Larger Crowds Expected For Bachmann Visit To SC

BLUFFTON, S.C. (AP) — An estimated 2,000 people are expected to turn out next week for a South Carolina visit by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a potential Republican presidential contender.

The Island Packet of Hilton Head reports planners had initially expected only about 200 people for the April 16 event in Bluffton. Now they expect ten times that number and have moved the appearance to a larger venue.

What was to have been a small gathering to hear the Minnesota Republican is now shaping up to be a block party with several bands, vendors and speakers. Organizers say the event is nonpartisan and is being billed as a celebration of the right to vote.

The event is part of Bachmann’s four-day visit to the state that ends with a Tea Party rally in Columbia.

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  • Citizen

    The circus comes to town! Send in the clowns…..

    • They are all Clowns

      The way I see it is that both sides are full of clowns, The repub have nobody worth running and the dems have obama who is just as bad with mass spending spree!

      • So Sad

        Yes, and Bush never spent a penny…….

        • They are all Clowns

          Never said Bush didnt spend but obama has spent 4 trillion in 2 years, What will it be at the end of 8 years in office?

          • IWonderIF

            you need to research your facts there on the 4 trillion in 2 years.. half of that 2 years we were still on GWB’s budget… FYI – The fed fiscal years runs October 1 – September 30…

    • Tom


      Good One! LOL

  • yesssir - and news because ??

    okay —- now we calling 2,000 a large crowd huh?
    some of these march’s and such in the past that supposedly reached 30,000 – 40,000 are called large. Wouldn’t that make them then massive?

    Sorry – couldn’t resist. We get 2000 a day walking in front of my place around the lake. That’s normal. Large – when they have a Race for Cure or such – then all told maybe 10K. That’s bigger.

    Large – 2 k – not

  • What

    She refused to voice her opinion on the subject of using tax dollars to build a stadium.

  • Harvey

    For days in South Carolina. Isn’t Congress in session? I guess self promotion is more valuable to her constituents than doing work in Congress. I didn’t realize it was a tele commuting job.. Or is her effort mailed in?

    • Richard Pettey

      I guess the people who elected her don’t care what she does.

      • Tom

        Richard Pettey

        That is true! Really speaks too their intelligent level doesn’t it!

        • katydid

          Absolutely – she’s never here!

          • ya

            Kind of like Obama running to South America during the nuclear crisis or spending millions on his family vacation in Spain during the gulf oil spill letting the tax payers pick up the tab for all the family and friends.

            • IWonderIF

              Ya – your argument is ridiculously lame .. pick up a book from time to time and turn off fox news

            • ex-banker Rob

              you truly this stupid ya?
              I won’t ask you to pick up a book as it’s apparent you couldn’t read one but maybe try some music on the radio. I suppose country might work as it’s slow enough for you to understand the words …. or is it?

  • Cow

    Why do some of you go on attack mode so fast, I dont support her or her party but some are so full of hate that you dont help the the dems by saying hatefull and stupid things the more that is spewed the dumber you sound!

    • katydid

      The ones that are full of hate are the teabaggers – hate for President Obama…

      • Huey Hog

        I brought my kids to two Tea Party events I saw no hate or race issues at both, I have seen more hate from people on the left! I dont hate Obama! I just feel he has taken this great nation down the wrong path!

      • Patti Gaulden Santoso

        @Katydid, I am not full of hate and I am a Tea Party Lady. I do not personally hate President Obama but, his presidency while historic, is doing absolutely nothing for this country.

  • Jamie from s 'water

    Cow’s dead on – HTG ya’ll, she’s gonna make an ass out of herself so leave her be, let it play out and then get in the last laugh as you always do.

    And the larger the crowd the better as more will see what we already know

  • Abe Lincoln's spinning

    Regardless of how many show up, Michele will say there was at least a million people, and Glenn Beck.

  • helper

    One Word…BIMBO!

    • helper needs to grow up

      @helper are you back again did you mom tell you to stop playing with the key board

  • Gopher

    Let’s see how her southern accent compares with T.P’s.

  • jc's a luvin' it

    They arriving already …. reports have them lined up all the way to the Altantic to the east and stretching down to the Florida keys to the south. North line extends to the hof farms on southern Iowa border and stop dead in their tracks there.

    Bachmann’s staff estimates the crowd to be in excess of 120 million already and boats are scheduled to arrive tonight from Puerto Rico further swelling the crowds.
    God has promised her perfect weather too

  • Citizen

    Seriously, everyone posting here. MB’s district is scheduled to be redistricted compliments of the last U.S. census. That will be interesting to watch! Politics is a contact sport…..

  • TP' is back in style ... on a rump anyway


    I just saw a string of party barges heading down the St Croix and waving banners that said Free Wille and Free Beer and Free Tea …… S.C. or bust

    Almost made me want to skip out on work and go join the fray. Sadly I work a real job and I can’t. I need to become a Tea Card Carrying 6th District politician soon. Dang it ….. it’s so nice out too

    • Joy

      Did you comment about all the teachers that protested in Wisconsin, that they should be working and not protesting? No? Then don’t be double-minded.

