WINONA, Minn. (AP) — Winona firefighters had to rescue a man from the flooded Mississippi River.

The Winona Daily News reports the man had to be rescued Friday afternoon after he hopped from a capsizing boat onto a tree standing in the rushing current.

Capt. Kim Bartelson tells the Winona Daily News that the man’s motor got hooked on a cable and the man jumped to the tree. The boat went under.

Bartelson says the man was wearing a life jacket and was uninjured.

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Comments (8)
  1. Jake says:

    I certainly hope that the man receives a BILL from the emergency personnel who had to drop what they were doing to rescue him. In no way should the taxpayer pay for this rescue. If you are stupid enough to go on a river during a major flood event and need help, you should be expected to pay for the rescue out of your own pocket.

  2. Rusty Shakelford says:

    They get paid a standard rate I’m sure. I say give them something to do. What they were doing before is what we are doing now. Start with EBT, leave the fishermen alone, we pay more in taxes and Wildlife Management a week than some pay a year.

    1. Jake says:

      Rubbish, that’s not what I hear. I have heard that they are ‘on call’, so if the dont’ get ‘CALLED”, they don’t get PAID.. So tell us ignorant taxpayers how the system works…. Are you ‘volunteers’, or BLODDSUCKERS of the taxpayer dime.

      1. Rusty Shakelford says:

        I work for a private company and create products in MN Jake, so don’t point at me.
        We have to stick up for these people, they are not criminals. Many people use the hospital every day after a crime for free while we pay for our health care.

  3. Rusty Shakelford says:

    Which reminds me:
    Hey Liberals, go and scrammble up enough money and buy yourself a State Park Pass, QUIT PARKING ON THE STREET AN WALKING OR BIKING TO OUR PARKS!!! How cheap are you people?

    1. Rob Hafermann says:

      What does someone’s political views have to do with paying for a park pass? It has to do with people being cheap or not being able to afford it. It has nothing to do with political views.

  4. Rusty Shakelford says:

    Jake, the Presidential election is coming soon, leave the fishermen alone.

  5. Lori Keys says:

    Why do they have a picture of the Hastings bridge with a Winona water rescue?

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