responsible for the tremendous amount of firearms in the US. Our forefathers never expected this to happen.

    In Mexico 90% of all illegals guns used in crimes and murders originated from US gun stores.

    These are facts you cannot twist your way out of!!!

    1. Proud2BConservative says:

      Haha, really Jackel? And it’s the goofy liberals that are buying them and shooting at things they shouldn’t be shooting at. Guess our forefathers didn’t expect people to lose every sensible thought pattern they possessed back in the day, and use the firearms to shoot and kill random people.

      Sooo sick of the Democrat blame-game mindset. Every simple story gets twisted into a political view by people who have nothing better to do. Get over yourself and remember…PEOPLE kill people, and if the firearms didn’t exist the goofy ones would certainly be figuring out other ways to do it.

  10. Annie says:

    Well said Jackel!

    Although telling a republican to limit guns is like telling a dog to not eat that rotten meat1

    1. Johnnycmoun says:

      Or like telling a Democrat to get a job!

      1. The Jackel says:

        — The percentage of education among democrats is much much higher than republicans. They do work, but in educated fields, unlike you I presume…

      2. johnnycmoun says:

        Are you saying that all Democrats are educators and teach in higher learning? I have great respect for teachers but I pray that you are not one of them teaching our children Jackel…. you left handed moron

  11. SheSaid says:

    Posing blame never seems to help resolve problems. I find it amusing you want to put such a generalized tag on such a large group of individuals. Should you ever (and I hope not!) find a crazed person in your home because they have nothing to fear – as in – knowing you aren’t armed, what are you going to do? Again, I ask: how in the world are Republicans ‘responsible’ for the amount of firearms in the states? Are you saying the gun shop owners and manufacturers are all republicans? Are you saying if owning your own business (whatever that may be) is a ‘republican’ thing? I also find it soo iinteresting that those who blame republicans for all the problems in the U.S. deem all their information as facts. I’ve never seen so many people walking around with blinders on. ….

  12. Big Ed says:

    Jackel: You are poorly informed: In addition to counter the 90% myth which is actually 12%:


    1. The Jackel says:

      Ah, that is a right wing company D-Bag and highly polarized….

      The truth is 90% of guns used in Mexican crime comes from the US. This is from a well known and non-political study. To try and tell you though, is like telling that alley cat, ‘Don’t eat that rotten meat” … not going to happen…

      1. SheSaid says:

        Ok, the name calling doesn’t sound like it comes from a higher education…. it sounds to me like you are JUST as polarized. Personally, I respect making informed decisions based on ALL available resources, vs. listening to a bunch of hoo-ey from puppets (a.k.a. politicians). Why don’t you combine your polarized views with those of the contrary and see what you come up with on your own on this topic, as well as others that are “hot”. 🙂

      2. RON says:

        Search “Operation Gunwalker” CBS news reported about Firearms being allowed to walk across the border while the ATF did nothing. This is under congressional investigation. Teh problem with That so called firearms tracking. Is the only ones that could be tracked were tracked back to america. International arms trades are basically untracable. Most of the weapons confiscated have came from actually the US military as some form of the other in AID to central american ntions and to the meican government itself.

        The true irony here is that he Mexicalis are freaking out over the traffic of a small number of firearms acroos the border. While they look the other way while hordes travers the border daily. If the FED and the Mexicalis really got serious about sealing the border. The drug money would dissapear and the cartels would go broke. The illegal waves of migrants would stay in their own country and build their own nation.

        The Usa would benefit in reduced crime, reduced, social programs, less education costs for illegals’ children’s education, Less Emergency room utiliization, less costs for incarceration of criminal illegals, Less drugs in america, less prisoners in prison due to drug crimes, less drug addiction, less drug related crimes…

        The only thing I can see who would suffer would be the Businesses who enjoy the cheap labor. The criminal justice system having to get smallaer as less criminal activity. Lots of defense lawyers of unemployed, less spending on non english speaking illegals and their children.. Social workers ect… HMMM sounds like a plan to me…

      3. Skeezer says:

        Oh snap… Don’t ya hate it when the facts get in the way of a good fight ?

    2. playgirlz1 says:

      That is so true but he wouldn’t know that its not 90% as he said maybe your looking for 12%. Great website but he is the 1% that doesn’t have a clue but speaks facts that he is truly clueless on !!!!! you need real help

  13. RSM says:

    Move to Canada they have gun control see how good its working. Oh ya they get all of their guns from the USA too right?? Grow up we need to put people in prison for life who violate gun laws. Oh by the way do they get all their knifes they use to cut people up in Mexico from the USA.

  14. Kittagakonce Sutten says:

    I think it is disresepectful because it was a powwow and people were there with their families. What if it was a child who was shot instead. I am saying that totally was uncalled for. At that time and place. The violence needs to stop in our communties. But it is an ongoing cycle and resolution needs to be found.

  15. Thomas calling it a day says:

    We just got a fricken country that is full up of bad people. Wimpy laws, no respect for anyone or anything, just a country that flat out has gone to hell in many ways. Theree’s no easy solution. Courts need to toughen up and we all know that. But we don’t want higher taxes to build. So over-crowing means they always walk.
    I HTG give up around here. Very depressing to watch the USA fall apart like it is. Time to make a move as they say and heading north to become a Canuck away from the cities. Soon as the house is sold we are on the road. Wish you all luck here

  16. PAUL says:

    It’s a BIG problem out there it’s NOT democratic or republican it’s criminal we as a nation need to find a way were people cannot buy guns anywhere they please we need to enforce the Brady Bill to the 9’s a maditory waiting period on ALL hand guns is needed and a BAN on ALL assault rifle period. guns are for hunting game and target practice NOT FOR HUNTING CANS (AMERICANS,AFRICANS,MEXICANS, ETC.

  17. Victim Du Jour says:

    Maybe it was “Speedy Gonzalas”, he shoots his gun after he says “Reeba Reeba undah-lay undah-lay” and hit the guy on accident.

    1. pacd says:

      victim du jour are you really this stupid or just an act

  18. bob says:

    why u guys like playing butt darts

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