MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Tubby Smith’s fourth year at Minnesota was his most disappointing, ending his streak of 17 straight 20-win seasons and leaving the Gophers out of the postseason.

Smith acknowledged that he mismanaged the lineup when senior point guard Al Nolen got hurt. He says he is optimistic about the newcomers he’ll have and he doesn’t believe a change in style or scheme is necessary.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, Smith also said he expects star Trevor Mbakwe to be back for his senior year.

Smith will turn 60 in June. He says he hopes this is his last head coaching job and says he’s not looking for another one.

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Comments (6)
  1. Not a T Fan says:

    best way to say they can’t get worse I guess

  2. Al says:

    Going to get better…hmmmm…does this mean his players won’t wind up in jail and actually go to class??

    1. Misses Clem says:

      nope. It just means they won’t get caught

      I long for Clem to be honest. Yeah – there were issues with that paper deal but lets face it. The name of the game in college is cheat to win it seems and Clem at least drew a line when it came to felons. lol
      Seriously – he was a good guy, helluva coach and demanded a lot. The players grew under him – every one of them. That’s not common today.

      yeah …. I know, that paper thingy. 😉

  3. Norge says:

    Empty suit who took another coaches team on a championship run his first year as a major college head coach and has accomplished zip since…every team has gotten worse with time under Smith. But like I’ve said before the Mens Athletic Dept at the UofM is designed and managed to fail. Team sports at the UofM are a joke, shouldn’t even be allowed in the Big Ten anymore. When the Dakota teams are beating up on you it should be a clue your whole program is a failure. Wish the legislature would just pull the plug on the UofM and make them rise and fall on their own merit without the millions wasted to promote the UofMpolitical agendas. Invest more in small state colleges and have more of them. The UofM is a scholastic and athletic dinosaur and permeated with the ‘facualty protective society’ herd mentality. Pull the plug, make more colleges local, accountable and specialized. Atheltics should be fun, the UofM is just painful.

  4. facts says:

    to all you haters this has been the best 4 years for the gophers since 95-99. Which we later found out was due to academic fraud. If you don’t count that just like the ncaa doesn’t it would be 79-83. Were not a power house program we have never been a power house basketball program, not like in football where we are still 3rd in big ten titles and 3rd in the big ten in career national championship. Basketball has been average and when we excelled it was later found to be in ncaa sanctions. Look at the facts if the team would have made the tournament this year would have been first time in school history we got 3 consecutive ncaa tournament bids. Tubby is as good as it gets for a school that doesn’t even have a practice court.

  5. John Sherman says:

    How many times have sports fans in Minnesota heard these words and how many times has it happened from the U’s coaches to the professional teams and ownership and the GM’s the culture of losing goes on save your money and time.

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