ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Tea party favorite and Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is feeling pressure from the political calendar to rush a decision on a White House bid and may announce her intentions as early as May, one of her top advisers said Thursday.

Bachmann, a third-term congresswoman from Minnesota, could form a presidential exploratory committee before two televised Republican debates scheduled the first week of May, said Ed Brookover, a Bachmann adviser.

“I’m not sure the debate is what’s going to make our final decision,” he said. “Is it a factor? Yes.”

Other Republicans familiar with Bachmann’s thinking said all signs point to a White House run. They insisted on anonymity to discuss private conversations with Bachmann and her advisers.

For her part, Bachmann played coy.

“I’m in for 2012 in that I want to be a part of the conversation in making sure that President (Barack) Obama only serves one term, not two, because I want to make sure that we get someone who’s going to be making the country work again. That’s what I’m in for,” Bachmann told ABC News.

“But I haven’t made a decision yet to announce, obviously, if I’m a candidate or not, but I’m in for the conversation.”

Bachmann spokesman Doug Sachtleben would only say the congresswoman would make a decision about a White House run by summer.

Bachmann was in Iowa on Wednesday courting evangelical home-school advocates, and was being escorted around the state by state Sen. Kent Sorenson, who told The Associated Press he would run her political operation in the state if she enters the race. Bachmann’s allies have been visiting office space around Des Moines for a potential headquarters and have consulted with veterans of past caucuses about operatives and consultants who are still available.

Bachmann is a strong fundraiser; she collected a whopping $13 million for a re-election bid she won handily by 13 percentage points. She helped candidates and committees in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — the traditional early nominating states — raise cash.

While she has no formal organization in any of those states, her appearances have generated enthusiasm among the party’s conservative base. She has twice met with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and is scheduled to appear at an Iowa conference for conservatives this weekend, organized by Republican Rep. Steve King.

The Republican presidential field has been slow to form compared to past election cycles as familiar names such as Sarah Palin mull bids and other potential hopefuls like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich work behind the scenes on their candidacies. The harsh media spotlight and the expense of a full-scale campaign operation deterred Republicans from early announcements in the expected race against Obama, who is certain to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty took an initial step this week, creating an exploratory committee.

In an interview with the AP on Thursday, freshman Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said he would consider a presidential run only if his father, 2008 candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, doesn’t. Rand Paul, a tea party sensation, said he has not made a decision but is being urged to make a White House run.

Bachmann’s sudden rise has grown out of frequent appearances on cable TV shows and a propensity to make provocative statements that cut through the political clutter, even if they’re not always on the mark. She helped found a House Tea Party Caucus last summer, which strengthened her ties to the day’s hottest political movement of activists who rail against spending, regulations and taxes.

This month, she flubbed basic history, telling New Hampshire activists they were from the “the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.” The Revolutionary War’s first shots came next door in Massachusetts.

Earlier this year, she also mistakenly praised the nation’s founding fathers, who she said “worked tirelessly until slavery was no more.”

In January, she gave a Tea Party Express response to Obama’s State of the Union address. Complete with charts and a stern message about spending excesses, the televised speech was remembered mostly for a technical glitch that had Bachmann looking into a different camera. “Saturday Night Live” mocked it; Bachmann made joked about it during her next big speech.

Bachmann, 54, has five children with husband Marcus, a therapist. On top of raising her own children, Bachmann has also parented 23 foster children.

(© Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

Comments (96)
  1. What??? says:

    God help us…

    1. Nobama says:

      We should have picked our own cotton now look at teh mess we are in!

      1. No Worries says:

        I moved overseas a couple of years ago. A close friend has been in the foreign service for 8 years now, abroad. I have experienced that the vast majority of developed nations do not behave as uncivilized as Americans in regards to politics, and it’s very refreshing. America has made a mockery of itself, and everyone else is being entertained. FOX News is the joke of the globe, yet some Americans can’t see that…still! Only from an outside lens can I see how crazy America has really become. It’s too bad, and when people misuse and abuse terminology it only exemplifies the problem. A sinking ship I’m afraid.

  2. Kappie Wright says:

    I would not let my dog VOTE for this lady.

    1. Dr says:

      Why would you bring your wife into this?

      1. To Dr says:

        Mr Dr..why do you think Dog is wife, is your wife a dog and what about your mom and dad..guess your reply has already answered this..good to know Dogs can write too

        1. WOW says:

          I bet you are one of those that cant think for them selves, you even light a candle at your obama shrine!

