By Adam Thomas, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

SAN DIEGO (WCCO/AP) — A judge in California says he will issue a ruling next week in a lawsuit filed by Minneapolis-based Target Corp., against a San Diego pro-gay marriage group. Target wants the group to stop canvassing outside California stores.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction barring the activists from every outlet in the state. Target claims Canvass For A Cause harasses customers by cornering them near store entrances to discuss gay marriage, solicit donations and collect signatures on petitions.

“Target in the court filings made us out to be these militant homosexual activists aggressively blocking shoppers,” said Canvass For A Cause Exec. Dir. Tres Watson on the Michele Tafoya Show on WCCO radio.

WCCO’s Michele Tafoya Interviews Tres Watson

The group is demonstrating at stores like Target because of the foot traffic.

“We’re doing the most democratic thing possible, which is engaging people to have conversations about the political process in places where they are at,” Watson explained.

Target insists it remains committed to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and its lawsuit has nothing to do with the political agenda of Canvass For A Cause.

During a court hearing Friday in San Diego, Target attorney David McDowell told Judge Jeffrey Barton the case is about Target’s right to enforce its rules on its land.

“The question is Target’s property right and its right to exclude,” McDowell said.

Barton had asked McDowell why the company did not present testimony from customers complaining about the activists. McDowell said Target could get such testimony but he did not think that was necessary since it’s not the central issue.

Bryan W. Pease, an attorney for Canvass For A Cause, argued that sidewalks and areas outside stores such as Target have been considered by courts to be public domain for free speech.

He said Target is taking action because it does not agree with the group’s message about gay marriage.

Volunteers are trained daily on being professional and polite, Watson said, and their aim is to educate the public about the rights of gays and lesbians.

Target was seen as an ally of the gay and lesbian community before it gave money to MN Forward, which supported Tom Emmer. He lost last year’s governor’s race to Democrat Mark Dayton.

Target later said it was sorry for the hurt feelings and tried to repair its public relations damage by creating a committee to help it better scrutinize decisions regarding financial donations.

The company also negotiated a deal with Lady Gaga to sell a special edition of her upcoming album in a partnership Gaga said was tied to their “reform,” supporting the gay community and making up for past mistakes. The singer cancelled the deal a few weeks ago.

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Comments (122)
  1. jimmy says:

    HWG who are you the CEO of Target?

    1. Straight as an arrow says:

      Makes me want to shop Target more than ever. The GLBT initiative is nothing but an attention getting bunch of BS from folks with a majrt identity crisis who wouldn’t even be on the planet if their parents were gay. Get a life, you might even understand it if you weren’t so busy being in love with yourself!!

  2. I am actually gay says:

    Yes theres GOT to be a cure!


    1. paab says:

      You willl notice they took that post down? No way you get to suggest any help for gays. It goes against the agenda.

      1. paab says:

        They took the post about adoption down too, wow, why bother to post?

        1. lucky s says:

          I read that it wasn’t even offensive!

    2. Hal says:

      No one cares if you’re gay. Just as most wouldn’t care if I’m straight. Why does it always have to be announced to everyone? It’s rare that you find a gay person that doesn’t announce it the first few minutes of meeting them. Why not focus on who you are as a person rather than who you like to have relations with?

      1. Hawk says:


        Bravo Bravo. A man of reason. Fill the country with your logic.

      2. travis says:

        maybe you’ve met many gay people who haven’t told you and therefore you don’t know they are gay…? Then it would only seem like gay people tell you they are gay. I am a gay man… I dont go to gay bars… I don’t have many gay friends… the only people who know I’m gay are my family and neighbors (who have to realize it simply because there are two men living in this house). Annoying people are annoying… gay or straight.

        1. Ben says:

          Right on, Travis. However, most of these people will just ignore what you say. Not because they’re stupid, but because their afraid of what will happen to their masculinity if gays have the same rights they have.

  3. obewan says:

    o.O what kind of play mates?

