By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — For one St. Paul woman, a nice day riding her bike turned out to be a disturbing one when a man focused his video camera on her.

Still shaken and afraid to reveal her identity, Kelli, which is not her real name, said in an interview Tuesday that she was waiting at an intersection in St. Paul last week when she noticed the man.

“He had pulled up next to me and was leaning out the side of the window with a small silver video camera, and he had it trained on my rear-end and was just staring at me,” said Kelli.

Kelli says she just looked straight ahead and continued across the street when the light changed.

Approximately 15 minutes later, when she reached the intersection of Summit Avenue and Snelling Avenue, she noticed the same man again.

The man stopped his vehicle in the middle of the street and walked toward Kelli with his video camera. Kelli said the man was about 50 feet away from her.

“There were two girls walking and they sort of looked at me strange,” she said. “(Then they) looked out at the street and looked back at me and said, ‘is he taping you?'”

Those two girls then chased after him while Kelli called police. However, the man got away and they were not able to get his license plate number.

When police arrived, they took Kelli home.

Kelli says she knows that if he was caught, there is nothing police can do. He can legally record anybody in a public place.

“I know if you are in a public place, you give up your right to privacy concerning having somebody videotape you or take photos of you,” Kelli said.

Kelli’s description of the man was not clear, but she did say he was driving a black Jeep Cherokee.

There have been no other reports of this type of behavior in St. Paul, police said.

Comments (49)
  1. lisa says:

    Maybe she should have taken a photo of her stalker with the camera on her cell phone. Hind sight is 20/20 (no pun intended).

    1. Eman says:

      That’s not a pun, whether intended or not

  2. Sarah says:

    That is scary. Was she wearing biking attire?? Sony cameras with night vision can see through that kind of clothing when you put a filter on the camera and use the night vision mode. Doing that is illegal and I hope the police realize this and catch this pervert!

    1. Tom says:

      Thats not true Sarah…and you know it..

    2. Joe Hanson says:

      Sarah – they have equipment at the airport that can see through clothing revealing a person’s naughty bits!

      Don’t worry though, it’s operated by government employees.

    3. Victim Du Jour says:

      People who display their genitals, breasts and buttocks through their clothing are welcome to wear burkas, so the rest of us can live in a free society.

  3. MIke says:

    Geez… Well lets all jump to conclusions here people… For all we know, the guy in the car could have been an insurance claim adjuster, because maybe she claimed she was hurt at work and is collecting money. But yeah, lets call him a pervert, and stalker, even though we don’t know the whole story. I guess that is the way the world works now a days…

    1. jeff says:

      it isn’t common place for a claims adjuster to focus the camera on someones ass as they bike. additionally, they also tend to be inconspicuous. this is creepy indeed. what a freak.

      1. Mike says:

        Well of course she “claimed” he was focusing on her ass… It wouldn’t have been much of a report if she didn’t say that. I find it difficult to believe that this woman can tell where someone is pointing there camera from 50 feet away, INSIDE a car… From 50 feet away, the camera would only have to move about a half an inch from her ass to her face. So I guess that means that her perception of the position of the camera was within a half an inch from 50 feet away. I don’t think so.

        1. Max says:

          Where does it say that he was 50 feet away?

  4. Mack says:

    I would feel strange if I caught someone video taping me in public, but I don’t think terrified would be my reaction. It’s not as if a picture or video will not steal you soul……………
    No law broke. Just an over reaction to someone with a video camera.

    1. Joy says:

      I think the thing that terrified her was that he was following her. I had a guy follow me in the store and it is nerve wracking. I, of course, confronted him and he backed off.

  5. Kelli says:

    I would like to meet Kelli and decide what the attraction was all about. I would also like to see the two women that chased this “guy” that got away. With what, no one knows. Is there a story here?

  6. jill says:

    I guess some women like to play victim, even if they are not a victim

  7. wayne says:

    theres no crime? waste of police work & waste of time!

  8. kevin says:

    I agree, worse things are happening daily & nightly in St.Paul, quit wasting our minds with these lame stories.
    This women needs to go move to the country lol

  9. Mike Hunt says:

    She should have taken the plate number from the car the guy was driving so the police could do thier job & see if the guy a sexual preditor. If she didn’t she’s a idiot & is responsible in part for what may happen to some one else.

