By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The NFL players want to end the lockout, so they turned to a Minneapolis court. But why here? And what’s Prince William’s last name anyway?

Jason DeRusha hits ‘reply all’ to some of your Good Questions.

Why did the players file suit against the NFL here? – Jess Lemanski, Minneapolis

Local journalist, Jay Weiner, has traced the history to 1969, when the head of the NFL Players Union wanted advice.

He was sent to one of the nation’s leading labor lawyers — a guy named Leonard Lindquist, a founding partner at Lindquist & Vennum in Minneapolis.

That firm became a pipeline for lawyers who would work for the players union. And when they filed lawsuits, they did it away from the home field advantage the owners had with NFL headquarters in New York. They filed suit here. Now, 42 years later, the cases still happen in downtown Minneapolis.

What is the royal family’s last name? – Barb, Maple Grove and Beverly, Eagan

The royal wedding is around the corner and the invites are in the mail. But on them, it just says Prince William. So what’s his last name?

Well, he doesn’t really have a last name. The royal family’s official generic last name is Windsor. It has been that since King George decreed it in 1917.

When William was in the royal military, he used the name William Wales, because he was Prince William of Wales.

Why do men’s shirts have so much packaging? – Lani Carlson from Minnetonka

Keith Elsworth has a store in the skyway downtown called Elsworth.

“Most of it really for the company’s presentation and for shipping,” said Elsworth. “In the terms of store presentation, it makes it stackable.

Women’s shirts aren’t packed that way because women’s shirts are always displayed on hangers in stores.

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    Overacheiver! She is way hotter than him!

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    I can only assume you are a “him”.

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