Boy, 6, Hit By Car While Waiting For Bus

By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

MORA, Minn. (WCCO) — A 6-year-old Mora boy remains in serious condition after being hit by a car while waiting for the school bus.

The accident happened around 7:45 a.m. this morning.

Neighbors say Zane Joiner was trying to cross Ninth Street when a car hit him causing broken bones and other injuries.

“I was sitting in the house and my kids ran in saying my son’s friend Zane had been hit by a car on the way to the school bus,” said Cynthia Randall.

A young girl said she saw the crash while sitting on the school bus.

“I saw him walking out to the bus and this car came out of nowhere and hit him. His face was full of blood and he wasn’t moving,” said 15-year-old Andrea Munich.

Witnesses say the bus was heading west and had parked with its lights flashing. Joiner started to cross the road and that’s when the car hit him. Pink markings left by investigators show where the accident occurred.

Instead of joining his fellow first graders at Fairview Elementary Wednesday, Joiner was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale and remains in serious condition.

Among his injuries are a fractured skull and eye socket, injuries neighbors say could have been avoided.

“I wish was surprised. That’s a sad thing to think. People drive on that road like it’s a highway,” said neighbor Gayle Saxum.

Saxum and other neighbors say drivers go too fast in the morning, but they would also like to see the school bus pick up kids on the other side of the road — so they don’t have to cross a busy street.

“There is a solution to this problem. Just come through here to this side and the kids won’t be in danger of being hit,” said Saxum.

The Kanabec County Sheriff’s Department says the accident is still under investigation and they won’t comment on whether or not the man driving the car was at fault, or if charges are expected.

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  • James

    God how hard is it for people to watch out for kids?! If your driving a car you should have the ability to pay attention to what is all around you. If you can’t, get out of the drivers seat. This kind of thing is completely avoidable.

    • Tonya

      Totally agree with you. People in the morning are always worried they will be late for work so they dont pay attention except to get there as fast as you can. If its school hours when kids are getting on the bus or walking you should even be more aware and expectaly if there is a bus cuz where ever a bus is there is usually a kid there getting on the bus doesnt matter what side they are on. I hope the little boy will be ok.

      • Tonya

        I mean work or school. We are praying that he will be ok and recover from this accident.

    • AJ


    • Bob

      We do not know the details of the situation. It’s possible that the breaks of the car malfunction for all I know.

      • markH

        I think you meant to write “brakes.”

        • vh

          Don’t pick on the man’s English. Folks, please read for “content”, and be nice to people!

      • Anonymous from Mora

        the breaks didn’t malfunction. the guy was being dumb and passing the bus, going 50 in a 30 mile zone. it’s the driver’s fault for going too fast and illegally passing a bus!!

    • JLD

      Double AMEN!

    • jessica hawk

      I live in Mora where this happend my little 6 year old girl goes to the same school. I also lost a two year old daughter in a car accident. Please will everyone pray for this family and child as his injuries are very serious and he needs everyones prayers. Thank-you.

    • Eric

      go back to under the bridge you came out of.

    • jlo

      WOW!! Really?!? If you can’t read the content for what it is the shut up!!!

  • heather

    Did they not see the RED FLASHING LIGHTS and the stop sign that sticks out of the side of the bus. PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION!!!!

  • red

    Poor kid I pray that that he will be ok

  • Gunther

    Without knowing all of the facts involved, if the driver is at fault, I hope he or she gets jail time. I’m tired of seeing people skirt the law–particularly ones that involve driving.

    By the way, if the police could impose fines and tickets for people who deserve to be cited, we’d wipe out the state budget deficit.

  • AJD

    Apparently noone knows how old the little guy is and what exactly happend so everyone needs to quit JUDGING and ASSUMING.. And he is going to be fine he is recovering..

    • PSB

      He is 6, and should it matter that he is going to be okay? I know those involved in this, and he was crossing to get on the bus – the bus had his lights flashing and stop sign out. The young man who, was on his phone, was driving fairly fast and was not paying attention. I know what happened and to see people caring what is going on with the driver is horrible. Not that this isn’t hard on him, but a 6 year old was hit by a car!

      • Momma of 2

        PSB – I couldn’t agree more. People SHOULD care that a CHILD was injured and his life is at risk here. It’s not just a little fender bender that will be “OK”. No one knows what the outcome for this child will be. AJD – You should be ashamed of yourself for saying “He is going to be fine”. Are you his doctor?? Do you know that for a fact?? Yes he is recovering, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t serious.

