MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Republican legislators think they have a way to keep Minnesotans on welfare from spending their benefits on booze, smokes and lottery tickets: They’d keep them from taking more than $20 in benefits in cash.

Right now, welfare recipients can use their electronic benefits cards to withdraw much of their monthly allotment in cash. The proposed legislation would require more people on welfare to get a second card to use for cash withdrawal, and would limit that to no more than $20 a month.

Sen. Doug Magnus of Slayton said he introduced the bill because convenience store owners told him they saw people withdraw cash with their electronic benefits cards and use it to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

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  1. LH says:

    This has been going on for years, why now try to do something about it? I don’t think they should have any cash balance available if they are going to use EBT cards. WIC members can’t cash their WIC checks so why should someone with an EBT card be able to take cash and use it for “unapproved” items??

    1. Carmen Quarford says:

      There not unapproved items. Some of us should have never had to be on this God given program. And it really upsets me. What if you work and get cash benefits……….WHATEVER! Life sucks as we know

  2. JamieinMN says:

    They shouldn’t be able to withdraw ANY cash!

  3. Cassondra says:

    i work at a convenience store and for the past 3 years i have seen many people that have an EBT card purchase non essential food items to begin with. Sure the state has restrictions that the card can be used for but when it is okay for one to buy energy drinks, pop, candy, and other non essentials but not able to buy water thats a little messed up. i think the state needs to reconsider thee entire card and not just the cash section of it considering the cash section can be used to buy other essentials like toilet paper and necessities.

    1. St Paul says:

      Agree! Good post Cassondra!

  4. Andre says:

    & how do they pay their Rent, Xcel or Phone bills? pay for kids clothes or diapers? just cause some abuse their cash doesnt mean all do. I know numerous single moms who get the $437 a month in cash & cant afford most places & cigarettes are the last thing they spend money on. I think the Republicans should worry more about the people making over $100,000 a yr scamming taxes than women making under $20,000 a yr.
    what a joke, always picking on the poor.
    Restricting people who make under $20,000 a yr just creates more depression & people more likely to commit crimes since politicians in limos dont care.

    1. James says:

      Andre, the simple fact is that the EBT cash ISN’T THEIR MONEY TO SPEND. It’s allocated to them, but it’s not their money. They certainly didn’t EARN it. Here’s a thought, they go get a job, cancel the cell phone, and disconnect the cable. Republicans are worried more about the people making 100,000 a year because there are less and less of them left to fit your bill. What are you going to say when those “rich” folk move out of state? Who are you going to cry to then Andre?

      1. dphilips says:

        when the rich move out of state we will say GOOD RIDDANCE!!

      2. Carmen Quarford says:

        Let them move, I know one that ruined my life

    2. Darren says:

      To those making under $20,000.00 and are on welfare. You are welcome that I am working 2 jobs and paying my taxes so you can be on welfare. And by the way, I chose not too have kids because I can’t afford them. Quit being a victim, you made the choice to have kids.

    3. WelfareRatsGoNow says:

      Andre, they will have the EBT as a Visa card to pay the bills. All bill companies accept visa. And if they are making $437 a month plus however much the get for each kid now a days, adds up to a lot of free money which is a GIFT not a RIGHT. Unless you earn it, it’s not yours. And what most likely will happen is the crime rate will go down because with this reform, the ones that cause the problems will go to another state to get cash. Which means we will get our neighborhoods back from these crums!

