Minn. Nurse Hangs Up Scrubs For Women-Oriented Sex Shop

By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

— A Twin Cities nurse has hung up her scrubs to open an adult sex shop tailored to a woman’s wants and needs in the bedroom.

Tucked inside a typical Eden Prairie strip mall is a store unlike any other in the area.

“I opened the store for my girlfriends,” said Theresa Philbin, owner of Touch Boutique.

Like many adult shops, Touch Boutique is tailored to couples who’d like to spice things up in the bedroom, but that’s where the similarities end.

“I think sometimes what you need is a place to start,” Philbin said.

Philbin discovered a niche in an industry that generates $15 billion a year worldwide. She has also learned that while sex does sell, so does intimacy.

“I always say it’s an intimacy shop rather than an adult shop,” Philbin said.

When She opened the shop in February, she wanted a store that catered to women.

“Women tend to hopefully feel they’re somewhat classy, and I think going into an adult store take away from that a little,” said Lori Aylwin, who thinks an adult store for women is a good idea.

Before opening Touch Boutique, Philbin did her research. She looked at studies on what women want in the bedroom and also surveyed hundreds in her community. Her research showed her that she would need to keep certain items off the shelves. For instance, rhinestone bracelets would replace handcuffs, and she made sure that much of the merchandise had discreet packaging.

“At this store we don’t carry pornography,” Philbin said. “We don’t carry videos or DVDs.”

Relationship therapist Bernie Slutsky said not carrying pornography makes women feel more comfortable.

“It’s not making it so graphic and so important … so it feels, maybe, safer,” Slutsky said.

Most of Touch Boutique’s customer base comes from people who walk-in, not realizing it’s an adult store. By the time they leave, however, the majority have bought something, Philbin said.

“The responses we get consistently are: ‘It’s about time,’” she said.

More traditional adult shops said that the competition is not hurting their business.

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  • Sam

    Wow. You somehow get “women are showing themselves off” and “feminism has taken a huge step backward” from an article about a shop aimed at helping women enjoy themselves in the bedroom.

    • Jeff Kline

      I agree. Some folks just don’t get it.

  • Chris

    Woah, chill… Just like you probably utilize your freedom of religion, let others utilize their freedoms as they wish. If you don’t like it, then don’t go to the store.

  • Brett

    Better this than smoking crack. Pick your battles more wisely Pete.

  • Randy

    Did you have this conversation with your blow up doll Pete, I think you need some help.

  • Mike

    Pete is a prude and in his world, sex is over-rated!

  • Alan

    Pete should go visit the political stuff if he is bemoaning the lack of critical thinking. In tough economic times, a little intimacy to shut out the rest of the world is not a bad thing. It is not a porn shop.

    • rmsbl4

      I guess Pete went bye bye.

  • Roger

    This world needs more sexy women! Nothing finer than a sexy, flirtatious female who is after her man. The gays have beat them into submission and like Pete feel threatened by them. You Go Girls!!

  • your really funny pete

    hey pete why not open up a GUYS shop then you wouldnt be left out

  • Paula Schintgen

    I believe you boys should grow up .its all womans negligee and sexy wear to their bedroom. And just cause she was a nurse she is still human and has needs,you boys act as though your priest maybe you rather be choir boys .then be romanced by women that are trying to please their MEN.

    • Slim

      Paula… what is your point? Hard to follow with the typos, etc…


    @PETE, What is your issue? what is wrong with a woman wearing a silky or lace nighty for her man? In the privacy of OUR OWN HOME!!! IF you had a woman would you make love to her with the lights on? You really need to get a life or a woman.. Chances are, you got a chubby just by reading this story.
    I love getting dressed up all sexy for my man. Not to mention, me and other women like to feel pretty and attractive in OUR OWN bedrooms!!
    If you are married or have a girlfriend, I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HER.


  • jackie

    @Pete,,, Did you know that her store focuses on Relationships? For a couple thats having trouble and have kinda lost the spark in their love live, her store will help them couples get that spark and romance back.
    Whats is wrong about a woman wanting to look sexy in HER and her HUSBANDS home? NOT YOUR HOME. SO GO TAKE YOUR BLOWUP DOLL AND MAYBE GET HER A NICE LITTLE NIGHTGOWN, Then maybe you will understand it a little better. But you have NO right to put women down for wanting to look sexy for their man.
    Wait a min….. Men like to see their woman look sexy and encourage them to wear the sexy clothes so why is it you are only attacking women?

