By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A temporary metal fence divided two sets of protesters Friday in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic on Ford Parkway in Highland Park.

On one side of the fence, pro-life supporters sang hymns and held crosses while, on the other side, Planned Parenthood supporters marched, cheered and held signs.

“We’ve been doing our Good Friday prayer vigil for about 28 years now,” said, Pro-life Action Ministries Executive Director Brian Gibson.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

“We have our supporters out today,” said Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Kathi Dinicola. “We’re trying to make the most of a day that’s kind of tough on our patients with more than 1,000 folks standing outside our doors.”

The vigil also drew a number of church leaders including the Archbishop of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Archdiocese , John Nienstedt. He opened Friday’s protest with a prayer.

“We do not come here to judge the young woman who has discovered she is pregnant with a child that is unwanted by her boyfriend or her parents, and finds herself pressured to take the easy way out,” said Nienstedt. “But we do come here to judge the unconscionable greed behind the doctors, nurses and supporters of Planned Parenthood who for 30 pieces of silver offer a quick fix to such women, rather than help them find a real solution to their problems.”

Last September Nienstedt fell under controversy after issuing DVD’s opposing same-sex marriage to parishioners.

Gibson says the vigil’s main focus is prayer and reflection.

“Our people are here very much focused on this being Good Friday. And they’re focused very much on prayer,” Gibson said. “We don’t even bring signs, we bring a cross and that’s it.”

The protest will last until 4 p.m., and St. Paul police are on the scene to make sure the protest remains peaceful. Protest organizers expect 2,000 people throughout the day. Planned Parenthood has dozens of staff members wearing vests that say “escort” to help patients into clinic.

“We talk to them beforehand to let them know what’s going on here so there are no surprises for them,” Dinicola said. “So our patients are as comfortable as they can be.”

Gibson said this would be their last year protesting at the Highland Park Planned Parenthood . The clinic is scheduled to close permanently later this year and move to a new headquarters in St. Paul.

“This is a day of solemn prayer for Christians throughout the world so we’re here as a day of solemn prayer,” Gibson said.

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  1. Mark from MNTAXWASTE says:

    Great Job Archbishop, we will be praying for you and the unborn

  2. Mike says:

    Why don’t they vigil themselves in protest to their hypocritical stance on children’s abuse by pedophiles? Religion, divisive for no good reason…………

    1. Todd says:

      I think priests are being outed about 20 priests to 1 teacher. And taxwaste, you would be the first to deny them healthcare, a place to live, etc. but make them have the baby so they can live under a bridge.


      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        I bet you can’t prove it, that’s why they have to dig up old cases from the 70’s.

        The real news says public schools have a bigger problem.

        1. Mike says:

          Victim Dufus-Your actually proposing that public schools in USA have more incidences of pedophilia then the Catholic church? You really are an idiot

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            According to Dr Charol Shakeshaft with Hofsta University, a child is 100 times more likely to get sexually abused by a public school teacher than a Priest.

            Sounds like you are in denial.

            1. Alert U says:

              Happens a whole lot if your stats can verify relationships between teenagers 14 to 18 years and teachers in their 20’s to mid 30’s. It is another story if your argument can conjure teachers abusing kids 11 years and younger as being rampant.

              1. Victim Du Jour says:

                So Priests aren’t ever in their 20’s and 30’s? Are you playing down public school sex abuse? Double Standards Don’t hide the fact public schools have a bigger problem than the catholic church.

    2. MARK says:

      What a terrible thing to post. Accusing people you disagree with politically of being child molesters is about as low as a person can go. Stay classy.

    3. silly says:

      You just don’t want to pay child support on a one night stand. that’s why guys like you love pro death procedures.

  3. max says:

    Pro-choicers are also welcome as a peaceful counter presence anytime between 8 and 4 today.