    4. Carmen Quarford says:

      Thank you Andre like I said some of us should have never been on this program

    5. Mother of 4 says:

      Hey Andrew tell em to get to work! I’m a mother of 4 and have worked since In was 14. I relied on the government one time in my 34 years of life it was only for about 6 moths because my daughters umbilical cord and my placenta became unattached. And so many complications after I had too. There is work out there even during the tough times out there, all the McDonald’s I visit are hiring so what they start @ 7.50 an hour at least its a start, the government supplies child care, get off your lazy butt and go to work. I’m sick of all the whining! You whine because you run out of money 3 days after the first, you whine because you have no money to buy diapers, you whine because the food shelf was closed, you whine because you can’t get your emergency assistance for 5 more months, what is wrong with you people? When you whine about these things to your friends that bust their butt every day and never rely on anyone you think they appreciate it? You think I like being whined too because the church wouldn’t help you for the 3rd time in a year? I think the government should make everyone who does get help do community service to get the money they get. Get a JOB!

      I wanted to say these things for so long, thanks for giving me a chance!
      God I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest for a long time! Thanks.

  5. Samantha DeGroot says:

    As someone who has needed county aide before i can tell you that anyone who think they are more able to gage what you should and should be able to spend your cash benifit on is an arrogant jerk. I lived as a family of 4 with two babies in diapers i got 503 cash. i had to pay rent out of that. not all landlords will accept vendor payments (payments the county pays out of your cash portion before it comes on your card) and I think untill you have lived like that you should shut up. I’m happy i am not in that bracket anymore but with all the job losses and other economic problems limiting and forsing the lower class into a more ridged controled life style will only back fire later on

    1. lib says:

      Dear Samantha, if you would like to spend “your” money where you want, buy all means feel free to get a job and earn it. You are on welfare, that is a handout from the state earned by taxpayers. If you accept money from others you have to expect to be told how to spend it. It is charity, you are not “entitled” to it.

      1. Wilbur says:

        lib, so you attack a person for merely explaining that not all landlords will take vouchers and that is why they need cash. You should not be so much offense to someone trying to make a point of why an honest person would need cash.

      2. lib says:

        Yoou are not entitled to anyyone else’s money Wilbur, no matter how much you need it or how honest you are.

    2. Ryan K says:

      As a wise person told me once. One who makes there own money controls there life and does what they want with there money. One who receives money from others control none of there life thus should be told how to spend there money. I am sick of hearing about poor moms and poor this. Simple answer shouldn’t had that many kids in the first place. I’m in my 30’s I have no kids I don’t receive welfare I live within my means. It isn’t that hard and if I lost my job I would get another one not that hard. I don’t need 50,000 a year to live off I live off 17,000 a year. If we got rid of welfare and section 8 in this state my rent would go down dramatically and I could have more money in my pocket. Anyone who is on welfare should have to scrub toilets and pick trash off the side of the highway to pay for there welfare. Then well see how many stay on it.

      1. Ralph says:

        There are a few flaws in your thinking.
        1. Your rent would not go down without any section 8 housing. Renting is a business to make money. They will charge you as much as they can get. If they told you it was because they can get that much for section 8 just think who they would rather have you more irritated at? It worked.
        2. The old names was aid to family with dependent children. Now there is a time limit on it. The law changed over 10 years ago.

      2. sad says:

        Not true, if you accept sec 8 you can get about 50% more in rent than from a standard renter.

      3. Ralph says:

        @ sad, You proved my point. The landlord may get 50% more for section 8 but my point was that you can’t blame section 8 for the high rent. If there was no section * would you then expect rents to drop considering expenses? A landlord will get as much as they can. I have known quite a few.

      4. sad says:

        Ralph, I am a landlord and rental property doesn’t run for free, it cost’s me $350.00 per month per unit to cover expenses, including the astronomical property tax bill, and all other “fees”, this does not include debt reduction, and we keep our property in good condition.

    3. Darren says:

      Simple, Don’t have kids you can’t afford and make me pay for them.

      1. WelfareRatsGoNow says:

        Yea Section 8 pays much more then normal rate of rent which does push up the prices around town. It’s no big surprise that sec 8 “communities” are nothing but drugs, gangs, n thugs that live in most of them which brings the trash in which drops property values so other people have to raise rent to help cover the losses, plus since the trash lives in sec 8, they cause so much more damage to the places so the deposits are all sucked up, and the landlord knows suing these roaches wont help because they have nothing to loose.