  • Nancy Aleshire

    Why is WCCO wasting its time by covering stories like this? It is not news worthy. Businesses like this can just put little ads in the newspaper. They have no reason to promote them on tv. WCCO reporters deserve better than this.

    • Jude

      I couldn’t agree more. While watching this piece I thought you have got to be kidding. A 10 p.m. news story?? I would like to know who chooses what’s to be aired and do Frank and Amelia have any input.

  • Tom

    Quality reporting is dead.

  • bearpath

    Nancy, do you know Pete?

    • Lower Middle Class man

      I think Nancy is Pete

  • Anna

    It is interesting that most of these comments are from men! Nursing teaches us to be empathetic toward others, to be caring and respectful, and to listen to what people need. She has taken those skills and applied them to a venue that has traditionally been male oriented. She understands that a typical “adult” shop does not appeal to all women. Some of us would prefer to go into a store that caters more toward subtle areas of romance. I would see a store that exhibits class and respectibility in my own eyes. I respect that each and every individual has differing tastes. My hats off to Ms. Philbin and wish her much luck and success in her new business!

  • Citizen

    @Tom. You are absolutely right. A story like this is not news. At the least it should not be a “front page” article. Put it in the business section. I’m sure plenty of new businesses would love this type of coverage, but this is a titillating story that makes people comment and drawers in viewers to the web page. There are way more important stories in Minnesota that get no coverage at all.

    • Thor

      There is no more important thing in life than sex. That’s the ENTIRE point and purpose why we are here. You christians got your first order from your god that said : “Be fruitful and multiply.” He wasn’t talking about learning math! If there was more news about sex, having sex, getting people interested in sex, sex stimulants, etc… I BET that more people would be having sex rather than killing each other and beating each other to pieces.

      • Jimmy

        I like your thinking!!!

  • Chicka bow wow

    Pete needs to get laid.

  • Jon

    Wow, how does one go about getting a free ad like this?

  • Sandra D

    I get why people react to the I was a nurse now I sell sexy stuff, but get over it already. Saying unkind stuff about Pete won’t make my day, but I’m with all the other women who understand husbands need a pick me up and if we’re motivated to buy one to get one, well how’s that hurting anyone? Nothing worse than a nurse that doesn’t want to be one! I have more trouble having intellectual conversations with my husband but wearing the sexy stuff may improve his listening. I gather Pete wouldn’t shop here — good don’t want to buy sexy stuff with the uptight judging me. Have an open mind Pete. Smart people have sex too.

    • Thor

      Sandra, you are a Goddess. Men all over the world are worshipping you right now and want you in their bedroom, simply because you have a clue. Once Pete grows past puberty and starts to get wood, he will understand.

  • Florent (from France)

    Minnesota Men, you are lucky. You now have a place where you easily can find a present for your wife or girlfriend !

  • jlove

    Who are you people to say this is not news? I personally like getting on here and seeing a news article thats not about rape,murder,suicide,priests molesting boys or embezzlement,drive bye’s robbery’s ext…….. Whats wrong with reading about a woman who cares enough about love that she wants to help couples? IF YOU DONT LIKE THE STORY THEN DONT READ IT!!!! Maybe some uf us like the story. I like the fact that I now know of a store thats NOT full of “toys and movies” Where I can feel comfortable going in and getting a sexy lil nighty to wear for my husband!!! Not all news has to be about something negative. so like I said, If you dont like it, DONT READ IT!!!! ya know….

  • Joy

    I appreciate that the shop owner doesn’t sell pornography.

  • Lower Middle Class man


    They have a name for a GUY who does not like woment top look sexy – GAY!!!!!

    Or you really are a woman who is ugly and hate woman who try to look good.

    • Lovagurl69

      who is this pete person?lol why is everyone hatin on him and is he really against sex? that would blow..

  • Don_J

    … So this story is about a woman who quit her job as a “nurse”… to open an “adult” (sex) shop… in a “strip mall”. OK, I think she may be on to something… I wonder if she sells those nurse outfits… oh yeah, and SPONGES!

    • Thor

      and hot oil

  • Happy Wife

    I agree that this is NOT a news worthy story. I also completely disagree with Pete. As a wife I think that it is in my better interest to look sexy for my husband. It not only makes him happy but it makes me feel sexy and it keeps his interest. After 20 years of marriage we are both still satisfied and its because there is an effort made. I hated going into stores that had pornography and “educational” dvd’s, I like that this store is geared to make a woman feel comfortable. Sex is a huge part of life and that is the way it is. Without it none of us would be here….including YOU, Pete!

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