        People need to stop being so selfish and take responsibility for their actions. The driver of the vehicle should feel horrible. There is NO excuse for his actions. What more of a warning does a person need than a BIG YELLOW BUS, with FLASHING RED LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a clue people.

        • mwern

          Flippin Cell Phones need to be banned permanently while driving even though the selfish creeps would still use them.

          My Sister’s neighbor was killed this last Summer crossing the Street because the woman was on a Cell Phone and was speeding through a Cross Walk.

          How many more accidents/deaths have to happen before something gets done???

          markH: You must be really bored today correcting everyone’s grammar … A little Boy was hit today and that should be the focus.

        • Amy Smyser

          No flashing red lights and feel terrible why don’t you come and step into our shoes for a moment and you can see just how horrible we really feel and it really doesn’t matter what any of you people say all that really matters is that Zane pulls through

      • Amy Smyser

        Somehow I wonder if you will go back on here and read this I am the mom to the boy who was driving the car. I can tell you that he was going 15 miles an hour the police seized his phone and he had not made any phone calls on it or any text messages. He did nothing wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have never been so appaulled by the way the NEWS covered this story I will never believe anything that channel 4 or 5 say because of how terrible they covered that story. But guess what ladies and gentlemen misery sell and everyone wants someone to rip apart for this tragic accident and that is exactly what it was a horrible accident

        • Anonymous from Mora

          How is your son doing? i go to Mora with him, but don’t see him. My church is praying for your family and Zane’s!!

    • Destiny Jodene Deanna Delle

      Do you know EXACTLY how his condition is. Unless your part of the family. I doubt it.

  • Justin Ulrich

    Being a bus driver, and just generally more aware of the traffic around me than most folks might be. I have probably 1 person every other month run my stop lights/sign. Usually it is due to a cell phone, although I have had several cases where the drive just looked at me the entire time they sped through. Other than that people in general have just lost all sense of safe driving and the fact there is more to driving than what is immediately in front of them.

    Just so far today I have seen 3 people run stop signs, two of them lucky I was the only other traffic coming down the road, and one EXTREMELY lucky that the guy in front of me was paying close attention and managed to stop about 1 foot from the idiots driver’s door.

    To me it’s really a respect issue above everything else, folks just have lost all respect for anyone other than themselves and it is just sad.

    • Justin Ulrich

      I should also add that all we can do is report them to the police, IF we can manage to get their plate numbers. More often than not, they take off as soon as they know the bus driver is trying to get their tags, making them even more of a danger to pedestrians and other traffic. It’d be nice if we could get some sort of camera mounted that would take a snapshot or video of these situations so we could provide solid evidence to the police.

      • Lue Kohler

        It’s very sad that a child was hurt, I agree with most of the comments, the pain and anguish that child is going through is horrible. A six yr. old should not be by his self waiting for a school bus especially when the bus does not stop at the curb where the children are standing. I saw a Sheriff car today going toward Texas Ave. from Eagle Creek Rd. 185th, that was going over the white line and he did it several times, then he turned south on Texas, so alot of people, even a sheriff car doesn’t pay attention to there driving .People who are on phones do not watch what they are doing, they are always crossing the center line, even a sheriff car .We need people to start caring about others and drive safely, even police officers. LJK

        • corey

          I agree Lue … First off, I hope this child comes out alright, Second … Where were his parents? There is NO reason a 6 year old should be at a bus stop by themselves, whether it is right in front of your house or across a busy street. There is way too much that can happen. In this weather at 7 a.m. you are dealing with the bright sun cracking the horizon glaring off of the frost that is on the car.

          Very sad accident … especially with how easily this could have been avoided by both the parents and the driver.

    • heather

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Abby

      I try to always stop for all pedestrians in the crosswalk, not just kids getting on the bus. You cannot believe how many times people swerve around me and honk at me, for following the LAW. I am sorry to say that I have even had a few cops go around. (Yes, we are all in a hurry to get somewhere, but there is a reason why I am stopped without my signal on.) It seems that people are is such a rush and too distracted, they have little respect for others on the road. It is just wishful thinking that common sense is required to operate a vehicle!!