          1. Ow says:

            I bet you are one of those insisting there are still wmd in Iraq

    2. Nobama says:

      I dont think obama Bin Laden is any better of a choice

  3. Krash says:

    This is going to be so entertaining. My stomach hurts from laughing about it already.

  4. Paul says:

    She needs to find new advisors if anyone is telling her she can win.

  5. married to the truth says:

    SAVE YOUR MONEY HONEY! You need more plastic surgery. I hate seeing her on my 48″ 1080p LCD. ISHHH!

  6. JD says:

    Quick Tin man! Throw a bucket of water on her! They say it will make her melt and go away!!!!!

    1. Ya says:

      Dems should not be allowed to children!

      1. flanders says:

        Should not be allowed to children? What does that even mean?

        1. Fred says:

          It means one should really report such comments to make them disappear. But then to do so would only hide the ignorant hate that people have.

  7. Karen Griffin says:

    Please don’t run for office – I have no clue how you were re elected at all…

    1. K. says:

      It will be apparent that the Republicans are really desparate if she gets the party’s nomination.

  8. Bad bad bad Devils Daughter says:

    I can’t wait – more chance to blast the woman from He*# on a daily basis. Think comedy for big kids every day.
    I guess we should toss our names into the ring too – we have about as much chance of winning. 😉

    She is a certifiable fruitcake.

  9. Mike S says:

    From a state that has given you Ventura and Franken and now Bachmann

    1. Duh Dayton says:

      Don’t forget Dayton!!!

      1. Wilbur says:

        Dayton does not misspeak. Disagree with his party, but as Governor he does not make the off the wall outlandish claims Bachnman has.

        1. paab says:

          He is constatly doped up,come on! As hard as cco tries they can’t find a photo without that spaced out look. But that aside, don’t you think it is Republican of him to hide all is money in South Dakota and Bahama tax shelters?

          1. Wilbur says:

            If that is all the better pettiness you can manage is to complain about his picture. His money is in a trust fund. Since it is the family trust fund, I doubt it is totally under his control. If he were a republican like Tom Emmer he would have never disclosed anything. Again, pettiness.

    2. Another Bob says:

      At least Franken is Intelligent and funny.

      1. Alan says:

        Ventura used to be when he had his radio gig.a

  10. RR says:

    Maybe she can get Sarah Palin as a running mate. The Dream Team!!

    1. Larry Jr says:

      Naaa – while they both goofballs at least Palin has some class. Not much but some ……. so she’d pass on anything that has the Bachmann odor to it

    2. Twinsfan says:

      No, not the dream ticket…the boob ticket.

      1. sad says:

        Ahhh she is a woman so we must disrespect her.

        1. william says:

          Disrespect runs rampant on anything political. Sad but true.

  11. BenItsu says:

    Her big blaoted mouth is always wide open – what’s with that?

    I keep thinking a hand or a snake will pop out lol

  12. Patrick PatPat Lilja says:

    Let her run. She won’t win, and she’ll lose her seat in Congress here. We’ll at least get a two-year reprieve from having to deal with her on an official basis.

  13. He is not a God! says:

    Its time to take down the obama shrine that you pray to every night!

    1. wake up says:

      Assuming that people who don’t care much for Bachmann worship Obama is a bit of a drastic leap, but perhaps that’s your limited understanding of politics. Lets not all forget that President Bush spent more in office than any other Pres EVER, and put us into more debt than any other Pres in history. Do you still carry a torch perhaps?

  14. Marjorie says:

    I can’t believe she and others (Sarah Palin) believe they could be president. What an embarrassment to WOMEN and the State of Minnesota. If Hillary Clinton could not have become President or Vice President (and she is smart and can speak outloud clearly and intelligently) then how could Michelle. Weather you care for Hillary or not, you have to admit she at least has brains.

    1. Ralph bets not many says:

      a few. thats as far as I will stretch it to.
      Bachmann has zero
      Palin has them in her pants

      Pray she runs so she leaves MN for good. She loses by a landslide but she is GONE

    2. wake up says:

      Their en-lies the problem! Remember we had GW for 8 years, how could that happen? People are smarter than that? NO, they are simply intimidated by people with an education and mentality that they cannot relate to. It seems most people want their neighbor for president, not an outstanding human being. What’s the psychology behind all this?