  4. Jon says:

    Don’t these activists have jobs? How could you take off so much work or time away from your life to cause a problem for so long at a Target store or anywhere for that matter.

    1. BN says:

      HEY :

      cause all gay people are men right?

    2. Shannon says:

      mostunlikely- you’re an idiot!!! Grow up! Not all gay people are always on the prowl for the next “hairy arse” as you say. I don’t necessarily agree with what they are doing but this is America and free speech is our right, whether you agree with what is being said or not. Its that same right that allows you to make your ignorant comments here.

      1. paab says:

        so why did wcco pull other posts if free speech in our right, they were not offensive, but they did argue against being gay?

        1. Pike says:

          Because this website is their “private property”. If you paid for your own website and someone posted vulgar comments, do you think it should be unconstitutional for you to take them off?

          This gets down to the whole issue here. Someone thinks that they have all the rights in the world. I have a right to post on this website and it has to say forever. I have a right to go onto Target’s property and protest their business. Blah blah blah.

          1. Kaylee says:

            What is it that you’re talking about?

          2. sad says:

            I agree with you if they are vulgar, but only one post was tastless, the others just seemed to sight facts concerning the gay lifestyle.

      2. jake says:

        mostunlikely is likely tired of having the gay issue shoved down his throat. You don’t want religion forced upon you, but you are free to force children to believe in this behavior that it is just how you’re born. I refer you to an interesting website on how Massachusetts public schools is indoctrinating these little minds on how it’s perfectly okay to have 2 moms (even though it isn’t biologically possible) –

        1. Ben says:

          Move to the south, you bigot.

          1. Ben says:

            That comment was for Jake, who happens to be a bigot.

            1. ohoh says:

              Just because someone disagrees with you sir does not make them a bigot.

              1. Ben says:

                @ohoh That’s true -It’s the bigoted statements that make them a bigot. Hate speech towards a group of people based on sexual orientation is bigoted.

              2. BGG says:

                Precisely. But there is such low tolerance from gay people regarding a different view than believing that one is born with this. This of course, coming from people who exalt tolerance to the utmost level.

                1. Ben says:

                  @BGG That’s because you’re putting your nose in where it doesn’t belong. It doesn’t concern you in the least.

                  And your ‘opinion’ doesn’t match the science.

                2. mark from says:

                  @Ben Once again Ben I see you put people down because they post their opinion. Telling people to stay out of something that concerns all Americans is making you look like a fool with an attitude. Your not much of a debater are you? You really have no clue as to how to defend your opinion without becoming so angry you lash out. Though I don’t agree with Gay rights, I do respect someones opinion, please keep doing what your doing I have not gotten my paper yet to read the funnies.

                3. Ben says:

                  @Mark from

                  How does it concern all Americans, exactly?

                  “I don’t agree with Gay rights.” If you don’t want to be called a bigot, don’t say things that make you one. I’m not angrily lashing out, even though you love to impose that on me, I’m simply letting you know that I know what kind of person you are.

                  …must be nice to be in a position where you can agree or disagree with someone else’s rights.

            2. mark from says:

              Oh poor Ben, people don’t agree with him so he calls them a bigot. Ben time to come in off the play ground

              1. Ben says:

                @Mark from

                I’ll reiterate my previous statement. I’s not that we disagree that makes them a bigot: It’s making bigoted statements that makes them a bigot.

                1. liv says:

         isn’t even a real website. i typed it in and it sent me to

                2. mark from says:

                  @liv its a blog not a web site, big difference.

                3. liv says:

                  hey mark, i still can’t get there from typing in though

                4. Rene says:

         is apparently NOT a propper link. That’s OK. Oh well…

            3. Jake says:

              Most people believe that gay marriage should be banned but they should have the same civil rights as the rest, what’s wrong with that? Marriage is a religious institution even though it is not always treated that way.

            4. Jp says:

              Marriage is a religious institution and should be respected as such.

              1. Ben says:

                Right. As if non-religious people don’t get married. It’s a legal institution. And if people were really entering into a religious pact, why is the divorce rate at around 50%?