    4. dphilips says:

      Well said Samantha!

    5. REDBARRON says:

      Samantha… so if you were so poor just what n the heck were you doing having babies you couldn’t support? There should be a one baby limit on welfare… if you can’t feedm’ don’t breedm’ …

    6. Ali J. says:

      I agree, I’m a single mom that is allowed that much monthly. I also know quite a few more people in the same situation as I am, and we don’t abuse our cash benefits as such. I for one am not one of those people who smoke or drink. I do, however think they should watch the people who do abuse it, not just lump every poor struggling person together, 20$ dollars a month for withdrawl is ridiculous, also think, that a lot people also have to pay that stupid withdrawl fee that can get as high as $3 each time you do it. I know a lot of people that will just take it all off at one time or at least as much as possible just so they don’t lose out on what they’ve actually been granted. I wish these “officials” would just step into our shoes for at least over a month and do everything they can the right way (like some of us) and see if they will come up with that same plan as they’re doing right now, they think they understand just because they listen, but let them try living it, only then will they truly understand. Just because we are on welfare doesn’t mean we are welfare cases, and it is partially earned if your are doing well and following your set goal plans they will not sanction you, if you’re sanctioned you will not receive your payment. It is a very good learning experience for not just younger people but anyone who is on it, to teach responsibility. just so you can get back up on your feet.
      They should just make it a more of a complex system just to weed out the abusers, not punish everyone as a group.

      1. lib says:

        Telll me Ali J, when you had your child, were you married, or did you just expect the Taxpayer to pay your way?

        1. KM says:

          There is no doubt that there are many, many people who legitimately need assistance. I have no problem at all with my tax dollars going towards helping them. By implementing laws to control where the tax payer’s money goes, and therefore decrease fraud, will only allow for more money to be available to those who really need it. The MAIN problem is the way the system is set up now only encourages irresponsible behavior for many many many welfare recipients. My proposal would be for the state to pay for ANY woman or man (rich or poor) to have their tubes tied or a vasectomy for free plus $1,000 cash. Or, if a woman wants to do temporary birth control (Depo shot or other birth control that is temporary, but done by a doctor), the state would pay for it and each time the woman would get a $50 food or gas or bus gift card or something like that. And, for those on actively welfare, in order to receive their benefits, they would have to choose one of the two aforementioned options. If you need the tax payer’s support, you absolutely should not be able to get pregnant during that time! Let’s start by preventing children from being born that people cannot afford to care for. I recently learned from a friend who’s friend is trying to adopt here that the agency said they have only placed one child in the last year because the parent(s) are choosing to keep the child(ren) once they learn how much money they can “make” from the government for keeping them. Once the children are here, it is hard to punish the parents for bad behavior without punishing the children. That being said, it sure still makes sense to do whatever we have to in order to prevent fraud as much as possible.

      2. Lisa says:

        God Bless you Mother of 4.
        I am a mother of two,,I have a husband but we are not rich and we both have worked since we were 14. People who were raised by parents with a good work ethic raise children with a good work ethic. The vicious cycle continues. People who are handed a section eight voucher will never work hard enough to lose that free money because it is too easy.. It makes me sick.. I hate paying for people to sit home smoke butts at 7.00 a pack and drink beer at 6.00 a six pack while I bust my ASSSSS all day on my feet. Welfare should have a six month limit.. period. Like you said.. McDonalds is hiring. Learn to live on a budget. We all do.. Tons of charities will give clothes to babies and children.. Come to my thrift shop.. I will. parents.. well.. there is no excuse for your laziness.

  6. Slayton's Welfare says:

    Unemployment in Slayton is at an all ime high. Welfare is running rampant. 10 unemployed men and 2 women seen buying 7Up and saltine crackers. Big party at known democrat.

    We should setup a grocery store in Lake Wobegon for these low lifes. Why let them have any cash?

