ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — An operative who helped Republicans claim a majority of state governors’ offices will head up Tim Pawlenty’s presidential efforts.

Pawlenty’s exploratory committee announced Monday that Nick Ayers will be campaign manager. Most recently, Ayers was executive director of the Republican Governors Association during the 2010 election cycle in which the GOP made gains from coast to coast.

Ayers helped raise and spend more than $100 million. Republicans gained control of governor’s mansions in key presidential battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. Pawlenty, then Minnesota’s governor, worked with Ayers while serving as vice chairman of the RGA.

Before his national stint, Ayers managed the successful campaign of then-Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue.

He will start his Pawlenty job April 25 after moving to Minneapolis, where the campaign is headquartered.

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Comments (11)
  1. Ronald Ambroz says:

    Mr cost us plenty save your money, and go lay by your dish!

  2. Murph says:

    It won’t help Tim much until he explains his problems understanding Constitutions. It seems that Pawlenty as a law school graduate believes that being a licensed shyster gives him special powers to ignore the rule of law.If he doesn’t like something,the little ant pushes it around,squeals and moans and stomps his feet! He would be a horrendous POTUS likely sparking riots and mayhem on a gigantic scale! He should empty his closet of all he is keeping secret,except from Minnesotans and star over as a shoe shiner or something less cerebral than politics.

  3. jmj says:

    I am not a fan of Pawlenty. But I also have to be honest. Who was in charge of the house and senate while he was in office people….You got it the Democrats. So quit blaming one person when there is plenty of blame to go around. As far as the spending goes, Dems love to spend our money.

    1. Walker says:

      If Pawlenty was a little more honest about things it would be better. No new taxes, but whopping fee increases, His not solving budgetary problems,by just pushing it off onto others and hoping people will be magically healthy is a huge problem. The country does not need that kind of leadership. Passive aggressive bipartisanship did not solve or resolve the problems that either party presents.Governor Dayton is showing a willingness to talk and deal with opposing viewpoints directly, we will have to wait and see what the final outcome will be.

    2. Tom says:


      What did the Dems spend money on?

      1. Research says:

        Tom this is why you should do your homework

        1. Tom says:


          You are doing the samething that jmj is doing you won’t list things that Dems spent money on. If you want me too do research that is fine. But why didn’t u list things that Dems spent money on? Name some. Roads are in bad condition, schools are closing, And it also boils down to this do you want a party that looks at the “whole” picture? Or do you want a party who chooses too see what they want too see. And besides Pawlenty may have done alot of cutting but he also raised taxes or as he liked too call them “fee” increases.

    3. Yes says:

      The dems are blinded by Obama mania, I dont like TPAW but its better then what is in office

    4. WHO WHAT WHERE? says:

      You may also want to look at the number of times that TPaw used his famous veto pen as the Dems that you are talking about that were in office could not do very much. I say that because if you look into it, TPaw used that pen more than any other Gov we have ever had. So if you are trying to blame the Dems that were in office, get your facts right, they were not able to do much because the little boy that would be king loved to use the veto pen.

  4. Tom says:

    Voters always have two options:

    Tax and Spend liberal!
    Borrow and Spend Consevative

    When the Dems got their gas tax passed the voters had their chance too vote the Dems out of office, but they didn’t do that.

    The Conservatives can claaim that the spending is the problem that is why they keep cutting. But if you look at what all that cutting has resulted it bigger deficits.


  5. Hic Cup says:

    This article doesn’t say whether Ayers worships the Patriot Act, torture or endless war. Knowing Pawlenty though, he probably does

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