MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A woman convicted of threatening to bomb a plane in 1991 was back in federal custody Tuesday for allegedly threatening to kill and “slowly cut skin off ” the FBI agent who arrested her 20 years ago.

According to a criminal complaint, Kim Rolene Hutterer, 47, has been threatening FBI Special Agent Dean Scheidler for years — starting with a threat she carved into her jail cell wall two decades ago.

She was charged Monday with mailing threatening communications. The complaint says that in October, Hutterer sent the FBI office in Minneapolis an 11-page, handwritten letter — with five additional pages of drawings — threatening to injure and kill Scheidler and others.

Among other things, the letter said Hutterer was going to “get even” with the FBI agent, and threatened to “cut his eyelids off” and break his fingers.

“I will never leave Dean Scheidler alone until I kill him,” the letter said. In the letter, which was submitted as evidence in the case, Hutterer also threatened to kill others, including judges and Vice President Joe Biden. In the letter, Hutterer also said she had plans to kill former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty “while he is running for president.”

The letter was sent from the Carver County jail, where Hutterer was being held on charges of making terroristic threats and stalking. She pleaded guilty last Friday to one count of making terroristic threats and was sentenced to 15 months in prison — but that sentence was stayed and she was released under certain conditions.

After her release she began calling Scheidler, leaving messages indicating she knew personal information about him, the complaint said. On Saturday, she sent him a text message saying “try to find me before i find you to have some fun with you.”

And on Sunday, the complaint said, she sent a series of messages threatening to damage a federal building.

In addition to threatening Scheidler and his family, Hutterer has also threatened to kidnap a child for ransom, the complaint said.

FBI spokesman Steve Warfield said the agency is taking the threats seriously.

Hutterer was arrested Monday. Her first appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, and an assistant federal defender has been appointed to represent her. The attorney did not immediately return a message seeking comment. The attorney who represented her on state charges also did not return a message left after business hours Tuesday.

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Comments (30)
  1. Victim Du Jour says:

    Sounds like the woman is a pothead having mid-life crisis.

    1. Ann says:

      Doesn’t sound like a pothead’s behavior, maybe a meth head, but not a pothead!!!!

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        Her head is shaped like a pot, and she smokes pinchy’s and spends the whole day blaming all her shortcomings on a FBI agent.

  2. dan says:

    Get this, if you ruin someones life be ready for payback.

    1. lib says:

      She ruined her own life, he was doing his job. I stay out of Federal Prison because I don’t threaten to bomb planes, buildings, or torture an FBI agent to death. Whoever stayed her 15 mo. sentence should be removed from the judges bench.

  3. Grizzlyman says:

    Perhaps instead of arresting her they should have her committed to a psychiatric hospital, She obviously has some mental issues.

  4. LaVona Sherarts says:

    Yes, mental health issues for sure, I think. Get her away from the public and see what is going on.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Right. She sounds like a danger to the public. Can’t have her wandering around where she can harm others. Institutionalize her and see if her problem is treatable.

  5. Murph says:

    She sounds just like the politicians currently in the U.S. Senate and Congress to me! She’s just being more a bit more specific. What do you think your political electees have in mind for you and me? The pain factor may be less,but they plan to give it to us over a longer period of time.Old folks like myself are going to get a higher dosage since they won’t have as much time to work us over! You youngsters will be eating our corspes [soylent green] when you can no longer afford food! George Orwell had it right only the dates were a bit off is all.Follow the clues to the very end if you really think they are going to let you live in comfort or have any rights at all once they are done! It’s a bad deal all around unless you are in that top 2 %! I have absoltely no confidence that they will ever get their foot off of our chests once they really get started.I didn’t vote for them,but a lot of you all did! The party of NO DOUGH for all. Except that 2% of course.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      You, sir, are absolutely correct! Hang tough!

  6. hmong says:

    u go girl ahahahahahahaaaaa, what goes around comes around AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

    1. tiredandretired says:

      They can lock your sorry butt up, too.

    2. huh!? says:

      long life of prison in your future

  7. thesuperman says:

    This is one reason not to let inmates watch Silence of the Lambs. She has for sure lost it. And needs to be locked up for life.

  8. Artist says:

    Lock her up for life! Obviously a good for nothing wench with no intention of changing.

  9. Jerry says:

    This is the problem with today’s society. She should be in jail, but some bleeding hearted liberal judge wants to give her another chance. That way she can go on and continue to ruin other peoples lives. What a waste of a life and taxs payers money when she will be locked up getting 3 free squares a day.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Everything isn’t a political issue, Jerry. You seem a bit confused about this situation. You complain because she was not locked up. Then you complain about the cost of locking her up. Make up your mind, Jerry. There is a time limit.

  10. la de da says:

    I know when im smoking pot I want to kill a cheese cake.

  11. SHELDON says:


    1. Yo mama says:

      Mr. Sheldon,

      Why are you writing in Caps? Do you know what a comma is for?

      Your P.O.

  12. James Pratt says:

    Hutterer seems to be a schizophrenic who first heard her internal voices in her mid twenties. When released she repeatedly makes enough threats to provoke arrest and incarceration. The story doesn’t say if she has ever been arrested for anything other than threats, if so I’ll bet it was a mental health intervention. If she keeps going off her meds she will be a permanent ward of the state,

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Thanks for a great, logical analysis of the situation.

  13. huh!? says:

    yeah that almost makes sense you racist pig…………

  14. George Beaton says:

    Let her out and watch her closely without her knowing it. Let her attempt to do damage to someone and then pounce on her with a ton of heavy lead and finish the she devil off.

  15. Paul says:

    Why in the hell would they release her. Seems someone other than her is crazy

  16. Hugh Jorgan says:

    It rubs the lotion on its skin…

  17. Human Bean says:

    It’s a shame society now thinks it is acceptable to let the mentally ill wander around without help, and then throw them in jail when they do something crazy.
    You would think the cost of mentally ill prisoners is much higher than the cost of mentally ill patients. Or maybe the cost does not balance, but safety and compassion for the individual and society surely outweighs that.
    We used to have places to help people like that. Now we put them in jail and try to forget they exist.

    1. ohoh says:

      The mentally ill have rights, just because they wander around scaring people and not taking care of themselves is no reason to put them in a humane institution, just as the American Cival Liberties Union.

  18. Lufthansa Fluege Usa Linienflug says:

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