By Mike Max

By Mike Max, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The annual Northwest Sports Show has good timing with this long winter. People really want to dream warm thoughts.

Talk about a welcome reprieve to at least think summer. One thing that’s taking off in the land of lakes is paddle surfing — and apparently it’s easy to learn.

“It’s just a cross-training board, and it’s going to work your shoulders and your whole back,” said Joany Stark. “That’s what the nice thing is. Just the learning curve, like I said is only about 10 minutes long.”

The always popular fish tank features a fisherman. Mark Courts said that even in the fish tank, the bite is dictated by barometric pressure.

“One of the things you’ll find is that these fish react just like the fish in the lake do,” Courts said. “Once the pressure outside is changed or whatever it is, it’s that whole pressure system that changes these fish.”

Time to talk turkey, the outdoor sport on the rise. The spring season about to commence in Minnesota, beware.

“The worst thing that will affect them is a cold rain and a wet spring, with cool weather because they don’t have any oil glands to keep themselves repelled from the water, like the ducks do,” said Dave Davies, a turkey hunter.

Yes, the outdoors appetizer is here. The Sports Show is bigger than recent years, which may be a sign of the economy.


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