Tuesday Is National Hiring Day At McD’s

By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — McDonald’s plans to hire 50,000 people nationwide during a one-day campaign this Tuesday. More than 280,000 people had applied online prior to the hiring day.

Minnesota stores will hire nearly 1,000 employees. It’s unclear how many will show up at stores Tuesday.

Managers are looking for cheerful employees who are reliable.

“Timeliness, especially here with the bus system. We have a lot of people, you know, [who say] ‘I missed my bus,'” said Katie Cheney, assistant manager at a McDonald’s in south Minneapolis.

She says one of the biggest challenges she faces is making sure a full staff is on duty.

“I had four people already today, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a few minutes late,'” said Cheney.

She said about 70 percent of the day staff is made up of working parents and other adults.

Cheney started as an order-taker but quickly moved into management.

“It’s really great atmosphere. It’s just fun here, so that’s what I look for,” she explained.

Full time managers can make up to $50,000 dollars a year. Cheney said, for some young people, a first job at McDonald’s can turn into a life time career.

McDonald’s usually staffs up for summer. A spokeswoman said last year, McDonald’s hired 50,000 employees throughout April.

The burger chain was also eager to change the perception of the term “McJobs.” It might be a tall order for a word that even the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects.”

McDonald’s said its jobs teach important skills and that many of its executives started as crew members.

The company, based in Oak Brook, Ill., said franchisees will set wages but most pay more than the $7.25-an-hour federal minimum.

Jay Leno, Sharon Stone, and Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos all worked at McDonald’s before they made it big.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Attention Obama voters: Here is your chance to contribute to society.

    • James

      hahahaha, funny because it’s true

    • Gary

      Surely, you jest. You cannot possibly be that dense.

      • Jim

        Yes, he can. His leader certain is.

        • ken

          Criticizing someone’s intelligence while simultaneously failing to spell certainly properly. Well done sir.

      • Another Tom

        I think he can be that dense…

    • kebb

      Nah, Obama voters are sitting at home waiting for their gov’t checks to arrive.

      • Kip Noxzema

        Yup, and they drink the Kool Aid. They fall for the class envy, thinking it’s evil to work hard, get an education, and make a good living.

        As long as this Regime thinks small business owners (who are “rich” in their eyes) are evil, this nation will never get out of the recession.

        • M B

          I always find it funny that the people who are rabid supporters of the Republicans are often lower class people who are being abused by the very people they support.

          I have no rich person envy, as long as they made their money honestly (most don’t anymore). Gone are the days of “business ethics” and here are the days of “shaft every one of them.”

          I don’t have anything against hard work, as long as I’m compensated for it and not treated like a slave in the process. I’d also like a job, but being ill makes me as attractive as a bag of flaming poo on a doorstep. Yet, I’m not on the dole as all of the misled Republicans seem to scream about.

          There are a couple things about the misled Republicans I’ve found: 1) They are woefully uneducated about the matters of which they are most vociferous about, and 2) they are quick to jump to derogatory and condescending conclusions before they do start being vociferous. How many people here have ASSUMED that all Democrats are on the dole? How many ASSUMED that all democrats are lazy? How many ASSUMED that because they are Democrats, they must be socialists? Way to prove my point folks…

      • Sue

        Why does obama voter automatically mean we are lazy? I work 50 hours a week and I am a democrat, Obama voter, flaming liberal. Most of the republicans I know take advantage of every government program available and waste tax payer money. When I mention to them they are doing exactly what they preach against they say something like “it’s available, i’m going to use it.” Funny how everyone is against it until it benefits them.

        • Rusty Shackelford

          Sue is a liar. Everything you vote for comes with spreading others money and creating more government help programs. Hurry up and grab youselves an application so we don’t have to hear your complaining about how this country isn’t fair for you.

    • JohnM

      I didn’t know he owned any McD’s. Oh you mean he has socialized them too.

      • JimM57

        JohnM: Brilliant comebeck, thanks for keeping me sane here.

    • Just say no to illegals

      You’re absolutely right!

    • cp

      Funny how when big bad corporations hire people, you want to give the big O the credit. The rest of the time they are the enemy and should be punshed with higher taxes.

      I think in reality, McDonalds created 50,000 jobs. CAPITALISM created 50,000 new jobs. Or perhaps to look at it another way, people who could have otherwise afforded to eat REAL food can no longer do so because of O’s crappy economy. Boon for the crappy food vendors!! Now THERE’s something O can take credit for! So maybe, you’re right! I stand corrected!!