  4. ang says:

    God Bless Archbishop Nienstadt. He is doing amazing work. The Catholic Church is not hypocritical about abuse to children. Even though it is not reported that way there are far more teachers who abuse children than there are priests who abuse. Mocking the Catholic Church does no one any good. If you check percentages of abusive priests you find that the percentage of priests who abuse is far less than that of teachers so if you are going to talk about abuses of children keep that in mind please. Much better for media to present the biased view against the Catholic church (which by the way is the only acceptable bias anymore). This is an article about Prolife protesting not child abuse by priests (by the way abortion is the biggest abuse of all to children). If you saw someone ripping their child’s arm off in public or in a clinic for that matter you would be outraged sir but when an abortionist does it in the “privacy” of their office (that is exactly what they do by the way.) it’s called choice. All you have to do is read a medical book that describes what happens in an abortion. Thank God for people like the Archbishop who stand up for the unborn while places like this tell women they are helping them. If you check out how many women have been rushed to the hospital after having these “safe” procedures you would be surprised. I will pray for you Archbishop and all who have the courage to stand up to this evil.

    1. Mike says:

      Abortion is a medical procedure, not a moral dilemma. God allows it to happen, regardless of religion. You can protest whatever you want, but the validity is lost on many of us who question your divisive and superior sense of right and wrong.

      1. Dave says:

        A medical procedure can be both moral or immoral, the question is what is the object and how is it conducted. In addition, simply because something is allowed to happen does not mean that it is justified, the world is not perfect and everybody at one time or another thinks about or performs selfish actions. These are natural consequences of free actions.

        The question here is whether killing a human fetus is morally wrong, even if for what seems to be the right reasons. Considering the fact that we consider it morally wrong to kill a baby outside of the womb, we have to look at the differences here.

        In my honest opinion, there is nothing that separates a child, no intrinsic difference within them, in the minutes before and after birth. The same humanity, the same potential, the same life exists within them. Both newborn baby and fetus are equally dependent upon their mother and caregivers for survival or they will die. So what separates them? Is it consciousness? Even supposing that consciousness comes in the minute of birth, it surely is not, since we continually fall unconscious in our sleep each day. Is it potential? Both fetus and newborn have the same potential to live their lives, provided nourishment and support. Suppose the fetus has a slimmer chance to live? We do not give up on cancer patients, even when they only have a 10% chance to live, why the distinction?

        In the end, the only true difference comes down to that moment before conception when there is no new human being, before the the chromosomes have combined. After conception, there is that same potential to develop a human being, regardless of the odds. Is it our right to deny that person his or her right to live? Is it justifiable, for the sake of a higher standard of living, to deny someone else the right to live? We certainly don’t believe so concerning those of us who have been born.

        Certainly, we ought to do a much better job in caring for those who, in difficult situations, are forced to make a choice about carrying their child to term. But that is not to say that there are not resources, such as the pregnancy choices and life care center in apple valley.

        I do not ask for a response but just a consideration and an evaluation of your decision.

        1. lib says:

          Thank you Dave, for your well thught out comments. I agree with all that you said , including helping those who find themselves pregnant and feel that somehow abortion is an easy way out. It may seem that way at first, but years later, especially if they have other children ,grief, sorrow, and post traumatic stress often hit the women who have had an abortion.

        2. Sara says:

          How can you ignore that “their rights” don’t just stop at being born? How can the ProLife Advocates prattle on about “right to birth” and completely ignore that this being then has NEEDS? I commend you for having some recognition of care for that life once it’s been forced to be born, but it is hardly enough.

          Life continues AFTER BIRTH, after infancy…etc. I hardly think Apple Valley Life Care Center will help an impoverished mom pay her mortgage, feed the teenager, and send him to college (or any education). I hardly think they will be there each night to help Mom take care of it in the wee hours, juggle a job and the child, make sure the child is properly guided, cared for, loved… Believe it or not, those things are paramount to truly showing respect for life.

          1. Mike says:

            Brilliant Sara………

            1. Sara says:

              I cannot tell if that is sarcastic, Mike. The “……” undermines a clear commendation. Hm…

              1. Mike says:

                Sara-I agree with you wholeheartedly and enjoyed your thoughtful and challenging response.

          2. Dave says:

            Sara, I think we are really arguing about the same thing. I’m not in favor of abandoning children or their mothers who are in need, and you make a very good point about making sure that we don’t. There is more to life than simply birth. All that I am saying is that is that the child has a right to that life, even if that life can be difficult at times. Who are we to deny it? I think you would agree. The rest is where public schooling, grants (for further education), adoption agencies, food stamps, charities, and other benefits come in, as aids to raising that child.