                1. mark from says:

                  @Ben Can you please what the he!! you were trying to say? What you wrote about the 50% thing makes no sense, religious pact? What does that mean? Son you need to explain what you mean, not just lash out. Poor form

                2. Deb says:

                  Go Target!!

                3. Elly says:

                  Because humans are fallible. We’re not perfect and neither is any Christian out there. We all fall into sin and understand that but try to maintain a relationship with Christ so he can point these things out as they come up. Just because one is christian does not mean they lack immorality or a tendency toward sin. We’re selfish from the beginning but the beauty of it is God can turn us toward Him and show us to be Christ like.

              2. Rene says:

                Marriage is about putting money together!!! You NINNY!!! It was not about sex love or anything like that. Hello!!!!!!

          2. Victim Du Jour says:

            California voted and passed prop 8, you don’t have to move south.

            Everytime I see a story about gays being mad at target, I go to a target and buy something.

        2. Mark says:

          The school from your clip was a private Quaker school in Wisc. Not a public school. What gives?

        3. mark from says:

          @jake Well said

        4. mostunlikely says:

          yeah…i could care less what people do behind their own closed doors,but ,good greif…keep it there! man sleepingwith man,no matter how much they want to justify this life-style,WILL ALWAYS BE REVOLTINGLY DISCUSTING to us real men ,and will never change,not in a million years!

      3. Jack says:

        Free speech doesn’t include accosting total strangers as they’re running errands and shopping. What they’re doing has nothing to do with free speech rights.

    3. mgresist says:

      I’m guessing these folks do have jobs. Although I’m not with that particular organization, I am an activist outside of my full-time paid employment. I’m also a single parent to a disabled child. Some of us figure out ways to give back to the world in addition to working every day. Whether you appreciate our efforts or not is another story.

  5. not fer gay marriage says:

    What people don’t have the right to their own opinion anymore? So if I don’t want Gay marriage, I should have to vote yes because a Gay Group says I should? That is BS!!

    1. oh oh says:

      You better believe it, these groups are powerful and wealthy and they have a chilling effect on all public pollicy, I mean how dare Target spread their money amongst all polliticians, it has to be only pro gay polliticians, or else. Don’t think it is a coincidence they are camping out at Target in San Diego.

    2. René says:

      You have the right to your own opinion dear. HOWEVER… “Marriage” was about tieing 2 families’ finances together. It was NOT about love or man&woman. Just get over it. Please. It’s all about a covenant between 2 parties. It doesn’t matter which covenant. The religious part is very very young.
      Let’s get over it PEOPLE!

  6. Jaclyn says:

    Target would do the same thing to a pro male/female marriage group if they were aggressive and bothering the patrons. Even though I am against gay marriage, I wouldn’t want to be bothered with pushy people while I enter Target to tell me about their anti gay marriage agenda. The ultrasensitivity this subject raises is undeniable. Target is just looking after their financial well being. Give them a break.

    1. Mel says:

      Remember that Target stopped allowing the Salvation Army tea kettlers from standing infront of their stores? So if Target has a secret agenda against gay marriage, then it also must have a secret agenda against helping the poor. A company has a right to protect its customers. Solicitation hardly works these days anyway, nobody wants to be bugged when they are trying to shop.

      1. Joey says:

        Sorry this whole thing is stupid, but I wanted to call out that Target has been recognized as one of the most charitable companies in years past:

    2. Ben says:

      I’m against bigoted people named Jaclyn getting married.

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    Gays can get Civil Unions in most States, and it falls under the same Family Codes and Domestic Partnership laws as “Marraige”

    Gays just want it called “Marraige” so they can terrorize religious people with lawsuits.

    1. travis says:

      right… it has nothing to do with being viewed equal. How about this… straight people and gay people can have civil unions… recognized the same by the government. your relationship can then be given a blessing to be called a marriage by your individual church… or denomination… or religion.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        Civil Union and Marraige are the same exact thing in many States.

        Gays can start their own religious places with tax shelters, nothing is stopping them.