    • porchhound

      Really? I didn’t know he ran McDonalds…must have been another gov’t takeover.

      • TC

        Obama doesn’t have the skillset necessary to work the counter let alone manage a franchise.

      • DJ

        Little Barry Obowa couldn’t turn a profit running a coffee shop. He’d focus on everything but the core business and would blame customers for his lack of success: The guy would be utterly lost outside of an institutionalized government setting.

    • EdwardM

      How many of these 50,000 jobs come with employer provided Healthcare??? How many of these jobs would McDonald’s be hiring for if they did not get waivers and had to provide ObamaCare health insurance? McDonald’s sought waivers saying that ObamaCare would cost they 50,000+ jobs…. Why don’t these “lifesaving” policies apply to everyone??? Unless healthcare isn’t the goal….

      • BC

        It’ the “everybody but evil Walmart gets a waiver” health care plan.

    • Crabjuice

      Obama did? How?

    • Alex

      Are you serious or is your comment tongue in cheek?

    • Hawk

      “Obama just created 50,000 jobs”

      McDonald’s did!

      • reality

        No they didn’t. It’s called turnover meets a marketing scheme.

    • Gerry

      Exactly! These are the types of s%#$ jobs that Democrats that vote for Nobama are actually capable of. No wonder so many of them lounge around on welfare instead of working, the upside potential for them is not very high if this is their idea of a “job”!! Get off your asses and start small service companies by yourselves or get back to school and do something significant with your lives if you have the abilities. Also, one more recommendation, if you cannot find a job where you are that is better than “Mickey D’s” then you need to get off your lazy ass and move to where the good jobs ARE instead of complain!!

    • Chester Pinkerson

      Rusty, that is AWESOME.

    • Rick

      You democrats must be the dumbest group of people on Earth.

    • BigBoa

      Yes indeed!!


    • joiebitedn

      c’mon…didn’t obuma say his recovery spending is working…guess this proves him right once again

    • Angie M.

      I am an Obama voter andI have worked hard my whole life.Bbudget cuts and downsizing led to the end of my job. I have applied at Walmart 2 times (in 6 months)and talked to the HR person there 3 times,only to hear that there is a hiring freeze.Even though I am college-educated and have state certification as a Nursing Assistant,but no one is hiring either because either present employees are holding unto their jobs or/and companies have lost so much business that they CAN’T hire anyone.Obama had the misfortune of becoming president at one of the worst times,in American history an d he’s taking the blame for EVERYTHING. He has to clean up the mess that the Republicans made.I wish that people could see this and get off Obama’s back.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    This includes you Bruce, no more smoke screens. Your legacy will be one of fraud and corruption while supporting the socialist left.

  • Larry

    Don’t APPLY FOR JOBS AT MICKY D’s! After your first paycheck they will cut off your govt. checks!

    • mike

      uhm that’s because you have a JOB

      • Ben

        He is right. If you so much as work 1 hour you will be cut off of unemployment. Part time or less. Full time I can understand. If you cannot make as much in the job as your unemployment then sit on your duff and draw the unemployment.

        • Gerry

          Shhhhh! Please don’t give the “Worst Generation” “employees” any more clues on how to be a useless drag on society in general!!!! They do a good job of that without help!!!!

          • GerryIsAnIdiot

            Says a guy who probably came from THE REAL worst generation ever–the baby boomers. Their parents created a superpower, they gave the next generations trillions in debt and a lower standard of living now than we had in 1982 (in terms of consumer purchasing power).

    • JH

      Best comment ever.

    • BigBoa

      This is all probably a big plot between Obozo and McDonald’s….

      The gubermint,,, aka Obozo,,, is probably giving them a butt-load of cash to hire a bunch of people to get them off the dole,,, temporarily,,,,, so it looks like a “recovery”……

      To which Obozo will point no doubt, and claim we are on the road to riches….

      Yeah,,,, a few years ago,,, there weren’t considered “good jobs,, with good wages”……

  • Poohbabe

    I work at one…hire more people just to cut our hours…..no flexible schedule..9 hrs shift ya only get a half hour break!!!!!!!

    • William

      That’s all that they are required to give you under federal labor laws plus an optional 10 min break which also comes out of your paycheck so that’s completely up to you. Also 9 hours is peanuts I’ve 12 and 13 hours on a register so I think you can handle 9 hours in “restaurant “.

      • Chris

        Or you could work your way through school and get a real job where you don’t have to punch a clock. Oh I forgot. We’re all supposed to be good little worker drones.

    • sunshine connie

      That is because it is a JOB and they need you to WORK. This is not a preschool. Time for YOU to GROW UP!