            1. Mike says:

              Dave-What you advocate is Democratic policy. The other side of the isle, (politically speaking) has a different agenda and that base is predominately ProLife. They promote life, but stop support once gestation is complete.
              Abortion is a legal medical procedure and a personal decision. No one has a right to interfere with it unless called upon. If it goes against your ideals then you have a right to abstain, but don’t push your expectations on to others who don’t. It’s that simple, mind your own business and spend your time helping the born who are living and need support.

              1. Dave says:

                It isn’t that simple. I cannot help but try to change the system when that system does not fully recognize the rights of others. Suppose the legal system allowed drunk driving? Would you stand idly by when people died from that decision, or would you not impose your ideal upon others? Of course you would have a right to impose restrictions on others because their actions lead to negative consequences that are not simply on themselves. Many innocent people have died from drunk drivers.

                That is a critical step here: Abortion does not simply affect one person, you must keep the child in consideration as well as the mother. There is no distinction between the newborn and the fetus. Why is it right to kill one and not the other? Of course abortion is a decision, but so is the same decision to drink and drive. What we are talking about is the morality. Ought we to allow such a decision? We know that people will still drive drunk, but is it not better to make it a crime? At least it will deter a great many people from making a poor decision. Why is this also not true of abortion? Why is it not right to look at the morality and try to live up to it?

                That is all that I am asking for, an honest evaluation. There is nothing that separates that newborn from the fetus. Take politics out of this; it is not about who is right but about what is right, about what we ought to do, even if it seems difficult at times.

                I agree with you that more care needs to be provided to those who are in difficult situations, but that does not take us away from the basic morality of the procedure. In a few brief searches, I found both the total lifecare center ( and other support (

        3. Steph says:

          nicely written, I dont totally agree with everything but it was well written for a moment of thought.

    2. Tom says:


      Yes they are HYPOCRITS!

    3. John says:

      I can tell ang has been brainwashed… Abortions are so rare I think you should pick another hobby…

      1. TS says:

        They really arn’t as rare as you think.

        1. Tom says:


          If these people would actually do their own research into places like Planned Parent Hood and see what they really do instead of just relying on someone like the Archbishop then you might be able too have a rational conversation with people like Ang and others. But these type of people are afraid too think for themselves because they are told if they do “their heads will explode” .

          And yes people like the Archbishop and the people who choose too follow him and listen too him like a lost puppy have every right to protest in front of places like Planned Parenthood all they want nobody is saying that they don’t. And yes they do this every saturday in front of certain clinics and they have every right to do that. But how people like the Archbishop can claim on one hand they are trying to protect the unborn, and yet on the other hand covered the biggest scandel too hit the church with priests molesting young boys and trying too keep it quiet so that the money wouldn’t quit coming in , that tells where their priorities are.

    4. Citizen says:

      I applaud the Archbishop exercising his freedom of speech and religion. That said, I exercise my freedom FROM religion. I am continually amazed by the conservative right’s championship of fetuses while at the same time haranguing people (and children) who need social services as being “freeloaders.” This oxymoronic thinking is very scary. Mike is right, abortion is a PRIVATE medical procedure. And abortion has been going on for as long as women have had babies. It is only now that that fact has been pragmatically realized and sanctioned so that women don’t have to die from lack of medical access to abortion. By the way, the wealthy of the world have always had safe abortions because they have the means to travel to countries where it is safe and legal. So, historically, in the U.S., it was the poorest and least educated women who suffered. I’m sure these comments will offend plenty of posters out there, but then too many people like to live in the media’s version of the 1950’s nuclear family where mom wore pearls and dresses when she did housework, the kids were perfect, and dad always had on a suit….

    5. aim says:

      If a school superintendant moved a known abusive teacher from school to school, and hid his crimes from the new school distirct, then we’d be talking about the same thing. I don’t think the problem with the Catholic Church is that it has had abusive priests – abuses occur, sadly, across all walks of life. The offensive thing about the Catholic Church, is somehow, they couldn’t figure out that it was wrong to think it ok for PRIESTS to continue to do this, because they were “chosen by God”. Pure arrogance.