        1. mark from says:

          @Victim Du Jour I rarely agree with you, but well said.

  8. Rene says:

    It’s privat property!!! It doesn’t matter what cause you’re pushing, you’re on their property. That cause needs to be made aware of, but let’s not make ennemies by infringing on their right as a company.

    1. mgresist says:

      Not so. Sidewalks are PUBLIC property. Whether you agree or disagree with the position of the people in this organization, they have a right to advocate for their position on public property.

      If this group or another were to canvas on the sidewalk outside of the downtown Target store, for example, they would have a First Amendment right to do so.

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    This is exactly what Brownshirts did to people in Nazi Germany. Cornering people as they walk into a store and badgering people who did not go along with their supremacy movement.

    They call this bullying, and it doesn’t sound like peaceful protesting.

    1. Ow says:

      Try some facts sometimes

    2. mgresist says:

      Your statement is complete nonsense and historically inaccuate. Brownshirts had no reason to engage in canvassing as their party was in power and they were the enforcement branch for the Nazi agenda. Do you think they tried to reason with people or win people over? Anyone who didn’t agree with the Nazi agenda was simply jailed or eliminated.

      Canvassing to educate people and gain supporters is an important democratic tradition in this country. It is not bullying to simply give people information and ask if they’d like to engage in conversation. How do you think Lincoln and other presidents won their elections in the days before popular access to mass media?

      Barring people from canvassing–especially those whose positions challenge the government or powerful corporations–is more in line with the actions of the Brownshirts.

      1. Ben says:


        Well, said! Take that, Ignorance Du Jour!!

  10. Mike says:

    Wow, majority of posts are full of hate and ignorance. Must mean none of you are Christian either. Most of these comments are NOT very Christian-like.

    1. Mike says:

      And wanted to add – I’m pro-gay marriage (not gay, actually married but feel they should be able to as well) I also agree with Target in this case, doesn’t matter the issue people are pushing, if it is making patrons uncomfortable, they should not be allowed on the private property.

      1. Pike says:

        Mike, are you a Christian? Doesn’t sound like it. Many non-Christians think that Christians have to act perfect and be the same as Jesus and anything that is negative means we are not Christian.

        Grow up buddy, and alter your definition of a Christian from “attempting to be exactly like God” to something that is more true.

        1. Mark says:

          Hmmmmm…..more true…, like using religion to discriminate? I guess that does sound more true. Thanks Pike!

    2. Mary says:

      Oh please. And you are the picture of Christ? Let’s stop trying to force Christians into this vision of perfection and tolerance of all things whether they are evil or not.

      1. Mike says:

        Oh please yourself, isn’t the Christian way to leave the judging to God??????

        1. Mike says:

          Wait Mary – are you God?

          1. Mark says:

            I couldn’t agree more, Mike. There’s one word for these people: Bigots. It’s true -they don’t live their life exactly according to Jesus, and God. They cherry-pick the parts that serve their agenda. They are, indeed, Christians. Not in the way that Jesus intended, but in the I’m-going-to-make-other-people’s-business-my-own-business way that makes gay marriage even an issue. That is the face of modern Christianity. There will always be good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

        2. Les says:

          So we’re not able to make any judgments? In that case, we should allow child molesters to do as they like, as long as the child agrees it’s okay. Then we need to teach children at their schools that this is just another lifestyle, that you too can choose. After all, we shouldn’t make any judgments about them either. In life you have to make judgments about behavior although you do not have to condemn the person.

          1. Josh says:

            @Les There’s a large difference between the relationship between two gay individuals in a relationship, and a child rapist. Please do not lump the two together.

            1. Lonna says:

              That’s not the point. It was about making judgments. Don’t be so sensitive. Yes, we all understand that a gay man or woman is not a child molester. The example was meant to be extreme to show how absurd it is that someone is not able to make any judgments. Critical thinking is really a rarity.