    I want my taxes going to other things like wages, health care, per diems, and pensions for our elected officials.

    Regardless of how big this problem is, we voted and you ran in the last election of getting the economy going. You are ASSuming that we are stupid and that we will vote our pocket books again. Mr. Rove you under estimate us. You have been crossing the line and we will take back our government. We will put Corporate America in their place. We are more determined that you are the enemy and not the under privileged. You are SUCKing out our lives not some guy or gal in Slayton.

  7. Al says:

    I think it is very ignorant to make the assumption that people using an EBT card are all irresponsible dead beats buying booze, cigarettes, and junk food. My disabled daughter is on cash assistance that allows her a measly $89 a month after her entire disability check goes to cover the expense of her living in a group home. She doesn’t work yet, she’s in a job skills training program. She doesn’t smoke, drink, or blow her $89 -she can’t afford to. I’m sick of self-righteous people, generally with an R behind their name, lumping my disabled child in with everyone else whom they obviously feel so morally superior to. They might be quick to say “oh, I didn’t mean these people!” No, you meant *those people* – the one’s you see with haughty eyes. Don’t know what haughty means? Look it up. You can find it in your Bible in the verse about the things God despises.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I’m not assuming anything, NOR grouping your daughter with anyone. I KNOW people out there need it, and I KNOW people use it correctly. But I’ve also seen a HIGH number of people abuse these benefits (worked at a gas station). I think drug tests would be SUPERB and I would be all for paying extra taxes to enforce drug tests.

    2. lib says:

      If it is so measly, give it back.

    3. Sandy says:

      This is just the type of overdramatization that is tiresome. No one is saying “all people”, there are categories of those who are responsible and those that are not. Those that are not responsible need someone to look after their spending and that tends to be a large number of them. Even though I believe the bible to be true, I get real tired of the quotations. Most of the people on this website don’t believe what you believe but they do respond to reason. Al’s being overly sensitive because he has a daughter that’s disabled, so what. I have a brother that is disabled and Joe and Mike have second cousins that are disabled. Let’s stop putting forth our personal tales of woe and acting like we’re entitled because we’re in a special situation. Everyone could tell their sad tale and have a reason for wanting the government’s money. It’s time to sacrifice and pay our own way with little help from the government. The more you rely on them, the more they control your life.

    4. dphilips says:

      I totally agree!

  8. Murph says:

    The majority of Americans certainly already despise the “R’s “. By the time the year is out virtually everyone will.They will be the only ones who have any cash to spend on cigs,fancy booze, and all the trappings of their ‘class” of superior people! If they want to act ugly to the disadvantaged they won’t have far to look! Nobody is immune to their plan! It’s a cookbook! Most of us are on their menu in one recipe or another.Just wait and see!

    1. Sam I am says:

      Yeah and Obama isn’t a Socialist. Right….You can’t give awa y the bank and expect to have any money left. HELLO.

      1. Walker says:

        See the Bush tax cuts. Had a surplus when he took office, had a recession and a deficit when he left

    2. Jen says:

      More and more people are becoming conservative because of the exponential increase in welfare recipients. That’s the democrats voting base – the welfare recipients who don’t want to see the money stop coming. The welfare recipients have now received the right to have accountability for what they spend the taxpayers’ money on because there are too many that spend it foolishly and enable their dependence. I’ve seen it time and again – mothers who keep on having children and they have no father around because of the mother’s choice in having relations with an irresponsible man. Then the children have to pay for it along with the taxpayers. I have a brother who keeps crying about how he has to support his family because he no longer has a wife. He treated her badly and this is the consequence. She was a good person who he took advantage of. I do have to give him credit for working hard for his sons although he continues to choose to spend time with a nutty girlfriend rather than his children. When you make bad choices in life you pay, and most choices by these single mothers and fathers had led them down a lifestyle that requires us taxpayers to cough up more and more money.

