Ex-Governor Ventura Would Consider Running With Ron Paul

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former pro-wrestler and Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, says he would consider getting back into politics if Texas Congressman Ron Paul would run for president as an Independent.

Ventura told George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” that he would “give great consideration to being his running mate.” But Ventura says he wouldn’t run on Paul’s ticket as a Republican.

The former governor dedicated his latest book “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read” to Paul, who he says is the only federal elected official to “stand up for America” on the congressional floor.

Another possible White House contender represents the Minnesota congressional district in which Ventura resides. Could Ventura vote for Michele Bachmann for president? His answer? Not with his vote.

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  • Mike Hunt

    What a freeking nut job!!!

    • J.t. Williams

      Yeah, truth is for losers! Only wingnuts fail to take the government at their word. Because there is no history of governments, let alone small wealthy factions within government, who create and lie about events to deceive and manipulate the public.

      These whack jobs are concerned about their rights, and the future of the country. The government lies constantly, but they just want to keep us safe!!

  • What?

    Was he asked?

  • Go away Jesse!

    please go away.

    Did Ron Paul approach him about being a possible runninng mate? If not, then why is this news? Jesse says a lot of stuff that makes ZERO sense, let’s add this to the list

  • jjfloj

    Jesse..the best governor Minnesota ever had.
    The only time the budget was balanced, the children were educated and we had something close to full employment.

    • Paul

      I wouldn’t say he was the best governor. But he wasn’t the worst. Pawlenty gets that distinction

      • Nate

        You are incorrect, it goes to Dayton. Thanks buddy.

        • TimP

          Dayton’s is now Macy’s. Pawlenty of fee’s was the worst, buddy. Good luck?

  • John

    We NEED these guys in. SOMEONE who would actually HELP the American people. Get us out the the two party,”lesser of two evils” Rut we have been in . GO for it Jesse!!

  • Randy

    Bwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….

    And that’s not Ron Paul I’m laughing at…..

    Go back to Mexico Jim Janos – you are a real piece of work man….. Just beat it…

  • bruce

    what did he get done in office ?

    • DJ

      He learned not to feed the jackels…

  • Bomb-them-all

    Minnesota under Ventura was a hell of a lot better off than where Pawlenty “of Nuthin'” left us. The Dems wanna hand out food stamps and the GOP wants the middle class to lump the tax burden-God forbid if multi-millionairs and Billionaires had to pay their fair share of taxes. The “house negro” will do another four years wether “head wobbles” runs or not. Get real people.

  • Again?

    Jesse may be a bit off center, but that’s probably what’s needed. He did a good job for Minnesota as Governer, better than some (one in particular) who shall remain nameless, just hope he doesn’t run.

  • Again?

    my above comment – the “he doesn’t run” is not aimed at Jesse.

    • Sue

      Just say Pawlenty. The double talking liar ex-gov from Minnesota. No taxes but pawlenty of fee’s

  • JoeR

    A legend in his own (twisted) mind. Please fade away for good. Go to Alaska.

  • M B

    Jesse might have been (or is) a loon, but he’s a loon that gets stuff done, and fights for the best interest of the People, not his political party. I seldom see that in any of the other two parties, especially the Right.

  • And T Jefferson weot

    Jesse is dumb. As in not smart. As in unintelligent. Why in the heck would anyone seriously consider him for anything other than WWE special referee?

  • Gerald

    Oh yeah put Jesse the goof-off in the White House. ROTFLMBO.
    He can let his kids throw wild parties and trash the place just like he did with the Governor’s mansion. Then he can refuse to talk to the media (as he did here) and not bother with answering the tough questions from his constituents (that’s all of us in MN) at town halls and press conferences, not to mention never responding to mail or emails. He can then fly around on book tours and increase the national deficit in the same manner that he did with the State of MN. Yeah, we deserved Jesse Venture. We the people found out that a vote for the third party in order to make a statement about what we thought about the DEM/REP candidates COULD (and did) backfire on us and we ended up being the laughing stock of the nation. We put a clown into the Governor’s office and now as a country we put a freshman Senator into the White House.
    What we SERIOUSLY need is to start smelling some of the coffee and WAKE UP!

  • George

    Only in MInnesota.

  • Outside the Box

    Gerald, you’re either a sheep or a shill.. but i’m putting money on sheep.

    Look what the 2 party system has brought us.. no jobs, huge government, open borders, unconstitutional wars… you just keep sheepin for the mainstream bud, winning!

  • Herbie

    Give Bill Clinton another 8 years!!!!

  • Lee

    He’s dumber than a stick

  • Murph

    He should choose Pawlenty.That will give Tim some experience at his next job..shoe shine at the courthouse! I’d like to shine my shoes on his boney little rump with the district judges shoe stuck in it that he recieved last year!

  • weeew

    I am going to be sick GO AWAY!!!!!!!

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  • sad

    Mr. Paul is a conservative, Mr. Ventura imagines himself as an independent. He needs to look at his own record, first being he can’t endure or handle the press who have it in for him. 2nd .Mr. Ventura are a RHINO at best and a freaking liberal moderate at most. Please go away. I am sure you are a nice man, I passingly met your wife, Nice Lady, but stay with TV, you are more believeable.

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