      WHile Cardinal Law, a person responsible for hundreds of cases of abuse by allowing the hiding, and moving abusive priests from parish to parish, continues to have a lofty post in Rome, hiding under diplomatic immunity under Pope’s skirt tails, Catholic Church cannot say they’ve done enough.

      1. MARK says:

        Not only is this completely wrong, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Do you have nothing better to do with yourself than post nonsense on message boards?

      2. Sasha says:

        That’s exactly what happens in many school districts; instead of calling the cops the schools move the teacher to a new district. Since he has no criminal record, the only way the new district will find out is if he abuses another child or if someone from the old district tells someone at the new district.

        Note that most of the abuse discussed today allegedly occurred between the 50’s and 80’s; a time period when conventional wisdom, as dictated by medical professionals, was that the abuser could be rehabilitated and should be moved away from the victims.

    6. Phil Mcrackin says:

      BS! You have your brain so corrupted by the stories of the false invisible man in the sky that you see nothing else. These weirdos need to go away forever. Superstitious old perverted men they are. The hell with the bums.

    7. Todd says:

      And I bet you love Michelle Bachmann who is not going to let the unwanted children who are born to have any healthcare, housing assistance and turn the world into a cesspool for the children of tomorrow. There are six billion people in the world today. In 1957 there were 2.7 billion. In 25 more years there will be 12 billion. Is your “god” going to feed all these children? Provide unpolluted water? Clean air to breath? Go hop into your 4 wheel drive SUV and suck some more gas down and put some more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air and go home.

    8. Sara says:

      What the Church has or has not done is irrelevant. You will find child abuse covered up in ANY organization, be it religion, schools, families… Stick to the real issue here.

      You’re right. Life is sacred. Life is beautiful. And it is far too precious to have on a whim, or worse, as a “consequence.”

      What is astounding is the ignorance often displayed by the Pro-Life argument. Do you know what is true evil? That which wears a pious face but hateful, hypocritical heart.

      Ever notice that those protesting choice are often the first to cast a stone at the pregnant mother or illigitimate child? Ever notice that the anti-choice Conservatives are often the first to vote against programs to help the needy, including those lives they insist be born? Where’s that “sanctity of life” stance in practice? Theory is all good and well, but in the end, these anti-choice people fail not only the mothers mercy, they selfishly turn away from those they claim to protect.

      I used to be VERY pro-life, and I still believe pregnancy and birth to be miraculous. However, this world is full of many wonders, and truly honoring them means looking at the big picture. Would you rescue a child from a burning building and leave them stranded in the middle of a busy street? No. You should see to it he/she is also safe, there is someone left to care for them well, and any needs are met.

      Likewise, those who insist on “saving” these babies DO share a responsibility in the consequences. Don’t say, “Hey, I didn’t get myself into it…” because you ARE now actively inserting your desired outcome directly into the situation. How Pro-Life Advocates can’t see this is beyond me, and it is there that they lost my respect and support.

      Practice what you preach and maybe you would have more support….

      1. Sara says:

        P.S. Just as an informal survey here, who of you Pro-Life Advocates actually vote FOR social programs, programs for the poor, for healthcare, for low-income housing, etc.? Just curious…

        1. Sasha says:

          Many pro-life advocates spend THEIR OWN money supporting the poor by donating to charitable organizations rather than advocating for more tax money to go to the same. The Catholic Church is one of the greatest philanthropy organizations in the world; first, there are religious orders, such as the Missionaries of Charity, who work with the poorest of the poor, providing food and education regardless of recipients religion or lack thereof; then, there are others, like the Little Sisters of the Poor, who support the poor in their old age, operating nursing homes for those in need. Dorothy Day centers are homeless shelters, providing food, shelter and assistance learning to use technology, as well as practical assistance in creating resumes and applying for jobs. Catholic Relief Services is on the ground in many countries; and was one of few charities in Haiti that had available resources after the earthquake last year.

          How many of you pro-infanticide advocates actually spend your own money donating to organizations that run social programs for the poor, for healthcare or for low-income housing? Or volunteer, spending your time on these sorts of things?

  5. tom says:

    The abortion folks are digging their own grave(s) but it is not too late!