      1. Ms. P says:

        That’s funny. You coughing up more and more money… To who? Welfare recipients receive the same amount they received back in 1982. So who’s getting this “more and more money”? Lol!

  9. Help up not a hand out! says:

    I have no problem giving a hand up its the hand out I have issue with, We donate to the local food banks every month the reason we do that is we have used it while times were bad. We also volenteer about 10 hours a week helping the less fortunate people in our area. I think people like Murph and some others are just angery people who really dont understand! God Bless!

    1. dphilips says:

      Oh you Righteous Republicans!

  10. billy bob says:

    How about random drug tests for ANYONE who is on a government funded program. Health care to food plans. If you fail the drug test you are off the tax money for one month. If you pass you can keep your $20 a month.

    1. Fred says:

      Michelle Bachman get subsidies with a farm. It could be entertaining to see what drugs are in her system
      Any idea how much a drug test costs? Since they would be screening for multiple drugs I bet it would be near $50. Some body will have the answer.

      1. Fred says:

        Being fair to all politicians here. A few years to late for Jesse to know what was in his system some days, and I am sure a few would love to see Mark Dayton have a slip

      2. WelfareRatsGoNow says:

        Michelle Bachmann need to insert her head into the business end of a bull! Because we know what comes out of her mouth is pure S***!

    2. Abby says:

      What would the cost of the drug tests be?!? If people need money for food, help them out. However, I don’t want to be paying for someone else’s food, just so they can spend “their money” on beer, drugs or a nail job! NO cash should be allowed, only money through a card to buy the essentials (FOOD ONLY). End of story. I would rather see us put more energy into putting healthier food on the approved list than waste time doing drug tests.

    3. Carmen Quarford says:

      A month, how about a year?

  11. Linda says:

    But also it needs to be taken into consideration that either they make it possible to use ebt cards to pay bills like prepaid card or not put a max or min to be withdrawn. I am a ebt client that is disabled and do not smoke or drink or do drugs and need the money to pay my bills and rent and to do that need to withdraw from the card.

    1. Jan says:

      I don’t know your personal situation, Linda. But you sound like you are able to intelligently articulate yourself and I applaud you for not indulging yourself in drugs/ alcohol. However, what would you do if you had to rely on the personal generosity of people, say, from your church and there was no government help like it used to be 100 years ago? You probably wouldn’t be able to afford your computer. You’d be forced to go to the library and use theirs. Your comment is appreciated, however there comes a time to stop the governments generosity vis a vis the taxpayer and allow greater personal responsibility by getting help that is close to home where accountability can fluorish.

      1. DARREN says:

        Jan, Your right, Linda sounds like a great lady. Love to help those type of people.

      2. Carmen Quarford says:

        The library is the worse place to use the computer. Thugs get in there and somehow get your info up.

    2. sad says:

      Do you pay for your computer and cell phone with this money? How about cable? Dellivery pizza? If so you are receiving too much.

    3. Carmen Quarford says:

      Yes, thank you Linda.

  12. Jordan's Drunk says:

    I agree and we should do drug and alcohol testing on our representative from Jordan.

    We need our elected officials to work on improving the economy.

    1. Alan says:

      Maybe that is why they are doing drugs, they don’t have an answer.

    2. WelfareRatsGo says:

      I do also agree with you Jordan’s Drunk! However, the economy problems start at the top.. Not all at the bottom of the barrel. What we need is a new form of government that REALLY works for the PEOPLE and not just say they will. We need to take care of our own first!

      1. Carmen Quarford says:

        Now we are on drinking. Test the Judges they judge us and they drink on their lunch.

  13. Jon M says:

    Here’s a new card for the taxpayer to carry. It’s a card that proves you are not collecting government assistance of any kind, whether unemployment, wellfare, disability or whatever. And you need to show it in order to buy alcohol, pull-tabs, lotto tickets, smokes, candy or fast food. The first time you sign up for govt. help of any kind, we yank your card and no more goodies for you. Talk about fresh incentive to find a job!