  15. Jon says:

    Anyone can enter the Presidential race. She will never get the nomination. Honestly, there isn’t’ a good Republican even on the radar right now. People like Obama personally and no republican is going to stand a chance against him. They are all digging their graves with the massive cuts they are preaching they were voted in to enact. Now that the cuts have started actually hitting people and it is stinging more than they thought it would, (ie. Wisconsin) I don’t think the Republicans stand a chance.

    1. James says:

      “People like Obama”? Really, is that the 17 out of 100 people that like obama?

      There’s 83 people who don’t like Obama for every 17 that do. FYI Sir Jon.

      1. rara62 says:

        Did you even read that article? Statistics can be confusing and used to say whatever someone wants. That poll did not ask if the 975 people polled “liked” the president. Please read carefully before you give an interpretation or have someone help you figure it out.

      2. Jon says:

        Did you read past the number 17 in that article you posted? That is the number who view him as a “Strong and Decisive” military leader. It says nothing about him personally. I stand by my statement.

        Here, I’ll throw out my own article that actually has to do with what I said. This article shows 3 out of 4 people like him.

        I can see by the deceptive way you responded to me that you are one of those people who believe tax cuts to the rich create jobs too, right?

        1. Fred says:

          Look at all the jobs the Bush tax cuts created. All the way up to a high unemployment rate.

  16. MnMary says:

    Is she running for Rush Limbaugh’s job? To me she is better suited for that job.

  17. Common Cents says:

    Such a lovely photo of Bachmann but really, you’ve seen one facist, you’ve seen them all.

    1. Fred says:

      Oxford online dictionary
      The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43); the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also Fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader , and a strong demagogic approach.

      Great take. Had to include the definition for some of the readers.

  18. Fish Feet says:

    Where has the intelligent debate gone? … I guess if your talking to a bunch of folks that believe fish can grow legs…

    1. Quentin says:

      It has gone away like reading multiple sources to get information. Too many here just listen to some entertainer pretending to be a news person and regurgitate the same lines without thinking.

  19. DJP says:

    OMG…if she OR Palin gets into the presidential offiice, we may as well hand our country over to another country. I just hope Americans are smart enough to see past their “glib tongues” to the core of the matter…NO experience in really leading!!

    1. James says:

      Please define “hand our country over to another country”. What will happen, she’ll give our US currency China to control? She’ll allow a Steering Committee make decisions on how to deploy the US Military Forces? She’ll hand our sovereignty over to the United Nations to approve or disapprove our own interests? She’ll open our borders to Mexico and allow a complete take over of our economy, school districts, and primary language?

      Really, what do you consider “really leading”? Do you mean waiting 30 days hemming and hawwing about a decision to bomb Libya only to leave it up to Clinton to pull the trigger and then back stepping all the way to the exit door with your hands in the air?

      So are you making your decisions on a personality that you don’t like such as Palin or Bachmann, or is it the politics you don’t like. You should be more specific. For instance, I don’t like Obama’s politics because they’re just not right for the country, some of which i mentioned in the sarcastic overtone above. I know that Obama has nothing to do with it though because he’s just another Liberal suit and there are plenty more from where he came from wishing to take his shoes. The politics are the issues. Personalities get you in trouble, or get you elected in the case of Obama. Obama’s political decisions are not what got him elected. Clearly his community organization skills aren’t enough to be president. If that’s true, I should be governor because I can make really good patterns in the grass when I mow the lawn. I mean it, I should work for major league baseball guys. It’s really that good. Presidential stuff right here.

      1. IWonderIF says:

        And Bush was qualified?? Some one who failed at every venture he was a part of.. only to have his dad and other rich people bail him out time and time again..

        You need to educated your self before posting such BS.. Turn off fox news , pick up some Political science books.. READ THEM. Form your own opinions and back them up with facts. Now I know this requires some critical thinking but YOU CAN DO IT!

        Then come on back have a second go at it.
        This lady is an air head.. period. I dont mind people who may have different ideas and theories but when their opinion becomes thee opinion that’s where I draw the line.

        1. rara62 says:

          Exactly, educate yourselves and then THINK for yourselves. Don’t let the fear mongers get into your head. You all use the same words like it’s group think-like the FOX has slyly hypnotized you and now you are just a weak little sheep.

