Porky’s Sign Sold To Mpls. Ad Agency

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A piece of St. Paul history was sold to the highest bidder Wednesday.

The sign from the recently closed and long-time loved burger joint, Porky’s, sold for $5,600 to Broadhead, a Minneapolis ad agency.

Owner Dean Broadhead said, as a longtime resident of St. Paul, he wanted something “familiar and iconic” for their new office in downtown Minneapolis.

The auction of the restaurants’ memorabilia and kitchen items took place online Wednesday night.

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, a non-profit that preserves historic Minnesota sites, made a last-minute effort to save Porky’s and the sign. They took up a fund to purchase as many pieces of significance, but ultimately lost the bidding for the sign.

Porky’s has been an iconic drive-in on University Avenue since it opened its doors in 1953.

  • sad but true

    Well this is news a family friend on news last week said the family was keep ing the sign, i guess it show s the financial trouble the family is having, $5600 is nothing when ur a business owner in comparison to the sentimental value of this sign

  • jlynn

    The owner’s said they were keeping it, then they let it be sold anyway… makes you wonder what else about Porky’s closing aren’t what they appear to be? The owner’s have done a lot of talking out of both sides of their mouth it seems.

  • indy

    The sign in the picture isn’t the sign from the auction…

  • drh

    Who cares what or why or how??? It was their sign to sell. It’s their business! Everyone might say they want to keep something but when all is said and done, everything’s for sale for a certain price! I’d like to stay in my house forever but if someone came along and offered me $400,000 for it, I’d be GONE! No matter what I’ve said, today, or have been saying for years! Money changes minds…..

    • captainobvious

      living breathing tree stump drh, my point is they just stated theyre keeping it, then sold it and no1 is offering you 400k for your house that you overpaid for and over mortgaged and can barly afford so get a job

      • Mike

        You need to be held accountable for terrorist grassroots intentions “captainobvious”
        We still remember the riots in St Paul.

  • weeew

    Who cares

  • Swamp Rat

    Get the story right! The big Porky’s sign was not the sign shown in your photograph. Why didn’t you post the right Porky’s artifact sign that sold for $5600 at auction? Poor job of J-School 101 reporting!!! WCCO goofed on this story!!!!

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