By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

HENDERSON, Minn. (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Transportation has closed all state roads into Henderson. Flooded and weak roads have made it too dangerous for drivers.

“I’m sick of winter, sick of detours, sick of flooding,” said Denny Graham, a Henderson letter carrier.

And Graham isn’t the only one having a tough time getting around Henderson.

“It’s trying to get into Henderson right now,” said Bill Ulrich of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Gravel roads are now the only option to get in and out of town.

“This year, I’ve got a 25-mile detour everyday,” said Graham.

The Minnesota River has taken over Highway 93 and County Road 6. Rising water threatens the Highway 19 bridge, east of town.

On Thursday, runoff from melting snow closed Hwy. 19, west of town.

“This is the first time I can remember shutting this one. This has always been the back bone when the other three are underwater,” said Ulrich.

MnDOT is trying to prevent similar damage that closed a section of Hwy. 22 near St. Peter.

“There’s nothing supporting blacktop underneath,” said Ulrich.

Roadblocks are becoming a way of life for Henderson in the spring time. Something residents have almost grown accustomed to.

“Detours. All you can do is wait,” said Kelly Roehler, who lives near Henderson.

Community members say moving is not an option, because the perks of riverfront living outweighs the negative.

“In the course of a lifetime, what’s three weeks,” said Graham.

Some businesses are posting shorter hours because of the rising river.

The Minnesota River is expected to crerst at 26 feet this weekend.


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