  11. sad says:

    Where is it written that a private company has to kow tow to any special interst group? If I were Target I wouldn’t give any money to any groups and see how the groups like that. Groups like this pro-gay one wouldn’t be able to operate if they weren’t using funds from private company donations.

  12. I hate solicitation PERIOD says:

    I’m against all and any kind of solicitating. I applaud Target for sticking to their no-solicitation policy. And yes this includes the Salvation Army. There’s nothing worse then going to go pick up something and “feel” that you have to give some money. A percent of my paycheck is already deducted to charitable contributions, I don’t need someone “ringing a bell” to donate. I already bring clothes and food to Salvation Army on my time, I don’t need them intruding on me when I’m going to go get toilet paper,

    As for the “pro-gay marriage” group that is getting into peoples noses when their going shopping, its just rude and plain disrespectful If they want their voices heard, there’s other methods in doing so, all they’re trying to do is go after Target and at the same time interrupt people and their daily lives. How would they feel if Anti-gay marriage people go and protest outside their place.

  13. What happened to Target's rights? says:

    Target should be able to give money to whomever they please. Is all of this protesting seriously over the donation to Emmers campaign? Or did Target do or say something else to be labeled as anti-gay?

    So if Target come out and donates a bunch of money to pro gay groups, would it be okay to have an anti gay marriage group protest there?

    It all come down to this…Target can donate to whomever they want, and can let whoever they want on their property (and on the flip side, limit access to whoever they want s well)

  14. simon says:

    I dont care if they are black or white , pink or yellow , gay or straight …Target is just following there no soliciting rules…DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO SUE ABOUT EVRYTHIHNG?

  15. Ali says:

    The China government, who now owns the US because of our debt, says there are no gays in China. I wonder when they will start calling the shots here and what policys they make the US enforce… hmmmm.

  16. Jim says:

    Oh that’s right this is all about spewing hate. As everyone knows after the fiasco with the less than Christian Salvation Army, Target does not want customer distractions. The difference here is Target paid off the Salvation Army that has a well publicized anti-gay policy handsomely while suing the gay group. Regardless of all the hate here, and the twisted baby logic, Target has clearly launched another round in their anti-gay assault. I’m sure many of you will cheer them on and make the usual excuses.

  17. Pennie says:

    It seems to me that there are two things going on with this cavassing group, their opinion is the right/only opinion and if you disagree with their opinion you are wrong and they will shove their opinion down your throat until you tell them what they want to hear. This is america for God’s sake, we all have the right to agree and disagree with who ever we want. Opinions are exactly that, opinions. None of them are wrong, none of them are right, just different.

  18. Ben says:

    Your bigotry is not welcome in this country, please move to one that enjoys it.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Prop 8 passed, not because people are against gay domestic partnerships, it’s because gays are bullies, and they like harassing relgion with lawsuit abuse.

      1. Ben says:

        @Victim Du Jour
        You only see them as bullying you because they’re standing up for rights you’d rather they not have. You’re the kind of person that would’ve been hosing African Americans and letting attack dogs loose at the Children’s Crusade- as would most of these posters.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          I’m not the one who brings up President Bush at the gay bar.

          That’s a good sign a gay is being a bully.

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            And I have seen grumpy gay flight attendants try and start stuff with passengers on flights to Europe.

            1. René says:

              WHAT!?!?! Customers are just NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!! What does being GAY have to do with anything?!!!!!!!!!!! You NINNY!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Josh says:

            I didn’t realize that going to a bar and talking about something that concerned everyone there made you a bully. And what were you doing in a gay bar???

            1. Victim Du Jour says:

              Bush is ancient History, he wasn’t able to get me to talk about politics, I was having more fun playing pool with my girlfriend.

              The younger gay people didn’t seem to want to talk politics either.

      2. René says:

        Prop 8 passed because other gay people didn’t stand up for it. If enough GAYS stood up for it, it would have passed. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. What is this country coming to??? says:

    I am not against gays, but I am neither for or against gay marriage.these churches need to realize its not up to them to decide whether gays should be married or not. And on cornering and badgering people, I don’t care what it’s about if you are going to just walk up to a complete stranger and corner them, I would complain too and not want to go back to that store. your heart could be in the right place all you want but there are still nut jobs out there that if you don’t agree with them what if they flip on you, shoot you etc etc. You just never know these days. Maybe go solicit elsewhere.