    1. dphilips says:

      Thats it! pull yourself up by the bootstraps son!

    2. bob says:

      Make it fair. No money then if you work for the government, the company you work for gets government subsidies or is any way affiliated with the government. Might as well even make it so that if any of your extended family does any of the above you can’t do it. After all, shouldn’t you be taking care of family first? Be prepared for plenty of bootlegged candy, smokes and fast food.

    3. JamieinMN says:

      Ooooh I like that one 😀

  14. Patrick J says:

    Funny about how many folks get all worked up about a de minimis portion of the budget. One and one half cents of every tax dollar goes to fund “welfare”. These benefits have been frozen for about 20 years. If some do spend their pittance on candy or pop, natural consequences will occur because they will have nothing for the rest of the month. So the real question is: How much more money do we want to spend enforcing archaic rules on the poor?

  15. Michele says:

    How are you going to get OR keep a job without bus fare, without gas money? Without clothes to wear, without a way to pay for a babysitter?

    And – this is going to shock you – many people on the welfare lines have paid taxes in the past.

    The arrogance here is disgusting.

    1. Tc Radiodj says:

      I agree with you Michelle.. However, the plus side to this, is the fact that the people that are abusing the system and using the cash for drinking and drugs, will no longer be able to get cash here which means they will have to leave the state and find some other state to leech off of. Which is a huge plus for us!. We may be able to have our neighborhoods back finally!

      1. WelfareRatsGo says:

        I totally agree with you TC. All the trash must go! This will be a huge clean up for the garbage that runs our streets at night, smokes, drinks deals drugs and rips off the system. I say PASS this bill and get rid of the garbage!

    2. Alicia says:

      How nice to FINALLY read the voice of reason. Many of the people here don’t even understand the difference between cash benefits and food benefits. I have not even come close to receiving as much in aid, nor will I, as I have paid into this system in taxes. Those of you that would gladly spend your $$$ on drug testing, well that is more expensive than paying the benefits. And those of you who say “we all have our tales of woe” I noticed your examples were not yours personally. How cavalier of you, I’ll bet you are sitting in your home working on your computer, which people receiving public assistance evidently aren’t supposed to have. And by the way learn your “there” and “their”s and your “to” and “too”s or just be quiet. Oh and FYI I have no children, I don’t drink, smoke or gamble. I never thought I’d be here, I don’t want to be here, but even with ignorant arrogant people like you breaking me down I’m trying. And for all of you waving the bible “there but the grace of God go I”. Yes Michelle I was reading this string and losing hope, the arrogance here is disgusting. Good Luck

      1. WelfareRatsGo says:

        Alicia please don’t be ashamed of getting help if you need it. That is what it is there for. However we have those around which are at least 60% of the people on the “program” do not deserve it. I understand the disabled that is a given and I have no issue with people with disabilities getting the assistance. I donate thousands of dollars to charities like St. Jude. The people that boil me however, are the ones that come here with the intention of defrauding our state since we pay real good welfare. The pop kids out faster then rabbits knowing all the kids are for is a check. They are neglected and abused, and then there are those that are shipped in here from other countries. BOO HOO! Slam that door shut!. If people want to come here, then get a damn job! Why should we give all these foreigners a free ride while we can’t even take care of our own people. My friend who is 40, white male, no children, worked since he was 16 non stop became disabled. He went begging for help and was told all he could get was medical insurance. He paid his taxes, did everything by the book and they more or less slammed the door in his face. Why? because he isn’t a foreigner and he has no kids. Why is our government so crooked and wrong? Why do we cater to all these foreigners and baby breeders? Something has to change!

      2. Jan says:

        Alicia is another example of a bitter, entitled welfare recipient. No one’s trying to break her down but she has that victim mentality that is ultrasensitive to any comment about anti welfare. Alicia, are you so frail that you lose hope by reading people’s comments who don’t even know you? Perhaps the reason you’re so sensitive is because it hits a nerve, perhaps you’re not guiltless in this situation. The grammar was flawless by the way.