  10. Bob says:

    Maybe her bike shorts were way to small for her frame and he wanted to share what he saw with his friends. The fact that she states “There were two girls walking and they sort of looked at me strange,” tells me something wasn’t normal about her or what she was wearing

    1. Thomperrrrr says:

      where’s it say she was wearin’ summpin’ ????

      seriously – the “2 girls looking …..” caught my eye too. Not blaming the alleged vic for anything but ….. kinda odd.

    2. jeff says:

      could that possibly be because these two women saw the man video taping her ass and walking towards her? noooooo that’s not it…’s cuz she was wearing short shorts. yeah that’s it….. geez you people are dense.

  11. JamieinMN says:

    What a creeper.

  12. Willow says:

    We should not have to give up our privacy just by walking outside. Stalking in any way should be a crime.

    1. Eman says:

      This is great, we shouldn’t have to give up our privacy even when walking outside in public? Think about it. Ha ha ha lol!!!

  13. Mark says:

    There is a big difference between being filmed and being stalked. This amounts to stalking, whatever the reason for it may be. Also getting out of the car an approaching someone… yeah that is pretty threatening behavior after the person has been tailing you and filming you. I guess for some people nothing is serious until after an assault has occurred and they would rather ignore the signs of disturbing behavior until the headlines are more tragic.

    1. Stainless says:

      I remember sitting at a bar and this couple directly across from me kept staring. After about a half hour I started to get really annoyed and sneered at them every chance I could. The nerve of these people. Luckily, before I walked over an confronted them, I turned around a saw a 50″ big screen behind me showing a basketball game…

      By the way, what is the difference between being filmed and being stalked, and what constitutes this as stalking vs. filming. Intelligent minds want to know!!

    2. WHAT????? says:

      Hence why our justice system claims that people are innocent until proven guilty. You cannot lock someone up just because you do not like the way they are looking at you. If there is no crime that is commit what are you talking about? There is nothing that the police can do when someone calls them and states that someone is giving them “the creeps” so what would you have them do? I see a lot of posts on other stories saying that the use of the police is just wasting time and money and this as even the supposed victim said “I know if you are in a public place, you give up your right to privacy concerning having somebody videotape you or take photos of you,” so this should not have been called in. If she felt that threatened why did she not bike away when he got out of his car? Why did she not try to go to a busier place to make sure she was safe? It seems like she freaked herself out and then called the police before looking into any other option.
      As to the rest of the people that are saying that he was taping her rear, all we have to go by on that is a person who is clearly not thinking clear as she cannot even give a good description of the man, the plate #s on his car, or any real info about the guy other than “He had pulled up next to me and was leaning out the side of the window with a small silver video camera, and he had it trained on my rear-end and was just staring at me,”. The way that this is report here sais a lot about the woman herself, sounds like someone that is a little too paranoid. I am not saying that something creepy did not happen, but 1s again, no crime here which means nothing that can be done even if the police would have found him.

      1. max says:

        It’s true that the man didn’t commit a crime, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have called it in. In fact, citizens SHOULD call 911 about suspicious behavior.911 dispatchers prioritize calls as they receive them, so it’s not up to citizens to determine whether a squad car should be somewhere else. I once called 911 on a man who was following me and he was arrested because it turned out there was a warrant for his arrest.

        Further, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a situation where you were extremely frightened, but it can be very easy to forget details about someone’s appearance. And nobody is saying he committed a crime. But why doubt the legitimacy of Kelli’s fears for her safety?

        1. WHAT????? says:

          Saying that everyone should call 911 for “suspicious behavior” is kind of an outrageous statement. That is like saying that everyone should be on their toes because we are at threat level red. Everyone is going to take this a different way. What is “suspicious behavior”, is that like saying someone is normal? Suspicious behavior to me, I assure you, would be very different from a lot of people because of the nature of my job. Therefore instead of making that 911 operator prioritize the call people should use their heads and not automatically panic. Good for you that you had someone arrested, not sure what that has to do with any other posts here and since you provide fewer details on why you called the police than they did in this story, again I cannot say for sure but sounds like you scarred yourself into it and now justify it because you happened to call them on a man who had a warrant. I stick by my comment as the info there should have given you enough to tell what I meant. I am sorry that you have “street harassment” but that really does not apply here as there was no harassment just someone that was uncomfortable and wanted to tell a story.