    1. Josh says:

      A voice of reason, Thank you.

  20. Jack says:

    Just another example of the gay agenda to shove their lifestyle down everyone’s throats.

    1. Ben says:

      Nobody’s forcing you to be gay. For some, it’s an agenda; for most, it’s not. But if people want the same rights as others, what problem is it of yours?

      1. Jack says:

        If they want the same rights, they have the right to fight for it. I also have the right to fight against it if I don’t agree. My right to be against it is no less valid than theirs to fight for it.

        It becomes a problem for me when they come to my front door with petitions.
        It becomes my problem when they accost me as I’m going about my business and shopping.
        It becomes my problem when they try to tell me how to raise my children or what they should learn and accept in school.
        It becomes my problem when they tell me that MY lifestyle and choices are WRONG because THEY don’t like them. (How hypocritical!)

        Is that answer clear enough for you?

        1. Ben says:

          Your right to be against it is no less valid. Just immoral. Take your kids to a private school or homeschool them so they can hate whoever you want. It seems to me that the only part of your lifestyle they don’t like is the part were you take on the responsibility to make sure they don’t have the same freedom you have. They are not anti-heterosexual.

          I just wonder why you are against something that only affects you BECAUSE you are against it. If you just let them have what they want -the ability to marry like everybody else- they’ll leave you alone.

          Again, their decision to marry really shouldn’t affect you. And if it does, I would take a close look at your code of ethics.

          1. paab says:

            Ben you want gay marriage so that priests and pastors are forced by law to marry you in God’s house.

            1. Ben says:


              It’s not about forcing anyone to do anything. It’s about the legal right of people in a committed relationship to be able to marry. They can get married by a judge.

              And as far as God’s house is concerned -a handful of priests have been doing a lot worse things to children in God’s house. If I were you, gay marriage would be the least of my concerns.

              Hatred in the name of religion is still hatred.

              1. paab says:

                Can you imagine, the clergy that refuse to marry you will be put in jail, everything for you. Quite selfish, bullying and browbeating so you can have your way. The destruction of 5000 years of tradition doesn’t bother you as long as you get your way. Too bad all the media is on your side, or we would see video footage of folks like you in certain clubs and what you really do, going from man to man to man. You would lose your publlic support if the truth of your lifestyle were known.

                1. Ben says:

                  I’m not gay. I’m just a better person than you. If tradition is out-dated and discriminatory, it has no place in modern society. My agenda is equality, an issue God agrees with me on.

                2. Rene says:

                  OK paab
                  No! The clergy will NOT be put in jail, as you say.
                  Years ago, even in India, “gay” unions wers allowed. THAT’S 5000 years of tradition!!!!!!!!!! “GAYNESS” is older then “Christianity” “Hinduism”… and so on…Both, and ALL of those, religions recognized “gay people” as spiritual people. So, get OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  There is no “lifestyle”!!! “Gay” people just love as everybody else. Most of us don’t go around having sex everywhere or anything like that. There is NO GAY “LIFESTYLE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mark from says:

    These Gays have no idea about Marketing. This will hurt them more than they know.

  22. Sam says:

    To Ben
    Come in off the play ground when Mark puts out the cross he left burning in your front yard. I actually went to this guy’s website. Ugh, I should delete my internet history.

  23. Jake says:

    Most people believe that gay people should have the same rights as any married couple except the ability to marry. Marriage is a religious institution although it’s not always honored in that way and once we allow gay marriage and cross that line, anything is up for debate in the future.

    1. Ben says:


      In the past, it has been more a financial institution than religious. People married to combine family finances. And, yes, it is a religious institution for religious people (apparently they don’t take it that seriously, though, when you look at the divorce rate), but a purely legal one for non-religious. That’s why a judge can perform the ceremony. You don’t think non-believers get married??