  6. Albert says:

    Keep your *@&$ religion to yourself. If you need to believe in some invisible dude to get thru the uncertainty of the day and life, go for it. But don’t let your weakness get in my way.

  7. Help says:

    Archbishop Nienstadt was a former young Nazi. This man is evil and should be stopped at all costs. Just another freak show that protects child molesters while brainwashing the imbeciles.

    Freaky Stuff!

    1. Sasha says:

      That’s a libellous statement.

  8. help says:

    Gold created Abortion folks… just like he created all the furry animals and the trees and those silly anti-abortionists…

    1. Common Sense says:

      If God created Abortions, then he also created Meth…. Doesn’t make it right.

  9. Lauf says:

    I wish religious people would stop trying to shove their phony beliefs down everyone’s throats!

    1. Nolan says:

      So, let me get this right… since my belief that abortion is wrong is “phony”, that makes your belief that abortion is right “correct”? My belief is phony because it’s not the same belief you have? Interesting.

  10. Patty says:

    Religion is the cause of all evil, and makes lonely priests prey on the young and helpless in the name of God

    1. Sara says:

      Oh please. Religion is only “evil” because it gives self-imposed license to hurt, damn, and force things upon others.

      Religion was meant to guide. Man took it to the next level (a tool to control and terrorize, as well as simply justify horrific things).

      Please be wise enough to separate the idea from mankind and its gift for blatant bastardization of just about anything good. It’s the whole reason God regretted creating us, and the same reason he had to be reminded not to destroy us once and for all.

  11. Alex V says:

    The Church should lose its tax exempt status for this.

  12. A. Courtney-Eighmy says:

    Bishop Piche is the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, not the Bishop of Winona.

    1. VC says:

      what i s their answer for the population problem? 215,000 people each day enter this world (yes that counts those who die) this earth can handle 1.7 million we currently have 7 million. at the current rate we will have 12 million by 2050! So why does the church think that its a good idea to let everyone poop out babies like there are no tomorrow?

      AND by the way what can be assured without proof can be dismissed without proof.

  13. Phil Mcrackin says:


  14. HooDatIS? says:


  15. lucas says:

    Republicans are idiots for protesting abortion and then being against the things that would help a women in a difficult situation with an unwanted pregnancy. Hypocrites.

  16. ILuvAbor says:

    I will always give money to Planned Parenthood. I will never give anything evil churches. Good luck praying to the fictional sky pixie today – lies, fantasy and magic will not do a thing. Grow up you nutty extremists and find a real issue to get your knickers in a twist over!

    1. Sara says:

      ILuvAbor, you do us Pro-Choice Advocates a disservice. By putting down one’s beliefs in a god, church, etc., you attack the wrong thing and make yourself look as ignorant as the Pro-Life Advocates would like to believe.

      Abortion is a sad choice one may choose to make–sad, but right for them. To have the choice does not mean one revels in it. It should be regarded with respect and dignity.

      To have a screen name like “ILuvAbor” alone shows how insensitive and misguided you are. Please keep your irrelevant and ignorant comments to yourself and PLEASE do NOT align them with Planned Parenthood or the Pro-Choice movement.


      1. ILuvAbor says:

        You are a nutty blind ignorant fool – there is no God – that is fact! Silly cow.

  17. katy says:

    I love how the right is “pro life” but they support death sentences… hypocritical? i think so..

  18. Commonsense says:

    Unless or until the right to lifers start adopting all the unwanted children that are already here than I don’t have a whole lot of respect for them – kinda makes them look like hipocrits.

  19. Nolan says:

    It’s amazing how shallow the pro-choice comments are. You can’t think of a good reason for the killing of thousands of babies so you automatically turn the tables by bringing up church scandals that aren’t related to abortion. It’s clear that there is no good reason for abortion. And then you keep going on about how we’re all crazies for having faith in God. What’s your point?? Abortion is an issue of basic human rights and dignity, not religion or politics! If you’re so pro-womens’ health/rights, must I remind you that 50% of aborted babies are women? Where are there rights to health and life?

    God Bless You All

    1. My 2 cents says:

      Correct, the pro-choicers have no legitimate argument, so they bash the church.