  • Momma of 2

    This story breaks my heart :( I don’t understand what people don’t get about being attentive behind the wheel. IF you are going to take on the responsibility of driving a vehicle, then you need to take it serious and always be paying attention to your surroundings!!!! That’s all there is to it.

    My prayers are with this sweet child and his family during this tragic time. May God wrap his loving and healing arms around this child.

  • Momma of 2

    That was uncalled for and rude!!! He is a child and the driver is an adult. Everyday people walk across the street – that doesn’t mean they should get hit by a vehicle!!! Geez, think about your comment for a bit there “Beck”.

    Have you every heard of pedestrians first???

    • aalan

      sorry but the driver is under 17 not an adult by any measure. he was a new driver. it is truly sad to have this happen. He will have to live with what he has done. the courts will see to that. My prayers go out to the little boys family. I pray for a good recovery. and I know this whole commuinty feels the same way

    • MNMommy2

      I believe the driver was 16 – NOT an adult. I’m beginning to think more and more that the minimum driving age should be increased to 18.

  • More Cake Please

    He was crossing the street to get to the bus. Drivers need to pay attention, especially around school buses.

  • Ven

    Flashing reds or not, how about this: If you see a shcool bus, at any time but espically in the morning, ASSUME that kids are around. You don’t need flashing reds (which may have been on) to tell you to use common sense.

  • mat

    if brakes fail slam the vehicle in park or use the emergency brake thats what it there for.. all else if you see a big yellow banana called a bus STOP!!!!!!!

  • Hank

    We all know how kids run out to the bus when they get excited some times even before the stop arm comes out because they don’t immediately come out as soon as you stop and the car was come over a hill directly into the rising sun I’m not taking anyone’s side here but just don’t point fingers until you really know what happened don’t you remember being a young inexperienced driver

    • NeesyGurl61

      Yes we all know how kids run out excitedly to the bus. THAT is why it is up to US the responsible adult…the careful drivers to come to a complete stop when we see a school bus with the stop arm out. NO EXCUSES!!!!

  • Gene

    I live just off 9th St in Mora and we have asked and reported to police dept. about people driving 40-50 MPH down that street which is only about 4 blocks long with a school in the middle. People just don’t seem to care. About 1/2 of the street is in a 25MPH speed zone as well. What do we have to do, put in speed bumps for idiots like this so the cell phone will fall out of their hands?

  • Bus Driving Mom of 5

    I agree with Jason, as a school bus driver I see way to many people on their phones and just not paying attention. PEOPLE school runs from SEPT to JUNE kids will be out from any where from around 6:30 to 8:00 am and 2:45 to 4:30pm CAUTION needs to be used especially at these time where kids will be out for or getting off the BUS.

    • momoffour

      This did not happen right by the school, it was about 1/2 mile away.

      • Common Sense is Here!

        Well, I hope you’re not really a mom of four because, if you didn’t know, kids get dropped off away from school, too. You see, there are these things called bus stops…

        • momoffour

          Actually I am a mom of four and I know both families and I know what happened, the true version. That is why I I can say what I did.

  • james

    First off the lights were on and the arm was not out, and he wasn’t on his phone. My children go to school with the driver, who by the way is 16…. and is with the family of the boy. My daughter is best friends with the little boys cousin and also knows the boy. Maybe they should stake a cop on that road like they did a few years ago..

    • Teen fron Mora

      I think you need to ride a school bus, sit in the front seat. You will see first hand that the lights start flashing and the stop sign arm comes out before the bus even comes to a stop. You dont know what happened this morning as you were not standing out at that bus stop and you were not riding that bus. All you know is hear say…and we all know hear say is never the truth.

      Today a young boy got hit by a car and that is the fact of the story. It doesnt matter if that boy was standing at his bus stop or walking to his bus he never should of been hit. As a 16 year old driver he is fresh through drivers ed and one of the first things you learn about is school bus safety. I took my drivers test 3 years ago and i know that you have a big section of questions about school bus safety. He clearly passed his test as he was driving a car today…if he didnt know bus safety he wouldnt of passed as you can only miss a few questions.

