EYOTA, Minn. (AP) — The widow of a worker who died last year at a Minnesota hog farm has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the operation.

Yesenia Sevilla says in her lawsuit filed in Olmsted County District Court that Schoenfelder Farms failed to leave fans on in the barn to clear methane gas. Carlos Ramierez-Perez died Feb. 17, 2010 while cleaning the barn in Eyota.

The complaint says the Eyota Fire Department took air quality samples of the hog barn the day Ramierez-Perez died and determined there was a high level of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the barn.

The Post-Bulletin says Sevilla is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. Schoenfelder Farms did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

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Comments (18)
  1. married to the truth says:

    And the farmer want proof that they are/were citizens…..legal citizens. 99% sure they were not so good luck kids.

    1. Joe Friday says:

      Who cares about that….they probably were responsible for conditions and a guy died.

      1. jeff says:

        That was one ignorant reply Mr. Friday. Open your eyes

        1. MARK says:

          “Open your eyes” to what? Can you expand on that? Are you saying the farm should not be responsible to provide safe working conditions if they hire illegal workers?

  2. Kevin says:

    Send all illegalls HOME!

    1. MARK says:

      Where in the story does it say they are here illegally?

  3. whatever says:

    How did the worker die?

    1. K. says:

      Read the article………breathing methane gas, carbon dioxide, & hydrogen sulfide……….they’re kinda toxic ya know!

  4. Darcie says:

    If the farmer followed the laws when he hired the guy, he would know he is here legally.

    Also, for those who want to complain about illegals, are you willing to pay more for your food so the farmers can pay a living wage and hire legal workers?

    1. C. Hathaway says:

      If paying more, means that an American has a job, then I say “Hell Yes!”

    2. Darcie is a Big Lib! says:

      So having Americans in the “safety net” and Foreigners in our field makes our food cheaper? You get more money back in federal tax than you pay don’t you? Have you ever even been in a hog barn or seen a cornfield? Could you also explain “living wage” and what rights are of people? Shelter? Food? Cable Tv? 2 cars and 8 kids? Steak dinners? I thought liberals were for change, but utilizing and legitimizing illegal immigrants doesn’t promote change. It expands corporate profits, and takes American jobs without technically outsourcing them.

      “If the farmer followed the laws when he hired the guy, he would know he is here legally.” So this information is easy to find out when you go to hire somebody? How come so many people can sign up for welfare and other state programs 3 or 4 times under different names? Looks like we need to expand our “efficient” government and raise taxes!

      1. MARK says:

        Of course using illegal workers makes food cheaper. Farmers pay illegal laborers less, meaning they don’t have to charge us as much for food. Seems like common sense to me, but maybe your anger is clouding your judgment?

        Hiring people who are legal to work in this country is a responsibility that all businesses and farmers must take on. If Schoenfelder Farms can’t handle that, I suggest they look for work in an industry that is less demanding.

        1. Mark is a GIANT LIB! says:

          Farmers sell their product for a market price, which is as much as they can get for it. A farmer utilizing illegal immigrants will sell the beans for the same price as someone who uses pesticides. Therefore using illegal immigrants only increases the farmers profit and does not decrease the price of goods. Commonsense I think. On the other hand, when immigrants utilize public services and government provided benefits that they do not pay for with Federal, State and Local taxes. It ends up driving up the cost of living for everyone. So using simple math…… Same priced goods + additional Cost = COSTS MORE! Elementary my dear Mark, Elementary.

          1. MARK says:

            “Mark is a GIANT LIB!” Is that supposed to be an insult? Personal attacks from anonymous internet posters don’t really do much for me.

            Farmer A uses illegal immigrants to lower his labor costs. Farmer B does not. Farmer A produces his crop at a lower cost. Farmer A then puts the crop on the market at a reduced price and sells more of it because his crop costs less. This is elementary economics.

            But it’s not really the point here. The point is that IF the farmer in this story hired an illegal immigrant to work on the farm, that fact should not preclude the farm from providing safe working conditions for human beings.

            1. Mark is still a GIANT LIB! says:

              You don’t know much about farming. Or economics for that matter. Farming and Mc donalds economics isn’t Lemonade stand. These entities make more money. Does a Mc donalds with illegal immigrants sell more big macs? Or do they just make more money?

              How are farmers supposed to know if they hire these people as independent contractors? They don’t pay their taxes or have the duty or means search out whether SSN’s are legit. It it said that someone died, ignorance on a farm is deadly. If he was an full time employee of Schoenfelder Farms, then OSHA rules should apply, and they are likely to get fined or penalized. Farms aren’t like working on an assembly line, things are dynamic and are constantly changing.

              1. MARK says:

                Yes, I’m a giant lib. Do you feel better now?

                Considering McDonald’s is a single corporate entity with prices set by the corporation, the example is not valid. One McDonald’s cannot sell Big Macs for less than another McDonald’s. If Burger King, on the other hand, employed cheap illegal labor and McDonald’s did not, Burger King would be able to offer their product at a lower price. Burger King would therefore both sell more burgers and make more money.

                I’m not really sure what your argument is. I understand that it’s hard for farms and corporations to root out illegal immigrants from their labor pool. I also understand that hiring illegal immigrants should not preclude farms or corporations from providing safe working conditions. That’s my point. What’s yours?

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