      I’m not religious, but strongly feel abortions are wrong and should be illegal witihout a court order which could only be obtained by proving (in a court of law) you were sexual assualted.

      1. Sara says:

        That’s a great idea, My 2 cents. Given how long the court system takes, instead of terminating a pregnancy which, by your own definition is okay if proven from assault, early on, it’ll be when the baby is just about to be born naturally.


    2. Sara says:

      Per my response above, I do not blame the church. I just think the issue is far more complex than most of these starry-eyed Pro-Life idealists recognize. Ihardly think my “Pro-Choice Comments” are “shallow.” Whether or not one believes in God, is or is not Catholic, and/or believes in the death penalty (also an irrelevant item brought up), I think we can ALL agree that the issue isn’t an easy one. Now we just have to get the Pro-Life people to understand that it isn’t a “9-month” issue either…

      My message from above: What the Church has or has not done is irrelevant. You will find child abuse covered up in ANY organization, be it religion, schools, families… Stick to the real issue here.

      You’re right. Life is sacred. Life is beautiful. And it is far too precious to have on a whim, or worse, as a “consequence.”

      What is astounding is the ignorance often displayed by the Pro-Life argument. Do you know what is true evil? That which wears a pious face but hateful, hypocritical heart.

      Ever notice that those protesting choice are often the first to cast a stone at the pregnant mother or illigitimate child? Ever notice that the anti-choice Conservatives are often the first to vote against programs to help the needy, including those lives they insist be born? Where’s that “sanctity of life” stance in practice? Theory is all good and well, but in the end, these anti-choice people fail not only the mothers mercy, they selfishly turn away from those they claim to protect.

      I used to be VERY pro-life, and I still believe pregnancy and birth to be miraculous. However, this world is full of many wonders, and truly honoring them means looking at the big picture. Would you rescue a child from a burning building and leave them stranded in the middle of a busy street? No. You should see to it he/she is also safe, there is someone left to care for them well, and any needs are met.

      Likewise, those who insist on “saving” these babies DO share a responsibility in the consequences. Don’t say, “Hey, I didn’t get myself into it…” because you ARE now actively inserting your desired outcome directly into the situation. How Pro-Life Advocates can’t see this is beyond me, and it is there that they lost my respect and support.

      Practice what you preach and maybe you would have more support….

    3. Mike says:

      Nolan-If your daughter was raped and impregnated by a stranger would you allow the birth?
      If your wife was in her first trimester and her death imminent if she allowed the fetus to grow, would you allow your wife to die to save the baby?
      Table is turned my friend, what would you do?

    4. Mike says:

      Nolan-Your post has more contradictions that a pound of Swiss cheese has holes!
      Abortion is legal. Killing babies is against the law. People are criticizing the Catholic leadership for good reason, THEY ARE HAVING THE PROTEST!
      Abortion is not a political issue, it is a personal decision! If you don’t support it, don’t have one.

      Have a good day.

      1. Nolan says:

        Mike- okay, the fetus isn’t a baby, but it’s sure a human being! A fetus is a stage of development of human life, as is being a baby, a toddler, an adolescent, and an adult. So let me reword myself: Abortion is killing a human being. I’m pretty sure that’s against the law.

        And sure, abortion is a personal decision… but who is listening to the human being murdered??

  20. LiberalMediaBias? says:

    And they say there is no media bias. Why is it that Pro-LIfe people are always tagged as “Anti-Abortion” in the media. I’ve never heard the Pro-Choice people tagged as “Anti-Life”. Hmmmm….

    1. Sara says:

      You need to get out more. Usually we’re (the Pro-Choice Advocates) called “Pro-Abortion.”

  21. SE says:

    make love responsively

    1. Sara says:

      Have you ever heard of failure rates? Have you ever heard of rape? Or heck, even a mistake? Yes, people should be responsible, but hypotheticals only get us so far in the actual.

      Never mind that those of the more Pro-Life persuasion often are the same conservatives who want abstinence only taught. So…responsibility apparently is sticking our heads in the sand…

  22. Common Sense says:

    You don’t have to be religous to know that killing babies is wrong. With that said, I also believe Planned Parenthood has lots of other wonderful services available to educate and assist young women avoid getting pregnant in the first place.

