DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — Utility workers are racking up huge amounts of overtime as they scramble to hold together Duluth’s faltering infrastructure.

The Duluth News Tribune reported Sunday one utility worker logged over 1,600 hours of overtime last year. That’s like an extra 40 weeks on top of a full-time job.

And it’s costing plenty. That busy utility worker earned over $51,000 in overtime pay in 2010 — on top of his $62,000 salary.

All told, Duluth shelled out $2.67 million in premium and overtime pay last year.

City Councilor Jim Stauber says any business with that kind of overtime problem would resolve it quickly.

But Duluth Mayor Don Ness says that during his first year in office, he cut overtime costs by $400,000, down 14 percent from what his predecessor spent in 2007.

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Comments (5)
  1. Jerry Mathiowetz says:

    OK, Cut the overtime. I want to ask you this question. When the Electricity is OFF, How many hours would you like to wait before we restore it? Do you want your power back this minute or YESTERDAY?

    1. Ditto says:

      Good point Jerry. Sounds like the story shouldn’t be about all the overtime, but about the failing infrastructure…

      1. Carol DeMerritt says:

        I agree-the infrasructure needs to be reviewed. If so many people get overtime, doesn’t that mean that there are ‘regular hours” jobs that could be created?

  2. Jerry Mathiowetz says:

    Just to be clear, I am NOT a Duluth utility worker but a farmer in southwest MN. You all want everything for nothing including your food but when the “Crap” hits the fan you are being “Screwed”! The time to use that thing on top of your head, “IIs called your Brain” is running very short. $62000 divided by 2080 hours a year = $29.87 an hour. BUT you want your services to be there 24/7/52 and you want them to be paid at the minimum wage rate with NO overtime?

  3. Jerry Mathiowetz says:

    Just to be clear to you all, I am NOT a utility worker in Duluth. I am a retired farmer in S.W. MN. It is so easy to whine and cry about someone else making a just wage to keep you Well fed, Clothed and Warm and Able to have all of your toys ect. but Heaven forbid if they make more than your minimum wage doing it! We need to get off the TEA party way of thinking these thing thru!!

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