          1. Max says:

            To clarify–many law enforcement officials do advise that in the event of a suspicious situation, if a citizen is in doubt, they should call 911 and allow the dispatcher to make the judgment on whether police presence is necessary. Of course, this recommendation is made with the assumption that most citizens have enough common sense to not call 911 for frivolous reasons. I cited my own experience as an example of a time when I felt uneasy because of suspicious behavior, called 911, and the call ended up being a good idea. The man had been following me for several blocks, crossing the street when I did, and was even jogging after me at one point, and I didn’t want him to follow me to my house. I sure hope that’s enough justification for you.

            Further, the woman was FOLLOWED by a man with a video camera who then tried to move into her personal space without explanation. Who are you to judge how she reacted in order to make herself feel safe? Heck, who are you to judge her for feeling unsafe in the first place? “Street harassment” is a real phenomenon that is a byproduct of a culture that tolerates violence towards women. Your response to this story is a byproduct of that same culture.

            1. WHAT????? says:

              I believe that just as anyone else I have the right to state my opinion as you do. I also find it funny that the post you come back to me with is kind of 1 sided where it is not really giving info on the story just attacking my post. When you phrase things like that you may not want to ask “who are you to judge” as you yourself do not sound like you are posing a question but judging my post and ultimately saying it was not justified or you would not be this upset. Hard to take the medicine you are trying to dish out huh? I was not trying to start a fight with anyone and from your response you sound like I got under your skin and the fight was on. Bottom line, no crime commit, cops should not be called as this is a waste of their time and tax dollars. If I called the cops every time I think something may happen they would probably be upset therefore I doubt they would ask me to do so. I do work with police a lot and know that they tell children to call 911 if they are not sure about something, but if you are an adult, use your head. You do not need to call them for something that made your heart pump a little faster. 1s again as well, he got out of his car and she was on a bike…… If you are too dumb to understand that bike = faster than person running or walking maybe any of these posts are not going to do any good. I have no problem with the ideas that you have and do not think that I am going to change your mind. As far as I am concerned this is speculation as posted in my 1st comment and you took this way too far from what was said. That is ok though, if you want to use me as a scapegoat I am more than willing to play along. I am a bad person for speaking my mind. Does that appease you? I hope it does so you can get on with your life of pointing your finger at people for “judging” others and then telling them that they should not point fingers. Have a nice day.

              1. max says:

                I did address your post more than the story because I take issue with your victim blaming stance. You were just as judgmental as me–seems like you’re the one who can’t take what you dish out. Sorry I hurt your feelings, though.

                1. WHAT????? says:

                  This will be my last post as I am not going to argue with stupidity any longer. I did not take any offense to what you were saying, I did not say anything about me not being judgmental, I also was pointing the fact out that you were judging and then saying don’t judge people. It amazes me that there are people that are as dumb as you are as you do not read the posts for what they say, you read what you want to see. Read my 1st post again, where in that post do I victim blame? I was saying that the police should not have been called as nothing happened and that I do not think we are getting the full story. Read into it what you will but do not have the audacity to tell me what I am thinking and saying as every post that you have here is a personal attack on someone and has nothing to do with the story. The way that you try to post on here is that you think yourself the victim in this conversation. Well you would be handicapped, that is for sure as when I read your posts you do represent yourself as a child throwing a fit because you don’t get your way. Maybe you should either grow up or not post on an adult blog. People like you are the reason that conversations do not last long as arguments are started for no reason other than your own selfishness. I did not even post to you before you attacked what I said and then you act like I targeted you. You just cannot stand that someone else has a different view can you? My advice, start reading the posts 2 or 3 times to allow enough time to let your ADD subside and soak in the info that is on the page. Maybe instead of fighting people on this blog you should go out walking again and fight some more crime. Remember, when you walk around always have your phone dialed 9-1 and wait and pray that the person follows you again so you can dial the other 1 and see if they have a warrant as well. Hope to catch you in another story so I can laugh at your simplicity and get under your skin again.

  14. max says:

    I’m disgusted, but not surprised, to see the amount of victim blaming here. She had every reason to feel threatened. Sorry, but you don’t invite harassment by riding your bike down the street. Many women are all too familiar with street harassment from random guys and it can make us feel unsafe in our own neighborhood. Imagine if this happened to your daughter–would you automatically assume that SHE was the one who did something wrong?

    1. Lauren says:

      Heck yes, max, you’re exactly right!

  15. Okay now says:

    Maybe he was shooting vid as he was putting together a video on Obesity in America 😉

    Or maybe it was for the new Vibe Seats they are designing for a biker’s pleasure?