      • TP' is back in style ... on a rump anyway

        Talking to me Joy ???????
        I sure as hell did if so. I am not sure how you can sit and compare apples to oranges with this statement tho.
        She has a job and was voted in. Salary and current job security a given for her. Those in Wisconsin were fighting to keep something. In my humble mind a huge difference and not analagous at all. I didn’t support or agree with them over there but at least it wasn’t what they seemed to be doing 50-80% of their time for years on end.
        Sermon over ;-)

  • Rhonda from Stillwater

    Serious question — does she not have a thing to do as a U.S. Rep ?
    If not then I say to hell with having that office altogether – talk about taxpayer waste. This stuff is maybe as bad as it gets.

    That holds for all politicians IMO – you have time for this you are not needed as you cannot be doing what you were elected to do.
    I voted for her …… (running for cover)

  • Citizen

    Hey, Rhonda! Yes, she has something to do–she is a professional politician who is constantly running for office so she has a job. Now, she wants a bigger job and a bigger paycheck.

    • Joy

      If I remember right, wasn’t Obama a senator while he ran for the presidency? Did you complain about him not serving the people of Illinios while he was campaigning? If not, then check yourself, cause you, Citizen, have a double-standard.

      • Rhonda from Stillwater

        Rhonda … are you capable of reading? If you can did you read my second paragraph or was your slanted one way tea party mind to far out there?
        Repeat it for you _
        “That holds for all politicians IMO – you have time for this you are not needed as you cannot be doing what you were elected to do.
        I voted for her …… (running for cover)
        I did not vote for Obama. That said I will not vote for MB agin, for any position even if she’s the only one on a ticket. I learned my lesson.
        I have critiqued every person who has ever done this — she’s has taken it to a new level by any standards used, at least here in MN.
        BTW – I am here in MN and one asumes Citizen is would be also. It’s mighty hard to make an impact in Illinois from here. At least for me ;-)

  • Jack

    I don’t think she’s the best candidate for Republicans because of the way she comes across however she is an intelligent person with conservative ideas and that’s what many are looking for. Pawlenty would be a better pick.

    • BBrooks

      Can I challenge you on this intelligence matter please!
      I would never extend that comment to her – but never state she is stupid either.
      Let’s call her a dim bulb on a string of 4w Christmas bulbs. Maybne are brighter and many are dimmer. She’s at that 50 percentile. lol

    • tired of it

      Jack they are both the same put them in a pile and they both stink the same.
      Neither one wants to do the job they are getting paid for with our money at the present time. They are all forgetting the work for us, because we are footing the bill for their paychecks. We need a person that will work for us not their pockets.
      Pawlenty put us billions of dollors in debt it is scary what he would do on the federal level.

  • Common Cents

    I want each person in every political office, from city council to the White House, to know that the founding fathers did not end slavery.

    • Germany is back and Bachmannitis is alive and well

      agree – if you talking about tax slavery!
      otherwise how do I say you full-up of horse poop in a nice way?

  • Pavel

    I find it interesting they are billing this as a “celebration of the right to vote”. That seems strange to me since the Republican Party in Minnesota and many other states are trying to make it more difficult to vote. Nest thing there will be a “poll tax”.

  • Ugly Bill

    I love her – since Clinton and then GWB left the arena we have not had to many idiots doing the DummyStrut on a mic
    She brings it back …… all she needs is Ventura on a ticket and we’d have Dunce and Dumb

  • IWonderIF

    I like the fact that she stands by her convictions no matter whats.. How ever this is also her biggest flaw. Her mind is set and is in a static mode…. Unfortunately we need more innovators in government and she has shown time and time again that she doesn’t have this trait
    My 2 cent

    • Jan weighs in

      Accurate as one can get IW, and her weakness that will never allow her to win.
      I think another trait that will always hurt is yapping away without thinking. I know some people whom are ADHD and they even are more in control of their lips. lol
      She has some plusses but the negatives outweigh them. I just got back from Dallas trip and she generates some talk. Some good and more not so much so. They are accustomed to more reserved speakers I hear – and that she is not nor will she ever be.
      She is OUR MB from Minnesota, for better or worse. I wish she would spare herself the embarrasement of things sometimes but that’s her thing too. The mouth and mind just are not in sync way way to often

  • Worker bee

    I remember when she first landed in Washington DC and got to meet then-President Bush. I remember how she fell all over him and was pawing him in front of the cameras. What an absolute embarrassment for Minnesota. And she continues to get elected. In every picture her mouth is always open. You can’t hear others’ viewpoints if you are always talking!

    • junior fretting Michelle's motives

      That one video of her almost stroking GBW on the back and then the shoulder, turning to make sure sher mug was in the limelight of the camera, and then struggling to stay in front of the camera as she did so will always be the funniest thing I remember of any politician out there.
      She was hillarious — thank God she kept her hands above the waistline cuz ….. never mind.
      I have no opinion of her other than she is freaky scary to watch. I mean freaky scary

  • Tea and peas

    If I was ‘cco I’d run 10 stories a day on this flake as she gets the post counts up
    Not in a good way but they don’t care

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