Klobuchar To Introduce Bill On ‘Cloud Computing’ Laws

WASHINGTON (WCCO) — Sen. Amy Klobuchar will be introducing a bill aimed at making the Internet even safer. It’ll be geared towards something called “Cloud Computing.”

“Clouds” are the term used for internet data centers that you can store and share data anytime and anywhere from your PC, Laptop, TV or smart phone. Sites like Facebook or email groups like Gmail are both examples of “Clouds.”

The new legislation calls for negotiations with other countries to make sure we are all on the same page and have similar laws to address online security.

It would create new enforcement tools to investigate and prosecute hackers. Also, it would require every federal agency to have a cloud computing plan.

  • Tom

    What a waste of time. Shouldn’t these people be focusing on solving the budget crisis and not worrying about who’s logging into facebook?

  • Kally

    More…More…More…Bigger…Bigger…Government. Yes they should control more…forget how much this is going to cost creating all these government jobs..just print more money!

  • NIck

    I don’t see anything wrong with ensuring our data is safe. Whether those people who commented above realize it or not, they use clouds on a daily basis (unless their computers aren’t connected to the internet). I’m sure they don’t want all their info available to hackers and third parties.

    Plus, most of the companies you give your personal information to, store it in the cloud.

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    […] Klobuchar T&#959 Introduce Bill On ‘Cloud Computing’ Laws Sen. Amy Klobuchar w&#1110&#406&#406 b&#1077 introducing a bill aimed &#1072t m&#1072k&#1110n&#609 th&#1077 Internet even safer. It’ll b&#1077 geared towards something called “Cloud Computing.” Read more &#959n CBS Minnesota […]

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