ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s effort to highlight the plight of people affected by proposed state budget cuts is taking him before senior citizens and their care providers.

Dayton planned Tuesday to attend a roundtable at a St. Paul community center designed for people 50 and older. It is part of his strategy to portray budget bills advancing in the Republican-led Legislature as worrisome.

In recent weeks, Dayton has held similar events with college students and with people from the construction industry, which has experienced high unemployment.

The public relations fight goes both ways. Groups sympathetic to GOP proposals are airing TV ads attacking Dayton’s proposal to hike income taxes on upper incomes.

The Legislature is on a weeklong spring recess before intense budget negotiations ramp up.

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Comments (18)
  1. jimmy says:

    Makes you wonder what groups are funding the GOP TV ads. When CCO allows one of their talk show hosts to donate to the Emmer campaign. Then pretend that she is impartial on her show, I wonder if CCO isn’t funding the ads themselves.

    1. dphilips says:

      Thats it, continue to go after the vulnerable!

    2. snowman says:

      Tafoya is nothing but a greedy political hack Boycott all of her sponsors!

    3. dan says:

      The rest of CCO anchors make up the difference. Although it may be closer to a tie after DFL Don finally retired.

  2. dan says:

    Go gor it Mark! Meet with everyone that agrees with you. Would hate to see you have to answer the “Real” questions and deal with the “Real” problems in Minnesota. Its time to cut the spending and make everyone hurt a bit. its the only way you turn this thing around.

    1. dphilips says:

      How about we cut your salay and your healthcare?

      1. dan says:

        @dphilips. I am a self employed small business owner. I make my wages and pay my own health care.
        You should try it sometime, it really makes you appreciate hard work and commitment to your profession.

        1. Gordon says:

          @ dan. Don’t burn. You do not have to be self employed to appreciate hard work and commitment to your profession.. Not all professions lend themselves to self employment, i.e fireman, police, nurse
          You might not notice but most are paying more for their insurance and co pays. Many people with years in their profession are telling me their bosses are making their life difficult to get them to quit to get cheaper (younger, better demographically for insurance)

          1. dan says:

            @ Gordon
            I pay 100% of my health insurance
            I pay 100% towards my retirement plus social security
            I pay 100% towards unemployment yet I can never collect
            I take 100% of the risk.

            The fact that public employees are complaining about how much they have to contribute makes me sick. Until you have to contribute more than 100% dont bite the hand that feeds you.
            In regards to replacing older workers for younger, more energetic and most recently educated on todays technologies is what the private sector is all about. If I am not competitive in the workplace I dont eat. Everyone has a choice of their profession. I applaud all the fireman, nurses and teachers out there but if you are not happy, move along.

            1. Rox says:

              I Like and couldn’t agree with you more dan. My husband is self employed also and to pay out all this stuff makes you have to work harder to make ends meet.

            2. Gordon says:

              That is all well and good you pay 100%. Pat yourself on the back without breaking an arm. Stop and realize that when an employer pays an employee, it is a wage and benefit package. Only the dumbest can’t figure that out. If the state did not give generous benefits they could pay more. Statistics bear that out in the difference in pay between similar jobs in the private and public sector.
              You can go replicate yourself on slamming older workers being less educated and enthusiastic.. Do you not learn something new everyday on your job? Professionals keep up with their profession.
              I never said I was unhappy, I was commenting on the lack of thought in your comment. Any person doing any kind of work should be working hard and committed to their profession. Your comment to me made it sound like you did not work hard nor were professional until you were self employed . That is not how it is for many people. It should be most people.
              People complain about having to pay more regardless of public or private. They showed the public employees in Wisconsin. They did not ask anybody working in the private sector. Get over it.

              1. Gordon says:

                @ Dan
                I am also self employed

      2. Roxanne says:

        What do you think is happening right now dphilips. taxes, gas, health insurance, everything keeps going up but I don’t see a raise. This country is not getting any better it is getting worse. So lets tax some more and bury our heads in the sand.

  3. Chuck says:

    How about common sence approach? Let’s make the cuts we need to, then raise taxes for the ones that make the most money so they get some skin in the game also.

  4. Randy says:

    Boy we elected a bright one, didnt we? Has anyone told the Govenor that he can veto anything he doenst like? Instead he will approve it then come back and somehow blame it on the mean, heartless Republicans

    1. Randy the bright one says:

      The legislature has not sent him much to sign, bright one. Rather than have to veto something and start the argument all over again would it not be advisable to work on the differences now rather than a special session. Each side has an agenda, they are going to have to meet somewhere in the middle, or shut down, which would not be very bright.

  5. Cindy says:

    Before everyone gets their shirt in a ringer, keep in mind that not ALL senior citizens are “poor, vulnerable” people so pack away the pity a bit and get the facts first. The majority of senior citizens that recieve rental subsidies from the federal government have more than enough money in assets to pay their own rent, however, HUD and our federal government think the working taxpayers should pay for part, if not all their rent so they can save their hundreds of thousands of dollars for their kids to inherit when they die. I know this is true because I work in this area and it enrages me every time I open a file and see the investments, CDs, stocks, money markets and annuities these poor vulnerable seniors have socked away for their adult kiddies while the taxpayers, like me, are paying their rent subsidy. Mark Dayton, you know this is the truth so why are you making such a big deal out of going to the “old folks” to tell them you will do anything it takes to protect them from the big, bad Repulicans?

    1. Harvey says:

      If you have seen fraud then you should be reporting it since there is supposed to be need

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