Nicollet Mall Closes To Buses For 1 Month

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Nicollet Mall is now closed to buses and will remain so for the next month.

Metro Transit reports a resurfacing project along the mall will last for the next four weeks, and will force a number of bus routes to be detoured.

Metro Transit said bus routes 10, 11, 17, 18, 25, 59 and 568 are all going to be rerouted during the road closure. Routes will be moved over to Hennepin and LaSalle Avenues.

Click here to see more detour information.

  • rep Michelle Bachmann

    Big Deal…

    • LLP

      DId your paymasters (THE BANKS) put you up to this. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR

    • Jon Lindquist

      me thinks the election rigging has gone to your head

  • LLP

    THat;s because you are a WWH probably never been on a bus let alone how to use one.

  • Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu

    Wow, these comment sections have really gone to the crazies.

    • LLP

      Sure has, the National political parties have killed the political process in this country. If you don’t follow anyone of the extremist in any party you are vilified and your views are ignored. American is in a race to the bottom. We are over weight, undereducated and totally clueless about world events outside of the US. Ever watch J-Walking on Leno how sad.

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