ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The debate over dollars at Minnesota’s Capitol turns this week to consideration of upgrades to the 106-year-old building itself.

Two bills seeking money for potential Capitol upgrades are on Tuesday’s docket in the House State Government Finance Committee.

One measure seeks $6 million to enhance security in the Capitol complex and accommodate the pending construction of a light rail line that will soon head down University Avenue.

The other bill goes after $300,000 to do internal and external risk assessments of a building that has seen signs of wear. Officials would have to report on needed restoration by December.

Past efforts to get money for a large-scale Capitol renovation have run into resistance as lawmakers dealt with deficit after deficit.

The current Capitol, Minnesota’s third, opened in 1905.

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Comments (7)
  1. R says:

    Pay the states bills and balance the budget, then worry about making changes to the capital.

    Homeowners do that daily, no reason that the lawmakers shouldn’t do the same.

  2. LLP says:

    It’s not makeing changes it’s fixing the leaks that travel from top to bottom, mold, outdates mechanical and electrical systems and the facing that keeps falling off. Most home owners do not have building parts ready tofall and hit or kill someone walking by. Because we don’t have local politicians with any guts is the reason the state is the way it is. If you keep putting off today’s problems tha\\eyt only get bigger and more costley down the road. Just look at our roads and infastructure. THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

  3. married to the truth says:

    I’m all for doing up keep on the capitol. It is a beautiful building and not only because of that but also to save money down the road from perhaps even bigger repairs from something that could have been fixed years sooner, for a lot cheaper. It is just the right thing to do no matter how you look at it.

    Now as far as the 6 million in security? I think it is a was and not needed. Maybe we need to hire some more troopers to help out but the 6 million number goes way to far. What is needed more than better security is better law makers. Enough with the lies games cheats and thefts. If people would be honest and straigh forward they would not need a huge security staff. Besides that come an extra 6 million on top or an at least 2.4 million. Add that all up and that is quite the job security package for a person that works for me any you. A person that was eleceted to power. A person that is a nasty vile snake in the grass. Quit being abusive to our rights and maybe then people will stop being abusive to you yours! Think about it!

    1. ol'homeowner says:

      Get off your toilet seat and smelling up the place. The six million should go for repairs as well as for upgrading the security of the building. Why seperate the costs.

  4. steve says:

    Money better spent on the Capitol than on the Vikings

  5. ML says:

    Now the facts of life which make more sense to repair the capitol building in St. Paul than putting money into a new stadium or light rail system. What amazes me is how the law makers in this state find so many ways to spend the hard earned dollars of the citizens of this state. Why not just start saving this money and using it for the right reasons? We don’t need a new stadium, but we definitely need to repair and upgrade our capitol building. Don’t follow Obama’s way of spending money. You are stealing from the people who earn a good wage.

  6. Murph says:

    Board it up and send the clowns home to look for work! It’s every person for themselves now! They just want to serve the rich.So let them be butlers and chambermaids or something! Maybe they can drive your limo if you got one.Most of us don’t! Never will with these duds at the helm!

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