  16. Tc Radiodj says:

    I think it is fair to limit the card to $20.00 cash and have a visa card for the remaining balance where bills can be paid. Virtually everyone except maybe a landlord takes visa. All utils do take them. Hopefully this makes it so that bills are paid with it and not anything else like lotto, cigs, booze, ect.

  17. Tc Radiodj says:

    I do a lot of karaoke shows in bars and on the last day of the month, about midnight, I have a line of people at the ATM pulling cash out and most going and sitting at the bar. This is a prime reason for this. This money is NOT a right. It is a privilege! Drinking up that money, smoking up that money is NOT what it was meant for. Sadly for those that use the program correctly, those are the ones that will suffer the most…

  18. right says:

    This is not fair. I need that cash to buy stuff.

    1. Carmen Quarford says:

      It isn’t fair when you lose your job because of a bunch of druggies either. Try to keep the workforce clean and they abuse you.

  19. Midway Murph says:

    I think this quote puts all of this in perspective:
    I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.

    Benjamin Franklin

    1. Rick says:

      Excellent quotation. The more we rely on government, the more they have a say in our lives. Let’s stop taking their money so easily.

  20. ann says:

    I think the drug testing would be a good idea besides making people show what they get with the tax payers money and the people who are very lazy and cannot get out and get a job do not let them have the benifits unless they are working. if they are layed off and with out a job they should be looking for a job even if it is a part time job at mcdonalds flipping burgers. I understand the ecconmy is not the best but there is jobs out there and some people are to lazy to go get the part time jobs. They all want the big paying jobs or nothing at all. lets all look at the big picture. The people who first come to this country who do not have to pay taxes start making them pay taxes when they work this would be a plan then there would not be any deficit. Another plan get the goverment to stay out of all the other countries business.

    1. WelfareRatsGo says:

      I agree Ann! Drug testing is manditory on a random basis. County pays for screenings that are clean. Offenders pay for dirty ones and loose benefits for a month for the first offense. Second loose benefits for 3 months, and 3rd dirty loose it for a year. Also, make it required like unemployment to those able to work, to be active in looking for a job, require proofs of those applications and workers verify those applications. This would also get rid of much un needed people in our state!. The couch breeders would really be in a jam!

      1. Stella says:

        People who are getting cash benefits already have to apply for work when they are capable of working. They also have to send in to a worker every week that they are seeking employment.

  21. Jennifer says:

    A lot of people have been laid off by large employers where they made enough to support themselves and their families. Getting a job at McDonald’s or even two fast food jobs is not gonna help them. Especially if they have to pay daycare expenses and if they have to work nights there are not too many daycare options for those hours. I know in our tri-county area the people who are abusing the welfare system are from Somalia. Most of them continue to breed and we keep giving them more and more. They usually have two or more adults in the household that work but then they don’t report all the income cause nobody wants to check into it because they don’t want to offend people so they just let it go. They also play the “I don’t speak English” routine when a lot of them can speak and understand English very clearly. How about grow a pair and investigate these people just like they do everyone else! I had a tough time at one point and I had to use some of the welfare programs but it was for a short time and I should have the right to have that option cause I paid taxes and worked before I got laid off and I have a job now and currently pay taxes now.

    1. WelfareRatsGo says:

      Amen to that Jennifer! It’s about time america starts taking care of americans FIRST! Nothing makes me more angry then our government shipping all these foreigners over here, letting them live here tax free, give them thousands of dollars a month, free housing, ect while americans that work and get laid off get nothing, veterans are living under bridges and no one cares. No wonder why so many country’s are going after their leaders and governments. We should be doing the same thing! Damnit already! America should take care of US FIRST!

  22. Pete says:

    Is it O.K. to use my unemployment money to buy smokes with?

