Pawlenty To Headline Boston Tea Party Rally

BOSTON (AP) — Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will be among the speakers at an April 15 tea party rally in Boston.

The Greater Boston Tea Party said on Wednesday that Pawlenty will headline its third annual “Tax Day” rally on the Boston Common.

The Republican announced last week that he was forming an exploratory committee for a 2012 White House bid.

Christen Varley, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party, said in a statement that Pawlenty helped put Minnesota on track for economic success.

There are several other scheduled speakers at the rally, including former state Rep. Karyn Polito, who ran unsuccessfully for state treasurer in Massachusetts last year.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin headlined last year’s tea party rally in Boston.

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  • scott

    what the hell track would that be christen. The only track pawlenty put minnesota on was the track to hell and everyone gets a first class ticket

  • Not a Dem or Rep

    4 Trillion in 2 years can we handle another 4 years of obama!

    • Mike

      We handled the mess GW left President Obama including a debt level of $10.6 trillion and 30 years of Reaganomics which played a very, very large roll in our current economic problems!

    • MARK

      Better than the alternative.

  • ted

    How’s his Boston accent? He’s probably practicing right now: “I have to pahk the cah.”

  • Linda

    Some of us wanted GHW Bush out of the White House also. Can’t where former Gov Pawlenty put us MN residents on the path to success. See my Hennepin Prop Tax Statement.

  • Earthman2020

    He failed to maintain the safety of our 35W bridge.

    He forced a tax on Hennepin county without a referendum.

    He vetoed so many bills it’s insane, including:

    a bill to legalize marijuana for terminally ill patients, a bill to allow the surviving member of a same-sex couple to make decisions for their dead partner, a bill to standardize anti-bullying procedures in schools, a bill to streamline absentee voting, a bill that would regulate toxins in children’s toys… just to name a few.

    He has his own agenda. He is a phony. And he is not a good leader. I don’t trust him at all.

    What this country needs is an independent president who actually listens to the people.

  • tepeters

    The Tea Party like their political antecedents the “Know Nothings” will enjoy some years of popularity but will eventually disappear because they are the fringe of a changing world and made up of those people who are afraid of diversity and change. TPaw did not leave Minnesota on any road to success he was a disaster and pushed the state deficit on the backs of local government and Minnesotas most vulnerable and did not truly solve the problem by taking back the tax breaks given to the wealth and corporations. Look at Britain, their conservative governmetn is doign what conservatives here propose and their GDP is falling; and unemployment increasing. Finally, the Brits are starting to talk about revenue increases since the much touted austerity is not really working.

  • Sick of Tea

    Take a swim, Tim.

  • Deb

    Pawlenty was one of the worst things ever for Minnesota-I don’t know where anyone gets the idea he led Minnesota to economic success — he left us with a $6.5 Billion (Yes – Billion!!!) deficit. He didn’t officially raise taxes, but raised fees, “borrowed” from other funds for general fund, property taxes have risen because of his policies.

  • Pavel

    Just another example of “no new taxes”! America will not balance it’s books until the weathly pay their fair share. It should be a percentage of all wealth, which can not be reduced by tax lawyers.

  • james

    Dear Tim, Please go away, now! ugh You;re like the squirrel that just keeps digging up my garden, while snickering from the tree tops. Who keeps telling you that MN loves you. No, we don’t!

  • MARK

    I’m pretty sure that if T-Paw somehow secured the GOP nomination, he wouldn’t even win Minnesota.

  • TPAW

    Love the TPaw. I won’t vote for him but as a Gov, I liked him. It seems deadbeats and dirtbags don’t like him. TPaw didn’t give me enough free stuff.

  • HappyGoLucky

    I really liked Tim Pawlentys uncanny ability to anounce the start of a hockey game; “Drop the _uck”! Hahahahahahahaa…..gets me every time!

  • The Crux of the Biscuit

    Pawty Mouth a TP’er. Who woulda thunk……

  • b

    Just Imagine how much debt Pawlenty would put this country in 4 years

  • donjuan

    Now the entire nation will see how dumb minnesotians are for voting this racist pawlenty clown into office

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