        2. IWonderIF says:

          And oh yeah I can name many things that I believe Obama did right and wrong. I can also do the same for Bush and Clinton and Bush and Reagan. Get over the Red vs Blue mentality and think for your self.. then make your decisions on who is or is not qualified.. I personally would like to see Huckabee and Obama go at it. I think Huckabee has great ideas.. I also think Obama have some good ideas as well

          Example. His health care bill.. I like the “kids can stay on mom and dads plan till 26” I see college kids getting out of school hungry for work and cant land a full time gig. Is letting them stay on their parents plan a good idea. Yes.. I believe so.. Gives them a better fighting chance. A debate between the two would be great.. This lady.. Um no

    2. mike says:

      At the direction our polititians are taking us , there won’t be a country left to turn over to another 1. It seems that with each election the ones gaining a seat have learned how to sell themselves to enough voters to get the job done. Case in point Barack Obama.

      1. IWonderIF says:

        Power Corrupts!

  20. Gopher guy says:

    Well, the 2012 election is the first week in November and the Mayans say the world is going to end on December 21, 2112, so maybe the stars are aligning….

    1. Wake up says:

      Ill put my faith in that!

  21. Tom D says:

    How can you tell Bachman is making an historical flub?

    Her mouth is open

    Personally, the further she stays away from the conversation, the better the chance Obama is out in 2012

  22. Incredulous1 says:

    This is wonderful! She won’t win of course and will then slip into obscurity like her illustrious Congressional predecessor Mark ‘Fight them Over There’ Kennedy.

  23. Jim says:

    Is this all you “on line posters” can do is to talk trash about MIchelle Bachman? How original? My aren’t you heroic!!! At least she has the integrity and courage to speak her convictions. I find her refreshing. I hope she enters the race. If not, I think her voice needs to be a part of the national conversation and not shot down just because you happen to disagree with her politics.

    1. IWonderIF says:

      The problem is that her “Convictions” doesn’t leave any room for her to learn and grow. That is thee issue with this lady. Its OK to have your own ideas but put them to the test and learn. you may have to re think on a few of them from time to time. This is how we as human learn and grow and over forward. Key term is move forward.. She is stuck on her ideas .. So its foolish to admire some one like this much less follow them as a leader.

      1. IWonderIF says:

        I hate auto spell check!

    2. Another Bob says:

      She hasn’t said anything of substance or revealed any new ideas. Just glittering generalities and hatred for the elected President of the United States.

      1. Jim says:

        So if someone disagrees with President Obama on policy that means “hatred” for the man? Who made you judge over people? You have the ability to judge a person’s heart when all they do is disagree with our President? Really? If you have that much moral integrity, please tell me how you were able to “walk on water or heal the leper? Is this all you have? And if an idea isn’t “new”, it’s then immediately disregarded and on top of that, insult the person with phrases like “glittering generalities” (which by the way says nothing). Why can’t you just be honest and say, “I support our President and his policies, and I don’t support the polices of people like Rep. Bachman. Is that so tough to say? Do you always have to judge other people in order to express your opinion?

        1. Another Bob says:

          You should listen closer to what she says.

          1. Jim says:

            Good advise Bob. I will, and will inform myself on all the candidates based on their words and their record. But I will not form moral “judgments” on people and call them “hateful” just because I might disagree with their political views. I do not support President Obama’s political leanings or his record thus far, but I respect him in the office he holds and I will not go around trashing his presidency or his personality or his family, because when I stoop to that level, I fear I am helping to tear apart some of the moral fabric of what made our country great and respected. Your advise to me perhaps may also be good advise for you.

    3. Sam says:

      Nope. Some online posters can’t do anything but defend her.

      But more seriously, she has earned every bit of derision cast her way. It’s not her politics that people disagree with. It’s the extreme nature of her stance (such as presuming that all Democrats are unAmerican). It’s the fact that she spouts nonsense (“carbon dioxide is a harmless gas…” Oh, really?). It’s the fact that she is crazy, as in delusional and paranoid. These are the things that draw ridicule to her.

      1. Jim says:

        Hay Sam- just to keep you honest here; Please name your sources so I can independently check them myself. Where did you get the “facts” where Bachmann said “all democrats are unAmerican?” Where can I check your facts that Bachman stated “Carbon dioxide is a harmless gas”? And where can I independently confirm your “fact” that she is “crazy, delusional, and paranoid?”
        Seriously – if you are going to post “facts” then be a man and cite your independent sources. Thank you… I am waiting

    4. wake up says:

      There’s a place for activists, Presidential office is not one of them. I don’t think we need to be concerned about her voice going away.