      • William

        Well that’s a hard concept for most to understand. I was shocked when they first told me I would have to work at work it was quite revolutionary.

    • Ryan B.

      “Only get a half hour break!!!!!!!!!!” Boo hoo. That sound pretty standard and, frankly, pretty generous to me. I work 10 hour shifts with NO BREAK. Not that I’m complaining. I go to work…TO WORK.

    • Jasper

      Oh no, you mean you’ll actually have to WORK at that JOB???

      Ovviously you’re not someone who’s spent much time in the workforce. I guess you’d prefer to just get your “break” 24/7 and let the rest of us pay for it.

      Mom and dad prepared you well. You’re in for a heck of a rough life.

    • PirorMcD Employee

      I worked at McD about 30 years ago. Great Job for a younger person. Teaches responsibility. I understand the managers issue with the timeliness of employees. Most people nowdays wouldn’t even think of showing up 20-30 min early for a shift. I did on a regular basis and usually ended up going right to work earning a few extra dollars on that shift. Worked Opening and Closing Shifts / Maintenance Shifts whatever was available.

  • red

    it was that bad 35 years ago

  • Ronald

    I thought MN labor laws call for a half hour unpaid break and two 15 minute paid breaks for a 9 hour shift. Is Mc Donald’s trying to pull a WalMart over everyone’s eyes?

    • Rusty Shackelford

      And you liberal wimps wonder why the economy is bad. You Ronald are the problem.

      • hoover

        Why are you so negative Rusty? Give it up – you’re saying everybody else is the problem – maybe look at yourself first before you start insulting other people. This is just for comments on McDonald’s hiring for heaven’s sake!!

      • Lidea

        Ronald is right Rusty. Get your facts straght before you open your ignorant mouth.

  • Poohbabe

    I guess each McDonalds privately owned can make their rules is what i was told??? I question that every day and managers dont even get a half hour break when they work 9 hrs…..

  • LAS

    McDonalds can not make their own rules, privately owned or not. The department of labor makes the rules and in Minnesota an employer is required to give employees a meal break if working 8 or more hours. They are also required to give you a bathroom break for every 4 hours worked.

    • Mike

      Las-Not any more. No 15 minute breaks after 4 hours work. That law was changed under the Gov. JV leadership. They pushed it into law without any fan fair.

  • GetReal

    Everybody wants a job , but nobody wants to work. If a company has unfair labor laws , it is up to the employee to take action. If they are letting a company get away with it , then they can’t camplain. If you are old enough to get a job , then you are old enough to fight for you own fair labor laws.
    I am not a big fan of Mcdonalds food , but , people need to stop and realize how much McDonalds contributes to our economy. Not just in labor , but all the farmers , contractors , packaging companies…etc… who produce product for the McDonalds. Lot’s of poeple earn a living directly or indirectly through Mc Donalds….probably some of your neighbors.

  • Jay

    At least where I live, the vast majority of those jobs will be given to illegals.

    • patty

      Show up at McDs in a tan outfit with a border patrol hat and watch them scatter.

      • JM

        LOVE IT!

  • Dave L

    too bad half of your paycheck goes to Gas just to get to work and back.

  • jake49

    How much stimulus did obummer allocate to McDonolds so they could hire these 50,000 people?

    • Sean In CA

      They do it EVERY YEAR! It’s only being publicized because it adds to the illusion of a recovering economy. All McDonalds is doing is harvesting another crop of HS grads…

    • AZPatriot

      They got a waiver on the Obamacare fiasco!

  • Steve Smith

    I’m Lovin’ It!

  • http://theswash.com/2011/04/19/mcdonalds-to-hire-50000-people-today/ McDonald’s to Hire 50,000 People Today! | TheSwash.com

    […] *Taken from CBS Minnesota. […]

  • http://theswash.com/2011/04/19/mcdonalds-to-hire-50000-people-today/ McDonald’s to Hire 50,000 People Today! | TheSwash.com

    […] stores will hire nearly 1,000 employees. It’s unclear how many will show up at stores […]

  • cf

    Mc D’s can hire all of these people because they were granted a waiver from Obamacare and that is a fact.

    • Chris Edens

      That is true but not sure if that directly connects to this job creation but fair point.

      I’m all for jobs but anyone planning on making a living working this type of position is going to be living poor.

      By the way, McD’s does this EVERY YEAR so it’s not like this is some job stimulation created out of some government lackey. McD’s makes piles of money and pays their workers barely a living wage but YES they are jobs.