  23. dphilips says:

    From what I can see most of you Minnesotans are a bunch of uneducated RUBES! The majority of people on welfare are not there by their oen choice
    Many are there due to the recession which was caused by REPUBLICAN POLICIES OBAMA FOREVER!!!

    1. Peter says:

      Oh, and you seem to be so enlightened. Please tell us about your wise ways, O wise one. Maybe you can be our leader given that enormous amount of intellect you posess. With all of your education and wisdom you’re probably pretty wealthy, right? Or are you another welfare recipient relying on the government when you could get a job and are disguised as a wise man?

    2. paab says:

      oh please, not one sane person believes you.

    3. Carmen Quarford says:

      Like your response

  24. rural mn mom says:

    When I had the kids I was a married middle-class traditional stay-at-home mom. He had a great job, we could afford it just fine. Then my husband left me for a “more fun” woman with no kids. And lost his job (bye-bye child support.)

    I do work a minimum wage job while the children are in school (can’t afford daycare), and turned down the cash part of assistance (feel guilty enough,) but I do have MA, food stamps, and section 8. I will happily pick up trash by the road– will you care for my 4 kids while I do that?

    I do not smoke, drink, play the lottery, or anything else along those wasteful lines, thanks. Somehow my attempts at thrift are not enough. I liquidated my IRA to pay medical bills. Take those who live “on welfare” case-by-case, please– While I admit I have several neighbors here who fit the stereotypes, I have other neighbors in worse straits than I, who have no family, and cringe-worthy medical problems.

    I don’t intend to live this way forever. But right now, my options are too depressing and limited to do other than I am. Sorry.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Don’t be sorry. Don’t be sorry one bit. MANY people deserve the help and I’m glad the RIGHT people are getting the help they need. But the ABUSING of the system NEEDS TO STOP! We must find a way to stop it, and essentially, maybe it could mean a few more bucks in assistance for each person if we weed out the frauds.

  25. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    this is the problem with republicans, they only think right up to the change they want to make. they don’t think about what these alcoholics are going to do. they will steal to get their booze. they already do. some people on welfare only get $89.00 a month which is hardly enough to survive on, let alone cure their quench for alcohol. so then what happens. increase costs for court and police because instead of policie focusing attention on more serious matters they will be called to every corner store that a bottle of mouthwash is being taken from. i can hear the judge now, “nice to see you again mr. doe, what is this the 25th time you’ve been in my court?” yes this is a brilliant solution.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Enough with the politics, eh? Can’t you people keep politics OUT of it for ONCE?!?!?!!

      1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

        keep polotics out of it? did you read the title of this?

      2. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

        self correcting. did you read the first sentence?

  26. Nancy says:

    Make em work, drug test em.

  27. Juat a Gurl.... says:

    WOW!!!! This is just SAD that people in the USA are like this….. I am GLAD I live in Europe where people want to look after one another……
    I sure hope none of you have an tragedies in your lives where you may have to rely on help from the state…..

    many attitudes here just make me sick….

  28. Aries O'rielly says:

    You want a sad story i’ll tell you mine, My wife works as a Medicade advisor for polk county here in Florida and we are current on cash/food assistance between her 11.00 a hour and my 7.50 a hour job at construction sites + 8.50 a hour at my local walmart we barely we bring home 1400 a month…. Now subtract rent for our 2 bed 1 bath apartment thats 550 a month…. now subtract the electric at 75.00 a month then toss in water/trash at 40.00 that leaves us 735.00 a month for gas/groceries/doctors+ all the other nitpick items like toliet paper and such….

    Btw: We do have 2 children which are 3 and 6 months…….. and before you R’s start saying “Should not had children you could not afford” we did not plan on them my wife was on the depo shot both times =) 98.99% effective my ass =)

    Let me guess i’m not supposed to have sex with my wife?
    How about she should had her tubes tied at age 23…… LOL… please think before you reply =)

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