Minn. Cities Not Likely To Pay For Pothole Damage

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — If your car is damaged by a pothole you can seek reimbursement from the city or state, but don’t expect to see any money.

Minnesota transportation officials say it’s increasingly rare for a claim to be paid out. That’s in part due to dwindling budgets and in part because of a policy that allows officials to deny a claim if they can show they weren’t aware of the pothole.

Minnesota Public Radio says St. Paul receives between two and 20 pothole-related claims per year between January and March, but hasn’t paid a single one in four years.

Minneapolis paid three of its 49 claims last year and none of its 59 in the first months of this year.

In Minnesota, cities are only liable for pothole damage if officials have been notified about the hole and didn’t fix it.

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  • noid

    What if you are hurt while riding a bike and hit a pot hole and break your wrist?

    • Rick Mongler

      then you’re an idiot

      • tim McKinney

        I don’t care who are, that’s funny right there !!

  • Mr. Goodwrench

    Send the bill to ex-Governor Timmy. Mr. “Neglect” can take the $ from his laughable Presidential campaign fund to fix your car.

  • Tom


    You set yourself up for that one. I would think a someone on bike would see a pot hole better?

  • Tom

    Mr. Goodwrench

    Good One! Anything that would cost money he was againest. And yes he is wasting his time running for the White House, but you can’t talk common sense with someone who doesn’t know the meaning of the words.

  • Tom

    But if I remember right about one month ago someone sued the city of Hudson Wisc for about $1500.00 because of the damage a pothole did to his car. And I think he won his case.

  • M B

    I have to put a new set of front bearings/hub on our Blazer and Light truck every other year because of potholes. Frankly, I can do it better and faster than the shops can by now because I’ve done it so much. Ticks me off, but nothing I can do. It’s cheaper to keep replacing $250 worth of bearings every other year than it is buying a new vehicle.

  • b

    this state would not have so many potholes if it was not for that idiot Pawlenty

  • where is the fairness

    just get injured/wreck car on a private citizens property and they have to pay for your bills…………hmm how come government dont have to ???

  • where is the fairness

    better still what ever happened to COMMON SENSE, EMPATHY, and GOOD MORALS???

  • Citizen

    Because of all the stoplights on Hiawatha Avenue, I have to put a complete set of rotors and brake pads on my car every 15,000 miles or less. Wish I could bill Minneapolis for those! Road repair is expensive in a state with winters like Minnesota–especially like we just went through. Pawlenty balanced his budgets with a lot of neglect for infrastructure–especially our roads.

  • David

    It’s the American way to have individual responsibility for our lives. Government shouldn’t be paying citizens for damage that happens while the citizen is driving, Government shouldn’t even be BUILDING roads, private corporations should. The government is taking away an excellent revenue source for a business owner. Also, since it’s YOUR car, you should be buying insurance on it that covers these kinds of situations right?
    You should take individual responsibility for your primary and secondary education , health issues, handicapped children, wealth, retirement, on the job injuries, environment, policing your own banks, and other corporations to ensure they are doing what’s best for you, and make sure you only buy products\medications\food that you have personally tested for safety, to allow the market to make the right decisions. BUT Don’t you dare think about doing anything for anyone who can’t do this for themselves; that is unamerican. (\Sarcasm)

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