      Being from Mora and growing up in that town i drove up and down that street a million times and i know the layout of the street, school, and apt. This accident should and could of been avoided. It doesnt matter if the sun was shining or not, if you cant see becasue the sun is in your eyes then slow down. You need to drive at a slow speed so you can see what is going on. Also sun or no sun that bus was right in front of that young driver with red flashing lights and a stop sign arm out. He would of seen that bus and those kids crossing the street if he didnt have is head in his lap looking at his incoming text message. There is a reason for the law and the law says no texting and driving…the law also says if a driver is under the age of 18 he or she cant even be using a cell phone in the car. That is for the drivers safety and for safety of others.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to the family!!!!

      • Amy Smyser

        Being from Mora I would expect you to be aloittle more truthful the bus arm was not out and he had not touched his phone he was driving at about 15 mph it was not inexperience, speed, or that stupid cell phone that everyone assumes because he is 16 must be so but it is not so and this was just an absolute tradegy without a doubt for both families involved I know everyone wants to blame someone well this was just a tragedy

  • PSB

    He is 6, and should it matter that he is going to be okay? I know those involved in this, and he was crossing to get on the bus – the bus had his lights flashing and stop sign out. The young man who, was on his phone, was driving fairly fast and was not paying attention. I know what happened and to see people caring what is going on with the driver is horrible. Not that this isn’t hard on him, but a 6 year old was hit by a car!

    • Anonymous from Mora

      the guy was NOT on his cell phone!!!

  • red

    no more phone usage while driving

  • Well...

    When I leave for work in the morning, I am almost completely blinded by the sun for about the first mile, even with sunglasses on and my visor down. It’s possible something like this occurred. Let’s just hope the boy is ok, eh?

  • Destiny Jodene Deanna Delle

    I’m the cousin of this child, and let me tell you.
    1) The brakes did not go out on the car.
    2) People should care less about the kid who did this. DONT TEXT AND DRIVE.
    3) He was speeding wrecklessly.
    4) The person who did this was caught.
    5) No one knows yet if the person saw the lights
    6) I could go on, but this is getting tiring just typing this.

    Thanks for sharing your cares and thoughts. Our families really appreciate this.

    • memememe

      were you by chance in the car with the driver??? thats right you werent. I feel horrible about what happened to you cousin, at the same time i feel for the driver too. The school should not make these kids cross the busy street they cross. Why the hell dont the bus pull into the lot of the apartment building.. And the sun was very nbright this morning. So maybe before you start making all of these comments about the driver you should get your facts straight.

      • Compassion

        Very good point memememe….. the bus could easily pull into the parking lot. I know, I’m from there. And yes, the sun is blinding that time of the day – I’ve driven that route more times than I can count. Too many are quick to be certain this young boy was negligent – maybe he was. But we are not the judge or the jury. We need to show compassion for both children (yes, he’s still a child too) and for both families. My heart aches for all of them.

    • chimp

      blah blah color

    • sarah

      Okay if you hadn’t seen the comment of the mother of the boy that was driving the car then you have no respect.. He wasn’t driving fast.. I’ve known the 16 old boy since we were baby’s and he would never drive fast were he knows the speed limit.. So get your fact’s straight.. Im sorry about your cousin but don’t try to put all the blame on the driver of the car.. The little boy must of ran into the street..

  • rach

    hmmm not that hard, EVERYONE NEEDS TO get off the cell phone, and slow the heck down…….

  • markH

    If this teen (who has about a buck and a half’s worth of driving experience) is found to have been texting (or using a mobile communication device) the phone should be stuffed up his #@@ and he should be prohibited from driving for 5 years. Peace.

  • Sherry

    My prayers go to the family and the little boy for a full recovery. I find it hard not to see that a bus is stopped and lights are flashing that you don’t first think about children being around. Very sad.

  • Michael B

    Red means STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that can’t understand that doesn’t deserve to have a drivers license. It is a priviledge not a right.

  • captainobvious

    Just another example of why you people shouldnt drive, im about 1 more bad driving mistake away from pizz -pounding some fools face into the ground male or female, i hate every1 of you bad drivers and hope death finds you soon, oh but hey immigrants are great drivers lol

    • Hannah

      captainobvious! You need to go to charm school! You are very rude and shouldn’t even be on this forum! A little boy was hurt, and you want to show how much you hate people! This is not a place for your “words”!

      • pigvomit

        Hannah you need to pick up a salad, your probably a awful driver so your offended sloth

  • Hannah

    If it isn’t illegal now to operate a motor vehicle while on the cell phone. the state legislature is in session now and it would be a good time to pass a state law agaisnt operating a motor vehicle while on a cell phone!

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