      1. paab says:

        You don’t want a cival service Ben, you want a marrige in the house of God, you want to be in God’s face. You want to give God the finger in a house of worship.

        1. Ben says:

          I don’t think God cares, I think YOU care. You don’t have to belong to a church that is accepting of gays. Go somewhere that’s just as closed-minded, and cherry-picks passages out of the bible to further hatred. If you wanted to take everything it says in the bible that seriously, you wouldn’t let women enter church with jewelry on (1 timothy 2:9).

          1. paab says:

            So you admit you are not intrested in a cival ceremony you want the law to force any priest or pastor you choose to marry you. That is your true agenda.

  24. Jake says:

    This is a different ‘Jake’. If these gay proponents don’t own the property, and if the property isn’t PUBLIC, then they have absolutely NO RIGHT to lobby, protest, coerce, strongarm, advocate, or HARASS anybody on that property. Target, IMO, has every RIGHT to throw these idiots off of their PROPERTY, by any means, shorter than killing, to defend their business interests.

  25. Bluepmil says:

    All this talk of being gay is making me gay. They got me.

  26. Jeff says:

    I’m going to tartget, they sold me ! 🙂

  27. Bluepmil says:

    Anything you post here has to go through the cco filter.
    All this talk of getting this shoved down my throat is making me yaG.

  28. Debby says:

    While reading these posts I was wondering if the debate is about gays, gay marriage, christians, religion or what?
    The issue of the article is whether Target has the right to ban gay protesters from their store doors. YES they do. This is a business, not a forum for gays (OR anyone else). Stores should have the right to ban anyone interrupting their place of business. ALSO..they should be able to give money to a political party WITHOUT people saying…oh, he /she is against something so Target is a bad place. I doubt if ALL of a political person views match ALL of yours??

  29. Pate says:

    What does GLBT issues have to do with people out buying dish soap,snacks,socks and printer paper? NOTHING! I hate solicitations no matter where they are.Leave me alone and let me form my own judgements,opinions and decisions,okay?

  30. Cindy says:

    Ben, why are you so angry just because we all don’t fall in line with the latest thinking that gay people should be able to force their lifestyle down our throats? You expect the tolerance to an absurd level when it comes to being gay but can’t possibly tolerate someone who disagrees with you and has a good argument. So people think it’s immoral? So what. That doesn’t seem to bother you in coming to terms with your opinion so why should it bother you at this point? There are always going to be people that disagree about what’s moral and what is not.

  31. Cindy says:

    Ben, why are you so angry just because we all don’t fall in line with the latest thinking that gay people should be able to force their lifestyle down our throats? You expect the tolerance to an absurd level when it comes to being gay but can’t possibly tolerate someone who disagrees with you and has a good argument. So people think it’s immoral? So what. That doesn’t seem to bother you in coming to terms with your opinion so why should it bother you at this point? There are always going to be people that disagree about what’s moral and what is not. Nothing new there

  32. Jose Cuervo says:

    Marriage is between one man and one woman, period.

  33. René says:

    So,you don’t agree with rights for everyone to marry?! It’s not about gay or straight. It’s just about people LOVING each other, NOTHING to do with sexuality, it really isn’t!!! You want to talk about CHRISTIANITY, well, Christianity is about just loving EACH OTHER!!! PERIOD!!!
    It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with someone’s point of view. It’s about this: Who do you love??? Boy?Girl?
    And remember that the people who “love” children are 97% straight!!! Gay People only are intersested with other ADULTS, not children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you really want to argue this, contact me René @

  34. MN Travelor says:

    I travel for work and have shopped at the TGT shown above. I have not encountered this particular group, but CA law does make it easier for groups like this to solicite outside a business such as this. In fact I have been approched on several occassions by such groups, and have even complained to the store management. The store management, whiile sympathetic, said there was little they could do about it. It truely is annoying to be minding your own business and be “harrassed” by such groups. I am all for TGT being allowed to manage activies on their own property.

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