MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman who worked at a nursing home in South St. Paul, Minn. is charged with stealing from some of the residents.

Lisa Blair has been charged with four counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and four counts of theft by swindle, according to Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom. All charges are felonies.

Blair had taken nearly $63,000 from two nursing home residents between 2009 and 2010, according to the criminal complaint. That includes nearly $2,000 she charged to one of the victim’s credit cards so she could pay for her own child’s college tuition.

Blair, 43, admitted that she had “borrowed the money to pay for the tuition, but planned on paying it back. She also told police that she was helping the victims write out checks and would write some payable to herself for cash or fill out who they were payable to.

She told police, “I maybe took advantage … I knew it was the wrong thing to do.”

Police have copies of her bank records which they say show multiple deposits into her personal account.

Blair told police that she wasn’t sure why she did it and her intentions were to pay it back, but that “it just got out of hand.”

She posted bail and her first court appearance hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Comments (4)
  1. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Does that nursing home have surveillance cameras? I am trying to find a state representative or senator to pass a law making it mandatory in nursing homes, group homes, and workplaces employing those with disabilities. My son was killed in such a facility.

    1. 2muchwork? says:

      Perhaps you should have cared for him yourself, with the aid the state provides, many people keep their invalid sons and daughters at home.

  2. Pat Williams says:

    I work in a Nursing Home, and this type of behavior just makes all care givers look bad. We are dedicated, hardworking,and kind servers of the needs of OUR elderly. Please don’t judge us by the acts of the few. The home I work in has cameras but they are in the common areas. HIPPA forbids them to be placed in private areas. People must have their privacy. Someone at that home knew this was happening but was probably afraid to speak up.

  3. a nursing home worker says:

    I can honestly say that she did not work in the nursing home portion of the building but in the assisted living portion. And yes, the nursing home does have video cameras up in the public areas, but please remember that you cannot judge others by the actions of one person.

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