      Bravo McD’s but I still won’t eat your poison.

      • patty

        A stint at McDs and it should let the majority should learn what they DON”T want to do for a living. They need to stay in school and educate themselves. gives something for their resume.

  • noseitall

    This hiring is done every year on a seasonal basis. I suspect this is being trumped up to make Obama look good in return for the Obamacare waiver that was granted to McDonald’s by the Obama administration.

    • Gary

      You nailed it. Further, washout factor and turnover are about 200% am Mickie D’s…so this is really not that big of a deal. I bet less than 5,000 are still working there on 12/31/2010.

    • Gary

      Correction: You nailed it. Further, washout factor and turnover are about 200% am Mickie D’s…so this is really not that big of a deal. I bet less than 5,000 are still working there on 12/31/2011!

    • BigBoa

      Of course it is,,,, and as the mighty Boa mentioned,,,, Obozo is no doubt pumping them a few billion “stimulus” dollahs,,, so as to get some people off the dole and then Obozo will cheer for the falling unemployment rate…….

      But as many have mentioned,,, just remember 4 or 5 years ago, these were not considered “good jobs,,, with good wages”…. as required by the marxists of George Bush….. then they didn’t suffice… but NOW it’s ok if half the f’in country works for Mcdonald’s….

  • Matt

    Is this entire country on drugs? McDonald’s hiring is now a sign the economy is in recovery mode? I’ll pass on the Soma thank you. Good luck to anyone who thinkds this means good times are just over the hill.

  • Steve Adams

    Silly Libs!! Make fun all you want; McDonald’s is creating 50,000 more jobs in one day than Obama has created in two years…

    • dc

      Not so fast Steve. In fairness Obama has created many more jobs than this. Only problem is – they are in government, where we pay for them and can’t afford to. And now McDonald’s has “created” close to 49,000 jobs for the non-English speaking. These jobs will surely lead to much bigger better positions in the future (sure), not to mention the windfall taxes these high paying jobs will incur….NOT!!! All much ado about nothing. Just damn.

  • al robinson

    How about a living wage that works

    • sunshine connie

      Try earning it. Until you have skills and or education you do not merit it.

      • Earthman2020

        That’s one of the problems we have in this world. Low skilled workers are taken for granted and are looked down upon by others who think they are superior to them. And the thing is many of these workers, like McDonald’s employees, work very hard indeed. We need people like this, and while they don’t merit fat paychecks I do believe $7.25/hour is a slap in the face, especially in this economy.

        • Ryan B.

          I disagree. If McDonald’s pays $7.25/hour and can hire enough help at that wage, good for them and their shareholders. Supply and demand baby.

          I’d be a “low skill worker” if I hadn’t gone to school and gotten an education. I had to pay my way through school and now I’m $200,000.00 (yes that’s 2-hundred thousand) in debt. I didn’t collect my first paycheck until I was 29 years old. However, now I make 25x more than a McD’s worker and “I’m lovin’ it!”


        • sunshine connie

          Minimum skills usually are 1st time jobholders and they are teens. Grown folks should have the brains to do better. If they can not, that is what the Social Safety net is for. The vast majority of adults do not stay in minimum wage jobs because the develop skills and or get education. Choices and responsibility is what allows progress in the workforce.

  • Gary

    Expect April to be a robust month for government statistics on hiring. What a joke, what a complete, collosal utter joke. On to more important things such as barack and Michelle’s next family vacation…

  • Chico

    Great “recovery” we have going on. The only jobs being created are for the government — which we all pay for — and positions Democrats usually deride as “hamburger-flipper jobs.” Somehow, every job created under Republicans is a “hamburger-flipper job,” and every one created under Democrats is just great — even when they’re LITERALLY hamburger-flipper jobs! Beam me up!

    • BigBoa

      AH HAHAHA!! YES!!!

      EXACTLY!! When George Bush was in office,,, 4 percent unemployment meant a depression was just around the corner…. but now with 10% unemployment and those that DO work are working at McDonald’s…. we’re on the ROAD TO RICHES BABY!!!

  • gram

    this must be the “spatula ready” jobs that Obama has been pushing

  • AJ

    Give me a break, the unemployment rate for people under the age of 25 is something like 20%. While I’d certainly prefer there to be some recovery in higher paying jobs (construction, etc.) for this age cohort, I’d rather people work at McD’s than walk the street.

    McD hiring 50k is better than them hiring 0.

  • john q public

    I would pick up cans on the side of the road before working at MCd’s. After gas to work, and taxes, the net would be about the same.

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