    1. Mike says:

      Killing babies is against the law. Aborting a fetus is not. Big difference.

  23. David says:

    Those who supported slavery would never have agreed to be slaves themselves.

    Those who support abortions…

    If it’s not dead it is alive and if it is alive then abortion kills them. Are you pro-abortionists really saying its better to kill these babies than risk seeing their mother’s raise them in poverty?

    1. Mike says:

      David-Killing babies is against the law, abortion is legal. End of argument.

  24. Bryson Powers says:

    Not all pro-lifers are child molesters….most of them are but not all.

  25. Bryson Powers says:

    I am donating to Planned parenthood in honor of the fine work that they do. Jesus loves Planned Parenthood.

    1. Sara says:

      Amen, Bryson, amen. Thank you.

  26. Bryson Powers says:

    I just donated $25 to Planned Parenthood. I would not have done so if it hadn’t been for this article on the “pro-life” terrorists in St. Paul.

    1. ME says:

      Bryson, you are awesome!

  27. guy trudeau says:

    My wife led a bunch of folks from our parish to the protest (we’re prolife). Way to go Beth!!!

  28. kevin says:

    just look in planned parenthoods garbage can and tell me it’s all right

  29. NoLiberalMediaBias says:

    LiberalMediaBias- they are not tagged as such because they are not necessarily pro-abortion. They are pro-choice – they support an individual’s right to choose for themselves. I know plenty of people who are pro-choice and also anti-abortion. the two are not mutually exclusive.

  30. Me says:

    The Pro-Lifers need to mind their own damn business. If you don’t agree with abortion, then don’t have one. Maybe you should spend your time (and money) adopting and taking care of the abused, neglected and unwanted children already on this planet, instead of harassing women and medical providers. You are nothing but women hating hypocrites!

  31. kevin says:

    Wcco your sensoring comments again.

  32. Mel says:

    The Sierra Club champions for the protection of endagered bird eggs because the eggs have the potential to become said bird. We, pro-lifers, are championing for the protection of unborn babies because they have the potential to become a human being. There was also a comment that abortions are rare. I don’t think that over 45 million abortions in 40 years qualifies as rare. Also, since the scientific breakthrough of ultrasound, pro-choicers have changed their argument from the unborn baby being just a blob of tissue to the rights of a woman to make her own decision. I don’t think any amount of scientific evidence would convince a pro-choice person to change their mind. I don’t really think it would matter if they thought it was a human being deserving a chance for life. So, the real debate, I think, comes down to the right of a woman seeking an abortion the right to know all her options, the right of the woman/girl to see the ultrasound picture of her baby so she is fully aware and informed before she makes her decision. Why is Planned Parenthood threatened by a 24 hour waiting period? Any non-emergency surgical procedure has a pre-op visit to go through the procedure, which happens days before the actual surgery. 99% of abortions are not done under emergency situations. Take note that I did not use hateful rhetoric, call anyone names, nor bring religion into my argument. Can’t we have an intelligent, docile debate?

    1. Mel says:

      Me- i find it so wierd that you think I’m comparing bird eggs to babies. I’m comparing the argument for protecting the unborn. And there are many girls who are panicked and scared when they enter planned parenthood, not calm and decided as you may think. In my “disgusting” opinion, the reason why planned parenthood is threatened by a 24 hour waiting period is because a girl might just, and I know this might shock you so please sit down, change her mind; not under bullying tactics or threats, but maybe, just maybe of her own volition. But maybe you’re right. Maybe 100% of females who come to planned parenthood have all the necessary information and knowledge necessary to make a decision. Stranger things have happened. But after volunteering for an organization that helps women who are struggling with the choice they made to abort their babies, I can tell you that some of them entered into the procedure NOT prepared. These women suffer from nightmares, depression, high anxiety, and some even show signs of PTSD. When I hear their stories, I find it hard to believe EVERY woman who enters planned parenthood knows what is aware of all the facts. So, as Planned Parenthood funnels these girls out the back door, they forget about them, no follow up. Just a note tellinf them to seek medical care if they feel sick or start bleeding. Yup, not a big fan of Planned Parenthood, but unlike you, I will remain civilized and refrain from name-calling and hate speech, that would just make me sound, um, foolish.