    The possibilities are endless aren’t they

  16. ThomasD says:

    The two girls who chased after this guy on record somewhere as doing so?
    Brave — and foolish too IMO
    So this occurred in the daytime per article – where does one read night time?
    I got news for people – you likely on many many videos, everyone who is either attractive, odd, overweight or other wise stands out from a crown. Cell phones – cameras – web cams ….. capture machines are everywhere. Folks wanted this technology and got it and yes it does have some drawbacks. Calling him a stalker could be as crazy as this whole article seems. You in public – you have no “privacy”
    She may have even had a $3000 bike for all we know and he wanted a shot of it. Like I said – this is weird. Him-her-the 2 “superwomen” who chased him off.
    Not making a judgement – just very weird

    1. jeff says:

      it’s called communication man. “hey i love that bike do you mind if i take a picture of it” or “hey i’m doing a documentary on bike riding do you mind if i film you” “just so you don’t get freaked out and think i’m preverted and all!!!!” instead the freak says nothing zooms in on her ass and when he doesn’t get the close up he wants because of his crappy camera he attempts to approach the woman and abandons his car in the middle of the street? are you people kidding me? if you’re taping someone at the very least try not to be creepy about it.

  17. Mouse says:

    Because what a woman wears and what she looks like totally determines the level of personal privacy she’s entitled to when she steps outside her home.
    That was sarcasm, just to be perfectly clear.
    Whether or not any laws were broken, this is still disturbing and inappropriate behavior, and would be no matter who he had his lens pointed at, man OR woman. We freak out when someone photographs our children without consent. Why are our sisters, moms, daughters and friends any different?
    Also, I highly doubt someone with a legitimate reason for doing such a thing would run away when other people got involved.
    But what do I know? I’m just one of those silly hysterical females who thinks she should have some say in what happens to her body, right fellas?

    1. Mouse says:

      Tad, I fail to see how my comment related in any way to Islam, or any religion at all for that matter. Nor do I see how it could be interpreted as “paranoid.” Perhaps you missed the part where I said “sarcasm”. You do know what sarcasm is, right?
      I’ll explain my comment to you, so maybe you won’t feel so “disturbed.”
      No matter what clothing a woman (or man, or child) is wearing, it does not give other people free license to behave as the man in the car did, in a threatening and inappropriate manner. And to a woman, it WAS threatening, no matter what his intentions.
      Oh, and Tad? I keep my firearms unloaded and locked in a safe during the off-season, as any conscientious gun owner should.

    2. PatPaulsonCallsAgain ... says:

      indeed you are one of those types it seems. scared as a mouse? hate to hear that. to bad one feels so insecure in the middle of the day … a camera coming at me from the front would scare me too. especially at 50 feet with people around. wet my pants … not

  18. Photographer says:

    Funny, St. Paul Police had no problem harassing, and in at least one case assaulting, photographers weeks before the RNC was held.

  19. mrl says:

    Makes you wonder about all those guys talking on cell phones in the locker room at the gym!

  20. Dave D says:

    I wonder if he was approaching her to get a release signied to use the video (If he actually took video) for some commercial purpose? Since he ran from the other 2 women, probably not. But then again, who were they and were they female bodybuilders or perhaps LARGE Wal-martians? I’da run ,too. Not a lot of information, but plenty of speculation.

    1. Katey Y says:

      Heard this on 2 radio stations today – neither mentioned if there were 2 women/girls who chased him off. Nor did the police report I heard.
      So my question is were there actually 2 girls?
      Speculation galore — that said, it somewhat leads to the “did it really happen” thought.
      I can say for certain today I was filmed >> without my permission , or even my feeling comfortable with it being done. I was jogging by the KARE11 building and they were shooting video of the golf course geese I am guessing.(?)
      Should I have called 911? I was uncomfortable being filmed, and in shorts and sports bra, my usual jogging attire. I was on a public road so my guess is they were within their rights to do so. Maybe I will be a star tonight on the news? I hope my perspiration was not visible

  21. Lauren says:

    Sounds like St. Paul needs an iHollaback chapter so people like Kelli have a place to tell their stories, and the city can log all of their street harassment occurrences. 80% of women experience street harassment, so you know that it’s happening regularly.

    1. Max says:

      yes!! thank you!

  22. steve says:

    She should be flattered she was a goblin

  23. Doug O says:

    Maybe she is cheating on her husbund, and her hubby hired a investigator to see who she’s seeing?… that out of the realm?

  24. Victim Du Jour says:

    People who brag about being creeped out can wear burkas, so the rest of us can live in a free society.

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