      1. Jim says:

        President Obama has called himself an “activist”. Should he not be allowed to be President?

    5. Wesly says:

      I may disagree with her politic, but why I really dislike her is the untruths she tells and the fact she has done very little as a Representative in 6 years. Governor Dayton was not productive as Senator Dayton and got out after one term, Bachman stays in. Jim, do you also deride the conservative “om line posters” who do nothing but talk trash about President Obama. I think not.

      1. Jim says:

        I sure do, Wes. I would love to have open honest debate over issues, period. The people of our country deserve this. I can’t stand it when either side can only throw political and personal mud as a defense of their own beliefs and policies. Both sides do it. I want more from our leaders.

  24. Southern MN Mom says:

    If this Lady is as bad as most of the above posters claim:

    1.) How was she able to get elected?

    2.) Why do so many people think she would make a good President?

    Are all of these people crazy or is it that a strong willed woman like MIchelle brings jealously and craziness out of her detractors?

    1. GOP needs to think here says:

      How she got elected is a mystery – her husband has a proactice there. They active in church. She’s as aggressive as a cougar. She had virtually no opposition – well, this year she actually had a late challenger I juess. I cannot give you a name of one person who admits they voted for her though and I am in her 6th District. Go figure that one out.
      I’m not hearing many who think she’d be a good president. Actually – other than her small party of far right Tea Party folks I don’t think she has any following. She comes from Iowa so maybe something there but how much is unknown. Small number is my bet.
      She manages to get a ton of Face time – that’s what being very vocal, somewhat zany and partly over the top goofy will do for you. Jesse had it too for awhile with some.
      I cannot in a million years imagine the GOP wanting her as the Face of the party. She makes mistake after mistake with facts, she if at best less than truthfull quite often, she often acts like an absolute airhead. Her positives are she’s a Christian, vocal, polarizing in ways and some like that, a woman that for some holds appeal vs the old boy network…. I HTG cannot think of anything else positive.
      If she’s on the ticket it might be a year I do not even vote as I cannot vote for her under any pretenses. She is unstable in my opinion and I mean that seriously.
      I hate to think that she is all we can put on the ticket….that would be a travesty

    2. History Repeatsd itself says:

      Her District has a college graduate rate of 17% She has mastered the art of repeating half truths and lies so many times that uniformed people believe them to be factual. Read about Josef Goebbels and his infatuation with the “Big Lie”.

  25. markH says:

    We need qualified, informed leadership in our halls of power-NOT another religious fundamentalist who snubs her nose at science and who wants to teach creationism in our classrooms. The woman has demonstrated time and again that she out of touch with reality; we have enough of those in Congress already-let’s not put one in the White House. Peace.

  26. jim says:

    This woman gets elected in her District with one message. I’ll overturn Rove v. Wade. Then she never does another thing for her District. She spends all her time ranting about going backwards.

  27. betty says:

    To all the Obama haters, the latest poll showing 48 percent in favor of reelecting Obama, and only 35 percent supportiing a Republician candidate. I an’t wait to watch all those Republicians duke it out on stage.

  28. Southern MN Mom says:

    She won reelection in her district fair and square. She obviously has many things going for her or she would not be in the position she is now. It is disrespectful to everyone when you imply that voters in her district are not intelligent because only 17% have college degrees. This liberal thing of thinking you are smarter than everyone else seems to everywhere in these posts.

    I think much of this criticism and jealously of her in my opinion is because she is a strong willed woman. Would she be receiving all this hatred if she were a man?

    1. Walker says:

      That is having faith that people are voting for the candidate not the party. The district is heavily republican and she has had close elections every time.
      In terms of hatred for her saying preposterous things, there is plenty of scorn for Jesse Ventura. I can’t think of a left leaning person who has spewed out as much incorrect information as she has. Except maybe President Clinton when he explained his love life.

      1. Walker says:

        That would be recently so we can compare same social environment and conditions.

  29. bob says:

    i encourage her to run along with palin and and the rest of the desperate GOP ers, anyone with an ounce of sense can see the absolute idicoracy of the things these people say, so speak up, or have your lips sewed shut like they did to palin so she wouldnt stick her foot in her mouth again before the truth was out…eventually, your lack of intellengence will be heard……hopefully before you ever have a chance.