      1. ME says:

        What I find “foolish” is someone making general statements about Planned Parenthood who has no personal experience with Planned Parenthood. The medical professionals there are very kind, warm and caring of their patients. It is not a “revolving door” and abortion is only one of the medical services they provide. In fact Planned Parent’s main concern is health (cancer screenings, breast exams etc) and preventing unwanted pregnancy. Where are the Pro-Life clinics?? Why aren’t they trying to prevent unplanned/unwanted pregnancies? Oh yes, there aren’t any clinics because they don’t care. Where are the free medical, child care, educational services that they provide to the community? What about the minors who choose to have a baby. Do the pro lifers pay their medical? Day care so mom can go back to school? Parenting classes and counseling? Nope none of it. They want to force people to have children they don’t want and aren’t ready for, but don’t care what happens to the kids after the fact. Guess what? Freedom of choice is the beauty of being an American! You can choose to never use Planned Parenthood and nobody will try to force you to, but others have the right to. We can agree to disagree. I won’t be reading anymore posts. I simply have to accept the fact that there will always be people who believe they have the right to dictate to others.

  33. Jerilyn says:

    Planned Parenthood offers many other services for women besides abortions; they are the least common service provided. When I was 18-22, attending college full-time and working part-time I would not have been able to afford annual breast exams and pap smears, cancer screenings, and birth control without PP. The so-called evil doctors and nurses never once brought up the subject of abortion with me. Thank-you for listening.

  34. KochSocker says:

    Don’t like abortion? Then teach your OWN children not to have them and quit trying to judge everyone else for choosing to have one.
    Or maybe try and help the “born” children who are dying because they have no health coverage.

  35. kathy says:

    as a former patient of this clinic-I applaud them-it was years ago, but had I not made the decision I did, my life would have been a lot different. I had the sense to know that the “father” of this fetus would not be there and I would not be able to go on to college and make a life for myself-bully st. paul clinic

    1. sad says:

      so itis all about you and to hell with your own child. It didn’t bother you to spred your legs for some @#$% bag, but what the hey, ” if I get preggers I’ll just kill the brat.” The only good thing about you aborting your own child is he/she didn’t have to have you for a mother.

  36. kathy says:

    Had I known they were there today (live close) would have been there to support the St. Paul clinic-I remember when they helped me and there were protesters there then-many years ago-right on PP-tell the Catholic priests “don’t make the rules if you don’t play the game”!-

  37. sick to my stomach says:

    So, if some one has a child who is say 4 or 10 or whatever and their life would be much easier/better with out the child, can that person just kill the child to make their life easier? I would imagine the moral outrage would be incredible and the person would end up in prison. But it seems that if the baby is still in the womb, the person can kill it and get away with it?

    1. Mike says:

      Sick to my stomach- Abortion is legal, killing babies is murder! Take a science class and learn the difference.

  38. lib says:

    How about that nightmare out in PA a few months back, cco didn’t report on it for some reason, but that abortion doctor and nurses have been arrested in the murder of 8 children. They killed them after they left the womb then threw them in the trash. You have to know planned parenthood and pro abortinists don’t care about llve babies anymore than a fetus. they believe that if the child doesn’t know it is missing life go ahead and kill it. Professor Singer out of Princeton believes you should be able to end a childs life up to one month old. you can bet all these pro death wrtiers feel the same. uggg

    1. Mike says:

      Lib-Murdering children is a crime. Abortion is legal.

  39. Alert U says:

    This will become a true story in a Republican society coming soon near you:
    A married couple spends a lazy Saturday afternoon making love. Later that evening they decide to drive out to town to eat dinner at their favorite restaurant. Don’t you know it? The wife is 2 hours pregnant. A drunk ran a stop sign and runs into the couple’s car. Thank God, they are injured only slightly but the trauma was enough to cause her too spontaneously miscarriage. A good conservative prosecutor investigates this case thoroughly. He found out the drunk killed a two hour old baby(don’t confuse this with the baby being nine months-plus two hours old if birth had taken place). Yes folks, two hours after conception is a 2 hour old baby.
    So, added to all the charges; the drunk gets 15 years in jail for manslaughter of a baby.

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