    Read more:

    1. Southern MN Mom says:

      Dear Bob-

      Calm down please. Why are you so angry? Do you really think the GOP is desperate? Why were the Democrats so massacred in the last election? Do you really think you have superior intelligent to everyone else?

      You seem to have issues with women in general, but especially with women in politics. I don’t think your Mom would like all of this venom Bob.

      1. Wesly says:

        Democratic leadership in the statewide offices. Don’t be so foolish to think there was an overwhelming majority for the Republican party or otherwise there would have been a Governor Emmer as well as the statewide offices, and Reps Walz and Peterson. Are you calling out and analyzing the hates of Obama for their venom? Saying they have issues with black men?

        1. Southern MN Mom says:

          Dear Wesly-

          I think you are missing the point about the election last November. This was not about the failure of statewide leaders in the Democratic party. This was the greatest turnover in the House of Representatives since the Great Depression. This huge defeat was about Americans rejecting of the Socialist policies of the Democratic party.

          I know both Tim Waltz and Colin Peterson living in southern Minnesota. They are fine men who are both conservative Democrats. If they had been liberal Democrats they would have been casualties as well!

          As for your comment about hatred of President Obama because of his race, there is no doubt racism, exists. Many Americans however have always have a collective guilt about slavery. Perhaps that guilt helped Obama get elected. My mother always told me that because of chauvinism, America would elect a black man President before they ever elected a woman and she was right.

          1. Wesly says:

            The house swung in 1994 elections during a stagnant economy, it shifted in 06 as well. My observation is that when people are having tough times the middle group switch their votes.
            The nation needs more Walz, Peterson, Ramstad and Arnes. Rino and Dino should be a term we use for most legislators as both parties get dominated by the extremes.
            White guilt as a political motivation is only used by conservative pundits. I could find no scholarly research. We will have a woman president when a charismatic figure arises without baggage, much as Obama did.

            1. Southern MN Mom says:

              Dear Wesly-

              You can try and spin it anyway you want, but Democrats just flat out got clobbered in November all over America. Only when the Democratic party comes back to it’s capitalist senses will they once again enjoy the support of the people.

              You speak of “My observation” and your “scholarly research.” I am a teacher. Would you care to share the occupation where all your wisdom flows from?

              I do agree with you that we need more moderates in both parties.

  30. Murph says:

    Condolences from across the river! Having two of the fruitiest candidates in the freaky GOP line up for 2012 is absolutely embarrassing I’m sure.But those two Bachmann and Pawlenty could not tell the truth if YOUR lives depended on it! Nor would they sponsor or champion any legislation that could accomplished that either!They are just two of a whole army of purely hateful disgusting individuals we will quickly forget after the 2012 circus that Faux will try to rerun for the GOP… and FAIL miserably! Creeps out in 2012 take it to the bank,you sure won’t have any money there by then!

  31. brad says:

    This is all just smoke screens and mirrors….the entire ploy was to be able to kiss sweet George Bush…Once again!

  32. Gordon says:

    Encourage them all to run. It takes a lot of money to run a campaign. It creates jobs, although only short term ones. Better yet, it helps redistribute wealth. 3.7 billion on the midterm election. nationally. 5.3 billion on all elections in 2008. It is a lot of money, but not in relation to the 18 trillion net worth the USA has. SO redistribute the wealth

  33. oh man says:

    Have we checked to see if Ms. Bachman is hiding her money in the same tax shelters as Governor Dayton. Because that would be terrible if she were. It is ofcourse OK if multi milllionaire Dayton hides his money he has all your backs. Spend Spend Spend until we are all living in a third world country and then of course blame MS. Bachman because she wanted to cut entitlements.

  34. Clive says:

    I just perused the posted comments. I’m thinking that if English is mandated as the official language and a proper capitalization, spelling and punctuation filter is installed on these comments, many of the inane comments would never appear. If only it were that easy to make Michele and her entourage to disappear.

    1. Alan says:

      Since there is a little red line under misspelled words, it is further proof that these people believe what they want to believe despite evidence to the contrary.

  35. Max says:

    OBSEQUIOUS. If you don’t know what it means, look it up, it’s the O in GOP

  36. CB says:

    This country and state need to leave party’s behind. They are all so busy triying to stay in party lines and beliefs they do not see what is happening around them. Lead by example not by law…

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